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IRVINGTON, NJ — I’m having a shit week so I think I will focus on child killers, a subject I usually like to stay away from.

Starting with 30-year-old Venette Ovilde, a woman who was arrested on charges of aggravated manslaughter and endangering the welfare of a child after her severely malnourished 8-year-old daughter was found dead.

Ovilde called 911 on Sunday to report that the girl was not breathing. When police arrived they not only found the girl dead, they found her looking like one of those starving Ethiopian kids on television eating bowls of sand with flies hanging out on their eyeballs. She was also sporting an untreated fracture of the femur which an autopsy would later reveal is what she died from.

They also found a 7-year-old girl and a 6-year-old boy suffering from similar symptoms, both malnourished and sporting fractures and other physical injuries.  The siblings, who were not registered at any schools, were taken to the hospital for observation.

Police feel Ovilde, who is from Haiti, was abusing the children because of possible religious reasons. Police also arrested Ovilde’s roommate, 23-year-old Myriam Janvier, charging them with endangering the welfare of a child.

I’m not sure why the police feel religion may be involved, but the mother comes from Haiti so there’s no telling what kind of Haitian Vodou bullshit she may be involved in. Hell, a large chunk of Haitians believe AIDS is caused by magic and can be cured by a witch doctor. Something as simple as a broken bone can probably be fixed by dancing around with a dead chicken and spitting alcohol all over it.


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