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Woman Dines N Dashes, Leaves 12 Year Old Daughter BehindBonita Springs, FL –The lovely lady to the left, 38-year-old Melissa Graham, was arrested Wednesday evening after police accused her of skipping out on a restaurant bill, leaving her 12-year-old daughter behind, and later calling the police to report the kid had been kidnapped.

According to the woman’s kid, after consuming a few glasses of wine at the Bonefish Grill that evening, Graham started acting a little weird. The girl told police Graham spit her bread out all over the table, shoved her food across the table, telling the kid to “get a box” before exiting the restaurant, leaving the 12-year-old sitting there.

A short time later, the girl and the restaurant manager went outside and found Graham sitting in her car. The manager told Graham she needed to pay up. Unable to convince the manager she had left a credit card on the table, Graham reportedly insisted the other person they were dining with agreed to pay the bill, but the only other person there was the kid. Flustered, the nucking fut drove away, leaving her daughter standing in the parking lot.

Moments later, police say Graham called her daughter’s cell phone and asked the child where she was before abruptly disconnecting the call. Deputies tried to call Graham back, but she didn’t answer. The kid was then taken to a sheriff’s substation until her mother could be found.

About an hour later, Graham called 911 to report that she and her daughter had some sort of argument at the restaurant and decided to leave. Once outside, the child was snatched from the parking lot by a couple of Hispanic or dark-colored men, about 20 to 30 years old, driving a light colored or cream sedan. Investigators met with Graham at her home and she later signed a sworn affidavit about the “abduction.” She was then outfitted with a shiny new set of bracelets.

The crazy lady is now looking at charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor/causing a minor to become needy and with obstruction of a criminal investigation/filing a false report about a missing person. The 12-year-old was turned over to DCF.

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  • malq

    What could she possibly be thinking? I really hope she is either
    a)mentally ill
    b)on drugs
    or c)just another hot bitch wanting me. you know how I like em…
    otherwise, I can think of no plausible explanation….can you?

  • JuneBunni

    haha…of course it was the by a couple of Hispanic or dark-colored men because we know thats who white women always blame to cover their lying asses.

  • Anonymous

    What do you mean, I thought it was always the bushy haired stranger that did these things:P

  • guillotinegirl

    It would appear Bonita Springs isn’t living up to its name.

  • Canuck Gramz

    Lol @ nucking fut!

    On a more serious note, that poor kid! I grew up with a nutty mom, living with the constant worry and uncertainty of what she’d do next. Now this girl has to leave her home and mother ( no matter how nutty) and go into foster care, and try to deal emotionally with what her mom did. Wonder if she was scared to death at being in a police station, or relief?

  • Canuck Gramz

    Lol @ nucking fut!

    On a more serious note, that poor kid! I grew up with a nutty mom, living with the constant worry and uncertainty of what she’d do next. Now this girl has to leave her home and mother ( no matter how nutty) and go into foster care, and try to deal emotionally with what her mom did. Wonder if she was scared to death at being in a police station, or relief?

  • Anonymous

    i work in a department store. every day we have women coming in with their children to shoplift. when they get caught they usually try to blame the kid(s). we have had several just leave their kids behind. some were under the age of 3.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, because if two men kidnapped my child from a parking lot, I would go home and call the police…

  • Anonymous

    I found this offensive, untrue, and insulting!

    Sometimes we blame black guys, too.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve decided to coment as I read the article:

    First thing I read was FLORIDA, the state of STOOPID. Although I should correct myself, it’s not the state of stupid but it’s the state with THE HIGHEST CONCENTRATED POPULATION OF STOOPID.

    Wow, can she be a bigger asshole?

    I bet her kid is glad to be out of her mother’s circle of drunkeness/ignorance. I hope she can find a family member that’s mature & not drunk.

    Nice to know that the “lady” wasn’t charged with DUI… since the manager & the kid can attest to her being drunk.

  • Anonymous

    Ummm you can also add to that list white men that kill their spouses.

  • Anonymous

    No matter what, this lady could use a few year in a prison cell to think things over……

  • Anonymous

    ,,,or years…

  • Anonymous

    Why can’t imaginary men of color stop attacking white women and their kids? This woman deserves to be the DD woman of the year. She has my vote.

  • Avie

    d) both A and B

    Some people with undiagnosed mental illnesses use drugs and alcohol to self-medicate, which makes the original problem much worse.

    Still…I feel bad for her daughter. First having to deal with this woman and now in the care of DCF. I hope she’s placed with a good family and has a chance to live as normal a life as possible.

  • Anonymous

    Confucius say, no be wishy-washy, you go dishy-washy.

  • JuneBunni

    this is only funny if you’re white.

  • Anonymous

    Now she’s saying the whole thing was “a miscommunication.” Don’t you just hate when you take off, assuming your imaginary friend is gonna take care of the bill and your kid and then the cops take your racist false abduction report seriously?

  • Danielle

    Sounds like she has a psychotic episode. Maybe she took her meds and shouldn’t have had those glasses of wine.

  • Anonymous

    Umm..You need to watch it! Your being extremely racest and that is not necessary! You have no right to comment on someone elses buiseness. Now, I suggest you get your noisy ass out of people god damn buisness!! KBYE.

  • Anonymous

    I’m with you. Imaginary men of color are a huge nuisance, mainly to white trash women, but a nuisance nonetheless.

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