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Flushing, NY — Less than one week after we posted the story of the young man stealing and selling his stepfather’s pot, we have a similar case with a firearm.

An eight-year-old boy attending Public School 107 Thomas Dooley in Queens brought his father’s 9mm semiautomatic pistol to school Wednesday – and promptly sold it to a classmate for the bargain price of $3. That classmate, also 8, thought that it was a toy.

This mistaken belief caused the weapon’s new owner to take the loaded handgun home and show it proudly to his mother. His mother, clearly not apprecating that he had gotten an even better buy than he had thought, reportedly went apeshit – “angrily returning to the school” and telling an official. The administration called 911.  …and thus ended the buy of the week.

Police have arrested the father and gun owner, 54-year-old Ignacio Galvan. It has been reported in the news alternately that he was the registered owner of the handgun; that he bought it a decade ago for protection; and that the gun had its serial number scratched off.…

Wisconsin Rapids, WI – As further proof it is an absolute free-for-all in Wisconsin, Kevin A. Lang, 48, a former Marshfield Clinic physician, has been charged with five felony counts of second-degree sexual assault of an intoxicated victim. This because of his alleged tendency to have patients hold his penis while they were coming out of sedation. According to court documents, Lang also forced one woman to touch herself inappropriately.

Lang, a former gastroenterologist, gave up his hospital privileges when confronted with accusations by hospital officials. He reportedly admitted to inappropriately touching 11 other patients between 2003 and 2007.

Lang waived his right to a preliminary hearing this week in Wood County circuit court and stood mute when asked to plea. The judge then entered not guilty pleas on his behalf.

The incidents leading to the charges allegedly occurred between 2005 and 2009 – all of the victims were female. Lang is also named in six civil suits stemming from the claims.

The Wisconsin Medical Examining Board found last year that Lang had inappropriate sexual contact with a woman in 2009.…

Coralville, IA – Lucinda V. Kinder, 32, has been charged with domestic abuse assault without intent causing injury after police say she bit her boyfriend’s penis during a heated argument.

Police responded to the home the woman shares with her boyfriend after receiving a 911 hangup call earlier this month. A police investigation alleges that Kinder punched the man, scratched his left shoulder, then bit his penis causing it to bleed.

At last report, Kinder was jailed on a $2,500 cash bond.

How do you bite a man’s penis to the point of drawing blood without intent to commit injury?!?  I am injured by the thought of it alone.


Police: State Trooper Saw Man Molesting Children

April 29, 2011 at 12:37 pm by  

Orlando, FL — An officer with the Florida Highway Patrol contacted the Orlando Police Department early Tuesday morning after he reportedly witnessed an old geezer molesting two young girls underneath a highway overpass.

According to the trooper, he wasn’t sure what he was witnessing at first, but it appeared as if an older man was forcing two very young girls to fondle him. He turned his vehicle around and grabbed a pair of binoculars.

Sure enough, the old geezer, later identified as 71-year-old Luigi Lubin, grabbed one of the kiddo’s hands and placed it on his groin. The trooper told police Lubin then unzipped his fly, exposing himself to the young ‘ens. At that point, the trooper made contact with the local police department and an arrest was made.

Again, it’s a damn good thing I’m not a cop…geezer would be nothing but a greasy stain on the sidewalk.

Police say the children, ages 2 and 3, are known to Lubin, but don’t specify the exact relationship – the Department of Children and Families later released the children to a relative.…

Pasadena, CAYoung Song, a 40-year-old animator with DreamWorks Studios, is being held on animal cruelty charges after dishing out what the Humane Society is calling one of the most brutal cases of animal abuse they have ever seen.

Song, whose credits include Shark Tale, Bee Movie, Flushed Away, Kung Fu Panda and Madagascar 2, reportedly scaled a neighbor’s fence on April 20 and shot their muzzled 1-year-old German Shepherd puppy with a pellet gun before chasing it around the yard and beating it to death with a hammer. Police say the entire incident was captured on surveillance video.

“When our officers first viewed the videotape, one of our officers had tears in his eyes. He’d never seen anything like this before,” said Steve McNall, head of the Pasadena Humane Society and Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. “In my 31 years at this animal shelter I’ve never seen anything like this.”

The surveillance video reportedly shows Song dragging the dog’s bloodied and motionless body from it’s owner’s yard…it hasn’t been seen since.…

Calumet City, Illinois – Wanderer posted a story a couple days ago regarding the dead body of 18-year-old Rosemary Newman being found in a forest preserve. She was nine-months pregnant. Yesterday police announced they have arrested and charged two people for her murder. It turns out it was her ex-boyfriend and another woman, and what they did was as chilling as it was cold-blooded.

Newman was lured to a restaurant by her ex, 20-year-old Deandre Minkens, 20, under the guise of getting back together. Minkens is reportedly the father of Newman’s unborn baby. Newman’s family tried to warn her not to go, but she went anyway leaving a note that read “he already in my hands because he want to get back with me.”

