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PHOENIX – Here’s a strange one out of Arizona. A woman initially thought to have died in a car crash had actually been choked to death by her son before the accident.

Tina Ferlet, 41, and her 74-year-old grandmother had travelled to Southern California from Oklahoma to pick up Tina’s teenage son, 16-year-old Nathan Ferlet and his 20-year-old girlfriend. They were on their way back to Oklahoma to try and get Nathan help for his mental illness.

At around 4 a.m. Wednesday morning, while his grandmother was driving through Phoenix, the teen leaned up from the backseat where he was sitting with his girlfriend, and began choking his mom sitting in the passenger seat.

The grandmother pulled into a convenience store parking lot and got out to get help, only to jump in the backseat when the teen got in the driver’s seat and drove off.

Nathan’s grandmother and girlfriend tried to get him to stop the car but he didn’t until an hour and 42 minutes later when he struck another vehicle. No one was seriously injured in the crash, but Tina was pronounced dead at the scene. Nathan had choked her to death.

“With 27 years in the police department, just about the time I thought I had seen pretty much everything, something like this comes along,” Phoenix police Sgt. Tommy Thompson said.

Police plan on charging Nathan with murder once he is released from the hospital.

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  • Anonymous

    A Mother trying to do the right thing for her son and this is the thanks she gets?

    And all he is going to get is a few years in a mental institution.

    Thats fucked up.

  • Tundratot

    Picked up her son from California, AND his girlfriend? Huh? And look at the age difference there, 16 year old boy and 20 year old girlfriend? Is she the one with the problem, perhaps?

    If the report hadn’t stated he had mental illness, I’d have said he was an irrational methhead acting out.

  • Anonymous

    Wonder what the nature of the mental illness is… violent history? California has great social service programs. Why did she have to bring him home? Absolutely amazing.

  • Athena

    If the family did not have residence in California, they would have had very limited access to California’s social services. They’d probably also want better access to him while he’s in treatment rather than having to repeatedly travel halfway across the country every time they want to see him.

    Just a hunch. The source article isn’t very clear about that part of things.

  • Summer

    There are obviously some deeply rooted family issues here that have not been discussed in this article. If this woman was okay with her 16 year old son shacking up with a 20 year old woman, I have to assume that there is more going on than just a young boy who needs therapy. I’m pretty sure that if this was my son, I would have been far more likely to take a swing at that bitch than to invite her to come home with my family. I would be really interested to learn more about this family and what exactly was going on here.

  • Summer

    There are obviously some deeply rooted family issues here that have not been discussed in this article. If this woman was okay with her 16 year old son shacking up with a 20 year old woman, I have to assume that there is more going on than just a young boy who needs therapy. I’m pretty sure that if this was my son, I would have been far more likely to take a swing at that bitch than to invite her to come home with my family. I would be really interested to learn more about this family and what exactly was going on here.

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  • That’s just messed up… And what the hell is a twenty year old doing dating a sixteen year old kid with mental problems in the first place???

  • …It’s really not a great time to be raising children. For anyone. Never mind the usual mental illlness that can be genetic…we’ve been filling our bodies up with some screwed up chemicals that we never had before (back in Ye Olden Days of our grandparents and their parents and so on). We may have better chances of survival due to some scientific advances and knowledge, but really–there’s some real evil shit in our processed foods and in our every day lives that are really fucking with our body chemistries and making the human race churn out more and more psychosis.

    The books on this kind of “evolution” are numerous, so I can’t rec just one (and my girlfriend is asleep so I can’t ask her about the one she read about re: the human body and its genetic response to certain foods [that your mother and even your grandmother ate]…there is *real* damage done, and it’s kinda scary).

  • Athena

    Statistically, this is the best time to be raising children since we began taking crime-related statistics in 1972. We peaked during the late 80s and early 90s in terms of juvenile offenders and crimes against juveniles, but have since dropped to a 40-year low.

    If damage is being done (and I subscribe to the line of thinking that nutritional deficiencies are responsible for a great number – perhaps most – of depression/anxiety disorders in this country), it has yet to truly rear its ugly head. At this point in time, the benefits of raising a child in this atmosphere greatly outnumber the consequences. Especially considering parents have a choice in what they feed their children. It is possible to exist exclusively on a organic/sustainable diet.

