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Gilbert, AZ — Jennifer Barnes, 39, is currently in custody after investigators established probable cause to hold her for the abuse of her 10-year-old adopted son. The abuse was described as sexual, but I am having trouble labeling it. Well… other than “damn evil,” that is…

According to police, the young victim told them that his adoptive mother bound his hands and feet, forced dog shit into his mouth and then duct taped his mouth shut so that he could not spit it out. The victim also described her burning his penis with a lighter and sodomizing him repeatedly with his own toothbrush. Police reports described another incident when the mother repeatedly burned the victim’s penis with a curling iron before tying a necklace around it causing it to bleed. The abuse was reported to have occurred between May of 2010 and August 22 of this year.

Are these the claims of an unhappy adopted child? It doesn’t sound like it. It was discovered during a forensic physical examination that the child had large scars on his pelvic area and legs, consistent with healed burns. He also had three distinct scars consistent with the claim of being sodomized.

Barnes reportedly told detectives that she was the sole caregiver during the time of the incidents. She also reportedly provided inconsistent statements to investigators. Police also said that Barnes denied having any knowledge of the child’s injuries or the scars.

This is clearly not going in her favor…

Court records show previous reports to Child Protective Services involving Barnes and her son. No details of those reports have been disclosed.

Two Teen Boys Arrested In Connection With Videotaped Attacks On Mentally Challenged Man

Barnes was arrested and charged with sexual conduct with a minor and child abuse charges. Barnes is scheduled to appear in court on Sept. 15. She remains in custody without bond.

…and then there is the problem with the hair.   Jennifer, Jennifer, Jennifer…

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  • This is the problem I have with CPS, they continually disregard abuse and turn around and allow the child back in the home after many reports have been given them. I hate CPS. They destroy many many children’s lives, some even die because they are tooooooo lazy to do their work. It’s awful. This boy will be scared for life because of her.

  • Anonymous

    So glad that you commented on the hair, seeing as it’s probably to blame for this entire incident… Afterall, I would be pretty pissed if that’s what I looked at in the mirror everyday.

    On a serious note , why the hell would she adopt a child if she had no desire to actually care for him? Hopefully he can recover mentally from being under her ‘care.’

  • Jemimabean

    What a rancid, heinous individual! She is an insult to every parent who has ever adopted achild with the best of intentions and to anyone who has ever wanted a child but has not been privileged enough to adopt. I hope she rots in the deepest pit of Hell.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, those are the deadest eyes I’ve ever seen.  If I were a child and someone introduced me to her, saying, “This is the lady who’s going to adopt you.” I’d run away and find a family of wolves to raise me.

    She’s an excellent reason to bring back garrotting.

  • Horrible!! What kind of trust issues will this boy have as he becomes a man? Many adopted kids have a bit on insecurity when they are young because they are dealing wondering why their parents decided to give them up vs raising them. Now the person who is supposed to love him so much that she CHOSE him over all of the other children or having some of her own (if possible) has betrayed that special bond. This bitch has caused damage mentally as well and physically and I hope the book get’s thrown at her. A giant, must be lifted by construction equipment, book.

  • Anonymous

    Sadists, pedophiles, and other wicked people sometimes adopt children just so they can have a legal captive to torture and abuse. CPS in many places is staffed by the incompetent and the lazy, and these poor kids may fly under the radar for years. Many of them are home-schooled and eventually they are completely forgotten by the outside world, and die miserable lonely deaths and buried in some forsaken spot.

  • guillotinegirl

    The biggest improvement she could make with regard to her hairdo is grow it so it hides her face.

  • pikeman

    The boy will be scarred for life? That’s where I get confused with this story. Kniption says the scars were found during a forensic physical examination, which suggests the child died, yet he never comes out and says the child died. The source article just called it a physical examination, so I’m guessing that is a mistake on Kniption’s part, and the child is alive, which means you are right.

    This bitch should never see the light of day regardless. She is a cold calculating cunt (I don’t even like to say that). I hope Big Bertha and her gang of bull dykes tortures here every day and makes her life a living hell!

  • pikeman

    I guess I was wrong on that. I always thought a forensic examination was a physical exam on a dead person. I looked it up, and it is a physical exam on a person to figure out a crime, the person isn’t necessarily dead. So I guess this was a legal physical exam, so I’m guessing there was already speculation the boy was being abused.

  • Anonymous

    Actually, a forensic exam/interview is not an autopsy.

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    She has a face that is just begging to be punched repeatedly.  I hope the poor kid is able to make a full recovery and is placed with a non-psychotic family (tall order, I know).

