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Poplar Bluff, MO — 28-year-old Jeremy McIntosh is being held in the Butler County jail on $1 million cash-only bond in connection with the beating death of 4-year-old Zoey Slagler.

According to police, Zoey’s parents, Jennifer and Adam Thrower, left her next-door with Jeremy and his wife, Jamie McIntosh, on Thursday. It was agreed that Zoey would spend the night with the couple and Jennifer would pick her up at about 4:00 p.m. the following day.

When Jennifer called Jeremy on Friday to inform him she was on her way home, he said he would just take Zoey over to her place. When Jennifer arrived home to check on her daughter, she found her unresponsive. Police say the severely bruised child had no pulse when first responders arrived at the home.

Jeremy was placed under arrest after he reportedly admitted to striking the child several times because she wouldn’t obey him and because she continued to cry for her mother and father. Autopsy results showed that Zoey died from blunt force trauma to the head.

Prosecutors have charged Jeremy with felony child abuse resulting in death, and Poplar Bluff Police Chief Danny Whiteley says he could also be looking at second-degree murder charges.

Thank you, hellsbells.

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  • Zibarro aka Kryssa

    That poor, precious little girl! How heartbreaking for her parents 🙁

    Why oh why did that dumb bitch wife of this asshat let HIM care for her? Did this happen before he took her home or after they got there? I want time of death on this one… and I want his wife’s head to roll right along side his if it’s discovered she KNEW what he was doing!

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  • MM222

    How cute that baby was… 🙁 , and the parents have to be devastated after hearing one reason she got beaten so bad was b/c she was crying for them…. I do have a full time job and consider myself very lucky that my man does side jobs he can take our kids on… it might not be the most lucrative of jobs but we always know our babies are with us and safe which we find priceless… not everyone is so lucky… we take our kids with us everywhere, b/c we realize they want need us like this forever but while they do we are damn sure going to protect them as much we can… and this story just emphasizes exactly why we have to be this way…..

  • Anonymous

    Ah shit. That’s just terrible. Poor, poor little girl. I’m fucking sad now.

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    That’s sad. When kids who were in my care cried for their parents, I comforted them. I didn’t realize that murder was an option.

  • Anonymous

    We all know that when kids cry what makes them STOP crying is to strike them as hard as possible.

    I hope they make a mistake & instead of going to the SHU, he goes into GP & they all get a wind of what he’s in for.

    He’ll wish he was dead & they’ll comply but not without him suffering first.

  • So why is his wife Jamie McIntosh not in jail as well? This bitch was in the same house with her loser coward husband when he beat this girl to death and never called police. Both of these sick, worthless, TRASHY imbeciles need to be lit on fire and burned publically. I’ll be following this story closely and I’m even calling to ask them WHY she’s not in jail on murder charges as well. I encourage everyone to call (573) 686-8685 and ask them why this bitch isn’t in jail. They better have a damn good excuse.

  • Anonymous

    The only problem with your cause is that the police may be trying to find a concrete way to find prosecutable evidence regarding her part in the death or that she was at work from early morning until 4pm and the assault took place while she was a work.

    I know that police departments get bad raps, but I think most police detectives are reasonably intelligent.

  • Who was smoking what when they decided to hire this guy as a babysitter? One look at him makes my skin crawl.

  • Uh. Guys. I could look at his picture and tell you he wasn’t babysitter material. Sooo what the hell were the parents thinking when they left her with him?

  • GO ANDY!

  • Anonymous

    this guy and his wife was a long time friend of the little girls parents. the mother and fathere of the child had to work. they trusted him with her..the parents are not to blame here. they trusted a long time friend.

  • Anonymous

    they were long time friends with this couple. do not judge these parents. they loved there daughter more than life. they are hard working parents. you are not in there shoes.they would never knowling put their child in danger. they trusted him. you are suppose to beable to trust people. stop attaching adam and jennifer.

  • Athena

    Thanks for the info. I’m curious… Do you happen to know this couple had ever watched their daughter before? That would be my only concern. You don’t leave a child over night with anyone who had never watched them before – not even your own parents – for multiple reasons.

    But, yes, these parents are not to blame. Only the sick fuck who callously beat this little girl to death is to blame. ONLY him (and anyone else who may have been present at the time).