What Newman didn’t know was that her family was right about their suspicions and that she had walked into a trap, a murder plot Minkens had spent several weeks planning. After eating at the restaurant, the pair got into Minkens vehicle where 19-year-old Shante Thomas was hiding. …

BRISTOL, Pa. — We’ve covered a of of stories involving child neglect that involved feces, but this story may just take the prize for the amount smeared. I wouldn’t bet money on that, but I bet it’s close.

Police have arrested 21-year-old Chelsea Champey after her three children, ages 4, 2 and 1, were discovered alone inside a feces covered home.

On Monday, police responded to the home for an unrelated complaint and discovered what prosecutors are calling what prosecutors are calling one of the worst cases of neglect they’ve seen. “This is about as offensive as a child neglect and endangerment case gets,” said deputy district attorney Blake Jackman. “This was pure neglect.”

After the 4-year-old let police inside the home, they saw an open bottle of liquor on the table, and a marijuana cigarette in an ashtray. Under the table was a turd. But not one from a pet. This one was a human-sized dirt snake. This was just a primer to what the police were about to find in the rest of the house.…

ALBUQUERQUE, NM — It’s been awhile since we’ve had some World of Warcraft related news, but an 18-year-old man paid for a 12-year-old girl to fly over a thousand miles so that they could meet and have sex.

It all started eight months ago when Alex Trowell met an 11-year-old girl while playing World of Warcraft. The relationship soon graduated from casual talk in-game to sexting and plans to meet. So on New Year’s Day, Trowell started driving from Idaho to New Mexico to meet the girl, but his plans were thwarted when someone tipped off police who intercepted him and told him to turn around.

But you just can’t keep a good erection down and Trowell came up with a new plan after finding out that the girl, now 12, could fly on United Airlines without parental consent. He paid for her ticket and before long, the two were fooling around in the home Trowell lived with his grandparents. The plan was for the girl to live in the abandoned house next door until she turned 18, at which time the two lovebirds would get married.…

St. Ann, MO – Ritenour High School student Dalton Heinle, 18, was arrested for using his cell phone to videotape his fellow students in various states of undress.

Police say Heinle was taken into custody Tuesday and was charged with criminal invasion of privacy. Police said school administrators contacted them after a student caught Heinle recording he and other students dressing and undressing.

“…some individuals on the phone that were identified by Ritenour staff as being students there but there’s a bunch of other people that we don’t know. Nobody knows,” said Breckenridge Hills Police Captain Scott Robinson. Police say the videos were shot in what appears to be bathrooms and locker rooms.  Heinle is a member of the school’s swim team.

According to police, they are aware of seven victims who have been identified as Ritenour High School students. All were male and none knew they were being videotaped, police said. Parents reportedly received a letter and email from the school alerting them that an incident did take place at the school.…

Wichita, KS – A 15-year-old boy has been charged with shooting and killing his 17-year-old sister’s boyfriend after he discovered them in bed together.

On Easter Sunday, the boy allegedly entered the room where his sister and her boyfriend were in bed. He then shot 17-year-old Tyree Bell in the head with a rifle. The bullet exited Bell’s head and then entered the hand and shoulder of the sister.

Bell was pronounced dead at the scene, the sister was taken to the hospital for treatment and released on Monday. The shooting occurred at the home of the sibling’s father’s, but he was not at home at the time of the shooting. Both the teen and his sister are in the state’s protective custody, but had been given Easter passes so that they could visit their family.

Police believe the suspect was upset because his sister was having a physical relationship with Bell. The suspected shooter is a documented gang member, but Bell is not.

The 15-year-old boy has been charged with first-degree murder and aggravated assault.…

BOYLE HEIGHTS, CA — If you are responsible for the dead teenager found in a storage container on the side of a California highway, police would like to talk to you.

Police where called to an off-ramp of Interstates 5 and 10 after a homeless person made the grisly discovery. The plastic container contained the naked body of 17-year-old Michelle Lozano.  “It was partially covered in Target, or some kind of plastic bags, and she was face down in the bushes,” said LAPD Det. DeWain Fields.

Police are investigating Lozano’s death as a homicide and believe she may have been killed somewhere else and dumped from a moving vehicle as the tub was busted open when it was discovered. Her cause of death will be determined today after the The Los Angeles County coroner’s office conducts their examination.

I’m having trouble finding any details on the teen aside from her having a tattoo on each wrist, one reading “Love” and the other “Hate.” Other than that, nothing. Homicide detectives say Lozano is not listed on any missing persons reports.…

ANN ARBOR, Mich. — Dillon Pearce isn’t making too many friend at the moment after he was charged with intentionally running over some ducklings in a McDonald’s parking lot with his Hummer.

Police said the 19-year-old was waiting to pick up his food from the drive-through window when one of the passengers in his Hummer got out and tried to pick up a duckling that was walking in the parking lot with its mother.

Employees a the McDonald’s say that they ducks nest at the restaurant every year and are welcome visitors. I bet they wouldn’t say that if they had the geese that nest in our parking lot at work every year. Damn things are nasty creatures.

