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Jacksonville, FL — What a tragic story in almost every way imaginable. A 12-year-old boy in Florida has been charged with murder, accused of beating his 2-year-old half-brother to death.

There isn’t a lot of details being released in regards to the actual murder. Reports are that the mother of the two boys, 25-year-old Biannela Susana, came home to find 2-year-old David Galarriago unconscious. She cleaned him up and put ice on his head hoping her son would revive on his own. When that didn’t happen two hours later, she finally called 911 and then drove him to the hospital where he would die a few days later.

On Thursday, 12-year-old Cristian Fernandez (mugshot), the victim’s half-brother, was indicted on first-degree murder charges. Prosecutors say he beat his brother to death. Susana was charged with negligent manslaughter for her decision to wait so long to call for help. Doctors say that had she sought immediate medical treatment for her toddler, he very well may be alive today. There’s also the fact that this isn’t the first time the boy was injured by his older brother.

In January, Galarriago suffered a broken leg. Susana initially lied to investigators, explaining the injury was a result of a fall but would later admit to CPS that the broke leg was a result of her older son wrestling with the boy. However this did not stop Susana from continuing to let Fernandez babysit his younger brother, including on that day in March when she would come home and find the toddler unresponsive.

Biannela Susana

The media has now uncovered some of the 12-year-old’s past history, and I gotta tell you, this kid may be a murderer but in his short time on this planet, he has led one messed up life and just as much a victim as the brother he murdered.

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Susana gave birth to him when she was just 12-years-old. When he was a toddler, Fernandez was found naked and dirty wandering in a hotel parking lot. Susana was only 14 at the time, so when the mother and son’s guardian was arrested on charges of neglect and possession of drugs, both Fernandez and Susana were placed in foster care.

Susana would later find a man who would end up abusing Fernandez physically, mentally and sexually. Police got involved after Fernandez showed up to school sporting an eye injury and officials called them to report their concerns. When police arrived at the stepfather’s residence to arrest him, he pulled out a gun and blew his brains out in front of the other siblings. It was after this incident that Susana moved to Jacksonville.

Prosecutors say they have no choice but to charge the boy with murder, and a possible future spent in an adult prison, mostly because they need to protect other people who may be around him. “The juvenile system does not give us sufficient options or enough time. Basically, we would have lost jurisdiction over him in about 8½ years,” State Attorney Angela Corey said.

The boy’s defense attorney disagrees stating that Fernandez has suffered abuse for most of his short life and has never received any treatment or therapy. He feels that that an adult prison will not offer the boy the same opportunities of rehabilitation that a a juvenile facility would offer. You can watch video of his first court appearance below. Fernandez, who is looking at life in prison, will be back in court on Wednesday for his arraignment hearing.

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  • HotReadingMama

    Jesus fucking Christ.

  • Anonymous

    What can a person say? This is one messed up situation.

  • Anonymous

    the kid’s life sounds like every story we read here rolled into one.  the part about the kid and the mother both being put in foster care at the same time floored me.  houston… we have a problem.

  • FrikkenFrak

    Reminds me of a quote by Carl Jung:
    “The healthy man does not torture others. Generally it is the tortured who turn into torturers”.

  • Pyncky

    With the seeds that were planted in this boys life, I doubt he could have grown any other way.  Too sad, but yes, keep him away from the rest of us.

  • missvalerie

    – This is sad all the way around. What happened to her that she was pregnant at 11 or 12? And where were HER parents in all of this? Sounds like the chain of abuse may have started long before Cristian. 🙁

  • I agree totally. There are going to be many bleeding hearts who want to “rehabilitate” him. But he was destroyed during his formative years. He doesn’t stand a chance at becoming funtional. Poor thing.

  • Anonymous

    If Thomas Hardy were alive today and still writing novels, he’d be writing stories like this one.  This is so fucking tragic and unnecessary.  If the system had had the decency to take this child from his mother when he was two years old, he might have stood a chance.

