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MARYSVILLE, Wash. — Prosecutors have filed criminal charges against the teenage son of a Washington day care operator after three young girls say they were sexually assaulted at the all night day care.

Charging documents state that in April, a 4-year-old and a 10-year-old girl both told their families that 18-year-old Dakota Wilson had molested them while they slept. The older girl said it happened about 10 times prior, but she was afraid to report it because she thought she would get in trouble.

Then in May, another 5-year-old girl told her family that Wilson sexually assaulted her when she was in the bathroom and she was still suffering pain from the assault.

When questioned by police, Wilson initially denied the accusations, but would admit this wasn’t the first time he’d been accused of inappropriately touching young girls. He told them he had touched young girls sexually at his mother’s day care a year prior, when they lived in Idaho. He said he was able to curtail his urges to rape children by hanging out with friends and playing video games.

After these recent accusations, Wilson’s mother, Anne Ladale Moore, admitted that she was aware of the accusations against her son in Idaho and had purposely withheld that information when she applied for her day care license in Washington.

You’ve probably already assumed one reason why Moore didn’t tell Washington licensing officials about the accusations against her son was because that would’ve severely limited her chances of gaining a license. True, that reason alone may be enough for someone to put children at risk of being raped, but here, let me give you almost  a quarter million more.

According to KING 5, Moore’s day care earned more state subsidy money in one year than any other day care in the state. By running her day care 24/7 she earned $232,000 in one year with the help of The Working Connections program, a taxpayer funded program that foots the day care bill for low-income families so that they can work.

Thankfully, Moore’s license was suspended and her day care has been shut down. Wilson has been charged with two counts of first-degree child molestation and one count of third degree rape. He is currently out on bail, prohibited from being around children, and facing 13 to 18 years in prison if convicted.

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  • Anonymous

    Soooo. Why isn’t mummy facing child endangerment charges or some such charge … Reckless endangerment… Oh just anything she is just as guilty in my eyes!

  • Anonymous

    Dude looks like he is his holding wiener.
    He also looks like the sasquatch picture from years ago….except he has no fur.

  • killhim

  • How does the licencing agency miss such a huge red flag? They are supposed to do a background check on everybody living in the house. That is a HUGE fail on their end.

    How could this mother let her son “help out” with the kids when she KNEW that he was molesting kids previously? I understand her wanting to start over and run her daycare, and even her hiding the fact that her son is a sex offender but for the sake of the children, she should have made him move out. She was making a quarter of a million. She could have paid his rent somewhere. If that was my son, he would have been on the receiving end of a baseball bat, and I guarantee he would never like kids again. 

  • HotReadingMama

    $232,000.00??? Babysitting sleeping kids? I just found a new vocation. 

  • Ok, keep in mind how much she made in a year… Now, I wonder how much of it did she spend on ‘fixing’ his kiddie fiddling with the psychiatrist of her choice? I’m taking bets on zero dollars. However, when it’s time for sentencing, betcha she’s going to go on about his ‘tender age and a need for rehabilitation’.

  • Tundratot

    Yes, she was a complete ostrich, thinking she could hide his past, allowing him to help her out, believing he’d never do it again.  All her ill gotten gains will be lost in the court battle to come.

    The fact she earned so much just shows that the need for child care is acute, and most child care options are only daytime options.  Many people, especially low income ones, don’t work daytime hours.  Yes, opportunity is abundant in the childcare arena.  (sigh)

  • Well, fuck.

  • Dear America: Stop naming your fucking kids Dakota.


    The residents of the Dakotas

  • reapre

    Uhm, IMHO, mommy should get child molestation charges as well.  Because of her prior knowledge, and refusal to not only stop her son, but her encourgement and enabling she has done to her son “he can do no wrong…” “he’s molested kids before, here watch these children while I lie to their parents…”

    God, that just pisses me off.  I want to beat the fucking mom.  (kid too, but I’m more pissed about dumb bitch mom encouraging his disgusting behavior, all just because she wanted to chase that damn dollar).

