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KENNETT, Mo. — A neighbor has been arrested and charged with the murder of Breeann Rodriguez, the 3-year-old who went missing on August 6 while riding bicycles with her 6-year-old brother.

The little girl vanished right outside her home after her brother went inside to get a drink. This lead to a massive search that included billboards displaying the girl’s picture, the search of a couple cargo vans seen in the area and a $45,000 reward.

The search intensified after the girl’s training wheels were found near her home on Thursday. But on Saturday, police announced they had someone in custody and had charged them with the girl’s murder.

Police say they will continue to search for the girl’s body, but that 43-year-old Shawn Morgan suffocated Rodriguez on the day she went missing. He has now been charged with first-degree murder, armed criminal action and tampering with physical evidence.

I did not follow this case very closely. I just remember them finding her training wheels and then over the weekend, heard that both of Breeann’s parents had failed polygraph tests.

“I don’t believe we really did fail it. It may be some kind of tool they use to squeeze every bit of information out of us….I don’t really know. But they said we did fail it,” Rodriguez said.

The father went on Nancy Grace anyway, but I only had it on as background noise as I played Witcher 2, so I don’t know if Grace or any of her callers immediately began speculating that the parents had to have something to do with their daughter going missing since they failed the polygraph.

But now that a neighbor who had no ties to the family has been arrested and charged with the girl’s death, I wonder if this will change people’s attitudes regarding polygraph results and the suspects who take (and fail) them.

There is a reason why these results are not admissable in court, and this is a great example why. They are simply sometimes effective, sometimes unreliable tools that the public, and especially the talking heads who have legions of sheep, should never use to decide someone’s guilt or innocence.

Morgan, who lives on the same street as the Rodriguez family, is being held at the Dunklin County Justice Center. His next court appearance is tomorrow morning. I heard a rumor that he is married with three children and that it was his wife who turned him in. If anyone can find a link to a valid news source confirming that, please post it.

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