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BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — I normally stay away from the baby rape stories because I hate writing them up. But for Shawn Joseph McCormack, a man accused of videotaping himself raping a baby then distributing the video over the Internet, I’m making an exception. Not just because of the absolutely sickening details, but also because of the excellent work of the Bakersfield Police Department, Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents and the Colorado Springs Police Department.

It all started with a video recovered on the other side of the country during a November 2010 child porn bust in Boston. The video starts with an 11-month-old lying on his back on a hotel bed. His legs are raised and his hands are bound to his legs by electrical tape. At approximately 3 minutes an adult male covers the child’s mouth with his hand and the child’s muffled cries can be heard.

None of the news articles will go any further when describing what is detailed in the arrest warrant, citing it is just too graphic to broadcast. I read some of it in the video I’ve included, and I’m kind of glad no one is giving out the gory details as I would have undoubtedly read them and included them in this article.

Although police didn’t have much to go on, they immediately began trying to identify everything they could in the video, starting with what was being broadcast on the television during the rape. In the background of one of the videos, an episode of “Family Matters” is playing with a Pepperidge Farms ad during a commercial break. ICE subpoenaed both Viacom and Pepperidge Farms to find that on March 28, 2009, both the “Family Matters” episode aired in conjunction with the Pepperidge Farms commercial. So now they had the exact date of the rape.

They then began looking at the furniture in the video and determined it was made by Gloria Trade International. One subpoena later and they had a list of all customers who bought that particular furniture, leading them to a California Best Inn on Wible Road in Bakersfield. The owner of the hotel was also subpoenaed and provided investigators with a list of all customers on the date the assault happened. This yielded McCormack’s name, who had stayed in room 221 on March 28, 2009. Investigators were then able to match various objects in room 221, including curtains and a bathroom vanity, to the objects seen in the video. Now they had a name.

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A quick database search found that in November of 2009, McCormack had been arrested on misdemeanor child endangerment charges stemming from a report of a missing child. McCormack had been staying with a couple who called police after finding that their child was missing along with McCormack. Bakersfield police reports indicate that McCormack returned to the residence carrying the boy, who was dressed only in a diaper, and told police that the boy had woken up and he’d decided to take him with him when he went out to get a drink.

The baby’s father told police he didn’t think McCormack had bad intentions, but the family field a complaint against him anyway. The case against McCormack was never prosecuted because he fled the area shortly after his arrest. The couple were shown the video and confirmed that the boy being raped by McCormack was indeed their son.

McCormack had since moved to Black Forest Colorado where he had already gotten himself arrested in July of 2010. Using the screen name “toddlers,” McCormack had sent sent child pornography to an undercover officer, and told the officer that he sometimes takes his friend’s child to a hotel late at night. Agents issued a summons to Qwest Communications and were able to match “toddlers” IP address to McCormack. When investigators searched McCormack’s home, they discovered 4,000 images and 365 videos of child pornography — including images from the Bakersfield rape.

McCormack is now in federal custody in Colorado where he will be extradited to Fresno and face a federal judge on charges of sexual exploitation of a child. What infuriates me about McCormack, aside from what he has done, is that at this moment he and I are breathing the same air.

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  • Anonymous

    i cannot even imagine having to watch a video like this to identify if it is my child..no no way…omg how horrendous and just the parts you described are horrible enough..

  • This actually made me sick to my stomach. That sick f**k!

  • Anonymous

    That is just sickening and reminds you how vigilant you need to be in protecting your children. 

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    There are no words for how disgusted I am with this piece of filth or how much I want him to die slowly while being sodomized by a rabid bull.

    My main concern is the little boy, though–is HE okay?

  • Anonymous


  • It’s called a spelling mistake. I have no idea if you are confused or not, but you are one of those people who take the time to point out spelling mistakes in an article while acting as if you didn’t know it was a spelling mistake instead of commenting on the details of the article. So I would say you may not be confused, you are probably insufferable. 

  • LeaveMeBe

    I agree wholeheartedly! Reading this literally made me nauseated. And Morbid, I am glad you don’t usually post stories like this because I don’t like to throw up. 🙁 

  • Anonymous

    My main question is how could the parents not have known that their child had been molested directly there after.  They would have had to change his diapers and when I saw his rectum the hospital would have had to remove my size 13 from McCormack’s rectum.  My wife always ask why I wear my boots from 5 in the A.M. til I go to bed and I don’t have the heart to tell her it’s just in case I get the great opportunity to be the judge jury and excutioner.

  • LeaveMeBe

    Is this really all you could think of to say after reading a story like this? I think you are on the wrong website. This is DreaaminDemon.com not I’maSpellingandGrammarBitch/Asshole.com

  • Is it wrong that I want to murder this man? I can’t imagine being a parent and having to view a video of someone raping my child. I hope the baby is ok. At least he won’t remember. And if he was raped wouldn’t there be some kind of evidence of that when the parents changed him? Wouldn’t they have known?? 

