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Portage, IN — Police were called by motorists on an Indiana highway who reported seeing a naked woman running along the roadway while being chased by man in a car. Court documents filed by prosecutors described callers saying that the woman was “running for her life.” With a rope trailing her that was still tied around one ankle, she was able to duck into a liquor store. The man in the car, Martin Jonassen, 55, of Elwood, Kansas, reportedly followed her inside.

The clerk in the liquor store described the woman pleading for help and holding on to a set of cooler doors while Jonassen – coming in just seconds after here – grabbed her by the waist and pulled her away. He reportedly took the woman out of the store and threw her into his car.

The police account says that a police officer in the area responded and – seeing Jonassen leaving in his vehicle – blocked Jonassen’s car between the liquor store building and her cruiser. The officer approached the car with her gun drawn, police said, and ordered Jonassen out. She only then saw Jonassen was holding the naked woman against the passenger’s side floor.

The questioning that followed established that Jonassen was, in fact, the woman’s father. The woman told police Jonassen was angry about a relationship she had been having with an older man and forced her to leave her Missouri home Saturday. They arrived at the Indiana motel on Sunday night.

Before we chalk this up to protectiveness, it should be noted that the woman told police that Jonassen ‘had been having sex with her for years.’

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“I just want him to stop doing to me the things he has been doing…,” she reportedly told officers.

The woman said that Jonassen had her tied to a chair in the room completely nude.

“I got loose and saw my chance to escape. I got out of the room and started running … that’s when he started chasing me,” she told police. “I saw my chance to escape, so I did.”

The officer said the woman had bruising on her body, both old and fresh, and, by police accounts – ‘was terrified.’

Jonassen was formally charged Tuesday with two counts of Class C felony confinement and one misdemeanor count of battery. Jonassen is being held at Porter County Jail without bond, pending an initial hearing.

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  • guillotinegirl

    I can already imagine his excuse: “Kids. You can dress them up but you can’t take them anywhere, so I had her skip the getting dressed part.”

  • Pyncky

    Sounds like daddy was a jealous lover.  He only older man he wanted in her life was him.

  • Anonymous

    They should add kidnapping to the charges and rape & incest if a rape kit is done. 
    Martin is a total asswax.

  • Ok I don’t mean to judge, but what the hell. He’s freaky looking. Just hope all the charges stick and she doesn’t back out. What a life that poor girl must of endured with that freak.

  • LeaveMeBe

    Poor girl! Twenty-one years old, she escaped this cretin and he drove from Kansas to Missouri, kidnapped her and took her to Indiana and assaulted her again. Talk about an ongoing nightmare! I hope this time it is over for good, he will remain behind bars and she can get the help she needs to go on and live a good life. It’s still hard to believe stuff like this really happens even after reading DD for a few of years. 

  • Anonymous

    What a sick fuck.

  • Anonymous

    Hellooo, Clarice. Do you still hear the lambs screaming?
    It rubs the lotion on its skin or it gets the hose again.

    You know these “long distance” relationships never work out!

    Ok, time to introduce cuddles to Uncle Festers shriveled little pee pee.
    “Cuddles, your appetizer awaits.”

  • She went straight into a liquor store, people.  She’s obviously an alcoholic.  I wouldn’t trust a word she said.

  • She went straight into a liquor store, people.  She’s obviously an alcoholic.  I wouldn’t trust a word she said.

  • She went straight into a liquor store, people.  She’s obviously an alcoholic.  I wouldn’t trust a word she said.

  • Hekate

    what a f*cking monster…

  • Anonymous

    pretty much the only time a father gets upset about his grown daughter dating guys is when he’s been coercing her into sex himself (usually for years).

  • reapre

    People see her running “for her life” naked down the highway, being chased by a man…no one cared to offer assistance? Really?

    Effing Lame. 

    I don’t have any audio on my laptop, in the video is the Cop having civilian put cuffs on him? (at 1:54)

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know, I don’t think they didn’t want to but rather they didn’t know what’s going on. Granted seeing a naked woman running while being chased by her dad in a car is alarming, but I’m sure no one wanted to get between his car either.

    We can at least give some of them credit for calling police right?

  • Anonymous

    Ugh, what a monster. That poor girl, can’t imagine what she had to endure for years. If he had no problem chasing after her in his car, imagine what he was capable of if he DID catch her.

    Looks like bubba will like his new cellmate…

  • Athena

    Yeah, who knew how long anyone had to respond?  It can take a minute for a person to register what it is they are seeing and determine that they should intervene and, by then, the opportunity may have passed.  

  • Tundratot

    I have to wonder if there was any other family somewhere.  Like, her mother, maybe?  Was she alone in the world with this POS? 

  • Kansas huh ? Who woulda thunk it ? Inbreeding going on in the backwoods of Kansas …

  • I think you guys are being too rough on Mr.Jonassen;take a look at his pic and tell me honestly if you think he had a date to the prom ? His daughter was probably the only female he could catch.On a side note : Maybe we know who has been dumping those babies into the Mississippi River now.

  • The Hills Have Eyes.

  • Anonymous

    I always run naked into my liquor store screaming and for some reason I get free liquor.  Go figure.  

  • Anonymous

    Let me see if I have this right, she lives in Kansas, was dating an older man, her father lives in Michigan went there, kidnapped her, she tried to jump out of car at every intersection? They managed to make it to Portage In checked in a cheap motel, he tied her to a chair – he untied her so she could shower and he left the room, while she was untied she ran for her life.

    I am ever grateful for the police showing up before he made it back onto the roadway. 21 is so young, I hope she gets the help and counseling she needs.

    She can add changes for molestation wonder how long he had been abusing her.

    Yeah where is her mother?

  • Anonymous

    It seems no one stopped to help, they just dialed 911.Not even the guy/girl at the liquor store helped.

  • Anonymous

    I hope this young girl gets the help she needs. the sick fucking father tho, can go straight to hell.

  • pikeman

    I noticed this was on the site you are on a lot. That asshole DDDuane actually condoned this shit!?! At least it doesn’t seem like there has been many asshole trolls like that on DD lately. For that, I am thankful.

    Oh, and this fuck doesn’t even deserve to call himself “Dad”! I’m glad the fucker got caught. Kudos to the cop at the liquor store.

  • Anonymous

    something in his comments did seem a little off yeah…

  • Rachel Coker

    she has 6 siblings still alive. one that passed away in 95 in a ‘car accident’ with her dad after her mom had temporarily escaped with the rest of them.

  • Rachel Coker

    they are originally from michigan actually

  • Tundratot

    Sounds like there’s a lot more to the story.  Not sure I have the stomach for it.

  • Hmm … OK Rachel … but – “Inbreeding going on in the backwoods of Kansas …” has a better ring than – Inbreeding going on in the backwoods of  michigan …

  • Not unless you have a very very strong stomach.

  • I think his wife was from Kansas. No products of inbreeding here, just absolute evil.

  • Think about that statement for a minute.

    Actually, Martin never had a problem with the “ladies” he always had that crazy eyed animal magnetism that drew so many in (ala Charlie Manson). It was like watching a snake eat birds.

  • SayAnything

    What about charging this piece of trash with Incest??