    The gawdawful thing is, his life is ruined before it even began, and he’ll probably be in prison for the rest of his rage-filled life.  Her?  She’ll get out with plenty of time left to pump out a few more victims of her wretched parenting.

    If he has to rot in cell, she ought to have share it with him.  

  • Athena

    This kid is 12.  He deserves a chance.  While I wish more jurisdictions had legislation that would allow the justice system continued jurisdiction after the convict reaches adult age, 8.5 years of structure, therapy and discipline could very well do wonders.  

  • Athena

    Actually, based on the data we’ve gotten from other juvenile murderers of family members, the answer is often as simple as removing them from their toxic environment.  Couple that with 8.5 years of a healthy environment, and this kid’s got a good chance at becoming a productive member of society.

    That said, I wish it weren’t such a gamble.  The juvenile system should be set up so that, if the kid is clearly not ready to reenter society upon becoming an adult, he can be transfered to an adult facility.  I will never understand why the current system in so many states is either a relatively short, juvenile sentence or life in prison.

  • Mamma

    Hello Kitten. I feel ill. Hold me.

  • Mamma

    He does have a good chance if he makes the right choices and has encouragement to succeed where ever he is placed. His future is still dependent more on outside pressure to do well by himself. That’s what will change him long term. Learn empathy. I don’t know if he is mature enough to understand the the gravity of what he has done yet. This will hit him much later in life. Someone will have to guide him. Do  you think that will happen? I don’t think so, sadly.

    I feel, and this is just gut, that he will serve time and be released with nothing. Right back into the same place he started. Alone. So still, three lives ruined by the parents of a pregnant 12 year old. Good job, assholes. Way to dump your kids as if they are garbage.

  • Inconsiderate @ pikeman

    He’s already had chances. He’s a little psycho hoodlum that killed his own brother.

    I knew a kid like this who got chance after chance. He threatened to kill his brother. He locked my brother in a live trap, and threatened to kill him. He did all kinds of psychotic things.

    Now, thanks to all those chances he got, his 12 year old stepson is now dead. Beaten to death by this fuckin’ punk! He has no remorse, he even grinned for his mugshot. Lock this hooligan up before he kills someone else! https://app.mt.gov/conweb/inmates/27880.jpg

  • Pyncky

    I wish I could believe that he might have a chance at reformation.  I think he is like a dog that has been tortured and beaten for too long.  I feel sorry for him as I do Michael Vicks dogs, but I do not them playing around my grand-kids.  I know he’s not a dog, but he has been treated worse than one and sorry to say I think society needs to cut their losses with this one.

  • Pyncky

    His two year old brother deserved a chance as well.

  • Inconsiderate @ pikeman

    He was raped, and that sucks. So was I, but I never hurt my little bro.

  • Anonymous

    This kid and his fucked up Parents deserve worse, although I hope the kid will at least get some therapy so he can heal because its obvious no one gave a shi and now a baby is dead

  • Athena

    Absolutely.  So did the poor mother who popped a kid out at 12, only to find herself at the mercy of one abusive fuck after another.  This is a classic example of multiple failures at nearly every turn.

    But I reject the assertion that an 12 year old is completely and 100% responsible for his actions.  If they could truly be held that responsible, they’d be driving and voting and drinking.  There’s just nothing sensical about creating countless laws designed to protect children this age because they don’t have the capacity to care for themselves, but then putting them in the same boat as an adult when they behave badly.  It’s just not logical.

  • Inconsiderate @ pikeman

    This is Florida, he’ll get life. He shouldn’t have beaten his little brother to death. Yes, he was raped and molested by his step dad, and watched the no good son of a bitch kill himself. That doesn’t give him the right to commit this horrible act. I know plenty of people that went through terrible abuse. Yet they loved, and protected their siblings.

    Just because I was horribly raped as a kid did I do this shit to my little brother? Absolutely not!

