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Fall River, Mass. — This story is quickly going viral, so I figured what the hell, it’s more interesting than the Walmart hammer attack I was about to post. Police are saying that the woman pulled from a public swimming pool on Tuesday likely drowned on Sunday and remained floating in the pool for almost three days without anyone noticing.

Marie Joseph, 36, went to the Vietnam Veterans’ Pool at Lafayette Park with another family on Sunday and helped escort a 9-year-old on a slide that dumps its occupants into the deep end of the pool. The boy says after he hit the water, Joseph came down the slide unexpectedly and landed on him. He never saw her come out of the water.

The boy told lifeguards, but they allegedly ignored him. Joseph’s family realized she was missing when she never returned home and became increasingly worried after pool personnel returned some clothing, a cell phone and a Massachusetts identification card they had found at the pool after closing on Sunday evening.

The pool was open for business Monday and Tuesday, packed with swimmers beating the heat who never noticed or saw poor Joseph’s body floating in the water. It wasn’t until after closing on Tuesday that some kids who broke into the pool for a late night swim, discovered her body.

Of course some are outraged claiming that the employees of the pool obviously did not do their jobs, while others have concocted asinine theories that have Joseph leaving that pool that day without her belongings, only to return after hours and commit suicide.

But it really isn’t hard to see how this happened, and how the employees of the pool would be a direct result of it. The pool was featured in a newspaper article with some photos of the pool during the day Joseph would have been floating around in it. More interesting than the photo showing a kid drinking water from were a dead woman was stewing, is the fact that the water looks really, really cloudy.

Reportedly Joseph couldn’t swim. Had she fallen down the slide after sending the 9-year-old on his way, then went under that cloudy water to reside at the bottom of the deep end, 12-feet below the slide, it is totally plausible she remained there the entire time — especially since some who were there that day (read their comments) say that none of the pool personnel performed the pool checks correctly or even investigated the boy’s initial claims.

According to the reports I found in Google after 2 minutes of looking, unless an adult is dead when they hit the water, they will sink and will not float until some time later — all based on a myriad of conditions. But for an adult who drowned in water that is around 80 degrees or warmer, they will float within one to two days. As crazy as it all sounds, it really isn’t that crazy of a scenario.

Police are still continuing their investigations, but are calling it an unattended death. The state DCR issued a statement saying, “We express our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Marie Joseph. All 30 of DCR’s deepwater pools are closed while we conduct a full review.” The pool’s staff has been placed on leave.

Fall River Mayor William Flanagan said he’s asking the State Office of Environmental Health to conduct a health risk assessment for anyone who swam in the pool between Sunday and Tuesday. He’s also placed some people on administrative leave himself. “It has come to my attention that health inspectors from the city visited the pool on Monday and on Tuesday and inspected the facilities. I have immediately placed these inspectors on administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation.” Ruh- roh.


Well it looks like this story was exactly what it looked like to begin with, and pretty much exactly like the scenario I described. The medical examiner has determined that Joseph died from drowning and had resided at the bottom of the pool for the entire two days before floating to the top. Investigators are saying murky water played a role in how this happened, revealing a diver was not visible in the water at a depth of 3 1/3 to 4 feet.

Eleven pools in the area have been re-opened after safety inspectors found they met all safety guidelines and their staffs well-trained. The others will follow suit after their reviews are complete. The pool Joseph drowned in will not, as the entire staff was suspended.

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  • Anonymous

    Creepy.  Imagine swimming in a public pool and a dead body brushing against you.  Our pool is always crystal clear and if it were ever to become cloudy I don’t let my spawn swim in it for health reasons.  First off you can’t see whats lurking beneath.

  • Anonymous

    Holy fucking shit.  If I was the parent of the kid drinking the dead lady water, I’d be suing that city blind!! Sad for the woman…stupid morons at that pool, I can’t BELIEVE she wasn’t noticed for THAT long!!

  • Gee

    Still even with her body at the bottom as it sounds like that might be the case. These people were still not doing a very good job. Ignoring the child, no inspections after they close and then to make matters worse the Health Inspectors from the city don’t even notice. WOW Just Fucking WOW

  • aka jas


  • Anonymous

    Maybe the water was so dirty you couldn’t her floating in it?

  • Anonymous

    Um, if she went THAT long without being noticed, then someone from the health department needs to shut them down, obviously they don’t clean the pool nearly as often! And the lifeguards on duty should be charged with something, since when is it practice to ingore anyone when they’re told someones drowning? I almost vomited hearing about the kid swallowing the water the dead body was floating in, ugh! I can imagine the look of horror on that kids mothers face!