  • Kim Karas

    Thank you to all the officers that have the stomach to deal with these disgusting images and go after these sickening perverted demons from hell who prey on our children.  How they stop themselves from kicking the living shit out of these pedophiles is beyond me, just hearing this story makes my teeth clench and I have a desire to mash this bastards face in with a sledge hammer.

  • I’d never heard of people who rape babies until I found this web site. Now it seems there is a story about someone raping a baby at least once a week. There are no words. No punishment could be harsh enough. God forbid he is ever released from prison. How does that thought, the idea to rape a baby, even come up in somene’s head?

  • Anonymous

    You know what’s really sick? He knew to tape the babies hands. He’s done this before. I’m going to go puke now.

  • Anonymous

    the only solace is knowing how his time in prison will be spent-he’s not really that ugly (on the outside) and I would imagine he will become someone’s bitch real soon.  

  • Anonymous

    That part also made me nearly puke too. Given that fact and the fact that he rented a hotel room has me believing he did this in the past. 

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately children do remember, he might supress it, but he will remember.:(

  • Anyone who has ever raped anyone needs to be shot in the face. It’s almost a guarantee that these sick people will be released back into society. And it seems that if you have done it once, they will catch you doing it again. The only thing these bastards are learning in prison is how to be more stealthy. But to rape a human being who can’t defend themself, that is the worst of offenses. I pray for these for naive parents and the poor baby as well.

  • Anonymous

    I wish I could like you twice.

  • Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck FUCK. I can’t read shit like this and not AUTOMATICALLY want to kill people. Just walk through a prison full of child molesters and baby rapers and fuck up everyone in sight. The amount of pain I could cause to such people….. It would be fucking great.

  • Anonymous

    High 5 to the Bakersfield police and their awsome job as well as the other police departments involved. I can only imagine the parents grief over having to watch a video of their baby boy being raped.Just reading a few senteces in this story had me clenching my teeth and wanting to gnaw this pos face off.

  • Anonymous

    Of course he has. 🙁

  • That’s what gets me. I would kick the shit out of the parents as well for not being intelligent enough to figure out that something  IS SERIOUSLY WRONG. Unless they were in on it, which makes more sense as to why the fuck they couldn’t figure it out.

  • Anonymous

    Anybody and any given time can criticize anyones work but not everyone is intelligunt enough to do the work.


  •  I usually go back and forth on my support for the death penalty, but something like what is described here, would be an instant death sentence to be carried out 24 hours after his being arrested.

  • this man needs to have his balls chew off my hungry pit bulls,whilst his hands are tied. i cant believe people are so sick.

  • Horrific….. stunned… just stunned. This world terrifies me on a daily basis.

  • Anonymous

    This just boggles my mind, why anyone would go to any random site to correct a spelling mistake.Especialiy with a story as this one. *shakes head*

  • Jesus Fucking Christ….This story makes me want to go “Marsellus Wallace” on his ass with a pair of pliers and a blow torch. 

  • Yeah! Whose mind works like that?

    “Forget about the baby rape! YOU SPELLED A WORD WRONG! OMGWTFRAAAAAWWWWWRRRRRR!!!!!!!!”

    Those people would worry me if I wasn’t pretty certain they’re attention seeking trolls.

  • Jesus fuck. I somehow skipped that WHOLE ENTIRE paragraph.
    Wish I still didn’t know that. 🙁

  • guillotinegirl

    Someone needs to come up with the technology that will make a pedo put his head in a plastic bag so there will be less mess to clean up when the chip implanted in his brain explodes from acting on such disgusting impulses.

  • Even if he was too young to remember, when certain things happen to a VERY young child like that, it never just washes out. Very early abuse can result in reactive attachment disorder, which is more often brought on by early abandonment, but can be caused by early abuse. There are many problems and disorders that this baby could end up with, regardless of whether or not he remembers. I’m with you on them not knowing though, I would think that there would be blood in his diaper or other evidence that would be cause for concern.

  • Hekate

    omfg.. really?   
    thank god the spelling gestapo showed up to reroute my horror and disgust at this pig to Morbid’s f’d up spelling.. sorry what were we talking about?

  • Anonymous

    Yup! don’t notice that elephant in the room…isn’t that a piece of lint on that curtain? 😛

  • The visuals of this story almost makes me cry. It is heartbreaking that people can do this and think it is okay. The dedication that these police officers had is just amazing. I cannot imagine having to work a case like this. What I want to know is why the parents did not realize their child was raped when this creeper returned home?

