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Seagrove, Fla. — What are the odds of two stories featuring a teen girl murdered by a homeless man in one day?

A 21-year-old homeless man has been charged with murdering 15-year-old Courtney Wilkes who was vacationing at Seagrove Beach with her parents and two younger siblings.

Wilkes was reported missing when she did not return back from a walk with Steven Cozzie, a local resident staying at a nearby campsite the family had met while staying in the Beachcrest condominiums while on vacation from Georgia.

Deputies found her dead body in a wooded area 500 yards away from where her family was staying. They were led there by a friend of Cozzie’s who informed police that Cozzie told him he had murdered the girl with a stick and that it was premeditated. Incident reports show Wilkes was murdered in “an extremely violent encounter” and suffered blunt force trauma.

Walton County Sheriff Adkinson also added that he has not admitted guilt to them, and has shown no remorse. The picture of him smiling? That’s his booking photo after being charged with suspicion of murder. “I think it says everything you need to say about him,” Adkinson said. “This is a situation where you had one individual who obviously has evil in his heart.”

Authorities say Cozzie was kicked out of his mothers’ home about a week ago and has been living on beach accesses ever since. Wilkes was a star soccer player on the school team and also at the top of her class at Toombs County High school. She would have turned 16 on July 9.

Man Arrested After Being Accused Of Sexually Assaulting A Parked Van

Terrifying enough that this young girl was murdered in such a fashion, made even worse that it was at the hands of someone that look like they just popped out of a Jim Henson movie.

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  • I am guessing since they were on vacation the didn’t know this kid??? Call me crazy but I would NEVER let my 15 year old daughter hang out with some homeless kid we don’t know. I am a very strick parent, she is not allowed to hang out with boys alone now anyway.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, just wow.   That’s why I always say
    Don’t Trust ANYONE

  • Anonymous

    “What are the odds of two stories featuring a teen girl murdered by a homeless man in one day?”

    I’d say the odds are pretty good since this is DD!  

  • Anonymous

    This goes to show that violent killers can look like clean-cut boy scouts.  Know any teenaged girls?  Show them this article and make sure they really understand that cute does NOT equal safe. 

    And show their parents, too. WTF were they thinking – letting a 15-year old go off alone with a 21-year old man?

  • Anonymous

    You took the words right out of my mouth.

  • Anonymous

    It kind of sounds like the parents didn’t know he was homeless and that he had probably made a good impression on them when they met on a previous vacation.

  • Anonymous

    The odd of two girls being killed by homeless guys in the United States…

    As of late 2010 there were approximately 310,000,000 people in the United States. For whatever reason (disabilities, being infants/toddlers, etc.) that knocks out about 25% or 78,000,000 people leaving us with a population of 232,000,000. Given approximately 60% is female, that leaves us with a male population of 92,800,000 and a population of females of 139,200,000.  In a semi-quasi-erroneous scientific calculation: You have a: 0.0000022% chance of being the murderous male homeless person and a 0.0000014% chance of being a murdered girl.

    The chances of this being on dd are approximately (unscientifically) :


  • Wanderer

    His myspace is pretty interesting, especially since all of the photo comments from yesterday consist of people calling him a sick fuck and piece of shit…. And I also realized that he is originally from one of my surrounding towns… nice.

  • Wanderer
  • Anonymous

    Too much fucking math after college man! Now my tasty hot dogs taste like cardboard, Thanks John!

  • Anonymous

    Mugshot = happy he knows he’s not spending anymore time homeless nor needing to figure out a place for staying overnight.

  • Anonymous

    In the words of George Herbert Walker Retarded Bush: Don’t confuse me with that fuzzy math! All I’m hearing is fuzzy math!

  • …and that wraps it up right there!! No need to say anymore, someone grab the mics and the tents and let’s go home.

  • Honestly, I don’t blame him for smiling. He’ll get free meals, free healthcare and won’t have to pay taxes for a very long time.

  • Perfect case for the death penalty.  Who wants to pay to feed, clothe and shelter this psycho for his remaining 50-60 years, or release him back into the public? 

  • How typical,
    the stuck up, two-faced, selfish, vehement, materialistic, and avaricious
    princess who thinks shes the hottest thing in town. Stuck up bitches deserved
    to get rape. I would pay a grimey nigga in the hood to rape a stuck up bitch.
    Stuck up bitches are worse than gold diggers cuz gold diggers would still give
    you some just as long as you cake em. Stuck up bitches wont give you any at all
    and call you out and shit.ould still give you some just as long as you cake em. Stuck up bitches wont give you any at all and call you out and shit.

  • That was the worst trolling attempt ever, FAIL.

  • pikeman and company

    You’re just jealous because you are just a no good hood rat, so you have to go making trollish, asinine comments like that.

  • hell he shoulda shoplifted Kmart instead

  • whats the odds of getting laid and buying ice-cream afterwards?

  • Anonymous

    100% if you know where to look and live near a store! Those are the two
    things that make my favorite combination!

  • pikeman and company

    That was interesting. There was one dude who used his mugshot as his own myspace pic when he slandered him.

    What really got me, is this dude had girls all over him. Girls telling him they loved him, girls telling him he’s hot, girls kissing him. He even has a girl “Not Going Anywhere” who is defending him to the end on “myspace”. Then he does this sadistic act and smiles about it. WTF??? What a chilling fucker!

