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Denver, CO — A 19-year-old man was taken into custody Monday after police say he stabbed and slashed his 5-month-old American Bulldog because the pup supposedly bit him.

According to police and animal control officers, the pup, Diamond, was found wandering near Matthew Weatherspoon’s apartment early Monday morning suffering from numerous stab wounds. The critter was transported to a veterinary hospital, where he underwent three hours of surgery. He is expected to survive.

When questioned about the bloodied animal, Weatherspoon told police he became angry after Diamond bit him, so he grabbed a knife and stabbed the pup five times, slashing his adorable puppy face. Weatherspoon then got pissed because the dog was bleeding all over his apartment, so he tossed him outside. Police say Weatherspoon had no visible bite marks. Shame…

Weatherspoon was arrested Monday afternoon and is now being held and investigated for aggravated animal cruelty, a felony.

Denver Animal Shelter officials said they would announce when Diamond has recovered enough to be available for adoption. And if one of our fans out in Denver would be kind enough to ship that little guy to me, I’d be most appreciative. Thanks.

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  • Scoop out his eyes with a rusty spoon and skull fuck him… Please.


  • Wow, even if this hadn’t happened that puppy wouldn’t have lasted long. Bulldogs require so much more care than other breeds. Plus, it’s cute when puppies chew on you!!

  • pikeman

    That was so sad looking at the picture of that poor pup. It’s just a little puppy that was probably playing. What a fucking lowlife cowardly bastard! I hope he gets his ass beat in jail.

  • Dumb ass, doesn’t he realize that puppies go through a phase where they want to nibble and chew damn near everything and if you don’t keep them supplied with chew toys. .  .you’ll be the thing that they chew on?  This moron is too stupid to have a pet.

  • Jury

    To stab an animal and just throw it outside shows no remorse. How does an individual sleep at night knowing anything is suffering. Get well doggie!
    After looking at the pic of the dog, I’d like to sever his penis with my teeth.

  • Jury

    To stab an animal and just throw it outside shows no remorse. How does an individual sleep at night knowing anything is suffering. Get well doggie!
    After looking at the pic of the dog, I’d like to sever his penis with my teeth.

  • Anonymous

    Wow it takes a pretty badass motherfucker to slash up a puppies face. What a piece of shit…

  • Anonymous

    I bet you this modafucka got the dog in the 1st place cause they’re tougher than pits.

    Ya’ll know I own an AB. Mine DID bite when we got her & she was 8weeks old. It took her 1 week to learn to NOT bite no matter how excited she was.It was simple. When she bit, we smacked her semi hard (with our hands though NOT A KNIFE & she has never bled because we don’t abuse her) on the mouth & stopped playing. After doing that, we also proceeded to pin her by the neck while making her expose her belly to show submission (this part causes no pain to the dog whatsoever) & looked at her straight in the eyes while doing the pinning. Then we let 10 mins pass by & played with her like nothing happened.

    Why did we do all this? Because:1. These are BIG dogs that can cause A LOT OF DAMAGE in a bit of time.
    2. By smacking her, she associates pain with biting so she WILL remember that type of lesson. 3. By pinning her & having her expose her belly we’re also showing her who’s alpha dog.

    #2 & #3 are the same things any dog would’ve gotten from the mother (not the mouth smack but rather a bite back on the neck) to teach that biting is not acceptable when playing/ to show dominance since puppies rank low on the dog pack. All of my dogs have know I am alpha. My mutt was treated to the same learning experience & she was quite easy to train compared to the AB (they’re stubborn) & with one look I can make my dogs lay down or go away.

    My children can not pin the dogs down, but usually I pin the dogs down & make the kids sit there & look at the dogs while I do this (when one of them knocks them down by trying to rush to the door) I stare them down until they look away after blinking.

    Many people get bitten by dogs, & it’s cause they look them straight into the eyes, which is an act of dominance/challenge. You can’t do that unless it’s a dog you know & you are actually dominant of it.
    Assholes that have dogs but don’t understand the dog as an animal & how it “works & thinks”.

    MOTHERFUCKER, if you don’t like getting bitten buy a fucking fish!

  • jordundirskrift

    Pansy ass can’t take a puppy bite.