    Just because you have a real shitty life, doesn’t give you the right to do this kind of horrible shit. I don’t give a fuck if you are only 12! Who knows how many times he abused and beat on his little two year old brother! He has no conscience. Lock him up for life! You know what, he’ll have a chance at parole in 18 or 20 years. Then he can think about the horrible shit he did to his 2 year old innocent brother. If he really wants to improve, he can get his GED, do inmate hobbies and crafts. Improve his life, and he will get paroled. He deserves to do 20 years, I think.

    His mom deserves to be locked up for life, too! Because she knew what was up, but let it continue. Put them both in prison and throw away the key.

  • Anonymous

    A nightmare all around.  Someone said this cycle started long before this boy and I believe that to be true.  He is a product of the environment in which he was raised so far, as is his mother.  But, here’s the thing.  There could have been a point when someone said, “OK, this is how it was for me but I don’t want this for my child,” but instead what happened was that it was as my dad said, “If it was good enough for me, then it’s good enough for the kid,” before he proceeded to beat the hell out of me.  I made the decision that, no matter what I had to do, my babies would not be raised to fear me.  I have never abused my kids or my grandkids.  I would hurt myself first.

    The mother and her two sons were and are victims of circumstance.  I truly hope that there’s a grandparent somewhere who has suffered as well, considering the legacy that has been passed down in this family.

    I’d like to know more about the mother and her parents, and her life as a child.  It can’t be a fairytale if the girl gave birth at 12.  That poor 2 year old baby never had a chance.  I would imagine he was afraid of his brother, really, if he had already broken his leg before.  He probably knew hell was coming as soon as mom walked out the door.  What a mess this family is!

  • Anonymous

    I agree with you (mostly) Athena. This 12 year old has a lot of brain-maturing to do, and in an intensive therapeutic setting, he might be salvageable. The problem is that there are very very few intensive therapeutic environments available. Most of the juvenile facilities are holding pens/schools with a little half-hearted therapy tossed in. That does not have a chance in hell of working on a child who has never known anything except anger and misery.

    If he had had any semblance of normalcy ever in his world, he might be able to be coaxed into a relatively normal life, but this kid has been systematically destroyed from the moment he was born (maybe even from the moment he was conceived.)  I WISH there was a way to fix him. I really, honestly do. But barring a miracle, I don’t see it happening.

    It’s pitifully sad really.

  • Anonymous

    Therapy so he can be a model lifer in prison? WTF?

  • Anonymous

    At 11 or 12 she had sex and I doubt her parents encouraged her to have sex. 

  • Anonymous

    At 11 or 12 its kind of likely her own dad is this poor murderous little boy’s daddy/granddaddy.

  • Anonymous


  • As another person with a crappy upbringing I agree. At 12 we know the difference between right and wrong, yes, sometimes thoughts cross our mind due to the things that were done to us but it is our choice to choose which path to go down. He made the wrong choice.

  • Anonymous

    This is a prime example of why children SHOULD NOT have children. There is no way in hell a pre teen girl has developed enough in ANY area to even begin to know how to care for an infant…mentally, physically, etc.  Having a baby at 12 years old is absolutely absurd and sickening.  Whatever the circumstances were as to how things became as they are is a fucking shame no matter how you look at it. You can’t help but to just feel sick about the whole situation.

  • Athena

    While I (mostly) agree with you as well, I hate to even venture too far into the “can he/can he not be rehab’d” realm.  The fact of the matter is, we have no idea.  He could be a clinical sociopath.  OR he could be remarkably malleable psychologically.  

    My bottom line is the same for all juvenile offenders – they shouldn’t be charged as adults because they’re not adults.  To do so completely negates the legal theory behind creating a juvenile justice system to begin with.

  • Mamma

    I  understand…and agree mostly. I still think it takes a village to raise a child.

  • Athena

    You’re right that no upbringing excuses criminal acts, and that some people with unimaginably horrid pasts manage to never hurt a fly their whole lives.  