  • Anonymous

    Please just go away!

  • Anonymous

    +1 point for using a thesaurus. 

    -10 points for using it like a Bedazzler.


  • Anonymous

    There are two things a skilled psychopath learns early to open doors to your children:

    1. Be clean cut and polite
    2. Say you’re a Christian

  • Canuck Gramz

    Wow you probably calculated all of that in your head, and I’m sitting here trying to remember what age I’m turning on my next birthday. It’s a dangerous world with our young woman, we must guard them as the treasures they are ( well excepting the ones who kill their own babies -those we’ll encourage to walk down some very dangerous back alleys)

  • Canuck Gramz

    mAmMaBALLCHINZ here is your brain back, you dropped it by the door. Sorry I didn’t return it you sooner ( before you made your comment) but it was very very smmallll and I didn’t see it right away.

  • LeaveMeBe

    I would probably be incensed (that means extremely angry) if I could decipher what the hell you said.

  • Anonymous

    Number 2 would have the opposite effect on me. My daughter would go to church on the church bus and it came time for a ‘field trip’. She thought I was going to let her go on an overnight camping trip with them.
    I said no, she had “Brother John” come by the house to try and reassure me and talk me into letting her go. I asked about chaperones on the bus, how many parents were going, supplies, first aid crap, etc.. He honestly tried to tell me that my daughter would be safe because she would be under the care of ‘men of God’. I laughed out loud before I could help myself. She didn’t go.
    Months later after we left the area, I found a text from “Brother John” that said “Drove past your old house today, made me think of you”. She was 12.
     Man of God, my ass…

  • Don’t know what to say that hasn’t already been said. My condolences to the family.

  • Nope, those “men of God” are never pedophiles, no siree!
    When I was in junior high one of my friends talked me into coming along to some sort of Church of Christ day camp. One of the counselors was this guy in his early 20’s who spent most of his time trying to convince us that Kiss stood for Kings In Satan’s Service and AC/DC stood for Anti-Christ Devil Children. My mother didn’t want me to go again because she figured the guy for a perv. I didn’t get that from him, but I didn’t want to go again because I enjoyed listening to Kiss and AC/DC and thought the guy was full of shit!

  • Anonymous

    Well he picked a state to kill Courtney that has the death penalty and is not afraid to use it.  In Georgia there will be an execution on June 23, 2011 after thirty-three years of paying for three hots and a cot and all the appeals.  Justice? Think not.  Maybe this useless piece of shit will get shanked in the top of the head and have to live on life support of dick and shit for 95 years.  Not in a coma, but fully aware of hisuseless surroundings, but paralized except for eye movement and the ability to swallow.  That is justice. His useless parents should have scissored his head while exiting the womb.  That would have been real justice 

  • pikeman and company

    That was the same thing the church that I had to go to three times a week as a kid told us. The Fundamental Baptist Church, ugh. I wasn’t allowed to do shit, couldn’t even go to Homecoming or Prom dances.

    We didn’t celebrate Halloween and the church also told us Santa Claus was really “Satan Claus”. On any literature with Jesus on it, our church would “white out” his hair because they considered long hair a shame for a man. Our preacher beat one of his kids in front of us once, but my step dad still insisted that we go, not once, but three times a week. I still hold a lot of resentment over that. Forcing your kids to go to church, even when they don’t want to, is not the way to go. My step dad even made me go three times a week when I was eighteen and a Senior in high school.

    “You will go to church as long as you are under this roof!”

    I even was forced to go to Wednesday night prayer meeting every Wednesday, too.

  • lesson learned don’t let your kids go off with anyone you don’t know, too bad it cost them their daughter. I was naive once, almost cost me my life and family. Can’t trust anyone especially people making a great impression.

  • they oughta feed him nothing but ramen and pork and beans for the rest of his life

  • exactly

  • Anonymous

    I may live a fool’s folly, but I would hate life if I didn’t trust people. I like to think that 99% of the people in the world are good people.

  • Anonymous

    Hate to say it- but the homeless are getting better looking…

  • He wasn’t really homeless, he was only “got thrown out of mom’s house a few weeks ago homeless”.  He didn’t even make it through one winter, puss. 

  • Anonymous

    Poser homeless person!

  • pikeman

    I think he looks like a complete imbecile in that mugshot.

    You should check out the pictures in his myspace link. Apparently, females disagree with me. This dude had women all over him. Some have belittled him in his pictures for this crime, and he has women defending him to the bitter end. I checked it out again tonight. You can see where I left a couple of comments, including one tonight questioning this.

    Simply put, I am baffled by this guy after checking out his myspace. he never did anything violent in his life. He had girls ALL OVER him. He had it made in a lot of ways, despite being kicked out. Then he aledgedly commits this brutal crime, killing a girl, SMILES BIG IN HIS BOOKING PHOTO, and throws it all away. I think this dude just lost it, for whatever reason. Now he will pay the price, and those girls will be waiting a LONG, LONG time.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll have to check out that FB later.

  • Canuck Gramz

    You have my sympathies! Sounds like the church I grew up in . It’s a wonder I’m a Christian now, but thankfully I figured out God wasn’t anything like they said He was.

  • pikeman


  • Anonymous

    You are ready for 3 shots!!!! End your stupid ass life and do the world a favor……….