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Sacramento, CA — When I posted the video of a FOX news crew being attacked by a mob of mourners outside a California IHOP, I only did so because it was a slow news day. Also, I thought the chick in green was the most annoying person ever and the way reporter John Lobertini used his mic against the angry crowd was hilarious. He was like a fairy waving a wand.

I didn’t have much of an opinion on it because I didn’t know what words were exchanged between the crew and the crowd that had gathered at an impromptu memorial for a man that had been shot and killed there earlier that day.

But I did think that at least some of those people involved would be charged with dragging camerawoman, Rebecca Little, to the ground by her hair and then kicking her while she was down. But to date that has not happened and a growing number of people want to know why — including the people who started the obligatory Facebook Page.

Sacramento police say their hands are tied as this is a misdemeanor case and if the victims don’t want to press charges, what are they supposed to do? Arrest them says legal analyst Ken Rosenfeld. He argues what he witnessed on the tape is nothing short of felony assault.

Reporter John Lobertini had hoped that he would not have to press charges and that the video evidence would speak for itself. He’s also afraid of the repercussions if he does press charges.

“After the actions of Sunday, I’m not sure that I’m going to be safe if I do press charges,” said Lobertini.

Lost in all this mess is the fact that it stemmed from the murder of 27-year-old Chester Jackson. Police have released surveillance footage of the people suspected of shooting him, and would like your help in finding them. If you do have any info you are asked to call Crime Alert at (916) 443-4357, or test a tip to 274637.

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