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    They both need to be beaten senseless.  How dare she put innocent children in danger for money!  She should also have to pay damages to all of the parents whose children were hurt, and she should  also have to pay restitution to the state and to the parents (because I’m sure many of them had a weekly copay for care) because they’ll have to scramble for a replacement daycare, if they can get into one at all.

  • Athena

    It suggests that what happened in Idaho never made it past the allegation stage.  A background check wouldn’t likely turn that up, even if the allegations were made to authorities. Most background checks only reveal convictions.

  • This is every parents worst nightmare!! The mother should do jail time for her role in this. She is just as guilty as her son for not disclosing information that her son is an accused molester. She raised a sick little bastard.

  • At the very end of the video, there is mention that there was an Idaho paper trail that the Washington license people could have easily found, had they bothered to look.

  • Anonymous

    “Thankfully, Moore’s license was suspended and her day care has been shut down.”

    Until she moves to another state…

  • This dirtybird looks like he jerkin his gherkin with jergen’s lotion right there in his pic!

  • Athena

    “It’s unclear how state licensors missed that.”

    Probably the same way King 5 missed that during their investigation a year ago.  Here’s what the Washington State Dept. of Early Learning states that it does: “DEL licensors provide orientation workshops, ensure provider application packets are complete, process background checks, inspect and monitor facilities, and take corrective action as necessary.”

    Like most state agencies, they do not have the resources to complete full investigations into the pasts of everyone involved, and assume a background check will reflect any necessary information.  Although it is easier for one state’s agency to access the records of another state’s agency than it is for a private party to do so, it’s still a whole separate set of hoops to jump through.  Multiply the costs of such an investigation by 7,400 – the number of facilities the department oversees – and again by the number of employees in any facility with more than one (most of them), and you’re talking about a huge expense.  

    I don’t think most folks consider this aspect when they wonder how a state agency didn’t know.  The powers of a state agency are confined by its budget.  If the state’s Dept. of Early Learning ($20,533,094 in a two-year period) was funded as well as, oh, the Gambling Commission (a colossal was of taxpayer money at $33,655,000), maybe that extra $13,000,000 a year could have covered full investigations of every state licensed daycare provider in the state? 

    Priorities:  We’re doin’ it wrong.

  • Anonymous

    I’d kill that little fucker if I found out he had touched my kid.  And I’d beat the shit out of his selfish ignoramus of a mother for birthing such a turd.

  • Anonymous

    I think so too, hopefully charges will be brought later.

  • Hekate

    This bitch KNEW there was a problem.. KNEW IT… and still allowed him to roam around freely???? fuck them both… they need to be shot.. multiple times… start at the ankles and work your way up….

  • Anonymous

    Too late!  Too late!!  
    ‘Sides  it’s a great football name…

    “He’s at the 40, the 35 and WOW! WHAT A HIT BY 2 STATES….HE NEVER SAW IT COMING, THE CROWD IS ON IT’S FEET!!!!”

    I happen to like the Dakotas.  Neener, neener, neener.


  • Anonymous

    Oh yeah.  BTW.  Why is it they released him on bond with strict instructions that he is NOT to go near kids.  What part of pedophile doesn’t the justice system understand?

    Oh!  That’s right.  He can control his urges by hanging out with friends and playing video games.  My, my, my.  Looks like we have a Nobel Peace winner a sure fire method of controlling those urges.

    Scuse me will I bite a hot door knob. 

  • Something like that will likely happen to him after his conviction. 

  • The most recent Medal of Honor winner is named Dakota. Put him on your damn flag and forget about the worthless ones. 

  • Fortunately for society, Washington State exercises guidelines for sex offender sentencing that allow for open-ended incarceration based on a variety of factors. The state recognizes the high degree of recidivism in sex offenders and has focused on sentencing practices to reflect that understanding.

  • Jemimabean

    Mother is just a rubbish, useless parent, who has no business looking after anyone else’s children, never mind raising her own. She’s a selfish enabler. If either of my sons ever did anything like that, I would have them locked up, no question. People who do that kind of thing CANNOT be rehabilitated, end of story.
    And as for Sonny- boy, he’s a fat, disgusting slob. I shudder to think what those poor little mites were thinking when that big hulk of awfulness violated them. Eeeuch.

