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Murder Suspect Admits To Brutally Attacking Woman He Met On Match.comLas Vegas, NV -- Police say that a Vegas man was so pissed at a woman for breaking off their relationship, he drove to Phoenix and brutally beat and stabbed the woman to death.

Reports are 53-year-old Wade Ridley drove to the home of his ex-girlfriend, 62-year-old Anne Simenson, and stabbed her multiple times with a machete and a butcher knife. He then stole her car as well as some jewelry and electronics.

After he was pulled over driving Simenson’s car and arrested outside the Hard Rock Hotel, he admitted to the murder, robbing a Safeway pharmacy of some oxycodone shortly afterwards and that weeks earlier, he had tried to murder another ex-girlfriend.

In that incident, Ridley told police he was so angry with a woman he met on for breaking up with him, he broke into her garage and waited for her to come home with the sole purpose of killing her. He told police he wanted to make her pay “for how she mistreated him.”

When 49 year-old Mary Kay Beckman arrived home, Ridley admitted to knocking her to the ground and stabbing her multiple times until the blade of the knife broke inside her. Undeterred, Ridley then began stomping on her head and neck “until she stopped making the gurgling noise.”

“He stomped on her eight times, I’m sure it was on her face,” says neighbor Hsuemi-Mei Yeh, who witnessed the attack from her bedroom window across the street.  Unbelievably, Kay survived the attack and is currently in critical condition.

Ridley is facing attempted murder and robbery charges out of Nevada, as well as charges out of Arizona for the killing of Simenson.

Police: Homicide Suspect Admits Involvement in Case:

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  • John House

    She…willingly entered a relationship with that guy? I sure hope he at least faked a photo for his profile. Yeech.

  • Zibarro aka Kryssa

    Takes all kinds, I guess. Hell, she’s 62 … not 22. Her eyesight could have be failing or she just may have thought “This is as good as it gets!”
    What shocks me is that other woman survived this far! He did some massive damage to her! Guess he brought 2 weapons this time to make sure he finished the job.
    Seriously fucked up. Weeks to find his ass? He met them BOTH on… didn’t anyone think to remove his profile to possibly prevent him from trolling for his next victim?
    Ugh. RIP Anne and a speedy, full recovery to Mary Kay. I hope this turd is flushed from earth very soon!

  • Danielle

    People down right crazy these days. You literally have to ask for a psych report before entering a relationship with people.

  • guillotinegirl

    I like the way his eyes practically scream, “I’m normal!”

  • Anonymous

    …and that lovely “I am sane and I am interested” smile. I can see how any girl could fall for him… The problem, apparently, is leaving him when he doesn’t want you to…

    His mother probably was incapable of loving him enough (as apparently were at least two severely beaten women).

    In DD speak and in my true to life gut reaction on this one: put him in max security, give him a fair trial by video, and hang him.

  • Eracsurfer

    Anyone else look at that mug and think: “Here’s JOHNNY!”

  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe the energy people expend stalking, assaulting, raping & killing others. I’m way too lazy to give a shit about someone that wouldn’t want me around…sigh, I’d just go watch a Clint Eastwood flick and let him do the killin’.

    Talk about insecure, vengeful rageaholics out there, just move on with life for chrissakes.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, this one needs to be put down like a rabid hyena. I’d’ve said a “rabid dog”, but I like dogs too much to equate them to scumbags like this one. Put him out of our misery, please.

  • Anonymous

    Wade, you REALLY can’t see why they’re breaking up with you!???

    BTW, to the neighbor who saw the prior ex-gf attack from their window… REALLY? You really sat there & watched in the safety of your house & didn’t call the cops in time??? If you were my neighbor, I’d like to have one of those gnome statues for neighbor cause at least they’ll stay in front of the house & the cops can find me… It’ll probably call the cops & help me more than you’d do.

  • Anonymous

    Ummm, I sorta assumed that the neighbor *did* call the cops. Just because she called the cops in enough time doesn’t mean that they would arrive and intervene in enough time.

  • Summer

    I am going to have to agree with PlaysWith Balls on this one. This may have been a savage attack, but it doesn’t take long to do serious damage to a person. Average police response time in the United States is about 8 minutes, and could take longer depending on the size of the town, the size of the police force, and the time of day. I live out in the country, and it takes on average at least 12 minutes for police to get out here. A person can do a lot of damage in that amount of time.

  • Summer

    This is exactly why women should not be trying to meet Mr. Right on a dating site. There are just too many whackos out there. Dating in general is very risky business. I think for the sake of my own saftey and sanity, I may just avoid men for the rest of my life.