    Rot in jail fucktard.

  • Hekate

    first he stabs the puppy then throws him outside cuz he’s bleeding on the carpet? what a frackin genius…    stab=wound=bleeding everywhere…. your education dollars at work here folks

  • Anonymous

    A felony?!?!?! That’s the first state I’ve heard of to make it a felony! Why the hell isn’t it a felony in other states????

  • Anonymous

    “Police say Weatherspoon had no visible bite marks.”
    Motherfucker, his skin is too smooth, he needs some scars on his face, preferably real bite marks from a huge dog like a Rottie or Pit, I love dogs and that pup looks so sad, Im glad they charged him with a felony and didnt just give him a ticket. This man is a cold hearted evil piece of shit, and even after being stabbed the pup still didnt bite him….

  • Anonymous

    Well the guy is a cruel rage-aholic and in the end this will work out for the best… good think dogs put horrible things out of their minds. A new family will do nicely.

    This is the kind of pup this fucker stabbed.

  • Anonymous


    I love Denver – that link is an inmate search he is being held with NO BOND ALLOWED on 3 of the 4 charges…. Seems finally a state is taking this shit seriously…. goes to court today, I will be checking later to see if the let him out, I hate animal abusers…

  • And if one of our fans out in Denver would be kind enough to ship that little guy to me, I’d be most appreciative. Thanks.

    in a box or UPS ? re postal puppy

  • REPEATEDLY oops >:)

  • LeaveMeBe

    Awwww, when Matthew gets adopted by his new owner/inmate, I hope he changes his name to Diamond, just for remembrance.

  • Anonymous

    I’m in Denver and would cheerfully send the pup to you.  Of course it might have some blood on it after I shank the worthless motherfucker that did this to it.

  • Anonymous

    We had a Rhodesian Ridgeback/Rott/ Dalmatian cross once, and when I took her to obedience lessons (she was my mother in law’s dog, but I was her main handler), they taught me a wolf down, which is very similar to what you describe. I usually added a bit of growling, and deepened my voice. She grew up to be a very well-behaved dog, I could take her trail riding, and she would come when called, even off leash, and was very respectful of the horses.

    I wish I could take that puppy, her sweet little face with so much pain in her eyes, brought tears to my eyes. Lord knows, my son wants a puppy of his own (I will of course do the training, since he is only 4 and a half now). But unfortunately, we don’t live near enough to Denver (about 10 hours or so away), and our lease allows us one pet, and I won’t throw my 13 year old kitty into the cold, and she is far too healthy to be pts any time soon, just doesn’t jump as well any more.

    And yeah, I would imagine ABs are pretty bullheaded, and I hate stupid people that get a dog merely for the potential ferocity or perceived ferocity of their breed. What did he think she would do to him after she grew up and he succeeded in making her mean and ferocious? Wouldn’t be no playful puppy nip and gnaw then. She doesn’t even leave a mark on him and he cuts her sweet little face to ribbons. Ignorant ass, you can see the “what did I do wrong?” in her eyes.

  • Wildheart

    I doubt too many dollars were spent on this moron.

  • Anonymous

    American Bulldog =/= Bulldog (two different breeds).  The AmBull looks more like a…white boxer-ish type, not the stout, large-headed/barrel-chested squish-faced snorter that everyone envisions when they hear.read “bulldog”.  AmBulls are also supposed to have a harder temperament than APBTs, too.

  • Anonymous

    “Ya’ll know I own an AB. Mine DID bite when we got her & she was 8weeks old. It took her 1 week to learn to NOT bite no matter how excited she was.It was simple. When she bit, we smacked her semi hard (with our hands though NOT A KNIFE & she has never bled because we don’t abuse her) on the mouth & stopped playing. After doing that, we also proceeded to pin her by the neck while making her expose her belly to show submission (this part causes no pain to the dog whatsoever)”

    What the fuck?  You…what?  THAT’S NOT HOW YOU FUCKING TRAIN A DOG NOT TO BITE.  “Hardheaded AmBull” or NOT, you don’t fucking ever hit a dog in the face or pin it down.  That’s how you make them MORE likely to snap.   And all of that “alpha” bullshit is outdated and disproven, despite the popularity of that idiot Cesar Millan (and even Millan is starting to evolve his thinking about training, having recruited Ian Dunbar of Sirius Training to help him out).