  • “Probably the same way King 5 missed that during their investigation a year ago.”

    Good point.

  • Anonymous

    If a parent bothers to google her name, they can come here and read all about her! Thank you Morbid!

  • Anonymous

    Had they bothered to look is the key here. 

  • Anonymous


  • Every one pretty well covered what I feel about this….and no doubt the mom probably knew what was going on under her nose, hmmm, more like in front of her face.

  • Anonymous

    If that’s his picture, then alert the press: WE FOUND SASQUATCH!

    And he shaves everything but his head?????

  • Anonymous

    Can someone tell the mothers of psychopatic/paedophiles/evil people that while somethings could’ve been done to minimalize their behavior, if they are born like that it doesn’t mean that you are a bad parent.

    To put themselves in the position of the victims’ parents & then TO DO WHAT’S RIGHT!? It doesn’t mean you don’t love your child, it just means you realize the monster they are & you wanna keep it safe from people & from itself. He/she won’t molest/kill/do evil stuff & you’ll protect the public from him/her too.

  • Anonymous

    THat’s why she hid him probably because everyone might think you “raised” him. She might’ve done everything right & he was BORN a bad apple. It might’ve not been in her genes but he come out with it, so she protects him because then that means that SHE did wrong instead of HIM doing wrong. Her wrong part here was trying to cover it up once it happened.

    God forbid, *knocks on wood* one of my children grows up & is a paedophile. I will love them just the same. BUT I DID NOT RAISE A PAEDOPHILE & as soon as I hear that something went down or I CATCH THEM I will take the appropriet measure so that they do NOT reoffend while they live with me & that they pay for what they did because it could’ve been MY CHILD that was molested instead of doing the molesting.

  • Anonymous

    That sasquatch still was the first thing I thought of too.

  • Anonymous

    i actually had someone contact me about a similar situation, a 3 yr old was taking a bath and putting the bar of soap in a certain place and mom asked her why she was doing that and she responded “when tyler puts the broom there he says i cry like a bitch” she asked what she means and the little one started crying saying “tyler” the at home daycare owners 11 yr old son put a broom stick there on the little one and that it hurt alot…well the moms cousin contacted me on facebook cause i post all sorts of child abuse stuff..and asked what she should do…they called the police, filed complaints with the state licensing board and the mother of the 11 yr old stated “i have a lawyer and will not let you talk to myself or my son” and the 3 yr old was taken to a doctor and is ok .. and the psychologist says just let it go…the prosecutor refuses to prosecute because the kid is 11 and says in SC they don’t file charges on 11 yr olds..and CPS closed the case cause the mom won’t be interviewed…and they are allowing her to re-open her daycare

    does anyone know what else she can do..her lawyer dropped the case cause cps dropped it

  • Anonymous

    I totally agree. Having a child who does bad things doesn’t necessarily make you a bad parent. Ignoring that your child is doing wrong to the point of moving to a new state and then putting together the same damn situation that caused the problem in the first place is being a bad parent. What kills me is that is seems he was at least trying to control himself and his mom just denied the whole situation because she wanted an easy payday. As a parent her obligation was to her son. If that meant jail time for him, then so be it. In the very least she should have been seeking professional help for this kid. As a licensed care provider her obligation was to the children in her charge. Knowing her son was mentally disturbed she could have easily kept him away from the children. With the amount of money she was pulling in she could have easily rented a store front to run her day care business in, hell perhaps she could have teamed up with another state provider and split the upkeep costs. She was supposed to be taking care of her child and the children she was in charge of, she failed miserably on both counts.

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    Oh, that is BULLSHIT!  CPS NEEDS to investigate that shit, and if the daycare operator refuses to be interviewed regarding the allegations of abuse, her license should be yanked and her daycare center shut down until she does.  Fuck!  I’ll add that to the reasons why I’ll NEVER live in SC.