  • The fact he looks like a total methhead in his mugshot is what I’m basing my judgments of the parents on. Any GOOD parent wouldn’t leave a kid with a drug addict, no matter how friendly a neighbor they were.
    Maybe if we judged parents’ actions MORE, parents would stop murdering their kids, or leaving them in the hand of murderers.

  • To join in on the DD judgeyness, I do have to say that one has to wonder why the fuck anyone would leave their child with someone who looks like a meth monster. It makes us all wonder what that poor little girl’s mom and dad (your friends, whatever) look like, because (as classist as this sounds) birds of a feather often smoke crack together, too.

    Yeah yeah, “hard working”. Something tells me that they don’t toil 9-5 behind a desk at Price Waterhouse.

    RIP to that poor little girl.

  • Anonymous

    i am not sure of that. i think the couple in question have kids of their own. we are not sure of everything yet. they had to bury there princess yesterday. I never want to have to see anything like this again. adam and jennifer should of been playing with zoey and getting ready for easter not having to see there baby in a casket. everybody please say a pray for these two. there hearts and souls are broken.

  • Anonymous

    you are basing your judgement on something you know nothing about. i know for a fact that if adam thought that this man was capable of doing this he would never of left his baby girl with this man. he was a long time friend of adam. adam and jennifer were very good parents to zoey. she was their world and life. and from i understand this man has kids of his own. and if adam ever saw anything wrong believe me he would not of put up with it and stayed friends with him or trusted this couple with his baby.and by the way. people do not have to be on drugs to do things.

  • Anonymous

    actually they are family members. and both work ther butts of at steady jobs. pay their bills and took wonderful care of their daughter. and they do not do meth and shit. people do not need to judge something they know nothing about it

  • The guy is obviously on something. It would have thought it was meth too. Maybe crack?! Just looking at the guy I can tell that he is not a suitable babysitter for a child. People are human and yes they will judge. I judge people all the time and still manage to sleep at night. So unless you know more to the story and would like to enlighten us, we will all judge your friend. Either way, he beat a helpless 4 year old girl causing her death. That is no model citizen. You should consider finding better friends to associate with.

  • The guy is obviously on something. It would have thought it was meth too. Maybe crack?! Just looking at the guy I can tell that he is not a suitable babysitter for a child. People are human and yes they will judge. I judge people all the time and still manage to sleep at night. So unless you know more to the story and would like to enlighten us, we will all judge your friend. Either way, he beat a helpless 4 year old girl causing her death. That is no model citizen. You should consider finding better friends to associate with.

  • I may not know him personally, but I know a lot about drug addicts, and this guy *is* one. If it is found out he’s not (which I would be totally shocked if he’s not) I will apologize. Sure, you don’t have to be on drugs to beat a 4 year old to death. But… do you really want to be known as someone who hangs out with people who murder four year old children, just for fun?
    Look at his face. He’s already picked at it. Sure. It COULD be acne. But I wouldn’t take that bet.

  • Anonymous

    i am not in any way defending the guy that murder zoey. i am defending the parents of zoey. they are good parents. loved there baby very much. people are judging the parents and that is not right. i do not really care what anybody thinks of mcintosh. i hope he gets the death penalty;.

  • I agree with you and also hope for the death penalty, but by inmates it will be more painful. I dont judge the parents because I know that Jeremy Mcintosh does not always look like a meth head. I used to live in Poplar Bluff before moving to Dexter.

  • JohnQ, I do believe the woman who was at work from early morning until 4pm was Jennifer Thrower, the child’s mother. Jamie McIntosh was the wife of the ass-bandit who beat the baby. The article above states that the little girl’s parents “left her next-door with Jeremy and his wife, Jamie McIntosh.” So Andy has a very valid concern – if the child was left with BOTH of these morons, why oh why isn’t ass-bandit’s wife facing charges for not protecting the child or reporting her child-killing husband?

  • Anonymous

    That is such a cute picture of the little girl, rest in peace Zoey.The killer does look like a drug addict and I bet he is.all meth heads seem to have the same look and the sores on their faces.This story breaks my heart

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for sharing the information lucasaunt. I hope your family can find some peace and justice soon. My heart goes out to you.