    The WORST part of this is is that you’re making your kids watch you pull this shit on “the family pet”.  Now they’re going to be yet another generation of mislead/mis-“taught” people that positive trainers like me (and Victoria Stilwell, Dunbar, Karen Pryor, Patricia McConnell, etc.) have to help comprehend the correct, NON-ABUSIVE way to train dogs.

    “Many people get bitten by dogs, & it’s cause they look them straight into the eyes, which is an act of dominance/challenge…”

    Stop.  Just…stop.  You know, I thought you were decent before, seeing that you own animals and have talked about your animals, but you are extremely misinformed about dog language/canine ethology.  The reason why dogs bite isn’t “dominance challenge”.  It’s because the dog feels threatened (and if he’s a biter of humans, then he was taught no bite inhibition, but bite inhibition is DEFINITELY NOT a smack in the face;  and sometimes if the dog just “snaps” and bites, it could be due to a brain tumor or a chemical imbalance…dogs ARE sentient beings and they do suffer from pain and irritants when something in their bodies go wrong).  There is NO “dominance hierarchy” amongst dog families, or even WOLF families for that matter, as the guy who delineated this shit in the 60’s and 70’s has now evolved in his thinking and re-assessed the data used to make conclusions about “Dominance Theory” in the mid-20th Century.  His name is David Mech, and he literally wrote the book about wolves (and initially promoted Dominance Theory).  This is him, debunking what he formerly asserted:


    I know I started out this comment pretty harsh, but I want you to listen to David in the video above.  Don’t be one of those retards who doesn’t listen to reason or science;  after all, science is what defined for *you* as (now known as incorrect) “Dominance Theory”.  Science has evolved and corrected itself, and there is much more known about the relationship between dogs and humans.  I really suggest that you stop bullying your dog and figure out a better way to “keep him in line”, or however you want to put it.  Take a look into the people on this page for training methods:


    I’m no fruity asshole who would suggest you start BABYING your dog by any means, but I’m just sayin’ that you CAN train a dog without being a complete asshole to it, or instilling FEAR into him (“They spit your mouth out, stop playing, shrink their shoulders & go to a corner & sit with their heads down trying to not look at you.”).   These creatures have the cognitive capacity of human toddlers (yes, even the demonic “pit bull”).  Is this how you would teach a human toddler things (ha ha, don’t answer that, this is Dreamin’ Demon, so I know I’d get a “HELL YES!  I’ma BOOT that kid in the face if he bit me!” back LMAO)?  Seriously, though.  You wouldn’t teach a human toddler not to soil himself or touch a hot stove by pinning him down and making him fear for his life.  That’s exactly the kind of shit parenting that DD exposes.

  • Anonymous

    Alpha rolls (“wolf down”) = part of “Dominance Theory” = also debunked as the way to train a dog to become part of the family.


    Wolves don’t actually roll each other unless it’s a serious fight/”life or death” situation, because when one wolf intentionally “rolls” one over and sticks its paw in its neck it’s saying “I’M GOING TO KILL YOU.”  Normally what we see as “rolling” though is voluntarily given submission by the one rolling over.  It’s like how when you approach some dogs and they roll over and expose their bellies to you.  That language isn’t “rub my belly”, it’s “I’m no threat to you, see?” 

    Even “tough breeds” can be taught with positive methods.  People just need to *evolve along with science*.  In the dog training world, believing in Dominance Theory and all of this alpha roll crap is much like someone believing that it’s a good thing to put real cocaine in Coca Cola…or that lead poultices were good for wounds.

  • Anonymous

    There are just far too many morons who 1) shouldn’t breed and 2) shouldn’t become dog guardians/bring dogs into their families.  This asshole is one of them.  Violent, ignorant piece of shit.

  • Anonymous

    First off Millan IS NOT A DOG TRAINER. He rehabilitates dogs so that the crap the owners did will be undone & the dog can act, behave & BE a dog for then the TRAINER teach it how to sit & do other tasks. NEVER has Cesar taught the dog to sit, stay or play dead or to gather a herd.