    However, a terrible upbringing should be a mitigating factor for a 12 year old, as his values are almost entirely the direct result of those responsible for him.  Please allow me to give you an example.

    A senior family member of mine is currently trying to get three children, ages 8 through 14, away from their mother.  Her husband and father of the children died tragically a few years ago, and things have gone to hell in the household since (and we only recently discovered this).  Among other things, we’ve come to find out that the mother calls in the oldest boy to physically discipline the younger two boys.  Luckily, the oldest boy knows restraint, but he doesn’t realize that this is wrong, nor do the two younger boys (the middle boy has already reportedly taken it upon himself to physically discipline the youngest boy when caught doing something wrong).  

    And, how would they?  This is an activity that has been sanctioned by their mother for years, now.  Only now has anyone involved with the family stepped in to rectify the situation, so only now would they be introduced to the idea that this behavior is unacceptable.

    If one of these times, the discipline had gone too far and the youngest boy sustained a fatal injury, all the public would read was that a 14 year old beat an 8 year old to death.  Wouldn’t matter that the 14 year old didn’t enjoy disciplining his brother.  Wouldn’t matter that he was simply an obedient young man who desperately missed his father and was afraid to disappoint the only parent he had left.  Wouldn’t matter that, if left to his own devices, he would never do anything like that to anyone ever again.

    This is precisely my point in this case.  We don’t know what other mitigating factors there may be.  Perhaps mom was doing more than turning a blind eye to the abuse, and was actually encouraging it?    

    No one is saying there is an excuse or justification.  But mitigating factors should always be taken into consideration.

  • Inconsiderate @ pikeman

    I didn’t have that shitty of an upbringing. This incident was something that happened to me outside of my family. It was the seventies. His parents told me it was normal for him to do this. Nothing was ever done about it. I don’t know how many boys he raped, but it was several, including my best friend at the time.

  • Inconsiderate @ pikeman

    It doesn’t sound like he was encouraged to do this, like in your example. He did it while he was babysitting, and his brother was only a baby. He is a mean bully! However, I agree that all the mitigating circumstances should come to light in his trial. I was a little harsh, because it makes me mad about this Rodney Weaver asshole I went to school with, that I posted his mugshot. He’s the kind of guy that would do this shit to his little brother, my little brother, and anyone else he could. He and his brother had a shitty upbringing, yet his brother was nothing like him. It didn’t matter what you did, there was no helping Rodney. He killed his own stepson viciously! I think this may be the case with this kid. He viciously beat his own two year old baby brother to death! He had already broken his leg. Does the kid looked bothered by it in his mugshot? Not really. Does the mother look bothered by it? Not at all.

    Maybe he can be helped, I don’t know. You are more of an optimist about it than I am. Some people are just no damned good.

  • Inconsiderate @ pikeman

    We moved. I don’t know what happened to him. His name was also Rodney, but I can’t remember his last name. I wish I could remember it, I was very young then. If I ever had the chance, which I never will, I would kill him. He would be dead.

  • Inconsiderate @ pikeman

    I hate Michael Vick! He’s another one of those hood black football players like Terrell Owens and Randy Moss. He makes millions every year, yet he’s betting on the side on one of the cruelest sports ever and drowning dogs and shit. Fuck that motherfucker!!!

    Cruelty breeds cruelty.

  • More than likely she was already in foster care, often kids are sexually abused while in care by extended members of the foster family.  A mother in foster care who becomes pregnant will often have her child placed in the same home with her; the baby is not in foster care.  If the teen mother is neglected a case will be opened against her and the baby will come into care.  If the baby is not placed in foster care it will be discharged with the mother when she reaches the age limit to leave foster care.  Although she has to be able to show that she has an income and housing there is not much follow up.  The whole story is sad because they are more like peers and he probably was responsible for watching his siblings.  