  • Anonymous


  • Athena

    Must have been REALLY fucking hot in Fall River that day.  Even then, you probably wouldn’t catch my ass swimming in a cloudy pool.  

    This could be a pretty lucrative lawsuit.

  • Anonymous

    I am with you Athena,  I think cloudy pools are gross.  I would rather swim in the Potomac.

  • Anonymous

    Did you look at the pictures of the pool at the link? It didn’t actually look cloudy to me. If Morbid hadn’t said it, I don’t think “cloudy water” would have occured to me at all. Maybe I’m missing something. It definitely did not look like water capable of cencealong a dead body to me, at least not with no one else in the pool. The employees REALLY dropped the ball here, repeatedly, and are now inductees into the Lazy/Negligent Hall of Fame. Congrats, guys! And who knows, maybe if the lifeguards would have reacted immediately, she could have been saved.

  • Anonymous

    I know, the whole lifeguard thing is pissing me off more than anything. To not even check out the kid’s story? They’re not being paid to flirt with housewives or shoot the shit or paint their nails, and they’re definitely not paid to decide a concerned kid is a liar because they can’t be bothered to check out his story.

  • What’s funny is that the pool was so bad at the deep end, according to someone who was there, at one point the pool employees were observed pouring chemicals into it after having called everyone out of the pool.

  • Anonymous

    I got a few, here we go:

    This is NOT the way to make lemonade to beat the heat.

  • Anonymous

    If ya’ll need to broth for cooking some pork, go to the Laffayette Vet. pool. Pork always needs extra beef flavor to taste stronger.

  • Anonymous

    I was in a swimming team & here’s a list of the things I found floating in the pool after the weekend:

    1. TURDS.
    2. A bat (he was alive too)
    3. Broken glass.
    4. Band-aids
    5. diaper chunks
    6. human skin oil on the corners…

    The 1st & last one made my mom take us outta the team.

  • Anonymous

    Apparently she was black enough that they couldn’t see her at night when the pool was empty or the pool didn’t have light pucks installed.

  • Anonymous

    And last but not least:

    If you can’t swim, wear floaties unless you’re a foot taller than the depth of the pool.


  • Athena

    Nope, didn’t look (will now, I guess).  But even if it has a *slight* cloud to it, I’d be out that bitch.  I had a pool membership as a kid; you can see the change in the deep end of a properly kept pool from the surface.  In fact, I might make that my new litmus test for pools I enter.  I’ll need a swimming suit with a change pocket, though, I suppose. 😛

    On a more serious note, cloudy or not, the employees definitely dropped the ball.

  • Anonymous

    “Marie Joseph, 36, went to the Vietnam Veterans’ Pool at Lafayette Park with another family on Sunday”

    Weird the other family didnt miss her either, wonder if the 8 year old told his parent/s…

  • jordundirskrift

    I don’t swim in public pools anymore. They’re pretty nasty. Ever think about how many people wizz in there? Ugh. Then you get the occasional floating poo chunks after some kid’s diaper explodes…
    And now dead bodies…

    Count me out. 

  • In the pictures, you cannot see anything past their waste…apprx 3 to 4-feet below the surface. This woman would have been 12-feet down. 

    I mean look at this, specifically the kids in the middle of the pic: http://www.heraldnews.com/photos/x438678815/Fall-River-kids-make-a-splash-in-the-summer-heat?foto=1

    Just because it isn’t green, doesn’t mean there isn’t something seriously wrong with pool water, especially when you cannot even see anything on those kid’s body one foot into the water.

  • Anonymous

    Ill be sure to have a big banner pointing and saying “we are here!” So u don’t miss us!

    Can u imagine the shit talking we’d be doing down there? Lol, I think we’d all have to be seperated for the punishments to work.

  • Anonymous

    Its not bad enough that you have to worry about piss and shit in the public pools leaking out of children…now you have to worry about corpses, and all the goodness that leaks out of them.  Fucking filthy!

  • Anonymous

    I just don’t get that she wasn’t seen, the water isn’t that dark that you wouldn’t see a dark skinned person who I would assume had a swimsuit of some color on

  • KBunnie

    Yuck. Ive never been a fan of public pools! Never!

  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe they returned her belongings to her family without even wondering why the Hell she would leave important stuff like that behind?

  • Anonymous

    Unless this were linked to mainstream papers I would have believed it to be a joke.

    This is now the new best example of incompetence.