  • pikeman

    I just figured that out after I got curious and looked it up. I always thought it was, but it is any physical exam having to do with a crime.

  • Anonymous

    “forensics” has absolutely nothing to do with whether anyone died.  that type of examination would be referred to as an autopsy, necropsy, or postmortem analysis.

    the word comes from the latin adjective forensis, meaning “of or before the forum.”  forensic analysis or investigation is any application of a scientific process with the intent of answering questions of a legal system.  no matter how mundane.

  • Anonymous

    This bitch needs to be sodomized with her curling iron first to feel the pain that she put that baby through and second so her rancid ass won’t be able to do her hair.

  • Anonymous

    I would nor do I hang out with people I don’t like, much less would I adopt them into my family.

    This woman sounds like she hates men, I betcha she’ll pop out that she was raped or something by her daddy or grandpa cause targeting the genitals in such a way is like getting revenge.

    Oh & she is even more disgusting than her hairstyle for handling dog shit.

  • ahh Gilbert, AZ .. FULL of wonderful parents, like this jennifer barnes woman.. AND jessica callaway! (featured last week).

  • lostlilgirl

    OMG. These stories sicken me……….How can a human being do that to a child. Rot in hell you effing cunt.

  • They all answered you below so I won’t ha. Cept for you to know I read your response. Have a lovely day!

  • Pyncky

    Garrotting and draw and quartering as well.

  • Jemimabean

    Female circumcision!

  • For god’s sake, why?  Ah, forget it.   For every decent human being, there’s a monster like this.

  • Anonymous

    This is what happens when crazy bitches get their twats super glued, they just adopt and start abusing again.

  • Anonymous

    Hey, don’t call that lady a cunt.

    Being a cunt requires depth and warmth.  She clearly lacks both.

  • pikeman

    Maybe we should start using JB Weld instead.

  • pikeman

    No problem.

    I would have liked this and a few other comments, but here is something to note a little off the subject.

    Some things have changed for me on here. I can no longer “like” or “edit” comments ever since my little disagreement with Morbid. I thought it was something with my computer, but when I tried logging out, then I could like the comments. Also, I noticed the change on the bottom of the disclaimer.

    “Lastly, there is no freedom of speech, and we may choose, for any reason we want, to remove comments or ban users for any reason we see fit.”

    Hey, that’s fine, if you guys really don’t like me. I’ve been loyal to this site for a year. There are actually a few on here that I think like me. Don’t block me from editing and liking comments just because you have some kind of dislike toward me or whatever. Just let me know what’s up. BTW this isn’t addressed toward you, kniption and I’m sorry about the rant. If the problem is something technical, then my apologies also. That is all.

  • Anonymous

    I had to read the first two paragraphs three times…my brain just couldn’t comprehend that shit! What kind of mother does this? That boy is lucky to be alive, and Jennifer Barnes deserves to  be put away for a long, long time. 

  • Pyncky

    I want her.  Alone.  In my basement. With power tools.  I need to know what the hell her reasoning was in her sick twisted mind.  The genital torture is abhorrent, but the dog shit in his mouth with duct tape over it so he couldn’t spit it out… unbelievable. Imagine choking on any kind of substance and having to swallow it in order to breathe and not choke.  I’d like to remove her hands and then drill into her bone marrow.  When she opens her mouth to scream, I’d want to stuff the leavings from a Port-A-Potty down her throat and then plug her mouth with her own severed hands.

    (Some how I feel that it is wrong to be feeling like this while my cat is on my lap purring.)

    I wish I could believe in some sort of hell for this bitch.  Compared to her, Elizabeth Escalona is the mother of the year.

  • Anonymous

    I guess she didn’t think about how she will be treated in prison. Too bad.

  • Anonymous

    Yes!  Let’s go for the Trifecta!

  • Anonymous

    I have the same problem sometimes Pike. what I do is logout tthen log back in to post. It usually helps.

  • Anonymous

    To many psychotic bitches in this world.I wonder if the adoption agency did much of a background check on her.I sure the only reason she adopted a child was to have someone to torture…a male.That poor child will have issues with woman for the rest of his life.I hope he gets counseling and a better home,I feel bad for the little guy. 🙁

  • Anonymous

    I’ll be honest I don’t really know anything about the adoptive process…but I always thought it was difficult, many interviews, home checks, must have a decent amount of money, stable two parent home, ect…How are these people getting around that? Are they fostering first?  Are there a lack of qualified foster families- so do they just pass the kids out to anyone?  And do foster kids have a say on whether they want to be adopted by the families?  Sorry for a post asking so many questions- but this is an area where I do not have much knowledge or experience.