  • Anonymous

    Let’s all hold each other and think of better things…

  • Anonymous

    Sad story no matter how you see it. Now, this ‘mother’ is 24 years old- no longer a child. What on earth can make her think any TWELVE year old is capable of caring for a TWO year old baby?? (I could barely do it). Especially if said twelve year old has been known to hurt the baby in the past? She is just as culpable [[if not MORESO]] as her son. And the fact that she could have saved him had she responded sooner makes me sick to my stomach. Poor little boy. 🙁

  • Anonymous

    ‘Fraid so. God forbid he gets out in eight years, just in time to knock up some idiot teenager and start this whole cycle over again. We’d be seeing him on the FP again within the decade. The chances of him actually overcoming the damage that’s already been done to him are just too slim.

    I feel bad, because I don’t think this is his fault. There are so many ways in which he’s been failed… But I still think somebody should feed him some drugged candy and just put him to sleep. It would be kinder all around. 

  • Anonymous

    “Susana was only 14 at the time, so when the mother and son’s guardian was arrested on charges of neglect and possession of drugs…”

    Don’t know where the parents were, but her guardian was busy getting high. 

  • Anonymous

    “What on earth can make her think any TWELVE year old is capable of caring for a TWO year old baby.”

    LOL…probably because her sense of what’s reasonable and normal is probably a wee bit skewed due to the fact that she herself was once a 12 year old with a newborn to take care of. Tragedy atop tragedy, since, really, a 12 year old shouldn’t even BE pregnant, much less be having a baby.

  • wishfulsinful

    Holy shit, you’re back!

  • Lemont Cranston

    At twelve years old, you can not understand the full capacity of your actions. He can come live with me and my family. With the right direction and attention, I know he can become a law abiding, contributing member of society. 

  • I see three general judgments in the comments so far:
    1) His entire life is FUBAR, but his life circumstances should be used to mitigate the severity of his punishment. Let’s be loving, lenient, and rehabilitate him.
    2) His entire life is FUBAR, but if he makes the right choices in the slammer, he can pull himself up by the bootstraps and make something of himself. 
    3) His entire life is FUBAR. End of story. Put him away & throw away the key. 

    I know that not all of the comments fall into these three generalizations, but I also think these three generalizations cover the majority of the themes in the comments. 

    Here’s what I’ve seen, noticed and think about the situation. First, I see dead eyes in his mugshot. A twelve-year-old shouldn’t have that kind of pain and world-weariness in his eyes. I’ve seen that look in VA hospitals, but never on a kid who ought to be playing Little League. Second, from what I’ve read and what I surmise about his situation, he hasn’t had a whole lot of good examples to follow in his life. I can’t imagine that his mother has had much formal education of any quality, for example. Her choices for herself and for her sons cannot have been the best. I can’t imagine he’d have learned good decision-making thought processes from her or from his abusive, suicidal stepfather. 

    People cannot learn in a vacuum. People learn behavior by example. When a child is face with rote examples, that repeated experience becomes normal and the expected way to do things. He’s had little to no discipline. His own mother cannot have set very good examples with regards to personal choices, personal self-discipline, leadership, or critical thinking, for example.If you accept any grain of truth in my observations so far, how can you expect him to suddenly develop good decision-making skills? 

    I think that in an ideal situation he’d be salvageable. The ideal situation would be his immersion, for those eight-and-a-half years of his “juvenile hall eligibility”, in an uplifting, positive, environment of unconditional love, faultless support and high quality, intensive education. The best he’s going to get, however, is Florida’s juvenile justice system which falls far, far short of the ideal situation. More likely, I’m afraid, is protective custody for six years in an adult prison followed by his “release” into the general population when he is in his majority. He may garner some small sympathy for having been incarcerated at twelve, but he will also have the stigma of having murdered a toddler. In prisoner hierarchy, he won’t be very high up the pecking order, and will likely suffer for that. 

    I hope he has some deep, untapped reserves of strength. I hope he finds the right examples to follow for the choices he’ll have to make. I fear that he’ll have a long, long time to make those choices, and be surrounded by a lot of bad examples to choose from. There are still countless variables that could affect his case, but the direction he can travel is getting pretty narrow. 