  • those x-files monsters lurk there, ill go swim in sand

  • that is not the way to clean a pool. ROFLMAO.. love the waste typo too 🙂

  • I live in Fall River and I’ve never swam nor ever will swim in that pool now for sure! I still think something is awfully stinky about this story.

  • Fucking hell.

  • Anonymous

    Apparently that kid’s mom doesn’t have to worry about him drinking pool cleaning chemicals, but who lets their kid drink the pool water? Not me, for dang sure, the chlorine in the pool water (or that should be there) is the same stuff in bleach. As a kid, I had swimsuits lose color from the times I was in the city pool (hot pink and black one piece turned a lovely coral and brownish black). And if the water wasn’t as clean as it should have been, and she was wearing a dark swimsuit (which tons of suits this year were dark), she might not have been visible to casual observation, but should have damn well been visible to proper inspections. I cannot beleive they ignored the boy, it takes, what, a few minutes to stop and check? Or maybe they didn’t want to close the pool if he was right, so they ignored him.

  • Anonymous

    Well, apparently she was escorting the boy up to the slide, and fell or got pushed down (people get impatient). A lot of pools have rules about children below a certain age going up the ladder by themselves, and you better beleive if he had gone up solo, they probably would have been on that like white on rice.

    And yeah, it may look clear on the surface, but it you can’t see below someone’s waist who is in the water, it is not fit to swim in. If I want to swim in water I can’t see my feet in, I’ll go swim in the Rio Grande, or at Elephant Butte. If I go to a city pool, I want to see the bottom, no matter what depth I am at. And I can swim well enough, but I hate being in water I can’t have my feet on the bottom and my head above water.

  • I was a lifeguard from the time I was 15 years old until I was 25…….If you can’t see the bottom of the deep end, the pool should NOT be opened…….And you should always scan the bottom of the pool during open hours, and then again at closing, and then RE-CHECK at closing!  There were many times our pool had to be shut down for a day or two to get the chemicals right and the water clear again……but it wasn’t worth it to keep the pool open and take the chance of someone drowning and no one being able to see.   As for the yucky factor about kids peeing in the pool and stuff, we always made sure that we kept even chemicals in the pool to kill anything nasty in the water!! lol!!  

    I had really awesome pool managers who were ALWAYS on our asses about keeping our eyes on the water.   They always put newspaper articles of drownings on all our break lockers, break room mirrors, and where we clocked in.   They even had an actual autopsy report of a child who had drowned at our public pool years (probably around 20 years now) ago so that we always were reminded of the consequences if we didn’t take our job seriously.   We always had regular in-services where we practiced our “rescues”.   One of our pool managers would even go out and slip in the shallow end and then swim down to the deep end and lay on the bottom of the pool to see how long it took someone to “save” him.  (Of course he always made sure that the “extra” rotating lifeguard knew so that would provide extra coverage when whoevers zone it was had to jump in).

  • “Dead lady water” is delicious and nutritious. Fortified with all the necessary vitamins and minerals your kids need to grow and thrive. 

  • “Dead lady water” is delicious and nutritious. Fortified with all the necessary vitamins and minerals your kids need to grow and thrive. 

  • Yes, nothing is sexier than a grown woman wearing floaties (I prefer my sponge bob floaties).

  • Jai

    I’ve always wanted visit the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast in Fall River. Now I’ll be sure to steer clear of the city pool. Ick.

  • pikeman

    Sick, but darkly funny.

  • pikeman

    I started to read all the comments concerning this in the article, but everyone seems to think she snuck in at night, drunk, and drowned. Really? It must be like the commenters in the local paper around here. NO ONE READS THE DAMN ARTICLE! At least posters on DD are more observant.

    There are 126 comments, and the first twenty or so were going on about how she must have been drunk and snuck in at night. Why wasn’t there a pool cover, and why wasn’t there night security. Unbelievable! That’s not even what the article said. I gave up, I shouldn’t have even read the comments. Idiots!

  • Anonymous

    Waist or waste — either way that pool is nasty. I wouldn’t let my hamster swim in it if they paid ME, let alone my kids. Blech.

  • Anonymous

    First off I think you mean Asian on rice.

    I was in swimming teams & I LOVE pools (funny, every time I try to type pools I end up writing poop & then fixing it… I need a break from the kids & the dogs) & I absolutely HATE the beach.

    I can’t control what’s comming at me at the beach, sand gets in every crack owned by your body & then to top it all the fish might nibble my toes!

