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Knotts Island, NC — Rebecca Blackmore, 16, is facing charges of first-degree murder after police say she stabbed her newborn daughter to death shortly after squishing her out.

As is the case in most of these types of stories, Blackmore showed up at the emergency room after delivering the child, but had no baby. When questioned, she reportedly told police the child was stillborn and they could find the body in her bedroom closet.

Well, she was honest about one thing…there was a dead baby in her closet, but the autopsy showed the baby girl was not stillborn, she was alive at birth and for a short time thereafter. She’d probably still be breathing were it not for all those pesky stab wounds…

Though it was a relative that escorted Blackmore to the emergency room, it is unclear whether the family knew of Blackmore’s pregnancy.

Blackmore is currently behind bars on a $500,000 bond. In North Carolina, suspects 16 and older are charged as adults regardless of the crime.

And just in case you were wondering, North Carolina does have a Safe Haven Law. Unlike unwanted kittens, unwanted babies can be left with an on-duty health care provider at a hospital or health department, an on-duty social worker at a social services agency, an on-duty law enforcement officer, etc. But because the little ones tend to lose that new baby scent after about a week, you gotta turn ’em over to a responsible adult before they hit the ripe old age of 7 days.

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  • I am beginning to think that most of these people that slaughter their newborns would rather see the child dead than alive with some one else.  Maybe it appeases their guilt or helps them go on with their lives.  I hope this bitch spends the rest of her life having nightmares where she hears her baby girl crying.

  • So jail is easier then adoption, the morning after pill or and abortion? I don’t get it. 

    At least the little angel didn’t have to know life with this demon (no offense DD).

  • Anonymous

    I just don’t get it!  My twin girls are the center of my life…How can anyone run a blade into a day old baby?  What would you have to have gone through in your life that would make you so very cold and heartless?  Maybe she’s a meth addict but I highly doubt drugs played a role she is little more than a baby herself at 16.  Again I just don’t understand.

  • I actually came back in here to post the same thing. This kind of act baffles me. My newborn is sitting right next to me and all she does is eat, cry, poop and spit up on me and yet I am in love and would already give my life to protect hers. 

    Like you I just don’t get it either. Why not just give the baby away? 

    Sometimes I wish I did believe all of this stuff about the rapture being now or the world ending in 2012, Good riddance.

  • guillotinegirl

    That’s so wrong! You’re supposed to stab air holes in the box you keep your baby in, not the actual baby itself.

  • Anonymous

    You know, even if your state desn’t have a Safe Haven law, leaving a baby at a hospital or fire station is still a better idea than stabbing it to death. I bet you could avoid charges, too. 

  • Anonymous

    Spay this bitch now

  • Anonymous

    Spay this bitch now

  • Anonymous

    Congrats on your little one and I will never understand this either

  • Anonymous

    Wish I could like this twice…

  • Anonymous

    If you’ve ever had a baby & have gotten to the point that they cry, cry & cry & you are on your last nerve… you know those times that you NEED, WANT & HAVE to step out of the house & away from the baby (instead of being a DD parent & hittin’ the baby)?

    That particular baby cry that drives you insane? THAT’S THE CRY I WANT HER TO HEAR. I WANT HER TO BE DRIVEN CRAZY BY THE BABY CRIES!! So that instead of keepin’ on & going on with her life she can’t enjoy it because in order to turn those cries off her head, she has to be doped up with so many meds it’s like she’s catatonic.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder what the statistics are.  Does ANYONE use the safe haven law?

  • Anonymous

    Wow, is she that selfish that in 9 freaking months she couldn’t find out what to do with the baby other than killing it? I mean I’m pretty sure she must’ve heard at least a joke about adoption or dropping a baby off at the hospital ONCE in those 9 months??

    I’m disgusted. They’re all going to use the Post Pardom defense & she’s gonna do 7yrs tops.

  • Anonymous

    found one:

    Statewide StatisticsFrom January 1, 2001 -March 31, 2011, 407 newborns have been safely surrendered inCalifornia while another 151 have been found alive following their illegal abandonment. Asof March 31, 2011; 11 have been safely surrendered in California for 2011.


  • She’s 16 and to procure an abortion in my state she would have to have a signed affidavit from a parent/legal guardian. If she was hiding the pregnancy, that option was out the window.  

  • Athena

    I’ve read some interesting things that suggest that, while Safe Haven laws are obviously a good thing, they haven’t reduced the incident of illegal abandonment or infanticide.

    Seems some people are intent on killing their spawn, no matter what options they are given.

  • I can understand that, but I bet right now, at this very moment, she wished she would have told her parent/guardian and got that consent.

  • Thank You. 🙂

  • Sue

    so instead of telling her family she was pregnant, she let her family figure out she’s a lying, no good, baby killer.  yeah, i suppose that’s how i’d want my family to remember me too……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

  • Anonymous

    I just don’t understand it either… (Some) Pet owners are smart enough to ditch their pets at a vet or humane society in the dead of the night but then you see parents so quick to kill their newborns. And that is just an animal, not their own flesh and blood… As a mom, I am unable to grasp how you can give birth and then take that life away without hesitation. Especially in some on the ways seen on DD!!!

    Maybe there just is not enough media attention to the safe haven laws?? I know in our local high schools, there are pamphlets in the nurse’s office and main lobby. We need harsher penalties and not PPD get out of jail free cards. Burn the bitches…

  • Anonymous

    I don’t have ovaries so I have never had a child and don’t know much about the chemistry of child birth and depression.