  • shadow_in_your_head

    There should be a provision in the law so that if some sicko hurts a child the parents have the option of pushing the kill button, beating them into a pulp, or several other horrible things I can think of but don’t dare write (not even on this site.)  God help the person that ever did anything like that to any of my babies, they would pray they got caught by the cops before I caught up to them because I would want to flay them alive.

  • Hekate

    Love of the Gods.. there is no place in hell… no torture i can think of that would be horrible enough to do to this disgusting fuck of a monster.  And i have a great imagination..
    McCormack i hope you die horribly after a long torturous debilitating disease.. alone in your prison cell. You are a monster unfit to be called much less treated as a human being…
    My prayers to that precious little boy that somehow he recovers from this… gods bless thee lil one.

  • I have no idea how in the world these parents didn’t notice that something was wrong with the baby when he was returned to them. Wouldn’t his anus be swollen or bleeding or something? Or is this dude’s dick just THAT small? God I don’t even wanna think about this type of shit. This has straight ruined my fucking morning. Thank you, Captain Asshole. You are now moving up in rank to Major Fingercuffs.

  • Anonymous

    That sounds like a plan. 🙂

  • You appear to have issues.


  • Anonymous

    Lmao Hekate. I love your sassyness. 🙂

  • If i ever get my hands on this turd, i will make sure to make use the most bluntest nail filer I have to slice his penis into thin slices. Of course it doesn’t matter if the nail filer is blunt. I’d just have to slice it harder to make sure that the bastard doesn’t ever get to stick that into anything else again.

  • 11 months … I agree with Lena – that he may in some way recall some of having been raped … I think it’s unlikely,but possible.

  • Hekate


  • Hekate


  • Anonymous

    *taking notes from the Uppercase Master of Punctuation*

  • Morbid I thought you did a great job on this article – that was until the one idiot spotlighted a single spelling error … now I have reversed myself and decided that the whole article is fucked up and should be rewritten for that one asshole.Thank God I don’t have your fans – I can hear them now – ” Ced you took that shit all wrong,and we didn’t like the way you wiped your ass either.”

  • LOL.

  •  Joseph must have an extremely small dick … which would kinda help explain how he went about selecting a victim.

  •  You are not confused – you are just really STUPID.

  • Anonymous

    A+ on the writeup Morbid. Man, I hope they execute that fuck.

  • “How does that thought, the idea to rape a baby, even come up in someone’s head?”Well I’m not exactly sure – cause I’m not fucked in the head like that – but I think you begin by being fucked in the head.

  • I hope his “owner or owners” tape his hands.

  • Anonymous

    Yes – And when the memories come back they can be difficult to heal from as it’s pre-verbal. When an adult can’t put a word to how he feels it can be especially difficult to work through.

  • Anonymous

    I agree, and it makes me all the more.Sure he will probably physically heal, but his mind and spirit will have a time of it.I fucking hate people like this and the damage they do.

  • missvalerie

    I didn’t believe in the death penalty until I started reading this site. 🙁

  • Anonymous

    also fucked in spirit.These are some sadistic pieces of shit.They have to know the pain and duress they are inflicting on the child/baby.The fact this pos used a screen name toddlers pisses me off as well 🙁

  • Anonymous

    I second that wtg morbid

  • Anonymous

    I hope someone stabs him with a shiv in prison. And the cops did an AMAZING job tracking this f*cker down, they have saved countless lives and I hope he gets what’s coming to him.

  • OH dear baby jesus where to begin where to begin….so like seriously how is he not dead? I’d hunt him down and slit his throat cover him in gasoline and set his ass on fire then have a weenie roast. I hope someone knifes him in jail in his ass hole just shove a big rusty knife up his arse.

  • Anonymous

    You and me both, sister.  

  • aka jas


  • Jemimabean

    I really think that there is a percentage of these fuckwits who sincerely believe that what they do is “right” and “good”- NAMBLA are but one perverse example. I live in a country when every time something like this happens, there are a bunch of bleeding hearts screaming for the rest of us to “consider the circumstances- poverty, alcohol abuse, inter- generational violence transmission, blah blah blah” and I want to possibly kill them even more than the perps. How FUBARed must you be to FIND EXCUSES for this kind of sick, depraved, disgusting behaviour? Frankly I feel that anyone who feels the need to “have empathy” for a sick fuck who rapes a baby should be sodomised with a red- hot poker.

    That, and, wouldn’t it be nice if we could hogtie THIS particular specimen and do disgusting things to him, preferably until his intestines started spilling from his bum? He’s a piece of shit!!!

  • Anonymous

    I will never–for the life of me–understand what goes through the heads of these sick fucks that are sexually attracted to infants.

    Or the raging assholes that get off on hearing them cry out in pain.