Anyway, the employees told the idiot to stop trying to pickup the duckling so Pearce left and parked in an adjacent lot. He then drove back into the McDonald’s parking lot and ran over the mother duck and her ducklings, killing four of them. Employees called police and Pearce was arrested at a nearby gas station.…

Waco, TX — According to police, 23-year-old Kyeshia Gaines was arrested after her unsecured 15-month-old child fell from her vehicle and was run over by another car. Police reported that Gaines’ child, 15-month-old Kingston Lang, fell out of a car driven by his mother at around 6:30 p.m. Sunday.

A witness told police that after the child fell from her mother’s car, it was promptly run over by a gold colored Mercury Grand Marquis.

Jonathan Howard, a witness to the accident, told reporters on Monday that he saw the toddler fall out of the car and then saw a second vehicle roll over him. Howard said the toddler “had blood on his face and tire marks on his back.”

The boy’s mother evidently didn’t notice the infant had fallen out of the car’s backseat, as evidenced by the long period of time between the child falling out of the moving vehicle and her returning to the scene. Police said that after approximately five minutes, Gaines returned and reportedly grabbed the child from the roadway.…

Muncie, IN — Kenneth Wayne Meer, 21, was arrested Sunday morning after going to Indiana University Health Ball Memorial Hospital for treatment for stab wounds to his stomach and back.

Police were actually anticipating Meer’s arrival at the hospital after a 21-year-old female Ball State University student reported a rape during which she had stabbed her assailant four times.

According to police, at approximately 4:30AM, Meer knocked on the door of the victim’s apartment. Police say the victim opened the door and Meer “forced his way into her apartment.” The two then began to struggle.

Meer pulled a knife and put it to the woman’s throat, but dropped the knife during the struggle. The victim grabbed the knife and began stabbing Meer as he strangled her. The woman passed out from the strangulation, according to police reports.

It was after the victim regained consciousness that Meer reportedly raped her. As he was doing so, he tried to contain the blood from his multiple stab wounds using a T-shirt.

Meer’s mother and girlfriend told investigators Meer returned home around 6 a.m.…

Woodland, WA — Jeremiah Seth Cunningham, 25, was arrested Sunday and charged with burglarizing a Woodland business earlier this month. Police say they identified Cunningham from his driver’s license, which he had attempted to use to jimmy a lock and then left behind when it became stuck.

Just so there would be absolutely no doubt, Cunningham also reportedly allowed his likeness to be captured on security video.

Woodland Police said they responded to reports of a burglary at a mini-mall at about 2:30 a.m. on April 13. Responding officers didn’t find anyone at the location, but they said someone tried to force open doors and used golf balls to break windows. Officers then noticed Cunningham’s driver’s license still lodged in one of the doors.

Cunningham was arrested the following day at his home. He reportedly told police that he didn’t remember much about the previous night since he was very intoxicated.

“He did recall, though, being in a building and ’scratching’ a hole in a wall,” according to police.

Damage to the businesses was estimated to be about $1,000.…

CONWAY, N.H. – The body of Krista Dittmeyer was found by divers in a retaining pond about a quarter-mile from where her car was found idling with her infant daughter inside. An autopsy will be conducted to determine Dittmeyer’s cause of death, but police are labeling her death “suspicious.”

Police began searching for Dittmeyer after her car was found on Saturday, sitting in the Cranmore Mountain ski area parking lot. It had been idling there for several hours with the hazard lights flashing. In the backseat was Dittmeyer’s 14-month-old daughter, alive and unharmed.

On Tuesday, police executed search warrants on two vehicles. One was Dittmeyer’s black Nissan Sentra, the other was never revealed to the media. Reports of blood being found in Dittmeyer’s vehicle were not confirmed by police, saying the Conway Police Department “does not comment on specific pieces of evidence.”

No one knows why Dittmeyer was in Conway, but she reportedly had a number of friends in the area. Her family, like a lot of other people, feel she was forced out of the car and that she persuaded that person to leave her daughter behind. …

ISSAQUAH, Wash. – Two girls, ages 11 and 12, have been charged with computer trespassing and cyberstalking after they allegedly logged onto 12-year-old Leslie Cote’s Facebook account and posted raunchy images and asked online friends to have sex.

Hacking is a strong word here, I was simply echoing the actual KOMO headline. Cote had simply logged into her Facebook account at her friend’s house and her password was cached. In any event, after an argument with her two friends, they used this to log in to her account and post comments on other profiles saying “Have sex with me” and soliciting men for oral sex.

Leslie finally told her mother and her mother’s fiancée about what her friends were doing. “Extreme anger and honestly disbelief,” says the mom’s fiance, Jon Knight, about his feelings when he found out. “Parents do need to be aware of what’s going on, especially with the Internet.”  As for Leslie Cote, she says, “I was hurt and sad and very angry.”

If convicted of the charges against her, the 12-year old girl could get up to 30 days in juvenile detention.…

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