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WAYNE COUNTY, Indiana — I was just about to write up the lame story regarding EquuSearch suing Casey Anthony when I noticed a much more interesting story in a sidebar. A woman in Indiana has been charged with murder after admitting to burning her father alive.

Court records show 30-year-old Nina Holbrook intentionally set her 50-year-old father on fire and admitted to doing it. She told investigators that she called Carl Holbrook to her bedroom where she splashed a cup of camper fuel into his face, then shoved a lit candle into his chest. After setting her father on fire, she climbed out her bedroom window, crossed a field and began walking down the road.

A person who was to meet Carl at the house found him with most of his clothes burned off and suffering burns to most of his body. He would be taken to the hospital, but would later die from his injuries. Carl was able to tell people that it was his daughter who set him on fire, but it really wasn’t necessary. Nina was willingly admitting it to anyone who asked.

While walking along the road after setting her dad on fire, she met her uncle. Harvey Holbrook told authorities when he asked Nina what happened, she told him, “I torched him” and “I set him on fire.”

Kyle Carpenter also saw Nina immediately after she had lit her father like a match and he asked her if she was alright. He said she showed no remorse and smiled. “No sir, I’m fine. Thank you very much,” she allegedly said while giving him a thumbs up.

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Police have not released a motive for Nina to kill her father in such a fashion, or if she has even provided one, but neighbors said Carl had been released from prison last Fall after serving time for sex crimes. News Center 7 checked this out and found Carl Holbrook had served time for convictions in 1995 and 2007, for criminal confinement and criminal deviate conduct. Let the speculation begin!

Nina Holbrook has been  charged with one felony count of murder and two counts of arson. She’s looking at 45 to 65 years in prison for murder and between 20 and 50 years in prison for each count of arson.

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  • Anonymous

    if those charges were in reference to her then good for her…maybe just maybe since he was in the home she lived in..he started his crap again and she had enough

  • Anonymous

    There are some people who shouldn’t walk the Earth (dad apparently).  But I’m sorry she has to spend the rest of her life in prison in order to be free – because she won’t be.  She’s just trading one kind of hell for another.

  • Gee

    I think Nina did for Wayne County what Wayne County couldn’t do. Get rid of this sick bastard before he hurt anyone else. Sweet Karma for his past victims!

  • Anonymous

    she was probably unable to leave the place she lived and maybe she saw prison or a mental facility as a better option..if they didn’t let the mf’er out ..

  • LeaveMeBe

    If there is any truth to the speculation that she did this in retaliation for abuse at his hands, then I wish he had lived longer with those burns.

  • I felt sorry for him until I read the line about sex crimes now I’m indifferent. I’m so fickle.

  • guillotinegirl

    That is the smile of “I smell good barbeque!”

  • Anonymous

    Secrets in the SAUCE!

  • Anonymous

    Wow, she gave a “thumb’s up” after she did it…lmao

  • Anonymous

    More then likely dad had probably raped or attempted several times to do so.Makes me wonder though, why they were living together.

  • Anonymous

    You’re right. And she’s 30 – old enough to move out on her own.  Heck, making minimum wage and living with three roommates to make ends meet is better than staying home with a fiddling father.   

    I don’t think the jury is going to be kind to her, especially with her glib “thumbs-up” attitude about her murderous revenge.

  • Wicked Smilee

    He made his bed, now he’s got a fire in it.

  • Anonymous

    Where’s mom? My speculation is that after being abused for years she lacked the confidence to become her own person…but then she had enough motivation to KILL him so….hmm.

  • Anonymous

    The system failed here

  • Anonymous

    Maybe she just watched The Girl w/the Dragon Tattoo…

  • Anonymous

    so if Casey get’s off partially because the jury didn’t believe her father and she said he molested her-I’m thinking this girl should have a pretty good defense.  

  • Anonymous

    She Snapped

  • hookerpie

    Fuck  that must have hurt.  I have severe sun burn on my legs and I know it hurts like hell. I cant imagine.  Hes a sex offender, I don’t feel sorry for him.  She is just so happy about it, maybe she can plead insanity. Or send her case to Florida, hire Jose Biaz, and tell them he fell in the fluid, got up and tried to light a smoke. She’d be sure to walk.

  • Anonymous

    I think it was the “sauce” that caused the BBQ…

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm… 1995 through 2007 in jail… hmmm… in 1995 she was about 15… hmmm… something tells me she was Daddy’s girl whether she liked it or not.

    Thumbs up Nina!

  • Anonymous

    Well if she was his victim, being in jail is better than living with the devil. Oh & she might become someone’s bitch but that’s by choice (for safety reasons), not forced upon her like her daddy did.

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn’t vote to convict her.

  • Anonymous

    Being a victim of long term sexual abuse (assuming that this is the case here), especially in regards to incest, creates a disturbing connection with your abuser, an invisible cord that is difficult to break. I’m a survivor myself, and work with other sex abuse victims, and it’s not uncommon for adult incest survivors to keep that connection with their abusers, even to live with them, and in some cases, continue to be victims. It’s very much like the cases you read like Shawn Hornbeck or Elizabeth Smart…it’s almost a brainwashing effect. In those cases, they are kidnapped, so imagine if from your birth you are held captive by an abuser, how much more difficult it is to break that connection. As a child, I would suffer the sexual abuse, then crawl up in my stepdad’s lap looking for affection and affirmation, while still fearful of him. Had he not left our lives thereafter, and had I not been removed from the home and given serious therapy, it would not be too farfetched to imagine still doing the same as an adult, living with him and caring for him, yet still suffering, as I see so many in our groups do. It would not be a stretch of the imagination to think this girl felt his death was her only way out, and the only way to save future victims from him.

  • FrikkenFrak

    If he molested her, then she’s already been in a prison for a long time. Incest creates a prison of shame and pain.

    Going to jail would just be geography.

  • I thought of that, too. But Casey’s more attractive than this girl, and, unfortunately, I think that’s what swayed the Orlando jury’s foreman, who then convinced the rest of the unthinking herd. If Casey looked like Marty Feldman in a dress, she’d be in jail right now. Sad, but true.

  • Anonymous

    probably true

  • Anonymous

    I have to admit, I am not an advocate for sex-crimes, molestation, or incest.  HOWEVER, you have it all wrong with this one.  I am very family with the family and the charges that were brought against Dad are not accurately represented in this article or by the comments listed here.  Speculation is purely what is happening here and speculation is inaccurate.  The Dad was done incredibly wrong here.  The Dad was NOT criminally deviant.  The Dad did NOT deserve what was received here.  Please, ladies and gentlemen, do your best to get information accurate and avoid pure speculation and guessing.

  • Only Nina can say what really happened and why….who r we to judge?

  • Southern Lady

    Then please give us the correct information. Who are you exactly, and how do you know?

  • judging from the pic I just assumed she cooked her dad and ATE him  – sounds like daddy was bad news and karma caught up to his pedo ass..

  • Barrayaran
  • mobiusclimber