    But I don’t worry about going to the sea anymore, I live in the middle of Canada. Where they call “the beach” a lake surrounded by miles of sand without a palm tree in sight. Quite sad really how the people go crazy for it, I lived 5mins away from the Atlantic Ocean in PR & whenever my hubby went to visit me he HAD to go to the beach.  Even if it was Nov. the water was cold, the sand was dirty & the beach was desolated (in the carib. the beach cleans itself from around  mid sept. to early April by spiting out all those weeds & stuff, which are ALSO gross).

    Top that with me about 3 days ago reading about shark attacks & one of them happened in Santurce, Puerto Rico (where I went to school) & there’s no f*cking way I’m gonna go swimming at the beach.

  • Count Rackula

    You only swim in the Rio Grande or Elephant Butte if you want skin parasites! Just thinking about it makes me all squirmy…

  • No, she meant white on rice. Also, where is the secondly?

  • Ew ew ew ew ew ew ew. That is like my worst nightmare to be swimming and see a body in the pool. I know they didn’t see it but that makes it creepier. I myself swim in the pool at my condo complex where there are about 10 people max who also swim in it. Even then, if it were cloudy there is no way in hell I would let my kid in it. I don’t swim in any body of water that I cannot see through. Perhaps I have watched too much MonsterQuest and others like it but water you can’t see through scares the shit outta me. And now, I am going to think about dead bodies when I swim in the only pool I consider safe……sigh.

  • Anonymous

    Dead body > Skin parasites? Or the other way around? It’s a tough call…

  • Count Rackula

    I think you could probably brush up against your fair share of dead bodies in the Rio Grande or Elephant Butte as well… tough call indeed.

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t even notice where this happened until I went to read my mother this story. But this is one of my favorite songs from childhood: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7wlO-J0v9ZY

    Which may explain my strange sense of humor. 

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps we should stick to hot tubs.  😉

  • Count Rackula

    Indeed, I would imagine it would be much harder to conceal a body in there…

  • Anonymous

    Really? My worst nightmare is to be swimming and see a shark in the pool. Until this story, a dead body had never even occurred to me. 

  • hershey

    I was wondering about that too?! Wasn’t the other family concerned that their friend was missing? 

  • Anonymous

    One of the comments even said something about why wasn’t the pool drained at night when it was closed……Seriously????  lol!   You can’t drain a public pool that size overnight and then have it filled again by opening hours the next day!   Shouldn’t that be common sense?? Come on, people!  

  • Anonymous

    Wow,well if the IQ in the area is low enough to ask a question like that then we know how no one noticed a dead woman for days.

  • Anonymous

    Wow….and here I thought someone peeing in the pool was gross. Guess she topped that.

  • Anonymous

    Something is not right with this story.

  • Lifeguard Butthead: Wow, look at the chick hold her breath.

    Lifeguard Beavis: Yeah… COOL… uhh … hmmm.. So Butthead, how long do you think she can hold it?

    Lifeguard Butthead: I dont know… Uhhh … Lets sit here and watch….

    20 Minutes Later …

    Lifeguard Butthead: Geez, she is a selfish bitch — she taking up my lunch break..

    Lifeguard Beavis: Yeah… Lets go eat…

    Lifeguard Butthead: Will be back like later or something.. Like tomorrow or sometime this week….

  • Provided update to story. Looks like conspiracy theorists are gonna have to work a bit harder at this one.

  • Anonymous

    people need to properly train their children that drinking the pool water is disgusting whether it’s been marinating a dead person or not. It’s got chemicals, all SORTS of human dna material floating around, whatevers landed in it from the air, whatever has been released from the human body by choice… If your kid is retarded enough to DRINK the pool water willingly, then maybe darwin is trying to phase them out.

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  • it says the turbidity (murkiness) of the water was so bad that you couldnt see 3-4 feet down. she drowned in the deep end, which could be more than three times that. it doesnt matter if shes black or not. she wasnt seen. nobody would be seen that deep down.

  • It is completely capable of concealment. You can’t see those people’s feet, even in the shallow water depicted in the pictures. Imagine 10 feet down. that water is REALLY cloudy. Have you ever owned a pool? If somebody sank to the bottom of that pool in 10 feet of water you would never know. People swimming with their heads breaking the surface had their feet dangling over her for two days until she floated up. Its disgusting.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry I just came from a water park resort and no matter how cloudy if you look down into the water you can see “something” is there even if you can’t figure out what there would have been a cloudy dark image there, I found a little pink water shoe in the deep end of the pool and the water was not murky it was cloudy but blue bottom pool

  • it had been there at nigght the kids found it hours later teach the little shits to trespass lol

  • ide never swim at night with no lights were you cant see in the pool and whats in there