  • Anonymous

    SERIOUSLY?? You read “that” and that’s your friggen comment? Don’t bother next time if all you saw (there, their, they’re) was THAT!

    Thank the stars they got this piece of shit off the street, I hope he gets exactly what he deserves.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll admit I didn’t notice the mistake and I’m still trying to figure out what mistake we’re talking about.  But it could have been that I was simply overcome wity fury over what I was reading.  I, too, can’t imagine having to identify my child from such a video.  What a sick fuck.  He should get his in prison, hopefully.

  • Anonymous

    I DID notice the mistake in my own, however…. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I wish I hadn’t read that. I used to be so angry about police brutality, but this site alone (and this story in particular) make me want to go out and see if I could decapitate someone with a steak knife. I’d end up in prison fast if I were in law enforcement because I’d just shoot this freak. In the balls. They shouldn’t go nuts beating people, but I can totally see how it would be hard not to.

  • aka jas

    Finally!! Roid rage gone good. Atta boy! Go get em! ;.)

  • aka jas

    The law enforcement did a spectacular job.  I hope they continue to work to this extent.  Thanks Morbid on the write up. Well done Sir.

  • Anonymous

    This is so sick and so sad. that poor child. I really wish they would turn this man over to the public and let us do our own type of justice and let him suffer. Im all for castration without anesthesia on sick fucks like this.

  • Anonymous

    I wish I had never read this for a million different reasons, but also for a minor one…that the fact that this vile, monstrous asshole could just do this all while having Urkel and Milanos commercials in the background.  Those little details emphasize that such horrific shit happens even in the most mundane of settings (a.k.a. “life”).

  • Anonymous

    Ha!  Several impressive leaps in logic by the investigators.

    So.  Who wants to take bets on whether or not the kid will grow up with a pathological fear of Urkel and Pepperidge Farm products?

  • Anonymous

    There were no leaps in logic here, just highly DEductive reasoning (contrasted with INductive reasoning, which is “leap of logic”) and hardcore fact/detail checking.

  • Anonymous

    And this, THIS particular instance is right where the DEATH PENALTY should come into place. Now all those against DP should answer me this:

    Would you let this, this THING live among us? Among people that like children & want them to be happy & smiling & HEALTHY & grow up to be good citizens that in turn do right & good by their children?

    Whatever the fuck it has done good for humanity has completely been cancelled the fuck out by it’s act.

    Umm to the tot’s parents, did you take the child to the hospital? Is he ok? Is her psychologically ok!?

  • Anonymous

    So much for lunch, dinner or any sleep tonight.  I have an 18 month old perfect little boy.  I would just like 10 min alone w this guy…… 

  • Anonymous

    I have a 2yr old & a 10 1/2 months old. They are currently napping before the 2yr old goes to dance class. I’ll squeeze them tight & feed’em cookies before we leave for the class from all ya’ll.

  • I did not get past “At approximately 3 minutes an adult male covers the child’s mouth with his hand and the child’s muffled cries can be heard.”  with the anger that I felt and the feeling  sick to my  stomach I had to stop.. Sick freak needs a bullet between the eyes!

  • Anonymous

    So now I have to find a way to get the prison to bring this “dead man walking” to my place to meet my puppy “Cuddles”.
    The inital attack by Cuddles will severe his junk in one quick snap of the jaws.As he curls up in a fetal position screaming (appropriate for the crime), Cuddles will severe his spinal cord at the base of his skull with one well placed bite.Now paralyzed, and slowly bleeding to death, Cuddles will be commanded to start consuming this wretched bastard by starting with the eyes, and work his way down the body.

    Once death has claimed his soul for the trip to hell, Cuddles will recyle his meal by taking a crap on his steaming pile of blood, guts and bones.

    I love my dog!

  • Anonymous

    If you’re going to take the time to comment on someone’s grammar or spelling perhaps you should make sure yours is impeccable first. What you posted is not acceptable by any stretch of the imagination. Let’s try it with the King’s English. Morbid, thank you for taking the time to write these articles and maintain this website free of charge. Because I am a nitpicker I happened to notice that you confused “were” with “where”. It’s possible that you just missed the “H” while typing quickly, but is that really an excuse? I hate child molesters, but bad spelling just makes me see red. Perhaps you could edit the article so I can finish reading it? Thank you, you are a gem. See isn’t that better? People in glass houses should shut the fuck up!

  • Anonymous

    No doubt, that was some seriously damn fine police work. I wish all law enforcement was that dedicated.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not that I find your comment particularly witty… It’s just that I like anal.  😉

  • Bitch doesn’t have issues.
    She has the Library of Congress.

  • “People in glass houses should shut the fuck up!”

    Writing this shit DOWN!