  • tayantz

     I totally agree with what you are saying, It would be interesting to know what the boys mental age is bet its not 12. It was probably a toddler babysitting a toddler.

  • Anonymous

     Arrested development…that mother may be an “adult” but I can guarantee you her mind doesn’t work like a mature adult mind.

  • Anonymous

    Therapy so he can atleast deal

  • Count Rackula

    WELCOME BACK SUGGIE! PT and I have missed you. And we said so… somewhere… at some point…

  • My heart is broken :'( It hit me as I read this story that this is no longer a new experience in this world.It is mind blowing to me that this girl/child/mother had a child at the age of 12 and even more mind blowing that they entered the foster care system together….What’s WRONG woth people these days?Why why WHY was she not given a good education and extensive counseling and WHERE was HER family?Or her FRIENDS even?Considering the fact that these lost ones were under state supervision, this situation could have been, at the very least, lessened in severity and maybe we would have one more toddler in this world today….In my opinion, this is just one more example of the damage that is showing through in human kind and the insanity of INEPT AND UNEQUAL PUNISHMENTS….EPIC FAIL to all involved – shame on you and I wouldn’t care to be in your shoes when it’s time for someone to answer for this atrocity!!Karma gets you every time….keep looking over your shoulders!!

  • Anonymous

    Athena, (I don’t have the time now to read all your posts, so I hope this has not already been discussed) the problem is putting him into a juvenile facility will put all the other children in the facility at risk.  How in the world would anyone feel that allowing him to be around other children would be a good call?  And are we as taxpayers supposed to pay for him to live in a completely private setting with his own guards 24×7?  I feel empathy for him to a certain extent, had he been born into a better life he may have turned out better.  But at this point I don’t think putting him in with others his age is the right call.  Remember those children were put into a juvenile system to give them a chance, not to be exposed to someone who has already killed. 

  • Anonymous

    Athena, (I don’t have the time now to read all your posts, so I hope this has not already been discussed) the problem is putting him into a juvenile facility will put all the other children in the facility at risk.  How in the world would anyone feel that allowing him to be around other children would be a good call?  And are we as taxpayers supposed to pay for him to live in a completely private setting with his own guards 24×7?  I feel empathy for him to a certain extent, had he been born into a better life he may have turned out better.  But at this point I don’t think putting him in with others his age is the right call.  Remember those children were put into a juvenile system to give them a chance, not to be exposed to someone who has already killed. 

  • Anonymous

    this is one of the worst cases ever…first off who impregnated this girl at age 11? who was she living with at the hotel when the boy was 2 and wandering the parking lot and why was she given this 2 yr old to continue raising…then to hook up with someone that abused him..why wasn’t CPS involved with this girl and her son even after she hooked up with the sex abuser? seems like CPS raised her and the little man and let them loose…i say once again CPS has failed…

  • Anonymous

    after the 2 yr old has his leg broken and CPS realized it was due to the 12 yr old abusing the boy..why did they leave the baby with her, so that she can use the 12 yr old as a babysitter again and now the poor 2 yr old has been murdered????? why wasn’t CPS there? why did they leave the 12 yr old in her custody? or the 2 yr old for that matter? and what was she doing that was so damn important..

  • Athena

    Perhaps you missed the part about how he is currently being held in an adult facility… with other juveniles? 🙂

    For the interim, this kid is going to be a potential risk no matter where he is housed.  Unless we’re getting on board with Deety and talking about euthanizing the kid, this is a fact that we have to deal with and, yes, pay for if necessary.

  • missvalerie

    Exactly- seems like she and her children just fell through the cracks.

  • Anonymous

    I keep reading the article and cannot find where it state he is being held in an adult facility with other juveniles.  I am at work, so kind of skimming……

  • Athena

    I know how it goes.  I, these days, am at home with unlimited time to take in every last detail of the articles… between diaper changes and feedings, anyway. 😛

    From the source article, “While he is in the adult jail, he is housed with other juveniles and was given access to a counselor.”

