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Phoenix Girl Dies While Playing Hide And Seek

July 20, 2011 at 8:53 am by  

Phoenix, AZ — This story is a week old, but I figured I’d post it for anyone else who, like me, didn’t see it. A 10-year-old girl playing hide-and-seek was found dead inside a storage locker last week.

The girl was playing outside a home with her cousins and some neighborhood kids late Monday night, early Tuesday morning, when she climbed inside the small trunk to hide. Reports are the girl took considerable pride in not being found by picking some pretty good hiding places in the past, including a dryer.

This time she picked one a little too good. It was a storage locker of some type located in the backyard of the house. She would not be found until the next morning when the adults in the home woke up and began looking for her. Attempts were made to revive her but she had already died, possibly of positional asphyxiation or suffocation.

Police do not suspect foul play, but they did notify child protective services when they found the inside of the home a mess. The girl lived at the home with her grandmother, an aunt and uncle and at least three other siblings.

I’m wondering why a 10-year-old girl, and other young children, were allowed to play outside and unsupervised at 1 o’clock in the morning and why none of these kids alerted the adults when they could not find the girl in the first place.

This is the second story that I can remember having here on the site involving someone dying while playing hide-and-seek. The first was a 6-year-old James Cook, the Nebraska boy who died in a similar fashion as this girl after he climbed inside a large microwave.

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