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GRAFTON, Wis. — Police in Western Australia have arrested a 17-year-old boy after they say he harassed a 14-year-old Wisconsin girl online.

The victim met the boy online a year and a half ago and they have maintained a friendship via Facebook, Youtube and other online social tools. But things started getting too strange for the girl the day a Domino’s pizza was delivered to her parent’s home. After the delivery, the girl received an email from the teen in Australia asking if she had enjoyed the pizza.

When the girl started receiving necklaces and candy through the mail, she decided it was time to end the online communication, starting by blocking the boy on Facebook. This got the Australian teen so upset that he began threatening the girl. “If you thought ultimate love was bad, wait till you see ultimate hate. I’ll ruin your life,” he wrote. “I know exactly where you live.”

The teen also boasted that there was nothing the girl could do about his online harassment. “You can’t stop me.…

Houston, Texas — I’ve got a few updates to report, starting with police finally filing murder charges in relation to a road rage shooting death we reported on last year.

For the link-impaired, back in October Theodore Mitsakos honked at a black truck that had pulled out in front of him. What followed was an 8-mile chase in broad daylight as the occupants in the black truck were hanging out of the windows shooting at Mitsakos.

The poor guy had time to call 911 and his business partner and explain that he was being chased before a bullet would strike him in the head, killing him. Mitsako’s vehicle would hit another vehicle before plowing into an occupied apartment building.

Witnesses described a black pickup being driven by two light-skinned black or dark-skinned Hispanic males but that’s about all the information police had to go on. “We don’t have any license plate or suspect names yet,” said Houston Police Sgt. Chris Cegielski at the time.

Now, six months and some Crime Stopper tips later, police have filed murder charges against 25-year-old Jose Gerardo Silva, a known gang member with a lengthy criminal history. …

Joliet, Illinois – Police have filed charges against two people in relation to the death of an aspiring rapper at a party last September who died after taking a punch during a bet.

John ‘Fatboy’ Powell, 25, was at a party where he had performed with his rap band Krazy Killaz. While talking with some friends, he plopped over dead from a burst artery in his neck. The coroner would reveal Powell died from a brain hemorrhage caused by blunt force trauma.

Witnesses gave police different accounts as to how Powell had suffered the blunt force trauma, including that he hit his head after tripping and that he hit his head while jumping around on stage. But eventually these accounts were proven to be cover-ups to hide what had actually happened.

The truth turned out to involve a 22-year-old woman and a $5 party bet.

Prosecutors say that 27-year-old Jimmy Mounts was at the party offering people five bucks if they allowed themselves to take a punch thrown by Tiffany Startz.…

Austin, TX — Police have arrested a man and charged him with spanking his 2-year-old daughter to death.

The image you’re looking at is concept art for the new Marvel Comics/General Mills crossover comic event coming sometime between now and never. The first character to be unveiled, the aptly named ‘Luck-E’, was at one time nothing more than a petty thug, until a freak nuclear-cereal-factory accident changed his life forever. Reborn under the magic sign of the Blue Moon, Luck-E has reached super-villain status, leaving a trail of hearts, stars, horseshoes and bloody corpses in his wake as he searches for…

Actually, this is Nicholas Williams, and he was just another douche with stupid tattoos on his face until he allegedly killed his 2 year-old daughter.

A 911 call was made on May 23 to report the child was not breathing. Police arrived shortly thereafter and one officer attempted to revive the girl with CPR before paramedics arrived. The girl was pronounced dead less than an hour later at the hospital.…

Wisconsin Rapids, WI — Four members of Lincoln High School’s state championship wrestling team are facing disorderly conduct charges after being accused of repeatedly sexually harassing a fellow wrestler in the locker room.

According to the criminal complaint, the accused, Zachary Benitz, 18; Kasey Einerson, 17; Rylan Lubeck, 17; and Devin Peterson, 17, reportedly made one freshman wrestler’s season a living hell full of wins towards their 20th state championship as well as their naked penises being placed on various parts of his body.

The 15-year-old victim claims that on about 5 to 10 separate occasions, the accused would dance around him while they were naked, swinging their penises at him. He described an incident in the shower where he says one of the accused placed their penis on his butt. He was unable to get away from the offending member because he was “boxed in by two other wrestlers.” On another occasion, the victim said that he “had to climb into a locker” to prevent a penis from hitting him in the face.…

The Pulpit Of Doom Podcast Episode 10

May 31, 2011 at 7:14 am by  

Thanks to everyone who turned out for Sunday’s Pulpit of Doom podcast and listened to Jaded and myself ramble.

We had a couple weeks of technical difficulties so last night’s impromptu broadcast was a last minute deal and to be honest, I didn’t think we would even make it an hour. But surprise, surprise, we made it the entire 90 minutes.

