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BELLAIRE, Ohio — Have you eaten lunch yet? A morbidly obese man in Ohio had to be removed from his home after his skin had become attached to the fabric of the chair he’d been sitting in for the last two years.

How did he eat? Where did he go to the bathroom? All questions I asked when I was first told the story, and now I have the answers that I will gleefully relay to you in hopes of ruining your lunch hour.

Surprisingly, the 43-year-old man lived with his girlfriend who supplied him with food. That’s the answer to the first question. The fact that he was found sitting in his own feces and urine answers the second. Maggots were also present, happily feasting on the man’s soup as well as his bedsores.

His girlfriend and another man called police after they found him unresponsive on Sunday. One officer said it was the worst thing he ever responded to, the worst part being the smell. One officer threw away his uniform after it was soiled by the man’s filth while cutting him out of the chair.

The landlord, who says she is being attacked online, said the man used to be an active person, but over the last two years he had always been in the chair with a blanket covering him. But there really isn’t anyone at fault here. He’s an adult and from all reports, he was not being held captive. He chose to live this way and at 43-years-old there are no laws preventing him from doing so.

“This is a living condition issue, that is unfortunately a matter of personal choice. It didn’t affect a child, it didn’t affect a senior citizen. It’s a gray area. The kind of case that falls between the cracks.”

A hole had to be cut into the house so that emergency crews could get him out and to the hospital where he is currently clinging to life died.

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