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WESTMINSTER, Colo. — Here’s a story that plays out like a scene from a horror movie. A man breaks into a home while a mother and son cower in a closet, the entire incident captured on a 911 call.

Teresa Middleton was outside of her home when she noticed a suspicious man staring at her from across the street. She felt uneasy so she went inside and locked her front fddoor. Shortly after, the man was trying to kick in that door. Middleton grabbed her teenage son and retreated into a closet inside a second floor bedroom. She then called 911.

You can listen to the call by clicking here, but if for some reason you cannot play the file, here’s a transcript from

“He’s getting in now! …Hurry! Hurry, he’s getting in,” the woman said on the 911 tape.
“Ma’am, we’ve dispatched officers,” the dispatcher said. “I’m just keeping you on the phone, OK?”
The woman relayed to the dispatcher as the man kicked in the garage door.
“He’s in the house,” she quietly said.
“Can you lock the door?” the dispatcher asked.
“Yes, but he’s going to come through right now,” the woman said. “He’s coming up right now. I’m going to put down the phone.”
At one point the mother can be heard telling her son to take cover, saying “Get under there.” A small dog barked in the background.
“OK, Theresa,” the dispatcher said. “If you can’t talk, don’t talk.”
Finally, the woman whispered: “He’s coming in my room.”
The intruder can be heard on the tape, banging on the door, demanding: “Unlock the door.”
“What do you want? Tell me what you want. I’ll give you whatever your want,” the mother said from the closet.
“You know what I want,” the intruder replied.
“No, I don’t. But I’ll give it you. Just tell me what you want,” the woman pleaded.
“Unlock the door,” the man said.
“Do you want money?” the woman asked.
“Yes” the intruder said.
The dispatcher is heard telling colleagues, “I can hear him.”
“OK,” the woman bargained. “I’ll give you money. How much do you want?”
“All of it,” the man said.
Seemingly playing for time, the woman then asked if he wanted jewelry.
“Yeah,” the intruder said.
She told him he could take her TVs.
Police are heard burst in, barking commands at the intruder.
“Get your hands behind your back!” an officer ordered.

Police were there within three minutes and after a brief struggle, subdued and arrested 23-year-old Benjamin Davis Saffell. He was placed in jail on charges of menacing, burglary, assault on a peace officer, obstructing a peace officer, resisting arrest, criminal mischief and theft. They stated that it appeared Saffell was under the influence of drugs.

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Middleton released a statement to the media praising the Westminster police as well as 911:

“You never anticipate to have to call 911 and protect yourself and unfortunately I found myself in that situation. And, without fail, the Westminster Police force was there for me. I feel that I did exactly what any other mother would have done to protect their family,” Middleton says in the statement. “If there’s anything to learn from this situation, I’d like the public to know: Don’t ever hesitate to call 911. It seems that saying thank you to the police officers and everyone involved doesn’t give them the justice that I believe they deserve, because I whole-heartedly believe they saved my life.”

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  • Anonymous

    ““You know what I want.”

    I don’t think he wanted money…  :-/ 

    I don’t understand why she ran upstairs to hide. I would have tried to sneak out the back. Maybe she’s watched too many horror movies. 

    Glad everything turned out okay, though.  🙂 

  • Count Rackula

    I’m really glad that the cops actually got there while he was still in the house! I’ve had to call the cops several times in the middle of the night in reference to someone in my yard in the middle of the night, checking out my house to see if anyone’s home. Even when I called and told them that someone was outside, and likely coming in, they didn’t show up for three fucking hours. The only reason the guy outside did not come in is because my Dad showed up (I called him when the cops decided not to come for a long time) and ran them off. Then a strange car kept driving by the house every few minutes and the cops were absolutely nowhere to be found. If the guy wanted to, he could have come in and robbed and murdered us and got away with it since the cops were just not in that much of a hurry. I’m glad this story turned out the way it did, this guy sounds completely nuts. If I were her, I would have been more concerned that he wanted to rape me, I wouldn’t assume he wanted money. But then, I have no money, so maybe that’s why I would think that.

    ETA: The mug shot just barely loaded and that guy freaks me the fuck out. I would have given him everything I own if it meant he’d go away.

  • I think what he really needs is an escort and a multilevel parking garage to drive it off.

  • Pyncky

    Too bad she didn’t have a nice 12 gauge shotgun in that closet just in case the PD was too slow.

  • hookerpie

    Now she should and her son should take some shooting classes and get themselves some guns.  Glad this woman and her son are OK and hats off to the police for getting there before this story was about a murder.

  • I applaud her for at least being clever enough to buy time by listing things he might want or things he can take.

  • Inconsiderate @ pikeman

    She asked how much of the money he wanted.

    “All of it.”

    It is rare when a robber just wants a little of the goods.