In between talking about Casey Anthony’s ridiculous defense, discussions of the last couple week’s most popular stories on the site, and Hugh Howey’s 16th book, we also learned that Jaded’s virginity was worth a six pack of beer and I admitted to putting my penis in my own butthole.

I’m sure we went into many different tangents over the course of the show, including Jaded making fun of my gardening dreams, but we had a blast and we’ll be back next week for more of the same. Be sure to check out our BlogTalkRadio page for archived episodes.


Port Richey, FL — After having a few too many at the Lane Glo Bowling Alley early Saturday morning, police allege Crystal Leija got behind the wheel of her Honda Accord and proceeded to slam into a parked car, several fences and a few mailboxes before driving straight through a house where a family of seven were sleeping.

It was about 2:00 in the a.m. when Leija’s car went barreling through the family’s home. Completely through it.

“I heard a loud crash. Boom! I thought it was a tornado. I thought it was the end of the world.” said John Rauchbauer. “When I hit the hallway, there was dust and debris.”

It was about then that Rauchbauer realized the car had plowed through the bedroom where his two boys, ages 4 and 10, had been sleeping. Unable to find them at first, Rauchbauer began searching for the boys, desperately calling out for them.

Rauchbauer’s brother-in-law, Jesse Data, had been sleeping on an air mattress in the living room at the time.…

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. — Police in Massachusetts have arrested a man and charged him assault after they say he used a forklift to attack a car his girlfriend was sitting in.

According to Police Sergeant John Delaney, 41-year-old Brian Hurley and his girlfriend were inside a car outside of his workplace arguing about finances. Hurley ended up slapping his girlfriend across the face before exiting the vehicle, which he then began to kick.

Not satisfied with the bitchslap and the temper-tantrum, Hurley reportedly jumped into a forklift and used it to lift up the car his girlfriend was still sitting in. He carried it for a few feet before dropping it back on the ground and then running from the scene.

Police would find him later at his home and charge him with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, assault and battery and malicious damage to a motor vehicle.…

Winston-Salem, NC — A five-year-old Virginia girl is reported in stable condition after police say her grandmother tried to kill her and herself in a motel room in Winston-Salem last week.

According to authorities, 43-year-old Angela Lynch kidnapped the child from Falling Branch Elementary School in Christiansburg, Virginia on Wednesday morning and headed out of town. Police say Lynch was on the approved pick-up list at the school, but the child’s mother had no idea Lynch had planned on checking the kid out of school that day.

Lynch and the little girl were reported missing at about 10:00 a.m. Wednesday morning. The next morning, about 100 miles away, the cleaning staff at a Winston-Salem Hampton Inn reported finding a semi-conscious older woman and child in one of the rooms.

When police arrived on scene, they reportedly found “a lot” of blood due to lacerations to both Lynch and the child’s arms. According to Winston-Salem Police Capt. David Clayton, Lynch’s were self-inflicted. In addition to the lacerations, both Lynch and her granddaughter were suffering from the effects of an undetermined amount of an unknown medication.…

Utica, NY — Alkabi Abduleman, 56, was arrested late Friday after his attempts to romance his neighbor were deemed illegal.

Utica police said that Abduleman approached a small child near his home at around 8PM Friday and told the girl that he liked her mother.

Abduleman  must have been concerned of the young girl’s ability to accurately convey his feelings because, according to the account provided to police by the girl’s mother, “Abduleman came outside his home completely naked in front of her and her daughter and started moving his hips in a sexual grinding motion and blew kisses to her and her daughter.” That’s pretty clear.

Abduleman is was charged with exposure and endangering the welfare of a child.

Since the filing of an affidavit seeking arrest is not, technically, a “no,” I promise to keep you updated on any reported progress in the budding romance between Abduleman and his new lady-friend.

Tampa, FL — India Couch, 22, is facing drug and child abuse charges after police say she smacked her 1-year-old daughter with a shoe for nommin’ on her pot stash.

Police say the child was left unsupervised for a time Sunday morning, and after finding the stash in mom’s purse, chowed down on an undisclosed amount of the drug. After Couch realized the kid had ingested the weed, she proceeded to smack the kid with a sandal, leaving three welts on the child’s arm.

When another adult in the home tried to intervene, Couch reportedly picked up a 5 lb. dumbbell and hit him in the back and chest, causing minor injuries.

She’s been booked on charges of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and possession of cannabis, and is being held without bail in the Hillsborough County Jail.

Huh, the Couch really did do it this time……

Jacksonville, FL — Michael Fiorelli, 44, was recently arrested in connection with voyeurism at a Kohl’s in southern Duval County and at the Southpoint Marriott hotel, and it appears as if he will have trouble coming up with a believable alibi.

According to police, in addition to being captured on surveillance video and witnesses recording his car license plate number at both places, his court-ordered tracking bracelet places him at the scene of the crime.