  • Anonymous

    Not that it’s my cup of tea, but in these times people are too busy with work and family to get out to meet people and if you have time, where do you go? It’s kinda easy to see why so many do turn to dating sites. Besides, this could happen with a guy ya meet randomly at the supermarket/library/church etc just as easy. People these days are too guarded to really let a person see who they really are until it’s too late. You never know who your involved with until they want you to know.

    Side note: I’m betting he didn’t list drug use, robbing, stalking, and attacking people among his interests and hobbies.

  • Anonymous

    Well what did they expect from If you are looking for someone outside the homicidal lunatic demographic, try OKCupid or EHarmony.

  • Summer

    I actually have heard of a lot of people that have had success with Plenty of Fish, though I have never been there myself (I have sworn off meeting people online, for good reason). I know that EHarmony rejects some people’s profiles, so the site is definitely not for everyone.

  • Summer

    LOL @ the interests and hobbies. This is exactly why I stated that I won’t be dating anyone, from anywhere. There are too many freaking lunatics running around out there. Maybe I’ll meet a nice law student or something when I head back to college in the fall. Or, maybe not….. don’t know I can trust them either.

  • Parrot Toes

    I only EVER use or other similar datesites. They are totally safe with awesome perks. Just sayin’.

  • Anonymous

    One look at that guy’s picture and I could hear the demented banjo music starting up.

  • Anonymous

    I’m with KyFyre. You can meet a psycho anywhere. I’ve pretty much exclusively only dated from online sites because I work(ed) crap hours, have no money to go out and mingle, not religious, no friends with single friends, etc. Let’s just say I have talked to waaaayyy too many people and met many. I have found a lifetime supply of idiots and assholes and one sociopath, but as far as the creep-o-meter, I’d say a select few. They are just messed up in the head and not the rapist killer type. So based off of my experience from dating online, I can’t say you will find someone good (maybe I’m the bad one lol), but your chances of finding someone like this are the same as finding one anywhere else. People lie…period. To your face or over the internet, it doesn’t matter. I introduced my ex-best friend to and she met a guy right away and married 3 months later. They are still together and now have a two year old. Guess his profession! Rocket scientist. No joke lol.

    I really think it’s me though! I am 99% certain that I have just become jaded and impatient with guys lol. I’m ok with that as long as I can find that extra-curricular time :o)

  • hershey

    Ted Bundy was a law student. :p

  • hershey

    Ted Bundy was a law student. :p

  • Anonymous

    Why do I have a feeling that eHarmony would automatically reject the profile of anyone who posts here regularly?

  • Anonymous

    Why do I have a feeling that eHarmony would automatically reject the profile of anyone who posts here regularly?

  • Summer

    Ha! That is an excellent point, and you have proven my case for me. You just can’t trust anyone. I am totally staying single for the rest of my life. Sure, my bed may get lonely, but my days will be much less stressful. It’s a trade-off I think I can deal with.

  • Summer

    Well, I probably shouldn’t be admitting this (to anyone… ever), but they totally rejected my profile. I suppose that should probably tell me something about myself, but I just like to tell myself that I am far too picky and my Mr. Right just doesn’t exist. At least they were willing to tell me that from the beginning.

  • Wildheart

    Nope….living proof here! :) I’m not a super-regular poster here, but I do read it every day and post occasionally. I met my boyfriend 3 years ago on eHarmony and we’re still going strong. We have our ups and downs like everyone, but I’d venture to say he’s “the one”…..or one of “the ones”…. in case I happen to have more than one….”one.” ;)

  • Wildheart

    Nope….living proof here! :) I’m not a super-regular poster here, but I do read it every day and post occasionally. I met my boyfriend 3 years ago on eHarmony and we’re still going strong. We have our ups and downs like everyone, but I’d venture to say he’s “the one”…..or one of “the ones”…. in case I happen to have more than one….”one.” ;)

  • Dakota Valkyrie

    A Las Vegas woman is suing for almost $10 million. Mary Kay Beckman nearly lost her life when a man she met on the popular dating website viciously attacked her.

    Beckman only knew Wade Ridley for eight days before deciding he wasn’t the right guy for her. She moved on, but he didn’t and without warning, Ridley went on a savage attack.
    [...] posts a list of safety tips when an online relationship goes offline, including meeting in public and telling a friend.

    “It is absolutely not safe,” said attorney Marc Saggese, Saggese & Associates.

    He represents Beckman, and they are suing for almost $10 million.

    “The basis of the lawsuit is the advertising that is utilized by, lulling women and men into a false sense of security,” Saggese said.

    “Other women, other men, and children, kids, think that online dating is the only way to go,” Beckman said. “I’m terrified by what our generations coming up can be facing.”

    Beckman hopes the suit stops online dating dangers. Ridley was in prison for the attack on Beckman and also facing a murder charge in the Arizona woman’s killing but last May, he killed himself in prison.

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