  • Anonymous

    and she lied..she said she had a lawyer and she doesn’t so i don’t know why they don’t request her to have an interview..also if my son at 11 did this i would want him to get help or want to know why he did it..maybe someone did it to him, imagine taking your kids to daycare and not knowing this happened

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    I would be A Time to Kill level of angry over something like that.  The only thing that would stop me from brutally murdering my daycare provider and her rapist kid would be the fact that I would be in jail and unable to be there for my daughter to help her heal from the rape and live life without being afraid of her own shadow.

  • I live in ND, and know that Dakota (Dacotah, etc.) means friend/ally. And as usually happens, the person turns out to be a total prick.
    So it’s kind of two-fold, really. One: Would you name your kid Massachusetts, or Rhode Island, or Oregon? Two: Naming a kid Dakota just sets them up to be douchebags later on. We need LESS douchebags, not more!

  • Is he cute? haha

  • Anonymous

    Per my dad who is ex LE.  Keep pushing with the police. Sometimes it takes a little pushing on the part of the parents. There could also be the fact that the boy is eleven. In some states they may not be able to bring about charges because of his age.  

    Secondly, a lot of times when the victims are that young and there is little to no physical damage it can be difficult to sort through the information. It is not a matter of police and DA’s ignoring the complaint, but more a fear of repeats of coerced testimony from the the young child. I am not saying that it is the case here or with really any specific case ever mentioned on this site, but sadly it does happen. 


  • Hekate

    For one.. i would find a lawyer who has a dorsal fin and multliple rows of teeth and then file a civil suit.  Then i would go find out exactly what the libel/slander laws are there and if at all feasible start posting flyers, stand outside the daycare with a sign.. whatever LEGALLY possible to make keeping that daycare open harder than hell…  cuz you know molotov cocktails are ILLEGAL… effective but very very illegal.  *cough*

  • Wilson your mom was running a fucking daycare you dumb ass, not a fuck anyone you can grab sex shop.Like a kid in a candy shop this guy just couldn’t resist the temptation.I bet girls his own age wouldn’t give him the time if he asked … he looks like a sloppy Bitch. 

  • Anonymous

    He is only 18, still too young to legally buy alcohol. Why is that? Because he is still a kid, not a supposedly responsible adult. He did a terrible thing, and should be punished, but that punishment should include intensive therapy. The recidivism rate for sex offenders is low, and even lower when afforded treatment.

    As a society, are we really so base that we are willing to simply lock up a kid and throw away the key? To give up, and just hope that he will be raped or killed in prison? How a society treats its most vulnerable members is the measure of the true nature of a society.

  • Anonymous

    Boycot the daycare center.Inform people living in the area the 11 yearold is a possible pedophile.Other then that, I don’t know.

  • Anonymous

    I agree.Yes do find out about the libal laws

  • Anonymous

    Yeah what about the little children he molested?Are they not vulnerable He is a big moose of 18 and they are little 4,5 and 10.At 18 I was an adult and married. So please don’t give me the crap the poor lil thing was only 18. would you feel the same way if your child was raped by him.His terrible thing  he did as you called it, he did more then once, and will continue doing as long as he has people making excuses and covering for his actions.

  • Anonymous

    As far as Iam aware, there is no cure for pedophiles.

  • Anonymous

    Death darlin death!

  • I dunno. It’s pretty hard to molest anyone with ten bullets in your cranial region.

  • BooBooKittyFuck

    It’s the same cure for zombies…ya gotta shoot ’em in the head…

  • BooBooKittyFuck

    The woman is just as big a piece of shit as her child…she got to keep getting paid AND he got to keep touching people’s babies…fucking disgusting…

  • BooBooKittyFuck

    And lol at the shot of him walking outside of the house…it reminds me of that fucking big foot picture you always see when they mention sasquatch….

  • BooBooKittyFuck

    Okay, not the cure…but puts them out of their misery…

  • Anonymous

    Lmao Heather

  • Canuck Gramz

    LOL like the hot door knob.

  • Canuck Gramz

    Where did you get that crap “The recidivism rate for sex offenders is low”?! Once a pedophile ALWAYS a pedophile!

  • malq

    “Most background checks only reveal convictions.”