  • Lizard

    Oh, for fuck’s sake. Can we hold off on the “drug user/meth head” references until there’s some actual EVIDENCE (besides one photo) that he might be one? I mean, he might just be an evil fucking bastard, no drugs needed.

    And seriously, you people are SOOOO behind the times. Any TRUE D’D member knows that you NEVER leave your beloved baby with ANYONE–not even his biodad! 😛

  • Parrot Toes

    I mean, he might just be an evil fucking bastard, no drugs needed.

    *Gasp* Do you mean to say that people can be evil without the aid of chemicals???…….
    Wait, there be statistical crap for that:

    Federal prison [State prison]
    Total of all inmates 22.4% [32.6%]
    Violent offenses 24.5 [29.0]
    Murder 29.4 [26.8]
    Negligent manslaughter * [17.4]

    Sexual assault 7.9 [21.5]
    Robbery 27.8 [39.9]
    Assault 13.8 [24.2]
    Other 15.9 [29.0]
    Property offenses 10.8 [36.6]
    Burglary * [38.4]
    Larceny/theft * [38.4]
    Motor vehicle theft * [39.0]
    Fraud 6.5 [30.5]
    Other 16.4 [30.6]
    Drug offenses 25.0 [41.9]
    Possession 25.1 [42.6]
    Trafficking 25.9 [41.0]
    Other 17.1 [47.1]
    Public-order offenses 15.6 [23.1]
    Weapons 24.4 [22.4]
    Other 8.1 [23.3]
    * Too few cases in the sample to permit calculation.


    Lookie, lookie. about a quarter of inmates polled admitted to being on drugs during the killing. That isn’t quite enough to prosecute all murderers for being druggies and, quite honestly, it gives them even less of an excuse.

  • Parrot Toes

    I leave my kids alone with their dad quite often. Am I a bad mom? *sadface*

    Ha, I’d be more worried about my kids beating the shit out of my SuggaDaddy more than whatever the worst thing he could imagine doing to them.

  • Then your family members are extremely poor judges of character (very sorry for your loss, BTW) and/or very *stupid* with who they trust.

    But again, birds of a feather. Even if they don’t smoke crack or do meth, they somehow met the piece of shit who would end up murdering their daughter. You don’t just find McIntosh-like people and randomly befriend them (unless you are a naive “Christian” couple who are too trusting and would befriend a random shitbag off the street/trust him with their daughter). Just from his mugshot/that photo above you can tell that he has little remorse or feeling about what he did (if he does, he’s hiding it well; but most people who are upset and remorseful LOOK upset and remorseful…this piece of shit just looks like it’s a typical day in Methland).

    OH HEY, what do you know about this? This *is* Jennifer, right?



    Yeeeeeeah, looks just like the type of hard worker I had in mind. So tell me, if you are a family member, why not bother correcting names (Slagle, not Slagler)?

  • So we can call him a baby murdering asshole, but god forbid we call him a methhead?

  • Parrot Toes

    Well, we do have proof that he IS a baby murdering asshole. I think that’s the point that Liz is trying to make.

  • You fricken rock, Parrot.

  • For sure, not a bad mom. But I didn’t leave my kids with their biodad even when we lived with him. I sure as shit wouldn’t do it now. Unless the courts, in the interest of “protecting the parental relationship,” tell me I have to. Bleh.

  • Yeah, but is it really that much of a stretch from baby murdering asshole to methhead?

  • I am the biodad of my kids with full custody and I would leave my kids with a total stranger before i left them with their mother. sad that you think all dads are evil. I hope you dont have kids.

  • whats the point of having kids with somebody if you dont trust them near their own kids? yup it takes a genius.

  • whats the point of having kids with somebody if you dont trust them near their own kids? yup it takes a genius.

  • whats the point of having kids with somebody if you dont trust them near their own kids? yup it takes a genius.

  • yes very big stretch. methheads are idiots ture, but that dont make them baby killers.

  • Parrot Toes

    I think you missed Liz’s point, she was busting nuts, thus the ” 😛 “.

  • Parrot Toes

    I think you missed Liz’s point, she was busting nuts, thus the ” 😛 “.

