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Phoenix, AZ – I hate to start the morning with these kind of stories because they are infuriating. As some of you may remember, last week I posted the tragic story of a girl who reportedly died while playing hide-and-seek.

The reports at the time were that 10-year-old Ame Deal was playing the game with other kids late at night, when she climbed into a box in the backyard. She was not discovered untl the next morning, dead from possible positional asphyxiation or suffocation.

In the article I asked a couple questions that had me feeling something wasn’t quite right with the story. Why were these kids were out playing hide and seek unsupervised late at night and why didn’t kids notify adults immediately when they could not find the missing girl. Now we know why. It was all a lie.

The girl was padlocked inside the box overnight as punishment for taking a popsicle. Now, 23-year-old Samantha Allen and her 23-year-old husband John Allen, face first degree murder charges for putting Ame in the box. Ame’s grandmother, 62-year-old Judith Deal and her aunt Cynthia Stoltzmann, 44, face charges of child abuse and kidnapping.

Not only was Ame placed in the box periodically as punishment, other witnesses at the home say Ame was forced to eat dog shit on one occasion, crush cans with her bare feet, and forced to exercise in extreme measures. The poor girl didn’t even have a bed. She slept without a blanket or pillow in a shower stall. And get this…she was the only kid in the home treated like this.

Police were finally able to get the real story with the help from some people living in tents in the backyard of the home. Watch the video to the right to see the girl’s aunt, Cynthia Stoltzmann, talking about what a good hider Ame was and how she wishes she would have been there that night.

That woman is the one who allegedly forced Ame in the box on several previous occasions as well as making Ame eat a dog turd as punishment for not cleaning up all the dog shit near their clothesline. CPS now has the twelve children found in the home in their custody and they say that there were no prior reports of abuse regarding this family.

So, let’s get a good look at the people who are capable of abusing a little girl and lock her in a box. Not surprisingly, they look like you could add all their IQ’s together and they’d still rank as “log” or “coma.”

Samantha Allen, John Allen, Judith Deal, Cynthia Stoltzmann

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