    “Yeah, sorry about the trouble. Can you just give me a little of your money? Maybe just one piece of jewelry that you don’t want? Thanks. Sorry about the intrusion. I won’t bother you anymore. Have a nice night. Cheerio.”

    That will be the day.

    Also, I could see why this guy is pissed off. Losing almost all your hair by the age of 23 is harsh.

    “My name is Benjamen Davis Saffell, I want all your money and jewelry, and I want my hair back!”

    I have a shitload of hair. Fuck, I hope he doesn’t show up here.

  • Good on Ms. Middleton and kudos to the 911 operator also. When she said, “start taking the tv’s now”, that was clever to distract him, even if momentarily. Awesome to hear the cops order the intruder to the ground. If only Al Pacino were there to throw open the door, yelling “Say hello to my little friend!” (cue machine-gun sounds)

  • Heck yeah, and if the sound of a round being chambered didn’t impress him, then blast him from the 2nd floor down to the 1st floor.

  • Anonymous

    An outstanding job by mom, 911 and the police. 

  • Good lord, he’s a creepy young man! A home invasion while I’m there is my biggest nightmare. I can’t even say what I’d do. Sounds like mom maintained her cool and kept her head. kudos.

  • Its exactly this kinda shit that gets me mad at Cops, I called them on this dude staring at my neighbors house n they said, oh hes not goin to do anything

  • i can um, procure a ford escort for that,if you bring the perp

  • At first i thought this was a story about ICP fans..lookin at that mugshot

  • I’m Calling Bath Salts on this one

  • LeaveMeBe

    Coulda, shoulda, woulda……they survived and the bad guy was caught. The sheer terror I imagined this woman feeling as she was on the phone was enough to give me nightmares, but this guys eyes guaranteed them for me.

  • Awesome…way to go Teresa, 911, and the cops.

  • Anonymous

    “Here’s a story that plays out like a scene from a horror movie. ”

    Then I look at the mugshot & this modafucka can be the next Jason or Mike Meyers! This is a great horror story beginning.

  • Shauna Olsen

    No kidding. But wait, I bet his lawyer would try to sue later on for the physical injuries from being shot. It has been done before and even more pathetic these losers sometimes actually win.

  • This is exactly why I sleep with one of these in my night stand: .

  • Anonymous

    No shit, I was totally freaked by that mugshot, wow!!  O.O

  • Athena

    That’s why it’s important to know the laws of your state.  Most states have a Castle Doctrine or some other legislation to protect residents from such lawsuits, but a few states still have weak laws on the books.

    Here’s a list of states with weak or no Castle Doctrine.  If you live in one, you’re going to want to contact your representatives.

  • Athena

    He could definitely benefit from a similar mask… O.o

  • Anonymous

    I think his eyes are following me…

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the link. I was sure, and it is, that DC is on the list, but I find Virginia on the list to be very, very shocking.

  • Anonymous

    This well written story with the audio with the transcript makes this one of the most real and terrifying stories ever on DD.

  • Anonymous

    I have to totally agree with you. this guy gives me the heebee jeebees.Thats one of my fears too, Even though I have dogs.My dogs have woken me out of a sound sleep because they heard something.They are at the bedroom door in a shot.They then promptly go back to sleep and Iam laying there wide awake …crap! lol.

  • Anonymous

    “I have a shitload of hair”. You and the imitation Bee Gees terrorist guy.

  • Inconsiderate @ pikeman

    I look like a terrorist too, right now. I’m shaving it all off.

  • Anonymous

    Shaving the face- ok…but no reason to shave off healthy locks of hair for
    fear of being a Bee-Gee 🙁

  • Inconsiderate @ pikeman

    That’s not why. I shave my head this time of year, every year. If you saw me right now, you would totally understand.

  • Wicked Smilee

    osama bee gee ladin

  • Anonymous

    “I feel that I did exactly what any other mother would have done to protect their family”

    Ummmm…nope! I would never be found cowering in a closet or anywhere else in my own home just waiting for a crazed stranger to find me and my spawn. Never. That’s what guns are for. Maybe it’s because I live in Texas but in this situation I would find shooting first and then calling for help to be entirely appropriate. If we are reduced to being afraid to protect our children by any means necessary then there is prolly no hope for us at all. Having said that, I should clarify that I am not an advocate for shooting to kill unless there is no other reasonable option. I never want to be responsible for the death of another person unless I could find no other way to keep my child safe but I also wouldn’t hesitate if a killshot was required.

  • Anonymous

    I just have one question… Who has a lock on the INSIDE of their closet door?

  •  Lol, we have the Make My Day law here in Colorado. Guy comes on your property, hand him his ass full of lead. Frankly, I thought the law was dangerous when it first came out, but it’s proven to be a pretty good thing so far.

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