  • Like I said, the books on the damage that IS being done NOW are numerous. I will ask my girlfriend which book it was she read about (this same subject).

    And no, sorry, shit time to be raising a child, especially in terms of what kind of fucked up things we did to our bodies and what our parents did to their bodies; and EXTREME shit time if you want to talk about the state of U.S. education. More and more “children” in colleges are illiterate, spoiled little assholes who whine and whine to get spoonfed and if they fail a class, they end up trying to make mommy and daddy pressure their teachers to pass them (and on that note, college acceptance rates are DOWN even though applications are UP…and it’s because these “kids” coming out of high school are functionally retarded, usually made so by permissive parents who think their kid shits gold even when they’re failing basic English or math). There’s always some G-d damned excuse, whether it’s “YOU HURT MY KID’S FEELINGS WITH THAT RED MARKER ON HIS TEST PAPER!” to “MY KID IS AUTISTIC/{or pick something else out of the grab bag myriad of “disabling” afflictions that we humans suddenly have permeating the genepool since 1990}!!!”

    And I LOL at people who say they eat organic food and still drink crap, breathe crap and put crap onto their bodies. Whether you eat organic or not is not the [only] problem with consumption.

  • Anonymous

    No doubt dude has got mental issues. Whether he got hit in the head, ate too many Happy Meals, or inherited it…there’s no doubt he needs help. I believe that sometimes 2 people are not a “good mix” for the gene pool but unfortuntately, there is no way to really tell nor can you keep them from breeding. Wonder what the girlfriend was thinking and why she was with a 16 yo in the first place?? Isn’t that statutory rape if they were having sex? I guess that’s the least of the worries at this point.

  • Anonymous

    It’s adorable how you seem to believe there was once a golden age where people didn’t fuck up their kids.

    Lower infant mortality, better access to healthcare, longer life spans, and easy access to the largest collection of human knowledge to date… Now isn’t such a bad time to raise kids.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry, but for a lot of people, organic, sustainable food isn’t an option, either geographically or financially. I’m fortunate that I live somewhere where such things are getting more and more common, but the majority of the country doesn’t have access to affordable organic food.

    Fortunately I finally bought a house, so now I can raise a lot of my own food.

  • Athena

    Right? I’d like to know when this comparative Shangri-La existed, because it wasn’t my parents’ generation, my parents’ parents generation, or my parents’ parents’ parents’ generation.

  • Athena

    It’s not about organic. Where did I say organic? 😛

    The belief that organic food is nutritionally superior is largely a myth. A British study released in 2009 stated this pretty clearly. No, it’s about education and prioritizing.

    My circle of friends is fairly representative of American society in general. None of them know how to cook well. Hell, a couple of them will burn ramen if you let them near a stove. And, if you can’t cook, you’ve got no motivation to go to the store a buy a balanced variety of foods, because you don’t know what the hell to do with them once you get them home anyway. These people, like many in America, are relying on restaurants to give them balanced nutrition… and they’re not gonna get it. Culinary basics should be mandatory education in school. It would do wonders to combat obesity.

    Now, just because you know how to cook doesn’t mean you’re out of the woods. There are plenty of people who can cook, but don’t because they believe healthy food is too expensive. THIS IS YOUR HEALTH. It should be a top priority. I don’t care if your grocery bill will be 20% more. Cut back on your cell phone minutes or cable programming. Find the damn money. It’ll be a lot cheaper in the long run than the health problems that will arise by maintaining an unbalanced diet.

    You don’t need organic. Hell, you don’t even really need fresh. A lot of frozen food manufacturers package their food in such a way these days that it maintains the nutritional integrity of the product.

  • Im her daughter, my mom was scared he would run away again because my brother was obssesed with this girl. the girl was a freak show, and she is now in a mental institution because she tried to kill her mom. same way nathan killed mine. my mom absolutly hated that girl but she loved her son so much so she brought her too cause things would’ve been MUCh worse if she didn’t.

  • She actually was the insanity one, my brother only had temporary insanity. he isn’t “mental”
    Alora and this Guy from hungary screwed his brain up. He used to be a straight A honors student.