  • Athena

    It was a joke. Guess you just need to know Liz, but, yeah.

  • Lizard

    LOL! Thanks, Athena and Parrot Toes. I seem to be good at pitching over/past people’s heads lately.

  • Lizard

    LOL! Thanks, Athena and Parrot Toes. I seem to be good at pitching over/past people’s heads lately.

  • To Lizard: I apologize for what I said, I had no idea it was meant as a joke. I get angry when people say thaings like that because even though you were kidding, I know several people who really feel that way, my ex was one of them. Thankfully I got custody and she can kiss my ass. SO I do apologize for what I said.

  • he was smoking meth..i know that because my best friend is with Jamie McIntosh’s older brother and he had been up for 4 days straight…period the end drugs or not that is a child she didnt deserve that just because he is addicted to meth!

  • AHA. I freakin rest my case. Thanks for the update.

  • AHA. I freakin rest my case. Thanks for the update.

  • AHA. I freakin rest my case. Thanks for the update.

  • hookerpie

    I knew I should have waited till tomorrow to come back to this site. For Fucks Sake. Thats one cute ass little girl. How could anyone want to hurt that cute little face of hers. I would cry for my mommy and daddy too if I was left with that asshole. I am so glad I have the opportunity to be a stay at home mom. If any ones beating my kids its me. Some one needs to give this dirty fuck an acid bath.