  • missvalerie

    What I’m saying is she probably wasn’t a product of a supportive and loving family.

  • missvalerie

    I wasn’t responsible enough to clean my room at that age, let alone have a kid!!

  • Anonymous

    I can agree with that inference. Her parenting skills sucked at best. To what extent of her parents’ contribution in her delinquency, or not, we will probably find out later. 

    She may also just be a bad seed.

  • Anonymous

    oh thanks!  well that’s a little scary. I struggle with him having access to other juveys.

      and I remember the stay at home diaper days.  enjoy!!

  • Anonymous

    You are assuming the other juveniles are not equally scary. Considering most of them are probably in their late teens it isn’t them you should be worrying about.

  • Anonymous

    Probably just as well you don’t remember his last name…….

  • Anonymous

    “What on earth can make her think any TWELVE year old is capable of caring for a TWO year old baby??”

    She had to look after a newborn at that age?

  • Anonymous

    Fucking tragic!! I honestly feel for this Christian. You can tell that his enviroment made him the sociopath he is today, he has no emotion or soul behind those eyes. Think of all the pain he’s had to endure. I get that he has to be put away to keep society safe, but he clearly needs some therapy. There are two victims to this story in my eyes. I hope the egg donor grows a fucking heart and has to feel the extent of the pain she’s caused. Why the fuck wasn’t this child helped sooner, maybe he would have been saved.  RIP to the baby brother!!

  • Anonymous

    You got to figure this woman was pregnant at 11 years old.She was not physically developed nor mentally developed.This also might have some affect on the child.She probably sees her son more of a playmate then a son.There was failer all the way around.Why was an abortion not preformed on one so young/ who impregnated her?Why are there not criminal charges brought against those who helped contribute to this mess? sad very sad.

  • Anonymous

    I’m a bit late on this one..But I gotta say.The next time I play “Guess who” with my 12 year old twin half sisters…I’m letting those kids win.12 year olds aren’t playin’ these days apparently.

  • If they put this kid in prison . . .  * shiver * He’s fresh meat for all those sickos in there. It’ll just make him worse. He’ll end up right back in there when he gets out. I think they should figure something else out. Get him help. He’s still young and it’s not too late to change. /:

  • Anonymous

    I’m touched! Thanks 🙂

    Yes, the semester ended, at last.
    I am glad to see you and PT have not been slack!

  • Anonymous

    Hola, wishfulsinful!

  • Anonymous

    Athena’s point and story are excellent! Nothing personal Pikeman, but I think that you are coloring this boy’s situation with your personal experiences. (I mean, we all do that to some degree, but we need to be able to break free from that).

    At twelve, a child is just not mentally developed enough to make good decisions. There is a lot of biological and psychosocial evidence for this. You might want to check out Kohlberg’s moral development theory to get a good understanding of behavior patterns for different ages. We also know biologically that the frontal cortex of the brain, which is the area where decisions are made, does not mature until late teen age at the earliest. We also know that while environmental factors can heavily influence behavior, cognitive and behavioral therapy can “fix” many problems. If the kid is a sociopath – not likely; but if he is just “raised wrong”, it’s certainly possible.

    That is why this is such a dilemma. If the kid broke the baby because he thought it would be “fun” to hurt a smaller creature, there may be little hope. But if he did it because he was frustrated, and angry, and had no self-control and rationalization skills, then it’s hardly fair to blame the 12 year old. He, by all rights, should be seen as a victim himself. That doesn’t mean that we should just pat his hand and go on as usual, but sentencing him to prison for life seems horribly unfair, at least until we have TRIED to see if he is fixable.

  • Anonymous

    You said: “There is no way in hell a pre teen girl has developed enough in ANY area
    to even begin to know how to care for an infant…mentally, physically,
    etc. ” and you are right.