  • Lucy Van Pelt

    This guy should be on Death Row riding the lightning

  • Robert

    He should be put in general population in prison for a couple of months while his new friends get him familiarized with his asshole and their pounding, and then let them kill him slowly.

  • wyrosjr

    Stories like this show me that I couldn’t be a cop. How they didn’t shoot the guy and wink at each other I don’t know.

  • I want to kill this asshole with my own two hands. How horrifying to watch that video to identify your baby! To know what had been done to him! I can’t even imagine.
    I was a foster parent for medically fragile newborns for 7 years. The worst case of abuse we got was a 2-month-old preemie girl. She had only been home from the NICU for a couple weeks. Her “father” RAPED her. He raped a 9-pound baby girl. Then he shook her and broke almost every bone in her body. She survived and is a totally different little girl than she was born to be. Non mobile, non verbal. Beautiful! She is gorgeous. And, her 4-year-old brother witnessed everything. The abuser is in prison for life, hopefully he will be LOTS of inmates’ bitch. For his entire life.

  • Anonymous

    I kind of wonder that too. the little guy was taped up as well.Were there no tape marks or sticky glue on his skin from the tape.I would not let that guy leave my house until I checked my baby out fully.

  • Anonymous

    That sucks 🙁

  • Anonymous

    That sucks 🙁

  • Anonymous

    No, it’s people  who live in glass houses, shouldn’t throw naked parties.:P

  • Anonymous

    Unless they’re hot with only hot friends.

  • This story made me sick even though I don’t know the full details the duct tape was enough to put the scene in your head. I’m a grown ass woman and I don’t want to be duct taped  down for no freakin reason ever and have nothing stuck in any hole on my body so I know this was pure hell for that baby and all the babies he raped. PEOPLE PLEASE WATCH WHO THE HELL YOU GOT AROUND YOUR KIDS! I never let my girls go spend nights at nobody house not even cousins and family members sometimes they can be the worse ones to deal with my uncle raped me when I was five. This sick bastard and all the ones like this need to be death!

  • Let me help you with your confusion a baby got raped and possibly many others and this ass wipe bastard filmed it s so this is what the story is about it’s not about who spelled what wrong or right what’s important is this baby got raped and a grown ass man put his freaking penis in a baby you are a idiot to even be singling out somebody else’s miss spelled words in a story such as this. You need to go sit in a freaking class room and grade papers not be commenting on something as sensitive as this story then you wouldn’t be getting long ass reply’s like this telling you what a ass wipe you are. And hell to the naw I didn’t use no freaking comma’s either!

  • Anonymous

    Probably didn’t use his dick if this is an infant and parents didn’t see any signs of assault.

  • Anonymous

    I where wondering were you think you our pointing out miner mispells

  • Anonymous

    Grrrrrrrrrrrrr. I just vomited a kidney. There are no words.

  • Pyncky

    I would support the death penalty if I trusted the legal system to always convict the right person of the right crime.  When we have a crime as repulsive as this, we wanted justice and/or revenge.  I understand that and feel the same way. The problem is we (society) are too impatient to be 100 percent absolutely fucking certain beyond a tiny shred of doubt before we take action that cannot be taken back.

    If I knew way beyond any question that this guy did this, I’d kill him myself if given the ways and means.

  • Anonymous

    That’s pretty much what I meant.  Called it a leap because I wouldn’t have thought of using the TV show and commercial to figure out the time of the recording.

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  • Anonymous

    kinda inappropriate considering the subject matter…just saying.

  • Anonymous

    From what I gather the toad had more than one video of himself abusing the little baby.
     Also he told the undercover cop that he regularly took a friends baby to a hotel late at night.I’m assuming he meant the little boy in the video…?
    So I am assuming this poor little fella was abused more than once…how the hell do parents not get an inkling that something is wrong with their child?
    Surely there is physical evidence?
    He is in a nappy,you can not miss blood in a nappy.
    I can’t help but be a bit suspicious of his parents,myself.
    You have to either be totally oblivious or somehow complicit for this to happen to a baby more than once and have,supposedly,no idea at all something is amiss.

  • Anonymous

    There is a reason some perverts go after/prefer infants but the details of what this sick piece of garbage did are horrifying enough without going into the psycological aspects of that.
      Speaking for myself,I normally can’t condone taking the law into your own hands but I really,really would have no qualms about someone turning this guy into compost heap.

  • Anonymous

    I disagree. I hope he doesn’t live long enough to make general population. Usually I’d write some kind of creative torture, but some don’t even need to live long enough to go through that. Some simply need to be exterminated, and quickly. He shouldn’t be allowed to steal one more breath of oxygen, even for the sake of torturing him, and especially at taxpayer’s expense.
    The only thing I can think after having read this is: DIE, FUCKER, DIE!!! I don’t even care how he dies, as long as it’s immediately.

