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Canton, OH — Judging by the almost 500,00 views of this following Youtube video, a lot of you have already heard about the incident in Canton, Ohio involving a cop going berserk on a man lawfully carrying a concealed weapon.

But for those of you unaware, a police cruiser’s dashcam was rolling as two police officers pull up behind a parked car containing a man in the backseat, a woman outside of the car and 52-year-old William Bartlett (pictured), who had a license to carry a concealed weapon.

Things start off badly with the cop in charge immediately identifying himself as one of those cops who loathes the people he swore to protect. But before I go any further, know that I do not hate cops. Not all of them, anyway. Most can tell you that I am a cop sympathizer. I take a lot of flack from Athena because I occasionally make excuses for cops involved in chases or scuffles that end with someone dead or Tased or homeowners who have their pets killed after a SWAT team bursts into the wrong home.

But the following video demonstrates everything people hate about some police and the officer at the center of this incident symbolizes every negative stereotype you can think of regarding cops. The officers never secure the driver while they perform what looks like an illegal search of the backseat, and continually interrupt Bartlett who tries to tell them he has a concealed weapon and a license to carry it that he obtained 30 days earlier. When he is finally asked to step out, he tries to hand the officer the permit which he has in his hand.

What follows is the officer turning into Gny. Sgt. Hartman as he yells, curses and berates Bartlett, telling him that he should blast him in the mouth and that he’s close to caving in his head. He also threatens to beat the woman, and finally tells Bartlett that he should have put ten bullets in him. Throughout all of this, Bartlett remains polite and apologetic. But here, check out the video for yourself.

Because of this video, the police officer with the big mouth is off the job and on administrative leave. Canton’s police chief even issued a statement that read, “The behavior demonstrated on the video is wholly unacceptable and it violates many rules, regulations and standards we demand of our officers.”  The video has also become yet another example a lot of CCW holders point to in regards to the “mandatory notification” and why it needs to be changed.

If you’d like to help out with the driver’s defense so that he can get an attorney to represent him against failure to inform charges, you can contribute to The Legal Defense Fund.

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