    I just couldn’t help thinking that this BOY is also only 12. The mother at least, should have been biologically programmed to care about her kids, but this boy didn’t even have that. I wonder if this baby was the son of the stepfather who abused the 12 year old? If so, then not only wouldn’t the boy have any emotional attachment, he might have transferred aggression to the baby deliberately.

  • Gore Lando

    Hahaha, that little 2 year old bitch got pwned.

  • KBunnie

    Oh my God…see this is the type of stuff that is happening nowadays and as I get older, it flat out makes me scared as hell to have my own children when the time comes.

    I battle severe depression due to coming from a home that really fucked me up emotionally, physically, mentally and sexually… ever since leaving my family home and seperating myself from them, Ive taken many needed steps toward rebuilding Everything about me, its been hard and Im still taking steps (this will be a lifetime way for me). But, I wonder, even with all the love, support, protection my husband and I know we would be giving our own child, will he/she still end up being royally fucked because of me and my past life issues and experiences? 

    When I was 16 and shit hit the fan with authorities and the court system becoming involved in the sexual abuse that I was going through at home, the sperm donor (aka Dear Ole Daddy) cornered me in the attic one day, happily telling me again how much he wanted to call the police to have Me taken away for being a horrible kid and that when I have my own children, my kids will turn out to be the worst people and Ill realize that it was because of me and how bad of a person I was to my parents and family.

    You’d think he was telling me this because I was truly a bad apple, out every night, smoking, drinking, having sex, partying, drugging, failing school, never doing what I was supposed to do, ignoring chores, etc etc. The irony was that I never had a life, I never had any real friends, I never did drugs, I never drank (until I was 21), I was never spoiled, I never had any choices in what I did (ex. playing the violin when I really wanted to play the cello and having to attend Kumon), I’d spend hours almost every day after my cousin was born, babysitting him. I wasn’t allowed to get driving lessons until I was about 18/19. I had to help my mom clean houses, I had to help my parents deliver newspapers, I was bullied and sexually harrassed at school, I’d come home and the same was happening at home. When we finally moved into a house and I had my own bedroom, that’s where I’d be hiding, my own little space, I was always walking on eggshells around my parents, being scared to death of my dad especially. Once my mom was so scared for me that she talked to me about having me move out into my own apt where she’d pay the rent while I lived there because my Dad was so violent aganist me and everyone knew there was absolutely no reason for it.

    Now I can think back on this all and realize I was NOT a BAD kid, I was being sexually abused for years, ontop of that all the things I stated above were happening, I never said anything about anything until I was 16. That only happened because I couldnt take the sexual abuse any longer and the stress it had on me. So instead of being supported, I was threatened. The law enforcement people who were involved in my case never knew about all the other abuses I went through, and even the sex abuse, I was forced by my whole family to recant everything and tell everyone I lied. I was living in a Scary Nightmare. Do you know the family member that sexually abused me, the charges aganist him were dropped, he ended up moving away, got married, had a ton of support from my parents and other family members and now has a few kids! 

    But that crap my Dad said all those years ago, it still has me freaking out about having kids. As much as I know I have way too much love, devotion, support and protection to give to my future children…I’m always scared to think…What if he turns out right…I made my kids into monsters.

    *Sorry for the spill people…I know TMI, but it always feels better to be able to exhale and purge some of these thoughts off the chest, even if it’s to a bunch of nameless, faceless people I don’t know and never will know. I think it’s okay especially since I can’t afford a therapist at the present time ;p

  • She was 12 when she had him. Probably closer to 11 when she got pregnant. I wonder how old the dad was. I also have to wonder what her own parents and home life was like that she could get pregnant that young and be expected to keep and raise him.

  • When a victim chooses to become a victimizer, they forfeit the right to call themselves a victim.

  • paula parker

    The state should have gotten involved when the child was first born. For heavens sake she was 12 years. The mother should have been arrest for child bearing a child. The state of Florida dropped the ball as usual. One of these days a hurricane is going to wipe that state off the map for good.