  • Canuck Gramz

    That’s what I thought!! How did the parents not notice something wrong with the little guy?! I’m not blaming though, my heart hurts to think of how that poor mom had to look at this horrendous video!!

  • malq

    Unfortunately, they will coddle him and protect him from the gen pop. They will also take steps to ensure no one knows what he did unless he flaps his cocksucker. That’s what is great about this site. 

  • malq

    I agree,
     I have been keenly aware over the years of what is happening with my kids, both boys. Any situation where there was even a possibility of shenanigans, I  always grilled them on what happened and watched closely. And at that age……,  holy shit,  giving anyone the opportunity and time to even do it…..

    Good old fashioned police work still exists. If it were not for determined detectives, this may have gone unreported/unsolved/unproved.

  • malq

    I have often wondered that. The only answer I can come up with is he is incapable of a normal healthy sexual relationship. It’s like having a deaf, mute, amputee who cannot say no or criticize you.

    Charles Manson is famous for saying he loves little children because they are not yet polluted by the values of society.  There is some truth to that and he wasn’t a baby raper, but that’s part of these assholes psychology.

  • Anonymous

    Can anyone tell me where I can write in to have this man castrated and executed? I would like to help the parents and the child receive justice, that child’s life is probably ruined. If we make a big stink about this, the state will be forced to take action.

  • MiSs253

    Stories like this show me that I couldn’t be a parent :'( 

    Every fucking day we hear about scumbags like him getting caught, so I can’t help but think about all the sick fucks that get away with this shit! Half the time we hear about how they “seemed so normal” or “never caused any problems” or “seemed like a nice guy, was always real friendly”…  I barely trust anyone as it is, I can’t even imagine how paranoid I would be if I had children!!! Damn shame… *sigh*

  • HEY! I DON’T USE STEROIDS… I’m just an asshole…. why can’t people just see that??….lol

  •  I agree but unfortunately the Medieval Times ruined this type of torture for all of us.The kind of things you describe used to be dealt out all the time back then … but it got to where if you sneezed at the wrong time you might be disemboweled, and get to watch while hungry dogs were feed your entrails.In many cases the punishments handed down were much worse than the crime committed.This is why no so called “civilized country uses these type of punishments anymore.

  • “It’s like having a deaf, mute, amputee who cannot say no or criticize you.” I not only get your point – I agree with you.However the infant wanted me to pass on to you that when he was screaming in pain – not only did those screams translate into “No”,but they meant he was highly critical of what was being done at the time. 

  • He would have never been in my house to start with.I don’t like visitors.

  • Anonymous

    Lmao Darrell. I see it. *wink* 😛

  • Anonymous

    Nothing short of INSTANT DEATH for this one. And he will get protected custody. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.
    They should investigate and see if anyone bought this film and prosecute those scum sucking filth holes too.

  • Gah, why does our judicial system protect these sick people??  Cases like these are the ones that I think should have IMMEDIATE execution, no second chances…..Oh, yeah, they can be rehabilitated, right?  (insert sarcasm)  Let it be your 11 month old being raped and have to watch the video of your child in agonizing pain, then get back to me. 

  • Jemimabean

    I’m sure it’s “people with glasses should not be stoned.”

  • Athena

    I have a child, and I’m not paranoid… I just don’t make a lot of new friends.  😛

  • Hekate

    honey dont sweat it i havent found it either.. of course that may have more to do with that fact i have no desire whatsoever to comb over this story to look for it…

  • Anonymous

    @tkaz:disqus    ” Yes – And when the memories come back they can be difficult to heal from as it’s pre-verbal. When an adult can’t put a word to how he feels it can be especially difficult to work through.”  

    I really, really like you!!  Not often to see people mention pre-verbal abuse.
    What this poor child will remember is not in his mind but in the form of a body memory, which will take him forever to resolve, if he is self aware enough to know something is wrong.

    Not only that, but the moment the abuse took place, his brain chemistry was permanently altered – no one, including the child, will ever know what he could of been.

    What I can’t understand, and never will, is why pedophiles aren’t given the death penalty.  Pedophiles don’t commit crimes, they commit atrocities – atrocities against the victim, atrocities against the human race.  Forever.       

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    That’s cruelty to animals.  They deserve better than to gnaw on his nasty balls.

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    I liked your post because you’ve been there to help so many babies who needed someone like you.  May God bless you for your work.

  • So because some really fucked up dudes rape kids, full grown adults can’t enjoy consensual sex amongst other adults?

  • aka jas

    Ahhh haha ha that was awesome! I havent laughed that hard at a goup of comments in a while. Good job fuckers.

  • Anonymous

    It could be people with glasses need them refilled.