     Not necessarily, a recent back ground check on a friend who was applying for a job found his DUI which was “deferred” (a special one time pass only in washington state, ) showed every step of the way including every court hearing and action taken by the court. This maybe specific to Whatcom county, and not King or Pierce county which you may be refering to, but in general, there is nothing consistent about a background check. it should be a tool and nothing more.

    Law enforcement on the other hand has access to a database that you cannot buy over the internet. Depending on how far back you go and your age, if they want to find it is there. 
    Given this over- hormonal teenagers excuse that video games made him do it is  bullshit.

    I realize  researching a dui and a child molestation charge are different on several levels, but the fundamental problem exists. sometimes it shows, sometimes it doesn’t.

  • malq

     just named a deer Dakota in your honor. This fucking doe completely mowed my blueberries and apple trees. I see venison on the table.

  • Anonymous

    Iam sure you can figure out how to remedy that without killing the deer.

  • Anonymous

    Really – you’re calling my kid a douchebag?  

    It’s one thing to attack me, but it’s a whole different ball game when you attack my kid.

    Your statement makes you no different that the bullies and sickos I read about on here, Miss Heather Habilatory.  

    What I wrote was in jest – no harm intended.

    You fucking crossed the line when you called my kid a douchebag.

  • Athena

    In Heather’s defense, she did only suggest that you are *setting your kid up to be* said douchebag, not that he (she?) IS a douchebag.

    That said, her prejudice against the name Dakota is baseless shit-talking and shouldn’t be taken seriously.  Dakota is hands-down better than the Aiden/Caden/Brayden/Jayden/Hayden/Zayden bullshit.  😛

  • Anonymous

    Athena –
    Understood and thank you.  
    I still have my opinions on this, but will let it go.  


  • wow, kimbev69, that’s a raw story. i would flip over something like that. but i do know what you mean abt LE doing nothing. i had a buddy i knew better than anyone for 12 years and found out he was a major pedo. thousands of kiddie pics on his HD and cams of him watching lil’ ones getting out of school as he cammed from his car all pervy like. told him never to look me up again and got busy buuutttttt…. local police didnt care. fbi didnt care. center for missing and exploited children didnt care. crimestopers “noted” the info. nothing ever came of it. i can still go to this perv’s FB page and see him in all his pedo glory, half nude ofc for his main pic.

  • Anonymous

    That pisses me of so bad this is crazy u have to fight to get the law taken seriously

  • Anonymous

    Isnt it crazy to find out something like that? They hide amongst us very well

  • I,m 82, and live in a nursing home, and during one of my sponge bathes, a nurse performed a happy ending on me. I was dead for 4 minutes until the paddles of life brought me back. At the gates of St. Peter he told me to use salt peter, on my peter, which solved all the awkward boners. This kid should be naturally castrated for his own good. These double Y chromosome kids are a danger to society.

  • Not to mention Abracadabra and Potpourri (no, really). Or names that sound differently from how they’re spelled because the parents were never hooked on phonics.

  • Siobhan

    Thank you for posting about this, as sadly, IMO, this subject occurs much more often than most of us realize, and so often goes unreported for long periods of time, or if ever, by the victims.

    As others have well advised, it would be in the victim’s parents best interests to keep constant pressure on the local authorities about their case, and to file a civil suit on behalf of their child. 
    If a judgment for the plaintiff is found by the civil court, there may be a precedent for the State to then use said judgment to open a full investigation, or file criminal charges against the daycare provider and/or her child.
    This would depend on SC laws, but civil suits won in wrongful death, and rape cases have opened the doors for murder charges and criminal trials in several states. 
    The parents also need to do a crash-course study on the laws of SC that pertain to their case, and how such laws are practically applied. Checking with their county court system, they may find a victim’s advocate office, which would help them to learn and understand the laws, and aid them in seeking a positive resolution to their case.
    This is a free service, and although a state agency which works with LE and prosecutors, it is there as a voice for the victims, and acts to guide the victim and their family through the legal processes.