    We do not “hit” our dogs for the perverted pleasure of hitting them. When they bit as pups, as a mother would do they would get “bitten back” to be taught that biting is NOT a pleasurable experience & that it’s NOT accepted in the pack.

    YOu can talk yourself blue in the face but you know dogs are pack animals (even the dogs that were once pets, well trained that then ended up in the wild forming packs) & there WILL be an alpha dog.

    Dogs bite for the following reasons:Dominance/being challenged


    To release stress/play.

    You know I am right. You can watch pack of dogs & you will see this occurs.

    And I have actually a dog that did not need the smack in the mouth to know about bite inhibition. My mutt actually had no problems NOT biting when she was a pup. None of our dogs get hit at all for any reason since they are pretty much good dogs.

    I just wish you would’ve replied to me on this subject a week ago. Our AB has a ligament rupture in the knee that requires an ultra expensive surgery that we can not cover (if only she would’ve done this in August last year…) & I am trying to get a hold of the SPCA because we ran out of people & resources & we don’t want to but… we’ll have to put her down.

    We are all crying & feeling like shit, asking her to forgive us because we can’t even if I get another job, we still can’t. She’s in so much pain & the pain meds give her diahrrea & vomit.

  • Anonymous

    We used it more to help her calm down when she got too excited, more of laying her on her side and holding her down until she relaxed, while telling her to stop it. Otherwise her training was mostly reward for doing what she was supposed to based. She was a happy member of our family, so it might be that what I was told was a wolf down was not it in the truest sense of the word, or that her personality was such that it worked. She definitely responded to me as alpha, and my father in law as alpha (I did most of her training, and she knew most things she needed before she even did obedience school, which my mother in law wanted her to do, because she was a big dog). We also got her as a very young pup, because her mother got very sick, and they had to have her put down. She was old enough for solid food, but really to be fully weaned yet, but she ended up that way. But she came into a ‘pack’ with our other dogs who treated like the puppy she was, and got
    lots of love from the people. We crated her at night, so she learned to not go potty in the house (the first person awake took her outside to go potty, and showed her the doggy door once she was old enough). By the time she was too big to fit in the crate any more, she was housetrained very well, so we stopped putting her in the crate. I think the only problem we had with her was her weight, she loved to eat the cat food (and was big enough it was hard to find a place the cats could eat that she couldn’t get to), and I think maybe being weaned as early as she was might have also contributed, but we didn’t have a lot of choice on that, we would have willingly waited the extra few weeks to month or so it took for her to actually be ready (and her mom was the beloved family pet of a family friend and his boyfriend, it was her only litter). Once she relaxed in the down position, she was realeased and praised, and it was mainly just when she was becoming a
    little dangerous in her excitement (from being large and rambunctious, she didn’t seem to have a mean bone in her body). And this was several years ago, she passed in 2004, after being attacked by the neighbor dogs (They a constant issue of too many dogs for their yard, they jump into my father in law’s yard, have killed dogs, cats, chickens, geese, ducks. We tell them, or animal control is called out, they reduce the number of dogs, everything is fine for a while, and then it begins again. They actually seem to have fixed up the fence well enough now, because my father in law has goats right up nest to the fence, and they are fine). We lost our Corgi the same way, to the darn neighbor dogs, they always seem to have big, protective dogs that are very territorial and sometimes their definition of their territory has included my father in law’s yard. Many times I am glad I learned how to back a dog off (and they haven’t really been out to hurt anyone),
    because one of their smaller ones used to get out and bark his head off at me walking my older bopy to daycare, on the other side of the road from their house. Little bugger would nip at my heels, unless I was looking right at him, growling “Go Home”, and yes, literally growling, and well as deepening my voice (which is already fairly deep, I sing contralto), and speaking gruffly. Then we owuld back off to out of my range, and apparently he thought my range was large, but he’d still cark until I reached the end of the block and turned. Makes me kind of glad we moved to our apartment, most of the dogs here, regardless of breed, seem to have decent owners, and are well-behaved, even when I have my boys (It’s funny to see a dog sitting, but quivering in excitement because she wants to play with the small humans, but she’s being a good girl and sitting, even if her bottom is barely touching the ground).