  • Anonymous

    I get on this site every day and read but hardly ever post but this story is the most fuckin disgusting shit I have read in a long time. I have a grand son that is 20 months old and if some one done this to him I would shoot that bastard right between the eyes after I tortured the fuck out of him for a few days. To imagine that any one would tape a babys hands together and stick his rotten dick in a little babys butt is vile & evil. How helpless he must have felt. As far as the parents, (and I use that term lightly) were they just stupid or what. If I woke up and someone had my kid in the middle of the night and bring him back in only a diaper I would have beat the fuck out of the sorry bastard and left him out in the fucking road. I am sure this baby was terrified and probably bleeding and it never occured to Mr.& Mrs. Fucking Einstein that something was amiss, this prick deserves what ever he gets in the big house and I hope it is as painful and he feels the fear and helpless feeling this little man felt. Burn in Hell mother fucker….

  • The baby daddy could still wait by a payphone as McCormack is being brought from a secret underground tunnel to court. Then as he walks by the baby daddy could blow his brains out, and not be found guilty by reason of insanity.

  • malq

    Good point.
     I think that helps demonstrate the intellectual level babyrapers are on. A normal 30 year old woman would be out of his league, he couldn’t handle it mentally

  • Anonymous

    Wow…I’m speechless. Just put a bullet in this sick fucker’s head.

  • Anonymous

    SICK SICK FUCKING BASTARD!!  That poor little child….I just can’t imagine….god my mind won’t even allow me to think of if that were one of my children…I would absolutely kill that man…I have no doubt in me at all that when it comes to my children…if somebody ever tried to hurt them..I know I have it in me to kill the fuckers…

  • i hate stupid parents. when my kids GASP in their dreams at night: I  am at attention ready with a bat LOL seriously, I am that much of a light sleeper.

  • hookerpie

    I could have went the rest of my life without reading this story.   Poor little guy. I  hope he is ok.  As for the dick turd that did this. I’d like to decapitate your punk ass and use your ugly fucking head as a bowling ball. Roll your ass down a lane full of sharp spikes.  Fuck You Asshole.

  • I keep saying we need to start a card program for these freaks.  It would work the same way that baseball cards do… it would have a photo of the pervert, all the details of their crimes, and would just fit inside a pack of smokes.  Of course, we would have to ensure that the cards made it to the appropriate prison populations, but the inmates could collect them all if they like.

  • I have a better idea. Figure out how to rig a computer to explode every time child porn is downloaded or viewed.

  • I’d almost say that would be worth it… even though I’d have been blown up while in the process of investigating a former member of my website who turned out to be a member of several CP sites. The only problem I see with it is that, had I been blown up, those sites never would have been reported to LE and been shut down.

  • christy d

    That is the BEST thing I’ve ever read.

  • christy d

    I thought my reply posted. I guess not.
    HH, I think that is the singular best comment I’ve read. Ever. Anywhere.

  • christy d

    wup, there it is! sorry

  • christy d

    They did file a complaint with the investigating officer, too- when they reported him missing. So why wasn’t he thoroughly checked at that point or sent to the hospital? Pedo said baby woke up, so the parents must have left while baby napped and pedo said he then took him ‘out for a walk while he got a drink’? wtf?! Look him over, officer and parents! How is it possible that they did not see the physical marks/problems?

  • christy d

    “Cuddles”. Love it.

  • christy d

    I meant Heather’s: “Figure out how to rig a computer to explode every time child porn is downloaded or viewed.”

  • Anonymous

    I think the parents were sleeping when he was taken.Now who the hell , even a family member would up and take a baby any where without the parents permission.This did not seem to be too much of a red flag for this couple. Also was the baby only in a diaper when he was taken?How well did they know this jerk? Hopefully this story will get updated.

  • dreamgirl25345

    I was wondering all that too, so I read the arrest warrant … BAD idea.
    Actually I only read some of it, the rest of it was just too horrible. Apparently he had been a friend of the boys parents for several years, and he would visit overnight about every six months. There were several different videos and pictures of him with the boy, and the one they used to track him down was recorded about 5 months before the night that they reported him taking him, so I’m assuming he raped the poor baby on multiple occasions. Some of the pictures were taken inside the couples home and in their backyard. I guess the baby was checked for signs of abuse  on the night they reported him missing, but he appeared to be fine. That was probably because they were only gone for a few minutes before the police were called and he returned with the boy. The report says that the father came home at 1:30am and everyone was asleep, and when he got out of the shower at 1:40am they were gone. The parents told the police they believed his story and didn’t think he had bad intentions. I still say that the parents have to be stupid, there had to have been some kind of signs.