    We seem to hear of young girls and women occasionally killing their freshly born infants. Is there something going on that is normal that these people are over sensitive too?

    If a child at 16 is considered an adult in capital crimes, why don’t they lower the age of majority? Who the hell picked the cut off for the safe haven law? Was it a”It’s gud’nuff fer god make’n the world’n 7 dayz it gud’nuff fer women folk and their babies” thing?

    I don’t like what this kid did, but I am glad I don’t live in NC.

  • hookerpie

    They dont like baby killers in jail. So long little girl. Hope you like the rest of your life.

  • Anonymous

    You can still use the safe haven law instead of brutally murdering an innocent baby, please I hope you aren’t giving her excuses, she found a way to spread those legs for some guy but no alternative

  • Oh, by NO means am I condoning what she did. I agree she could have dropped the kid off and end of story. I was originally making the point to say that a teenager trying to hide a pregnancy, would not be able to get an abortion without letting the “cat out the bag.”

  • Anonymous

    Somehow I suspect you can drop unwanted kittens at a hospital just as easily as babies.

    People named Rebecca have to stop doing crazy shit. I’m ashamed to be one.

  • Anonymous

    I blame the anti-abortionists who have somehow persuaded the gullible that having an abortion is on a par with killing a baby. In her mind, Rebecca Blackmore just thought she was having a very late-term abortion without the pesky medical personnel…….

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  • Anonymous

    There is a case in my area of a 22 yr old that did this and her defense is that it’s the cops fault for not finding the baby she hid for five days bitch, this stuff kills me

  • Anonymous

    Until I started hanging out here, I’d never even heard of a Safe Haven law. I doubt most normal people have. The law or a lack thereof really shouldn’t be the deciding factor in whether or not to stab a newborn to death. Something is just plain wrong with these bitches. 

  • Anonymous

    Because when Nebraska forgot to specify a cutoff age, people were dropping their teenagers off. No, for real:



    Not a bad idea, really. I bet my mom wishes she had thought of it at certain points in my teen years.  😉

  • Athena

    Yes, clearly a case like this is exceptional.  Even should people decide to dispose of a newborn in an illegal manner, rarely is it as cruel and violent as stabbing it to death.

    And I think you bring up a good point – a lot of people have never heard of Safe Haven laws.  I went to parenting classes, spent four days in the hospital, had to sign a bunch of documentation verifying that the nurses went over a variety of safety information… never was the Safe Haven law mentioned.

    Safe Haven laws aren’t going to do much good if people aren’t even aware of them, much less educated as to how they work.

  • Anonymous

    I knew this had turned out to be a big problem for Nebraska, but other states, like NC, must have taken note.

    There are two issues here:

    1. What should a young mother do with an unwanted infant over a week old (some people aren’t aware of the laws)? Seems to me to be a public relations problem. IMHO any elementary age child or any disable child until 19 (or 21) should have availability to a safe haven system (gotta be cheaper than an abuse/murder trial and conviction).

    2. There is a larger societal issue here. If a few parents want to get rid of their “older” children there is only one choice with no safe haven protection and that is to throw them to the street to johns and pimps. The only workable solution is to protect them by society.I would even extend the safe haven laws to the elderly and disabled. There are three groups in society (not including battered spouses) who need our attention and care: those below the age of majority, the severely disabled, and the elderly.

  • And clowns..

  • So her ‘rents would have found out. You can bet they know she was pregnant now that she’s in jail facing murder charges. I don’t know her parents but I’m going to guess that they would have rather had her ask for an abortion than have her decide to become a murderess.

  • If only so she could be free. Someone capable of stabbing their own baby to death minutes after birth isn’t likely to be someone who feels regret.

    At least now the chances of her getting pregnant again soon are a lot lower.

  • Can you imagine being one of her boyfriends, wondering if the baby she stabbed to death might have been yours? I know I’d be haunted by that thought if it was me.

  • I live in NC and it is a horrbile law. My son (not using his best judgement) got caught at school involved in a weed incident. Because of it being on school property he was facing a felony. I ended up getting the charges reduced but this is on his permanent record because of something he chose to do at 16. It is really not a good law, and they also put 16 year olds in adult jail.

  • FrikkenFrak

    Why is it the only people who seem to know about safe-haven laws are the people who don’t NEED to know about the safe-haven laws?

  • Anonymous

    Definitely. But at least these laws take away their whiny excuses.
    “I had nowhere to tuurrrnn.” “There was no one to support meeee.”

  • Anonymous

    The case I’m familiar with, the daddy named the baby and he and his family are waiting almost two yrs now to bury him, it’s extremely sad

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    In some of these cases Athena, I feel there is hate towards the father of the baby. ,Such cases as rape or incest, might be some of the causes of this, type of sensless killing. Just a thought.

  • Count Rackula

    Fun, fun, fun, getting ready to stab my baby just doesn’t have the same ring to it as fun, fun, fun, getting ready for the weekend.

  • Anonymous

    And we’ll have fun fun fun till daddy takes the butcher knives away…

  • This fucking baby killer has been released on $250,000 bond:


    Why the fuck do they even let people like this out of jail? Dumb cunt.

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  • Mommabear

    I guess 16 and Pregnant wasn’t casting for new ‘mothers’. Glad she’s being charged as an adult. Her brain can finish developing behind bars.