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Police Locate Teen Who Faked Her Own Abduction

August 24, 2011 at 8:43 am by  

AURORA, Colo. – Police have found the 15-year-old girl we reported on earlier this week who had faked her own abduction.

An officer in an unmarked police car spotted Jasmine Fike near a fast-food restaurant on Monday. She had altered her appearance and had been staying in a motel she had checked into using a fake ID.

The teen sparked a statewide Amber Alert after calling 911 and reporting a man, a convicted drug dealer, was trying to break into her home last Wednesday. When police arrived, Fike was missing and there were signs of a struggle. Police would later report that while they were still actively looking for Fike, the entire abduction was a hoax orchestrated by the teen.

She is currently in a juvenile facility, but cops made a strange comment when they were asked what kind of condition Fike was in when they found her.

“Her condition is relevant to what she’s been through, and if I comment on that, it would be a clue to what we’re investigating,” Aurora Police Detective Bob Friel told the Denver Post.

Police plan on charging Fike with faking her own kidnapping, but as a juvenile. They are also looking for any accomplices who may have helped the teen.

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  • Cedric

    15 and stupid.

  • Erica Gieras

    “Her condition is relevant to what she’s been through”

    so she is unharmed and feeling stupid?

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    She should have to work to reimburse every organization that has been looking for her, from the police on down.  Some community service working with an organization that attempts to find and help missing and exploited children would probably be helpful, too.

  • Anonymous

    so now I’m really curious……can’t wait to hear how this one turns out.  

  • shyloh

    She needs a good Ass spanking. Seriously.

  • Anonymous

    Once they’re old enough to enjoy it, it’s too late…

  • Anonymous

    Once they’re old enough to enjoy it, it’s too late…

  • Zazen

    Wonder if this is one of those ‘ran off to be with the older boyfriend her parents don’t approve of’ scenarios? If so, it was a fantastically stupid way to go about it.

  • Zazen

    Wonder if this is one of those ‘ran off to be with the older boyfriend her parents don’t approve of’ scenarios? If so, it was a fantastically stupid way to go about it.

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm! to many questions and not enough answers.Iam curious how this is all going to play out..Something is off here.

  • Michael Heldman

    Sounds like fun.

  • Angels Mom


  • Anonymous

    I wonder if she got mixed up in prostitution.  It wouldn’t shock me with some of the things that have been reported in this case.

  • MISSanthropic

    That’s what I feel it is, after hearing the police statement.

  • Shannon Brown

    Somebody has been “tuting”.

  • BooBooKittyFuck

    This chick was totally out hooking around…judging by the other stories and her mom being one of those super awesome mom’s that let’s her kid live with a 37 year old…coochie vendor is probably a family trade…

  • shannie

    I am sorry but I am going to have to steal “tuting”….hilarious, lol :D

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to kill her

  • Quintin Jordon

    Bring her to me, I will spank that ass as many times as she needs it.

  • Quintin Jordon

    I don’t really give a shit about these teen girls and their fake abductions – if the police want to do justice – go after the women and their fake orgasms. Fucking HOs. . .

  • Canuck Gramz

    “BEN_AFFLECK” overreact much??

  • Pyncky

    That is really caring of you…lol

  • Anonymous

    Well she cut and dyed her hair. I guess it’s a lie that blondes have more fun, huh Jasmine?