  • Anonymous

    i have a huge problem with CPS paying people money monthly to adopt children..i can almost guarantee that is the case here..she probably fostered him then adopted him thru cps and is receiving money and in some states it’s a large amount like $1,500 per child not including the food stamps and other donated type things…like gift cards for the start of the school yr that are usually donated..and stuff like that…i know there are people out there that do good with this situation but even if one child is treated lke this then that is one too many..and we have seen hundreds here…more than likely

  • Anonymous

    There’s a special corner in hell for child sadists. In the meantime the prison jumpsuit will look fabulous on her. grrrrrr

  • I missed the so called disagreement – well parts of it – so … I have no opinion on that – but you seem ok to me.

  • I don’t know about all states … but in Texas its not required that it be a “2” parent home.Also since I have 2 sisters who have foster kids I can tell you that “yes” the kids do have a say in who is allowed to adopt them.”Is there a lack of qualified foster families ?” Yes,there is.” so do they just pass the kids out to anyone?” No,they do not.

  • “i have a huge problem with CPS paying people money monthly to adopt children.”
    I believe you are not correct in this statement Kim.My understanding is that Foster Parents are paid a sum of money to aid in providing care to Foster kids … however – once you actually adopt a child that money is no longer received.I know because 1 of my sisters was asked about adopting a child she was keeping as a Foster child, and this is what my sister told me.

  • Seek medical help my friend.You scare me.

  • Well … not sure what I want to say about this … I guess the Bitch has some type of mental dysfunction … I mean – WTF ???

  • Anonymous

    @yahoo-XKMAEMPVJ5T2Y35HKYTNG7I6SY:disqus  -” I believe you are not correct in this statement Kim.My understanding is that Foster Parents are paid a sum of money to aid in providing care to Foster kids … however – once you actually adopt a child that money is no longer received..”
    Actually, in Arizona – unless the law has changed – there are cases where a person or family,fosters a child and then adopts said child they do get paid a monthly “living” expense for that child.

    There has to be extenuating circumstances for this to happen, such as a child with severe emotional problems, physical handicaps, or combinations of illnesses.

    I say this because of a case a fellow worker had that involved 2 brothers who were fostered and then adopted.  The “Mother” received $ from fostering.  After adopting, she also received $ for living and care.  The kids were also receiving SS benefits from their deceased adopted father, “mom” was receiving hubby’s retirement and life insurance.  This woman was rolling in the dough.

    Whenever she couldn’t be bothered with them, she’d drop them off at Phoenix Childrens Hospital C/A Psych Unit.  Like the time she went on a cruise, when she went to Greece at X-mas, out of town on the boys’ birthdays….

    If I recall, the boys’ diagnosis was schizo-affective disorder NOS, Oppositional Defiant DO and other things.  At that time, all involved with the boys were trying to document that “mom” had Manchusen by Proxy.  One of the Psych doctor’s involved was A.J. Bayless.

    But this was 15 years ago?  Wow, that long ago. 

  • Jemimabean

    What fun. I’ll just get my rusty ole machete.

  • Jemimabean

    In South Africa, we offer compensation for foster parents but not adoptive parents. In truth, though, the system is beyond slow- it’s actually a little backwards- that plenty of foster parents don’t bother to apply for state assistance (it’s a very small amount of money anyway.) We do have this crazy schedule of requirements where it’s difficult- not impossible, but quite difficult- to foster or adopt outside of your “cultural background” which I think is just rubbish, although there are a lot of social workers who will push things along when there is a child in desperate need of a home and there aren’t usually any takers from their “culture of origin.”

  • Tundratot

    I’m glad the child finally came out and admitted what was going on.  I can’t believe it took over a year for him to do so. 

  • Anonymous

    Maybe u need to read what i wrote i said even if one kid is adopted for money and abused that is too much! Niw go do some research ok because tons of cases on thus site alone have stated where kids are misding 10 yrs that were adopted thru cps and the couplecollected over 700k then the adopted mom who kept 2 of 3 sisters in a freezer while collecting and the barahonas in florida were collectingmoney for the twins they adopted! How do i know also is i called dyfs on my sister 22 urs ago, they took my niece and eventually she was adopted by her foster parents who then divorced and sherecently found out that the scumbag adoptive dad was collecting foodstamps and 439$ each month for her and medical, so maybe your sister is misinformed because thru actual research most every state givesu money to adopt the foster kid so

  • Jemimabean

    I can’t think of a better colour to complement her outrageous hairdo!

  • Pyncky

    Nah, the medical peeps don’t want me.  I am a bad influence on the rest of the sociopaths.