  • Siobhan

    From the reports of this case, he does not appear to be a simple tier level I offender, nor even a tier level II, since he has repeatedly shown if he has access to victims, he will find an opportunity to assault them.
    This puts him on the highest risk level, making recidivism likely, even with years of treatment.
    Most therapies utilize cognitive-behavioral modification as a large part of their treatments, with the addition of anti-androgenic and/or SRI (“impulse control”) medications. 
    Although many have been helped by such treatments, they will always be at high risk for re-offending, and would require a lifetime of continual monitoring and therapy; however, therapy is not always available for the incarcerated, as it is considered cost prohibitive by many prison systems, and the funding for these programs is simply unavailable in many cases.

    What many of these tier level III offenders do is to learn by their previous mistakes, but only as it applies to their criminal exposure and capture. This motivates them to create ways to avoid
    detection in their crimes, some will prey on victims who cannot communicate the assault (the very young, or severely disabled), others will make the brilliant leap of brutal logic that leaving no witnesses equates to dead children can’t tell tales, or pick them out of a line up.

    Our society considers our children and dependent adults to be our most vulnerable citizens, and it is for their protection, as well as that of these offenders, that long prison sentences are now being demanded and/or implemented across the country.
    ATM, the societal responsibility at the crux of this issue can best be summed up by a well known quote of the sci-fi genre, : 
     “The needs of the many out weight the needs of the few, or the one.”.  

  • Anonymous

    I am gonna copy your response and send it to her thank u

  • ‘What happens in Idaho, stays in Idaho’ just doesn’t have the same ring to it…

  • Anonymous

    Documents reveal troubled history of teen charged in daycare rape
    EVERETT, Wash. — A teenager accused of sexually assaulting three children at his mother’s Marysville daycare made his first court appearance on Wednesday.
    Marysville police accuse 18-year-old Dakota Wilson of molesting two girls and raping one other. All the alleged victims are 5 to 10 years old.

    Wilson pleaded “not guilty” to the charges at his arraignment in Snohomish County Superior Court.

    Snohomish County prosecutor Matt Hunter made an unusual request as he asked the judge not to allow Wilson near any children unsupervised. He asked that Wilson’s mother, Anne Ladale Moore, not be allowed to chaperone her son.

    That’s because records show that Wilson has faced allegations that he’s been abusing children in his mother’s daycare at least twice before.

    Records from the State of Idaho obtained by the KING 5 Investigators show Wilson was first accused in 2001 of inappropriate sexual contact with a child and again in 2004.

    Neither case resulted in criminal charges, but Moore agreed with licensors that she would keep her son away from the children in the daycare.

    The WA Department of Early learning says it did not receive this reports from Idaho when it conducted a background check on her prior to giving her daycare a license.


  • Anonymous

    Well….I think that this is a wonderful, caring, loving and indulgent woman. 1. Unconditional love for her child no matter the cost to others. 2. Her ability to  shield her child from prosecution. 3. Provided child with all of the vocational tools.. er children, he needed…4. Providing a consistant fully stocked learning environment.. Her perverted child has turned into a mature molester.

    Mother of the year! Don’t ya think?

  • Laura_RT

    Screw it, I’m not going to be able to stop commenting on the old threads, so I may as well stop trying…

    You are sadly mistaken. The recidivism rate of sexual offenders is HIGHER than other offenders. And damn near every psychiatrist out there agrees that NO treatment has proven effective.

    You are right about one thing, “How a society treats its most vulnerable members is the measure of the true nature of a society.” But the most vulnerable members of society are the children, not sick-ass predators. Your ‘Let’s all cure everyone with love’ attitude is delusional as hell.

  • Criminal background checks can only identify people with criminal convictions for child sexual abuse. However, most acts of child sexual abuse are never reported to the authorities, let alone result in a criminal conviction that could later be detected by a criminal background check.
    The Diana Screen® identifies an estimated 70% of the men and women who should not be placed into positions of trust with children because they present a sexual risk: either because they have already sexually abused a child or they have a very weak understanding of the strict sexual boundaries required between adults and children.

  • Christopher Martin

    People hate the Bible for being cruel and giving out harsh punishments, but these are the kind of people that were around during biblical times—some of them deserve to get death. Sorry.