Jacksonville police reported they were called to a Kohl’s department store on April 20 to investigate after loss-prevention associate watched on camera as Fiorelli loitered in the lingerie department and then entered into the dressing room area. Police said workers followed Fiorelli out of the store and recorded his license plate number.

Then on May 11 at a Marriott hotel, a 23-year-old woman who was taking part in a nursing convention encountered Fiorelli slipping off of the toilet seat in the stall next to her, police said. Fiorelli reportedly ran from the bathroom to his car.…

Las Vegas, NV — If you happen to know where Herman Lolong is, hide your drink and call the cops.

In 2008, Lolong worked for Jackpot Sanitation – a port-a-john supplier in the Las Vegas area. Amber Estrada reported to Lolong while working for Jackpot as a sales representative. Estrada claims that her troubles began after she complained of having to endure a hostile work environment with Lolong as her chief harasser.

Astonishingly, according to court records, Jackpot Sanitation upper management responded to Estrada’s complaints by reassigning her in 2009 to an isolated office with one other coworker and Lolong as their boss.

“I don’t understand why I have to be over there. I’m uncomfortable. You guys know how I feel about him.” Estrada recalled saying. She described their response as telling her to “just make the best of it.”

Not long after the reassignment, Estrada noticed that the drinks she kept in her personal office refrigerator had a peculiar odor and taste, court documents state.

“It happened so many times that, when it happened to my water, it was undeniable because water has no taste.…

Everett, WA — Members of the Jackson High School cheerleading squad have been suspended after it was revealed that they were conducting initiation rituals that required the new members to wear diapers and then be squirted with squirt guns and hit with flying hot dogs.

Oh, the humanity.

The Everett School District suspended several cheerleaders, saying they violated the athletic code of conduct which prohibits hazing.

School officials released a statement that said, “When students make poor choices, it is disappointing to us, just as it is disappointing to parents. We hope, as parents do, that each action with appropriate consequences is a positive learning experience.”

Fellow students registered the expected outrage.

“No one’s died from getting hit in the face with a sausage,” one student said.

It was reported that several parents of the cheerleaders met with school officials on Thursday, but the suspensions were not overturned. This, of course, means that the suspended girls will be spending their next days at home, reflecting on their poor judgement and fielding cash offers from porn websites worldwide to recreate the scene.…

Lorain, OH — This handsome gent here is Aaron Applegate. Aside from the extra chromosomes and the stupid hair cut, Applegate now has a few more things to add to his resume when he auditions for the part of Barney Rubble in the R-rated adaptation of The Flintstones that was just announced by the movie producers that live in my ass. These include, but are not limited to, his apparent taste for human flesh, his temper and his ability to piss anywhere.

29 year-old Nathaniel Chandler knows about these last three firsthand. Apparently Chandler was visiting a friend Tuesday evening when Applegate,  (a rough) 32, showed up drunk. Everything was fine until Applegate decided to whip out his Hogan and take a leak right in the front yard, paying no mind to the 3-year-old girl in the immediate area. This was the last straw for Chandler, who yelled at Applegate to pack it up and get lost.

Applegate didn’t take too kindly to this, and allegedly attacked Chandler. A brief scuffle ensued.…

Haines City, FL — Xavier Perez, a licensed massage therapist and notary, was arrested Wednesday after police say he got all touchy-feely on a 14-year-old girl he was supposed to be treating for a skin condition.

The girl’s mother reported the alleged incident to police on Saturday after the kid was seen at Perez’s place of business – Ideal Notary Inc. Huh. A notary and a massage therapist…how friggin’ handy! I, for one, love one-stop shopping.

The teen told police Perez blindfolded her and performed lewd acts on her, saying that type of treatment was necessary to correct her skin condition.

A subsequent search of Perez’s business revealed numerous sex toys and condoms. All of which are necessary in the notary/massage business, I’m sure.

Perez, 65, is currently being held without bond, charged with four counts of committing lewd and lascivious acts upon a child less than 16 years of age.…

Gilroy, CA — According to police, Jose Franco, 39, of San Jose, california, was arrested Saturday in the small town of Gilroy for displaying his junk to three young girls who made the apparent mistake of setting up a lemonade stand without prominently displaying a sign saying “No Perverts Allowed.”

A Gilroy Police Department press release described Franco approaching the three girls and purchasing lemonade from them. The release then described Franco exposing himself to them and fleeing the area in his car.

A witness provided a suspect description and partial license plate number. According to the police account, the officer responding to the area located Franco, whose vehicle and appearance matched descriptions by the witness.

Franco was arrested and booked into jail on suspicion of indecent exposure, possession of less than one ounce of marijuana and driving with a suspended license.

Anyone who witnessed the incident or was a victim is asked to call Gilroy police at (408) 846-0350. Those wishing to remain anonymous can call the We Tip line at (800) 782-7463.…

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