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Woman Charged With Pimping Out Daughter, Stealing Johns WalletFairfield, Conn. - A mother and daughter have been arrested after the mother allegedly pimped our her adult daughter to a man before stealing his wallet.

Police say 49-year-old Lisa Gluz and her 28-year-old daughter, Natasha Pennywell (who sounds like a character from a James Bond flick), met 53-year-old John Swajczi-Kiss at a  gas station Wednesday morning where Gluz arranged for him to have sex with her daughter for money. After having paid to bang Pennywell at his home, Swajczi-Kiss realized the women had stolen his wallet before leaving and called 911.

While he was talking to police about his stolen wallet, police where already chasing Gluz and Pennywell after trying to pull them over for a busted headlight. Gluz, who was driving, lead police on a high-speed chase before finally being pulled over. The pair informed police that Pennywell had been sexually assaulted by Swajczi-Kiss and they had simply stolen his wallet so that they *cough* could identify him.

Gluz and Pennywell are now facing larceny, prostitution and motor vehicle charges. Swajczi-Kiss may have gotten his wallet back, the article doesn’t say, but he was charged with patronizing a prostitute.

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  • Anonymous

    Lol @ being charged with patronizing a prostitute! Couldn’t he just have told police that they ripped him off and left it that? Instead he had to implicate himself in crime. Stupid idiot. It is not difficult to see why he has to pay someone to have sex with him

  • guillotinegirl

    49 – 28 = 21

  • Anonymous

    Thanks! will edit – Math is hard lol! Ok I admit I am retarded

  • Anonymous

    *Claps* And THAT’S WHAT YOU GET for renting a prostitute.

  • Anonymous

    *whistles* And that’s what you get for pimping out your daughter!

  • Anonymous

    this is like a perfect storm of bad behavior.

  • Anonymous

    They deserve each other…….

  • Anonymous

    Here we go again the old Sex Assault get out of jail free card.
    Do you ever stop and wonder how many were hung out to dry so some Psycho could get away?

  • Anonymous

    Here we go again the old Sex Assault get out of jail free card.
    Do you ever stop and wonder how many were hung out to dry so some Psycho could get away?

  • misty powell

    thats pretty sick to do that to your own flesh and blood whatever happened to family??

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