  • Smileypants

    This bitch has dead, unfeeling eyes that remind me of a shark’s eyes. I can’t even begin to express my horror and disgust at this. I have a 9 year old son….boys this age can be the sweetest, funniest, loving-est little people in the world. If she had treated this boy right, she would have had a son who adored her his whole life. Now she gets prision (rightfully so!!), and he gets a lifetime of emotional damage and horrible memories. After he was already needing a family….he got this. That poor kid, give him to me!! I’ll bunk him in with my 9 year old, and treat him with affection and love, you know, like a human being. Geesh…..

  • LeaveMeBe

    Hanged, drawn and quarted is out? Oops. My bad.

  • Hekate

    Note to self: never ever piss off Pyncky…

  • wyrosjr

    All that torture is not necessary. She should just have a quick, fair trial and a prompt execution directly after. That is the way we had it in the US, when the US wasn’t rolling downhill like a snowball headed for hell.

  • I checked and the only thing I can find a long the lines of what you seem to be talking about Kim is a program for special needs kids only.My sister has never foster parented a special needs child :
    State Adoption
    Assistance Requirements

    The following six requirements must be met for a child to be eligible
    for state adoption assistance:

    The child must not be eligible for Title IV-E adoption assistance.The child must qualify as “special needs,” as described
    below at the time the adoptive placement agreement is signed. Reasonable efforts must have been made to place the child without
    adoption assistance, except when to do so was contrary to the
    child’s best interest.The child must be placed in an approved adoptive placement with
    DFPS as the child’s managing conservator. For both relative and
    non-relative placements, the adoptive home must meet all of the
    requirements for approval under licensing minimum standards, including
    criminal records checks. The child’s resources must be less than $10,000.The adoption assistance agreement must be signed before the
    adoption is consummated.

  • Pike my comp kept telling me that I couldn’t post today as well. I had to log out then log back in. And yesterday Disqus wouldn’t let me login through twitter because “twitter was over capacity”, all day? It’s technology, things happen.

    Everyone has disagreements on here, that’s why I like it… no “yes” men.

  • Anonymous

    i am with AM on this.  your problems were likely technical.  i don’t have the conn here, but i think that if you were out – you’d be out.  

    i noticed the “freedom of speech” addendum to the disclaimer a while back.  it is not so recent.   i believe the timing to correspond to the postings – and subsequent disappearance – of someone who was being verbally abusive and combative in the comment sections.

    in general, i interpret it as a warning to two types of posters… people who are disrespectful and people who are pathologically off topic.  what i am sure of that it was not for any personal disagreements.  hell.  airing and resolving personal disagreements is kinda the whole point…

  • Anonymous

    I am a pathological off subject.  Does that count? 🙂

  • Anonymous

    This is the ugliest bitch I have ever laid eyes on.  Her eyes remind me of this Asian dude I knew in gym class that bent over in the shower to pick up his rag and mooned everybody with his little brown asshole.  Her hair looks like a mop I had to use once that had been used in a hospital locker room for 10 years.  Her skin looks like the surface of the moon and if we had scratch and sniff monitors I am sure her breath would stink like 10 day dead oppossum on the side of the road on a hot July afternoon.

    We need to have fertilizer farms for bitches like this.  Plant her in the ground up to the neck feed her with a tube and a funnel with cow manure that has been blended with urine butter and used cooking oil from Wendy’s and after she dies let her cook in the hot sun for at least 30 days and plow her big bloated fat ugly fucking ass in to be used for the worm farm.

    If you ever read this you ugly cow I hope maggots eat your flesh until the end of time and you somehow manage to stay alive for eternity.

  • she should be forced to eat dog poop and worms and inject beet fat into her face.

  • BooBooKittyFuck

    With foster care…usually…you have to prove that you can care for a child without monthly aid to even become a foster parent…if a child’s later adopted, they don’t receive aid for the child…because that’s their child now, they’re not just “babysitting” anymore until something better comes along…I hear these stories of kids being so easily adopted in other states and I’m just like “what the fuck?”…How do they pass all the requirements and home visits and get a child that they later abuse…or kill? I just don’t get it…My foster parents gave up their license a few years back because they got some shit awful girls that were little thug breeders who didn’t want to do shit and it just wasn’t worth it for them anymore to have seriously bad kids in their home basically abusing their hospitality…But they were great…I still go over there for holidays and what not and I only live a few blocks away from them. Not everyone who decides to foster or adopt a child is a piece of shit, but when you hear about the bad ones it’s always some terrible abuse…makes them all look bad…

  • BooBooKittyFuck

    Your SN reminds me of a tampon commercial….

  • She just may have created a serial killer…

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  • rebecca rasha

    sadistic freak