  • Anonymous

    omg! I did not read that part.The parents are fucking stupid.Why/how can they believe a story like that. It was 1:30 am for cripe sakes.Has either one of the parents seen the baby naked.?what do they do shut their eyes and slap a diaper on him!GRRRR

  • I found the affidavit. I highly suggest reading with caution. I have never read these kinds of details before.  http://www.turnto23.com/download/2011/0921/29256023.pdf

  • Anonymous

    Um yeah Heather..that is exactly what I meant.

  • I am not sure being a heavy vs light sleeper would make some one stupid. This story has really affected me and the fact that I am a heavy sleeper. We have had get togethers and when people have drank we have offered them a place to sleep. After reading this and have discussed with my husband, would we hear if someone snuck in the kids room and took them. We dont have an answer and it makes me very uneasy. So often it is people you trust who harm your kids. I have now decided we will have a slumber party with all the kids in our room when we have get togethers

  • That’s actually a really great idea. No one’s going to be able to get past you, sleeping or not, to get to your kids.

  • This is just beyond horrible…I have two little ones so help me god if that was one of my children he would be hanging from a tree by his **ck…After I bash his head in…People like this have no reason to live in my eyes..But they should be tortured slowly beforehand…Just saying…

  • tisonrobin

    these kind ppl need public torture and excution… im out of words do you know how much pain that kid was in and couldnt even at least scream to release some pain….did the baby live?

  • The baby lived. But the parents didn’t have the baby checked by a doctor after they realized the shitbag was taking him out of the house in the middle of the night, and apparently hadn’t noticed any signs of abuse. But at least they did file the police report, or the shitbag would never have been caught… for this incident.

  • Reiko Kanaki

    Oh my god. Baby rape? really?

  • Actually, it happens a lot more than you’d care to know. 🙁 Sick people in this world.

  • disqus_KujQxlRI6w

    OMG. This crap brings tears to my eyes. HATE is a very strong word and i was raised to hate nobody but i hate all child rapist and god please have no mercy on this mans soul he deserves none. I hope that in prison u become big bubas and his 10 friends little boy toy. I hope u get whats coming to u. U make me want to puke u disgusting piece of shit.

  • these sic ass people need to be castrated and beat in the fucking face with a sledgehammer and have their brains smeared for bringing hurt to innocent children. sic bastards.

  • Evan Oswald

    if i had a chance i’d kill this man. before i killed him i’d kick a long steel rod up his ass until it popped his eye out. i’d probabaly pull out a sandwhich and have a picnic while watching him suffer. smoke a doob. then shoot him in the head.

  • i feel the same…i love ppl and could never hurt anyone but someone that hurts a little baby i could split his head open and seriously not feel sorry…..

  • nope the ass hole is this sick pervert that cared nothing of how much pain that little baby felt

  • southern feminist

    it’s cases like this that brings out mamma bear. i usually am not all about vigilante justice, because let’s face it, most Americans are not too bright….but whenever a child, an animal, or the elderly are involved i am all about gettin my shit kickers and bitch bra and handlin some shit. would have loved to have broken a lead pipe off in that fools ass so that he could cry and know what it felt like to that toddler – waste of space

  • disqus_CCtta2vwiW


  • Gina Di Camillo

    I am just wondering when the couple filed charges did they not notice the baby had been raped? woudnt someting like that be obvious?

  • Gina Di Camillo

    good for you i like what you said because i just realized i made an error in spelling as well guess the person will be making a point to correct me also some people are just messed up! this is a devastating article who cares about spelling !

  • Jessica Gordon

    The sad part is, he was doing this to the child for 8 months. It was the end of March in the first video… the parents didn’t actually find him missing with the child until later. this is awful! I would like to blow this guys brains out- I would certainly feel the world is safer for it.
    We have got to stand against this as a society! These creeps should get the death penalty!!! this makes me want to vomit! I was searching for an old story about a woman who was accused of letting her bf rape newborn in hospital bc I wanted to see if charges filed result in conviction- what i get on google is a longer list than I could have ever imagined of story after story about these degenerates ruining these children! poor baby and poor parents. I couldn’t live with myself after finding out something so awful had been going on up under my nose- happening all the time to their child while they slept. (shudders)
    These people are poisonous, they infect future generations with this demon and it has got to stop. But who does anything about it!?!?! where is the organization fighting for this cause?? GHOST because no one wants to hear about it, they want to pretend it isn’t happening right now. Wake up people- TRUST NO ONE and never turn your back for a second!

  • stormy


  • Moxeh

    My daughter is that age… Oh god. I can’t even think about it. I want to cry.

  • Can I just eviscerate and slit this guys throat, watching him bleed to death? I hope he gets his ass wrecked so hard in prison, sick f***

  • Dorian Harkins

    So use one criminal to give justice to another criminal? How strange! You want criminals to punish each other, you’re just as sick as the rapist is because all of its immoral.