  • no problem just thought i would let everyone know…

  • whisperswing

    Man  gets 25 years in Poplar Bluff child abuse case

    POPLAR BLUFF, Mo. — After hearing emotional testimony from both of the families affected by the death of a 4-year-old Poplar Bluff girl Tuesday morning, a judge sentenced the man responsible for her death to 25 years in prison. Having pleaded guilty as charged to the Class A felony of child abuse in January, Jeremy E. McIntosh appeared before Circuit Judge Benjamin Lewis for sentencing. McIntosh, a resident of the 200 block of East Midland, was accused of the Feb. 17, 2011, death of Zoey Slagle, who died of blunt force trauma. Lewis, who had ordered a sentencing assessment report be completed by Probation and Parole, asked the 28-yearold if there was anything “not true” contained in the report. “That I feel sorry; I told her (the probation officer) I’m sorry,” McIntosh said. “I cry myself to sleep every night over there [in jail]. I’m sorry.” McIntosh’s statement, Lewis said, was consistent with what was included in the SAR. When Lewis asked Butler County Prosecuting Attorney Kevin Barbour for the state’s recommendation as to the sentence, he said, the state recommended a cap of 25 years. “Other than that, I’m leaving (the sentence) to your fine judgment,” Barbour said. McIntosh’s attorney, Kyle Walsh, then presented evidence from two witnesses, including his client’s sister, Christina Schwartz. Growing up, Schwartz described her “little brother” as being happy.
    “He never really got into any trouble,” Schwartz said. “He was never violent, just an all around good person.” Schwartz said her brother was “a normal teen, smoking behind mom’s back. ? In 29 years, I never saw him in a fight.” With his children, Schwartz described her brother as being a “very good father, loving, giving, (but) not a good disciplinarian for sure. “His idea of punishment is time out.”
    According to Schwartz, McIntosh took an active role in raising his children, and also helped with cooking, cleaning and laundry. “You still believe he could be a good father?” Walsh asked.
    Schwartz answered yes.
    McIntosh’s wife, Jamie, testified she met her husband when they were 16 and married on his June 2005 birthday. When Walsh asked whether McIntosh had “anger issues,” his wife responded: “not at all.” A tearful Jamie McIntosh described her husband as very quiet and reserved, someone she loves very much. McIntosh, she said, was there for the birth of all four of their children, ages 9, 8, 5 and 1, and is active in their lives in “every way you could imagine.” “He was just as involved raising our children as I am,” she said. “He took care of the babies while I was recovering” from having cesarean sections. Jamie McIntosh said she has never seen her husband get angry at their children or get into a fight. While McIntosh might get into an argument, she said, he would walk away to avoid a fight. The children, she said, miss their father.
    “I’m an emotional wreck,” she said. “It’s been a big adjustment since their daddy was always there. ? They want him.” Jamie McIntosh asked for mercy for her husband and that he be sentenced to the minimum. McIntosh also testified on his own behalf and again indicated he was sorry for his actions and remorseful. “I’m not a violent person,” McIntosh said in response to questioning from his other attorney, Steve Walsh. McIntosh also confirmed he had substance abuse issues at the time of the crime and that treatment would be appropriate. “Are you sorry it happened?” the Steve Walsh said.
    “Very much so,” said McIntosh, who was in special education though the ninth grade. “Are you asking the judge for the lowest sentence possible based on all the conditions?” Steve Walsh asked. McIntosh answered yes.
    “Although you didn’t intend for the death to happen, it did happen, and you’re accepting full responsibility?” Steve Walsh asked. “Yes, I am,” McIntosh said.
    Barbour then presented the court with several victim impact statements from family members and told the court some of them wanted to address the court. Betty Slagle, Zoey’s great-grandmother, said she frequently baby sat Zoey while her mother worked and never had any problems with her. “She always waited for her mom to come and get her when she got off work,” Slagle said. McIntosh, she said, only began keeping Zoey after her family moved.
    “We’ll never see her again; she’s gone,” Slagle said. “He’ll see his kids again. ? “She meant so much to us. She was a treasure. I just miss her so much.”
    Slagle said Zoey’s family can’t forget her.
    “I don’t want to forget her; it’s not right you know,” Slagle said. “You’ve got to walk away. You can’t just do something” like what happened to Zoey. McIntosh, according to earlier reports, admitted to officers he had disciplined Zoey by spanking her. The girl had been crying and wanting her parents. McIntosh also admitted to throwing her on the couch, as well as striking her five to seven times behind the head. Slagle said Zoey “never asked to be treated like that.”
    Larry Moore told the court he had been around Zoey since she was 6 months old.
    “Four years, one month and two days is all that child got,” Moore said.
    Laying two “little mints” on the table in front of McIntosh, Moore told how he would stick mints in his pocket from restaurants to take home for Zoey. Moore said Zoey was “good to find them” on the dining room table or on a dresser because she “knew her Larry” would have them for her. Zoey, he said, would go to her “nana” and tell her she was “really hungry; Nana would tell her to get one.” Moore said he put one of each mint in Zoey’s casket; they were “the last two I got to give to her.” While many may say they forgive the person responsible for a family member’s death, Moore said, he couldn’t. “I’ll find a measure of peace when you’re screaming in hell,” Moore said.
    On Feb. 17, 2011, “all of us, Zoey’s family, were sentenced to life without parole,” Moore said. “We don’t get her back. He’ll get to walk in 25 years. That ain’t right.” Moore urged the judge to keep McIntosh the “whole 25 years.”
    Also speaking were Scott and Krista Russell, Zoey’s uncle and aunt.
    “We don’t get the opportunity to hear from Zoey; we don’t get the opportunity to know her last moments of life,” Krista Russell said. Krista Russell said they are left with scattered pieces.
    McIntosh, she said, will have the opportunity to be out in the public again, but “Zoey won’t. … We are left with memories.” Krista Russell said she never thought she would be planning the funeral for a 4-year-old, buying clothes for her “to wear when she goes to heaven” or deciding on what “toys to go with her.” It is difficult to reconcile what one person’s actions can do to everyone around them, Krista Russell said. “It wasn’t a stranger,” but someone “involved with the family, my brother’s friend, someone he trusted,” she said. The worst part is the betrayal of that trust, said Krista Russell, who described the situation as a “nightmare for all involved.” Krista Russell said she felt “most sorry” for McIntosh because he was going to have to look at himself in the mirror, knowing what he had done. “I pray that you find the Lord” and peace, she said.
    Before Lewis sentenced him, McIntosh again said he was “very sorry.”
    Lewis described this as a “hard case.”
    The maximum available, he said, is 25 years per the plea agreement.
    Some, Lewis said, believe the sentence imposed by the court equates to the value of the victim’s life. “That is not true,” he said. In this case, given McIntosh’s background and his having no propensity of violence, “you may ask how this happened,” Lewis said. “What happened is Mr. McIntosh lost his temper,” which resulted in the death of a 4-year-old. […]