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SILVER SPRING, Md. – A first grade teacher in Maryland has been arrested and charged with kicking, punching, scratching and even choking her young students.

Susan Lee Burke, 35, was removed from her classroom at Greencastle Elementary School and placed on administrative leave shortly after a 6-year-old boy reported she had choked him back in January.

When detectives interviewed Burke’s students, all of them between the ages of 6 and 7, they found eight more kids who claimed Burke had physically assaulted them in some fashion in view of the other students.

Burke has been working for the school district since 2001, but has only been at Greencastle since 2009.  She was arrested Tuesday at her home on nine counts of second-degree assault on a minor, but released from jail last night on $75,000 bond.

Her neighbors are not a bit surprised by the news. They said police have been to her house several times for domestic disturbances.

The investigation is ongoing and investigators are asking anyone with any information to contact the Family Crimes Division at 240.773.5400. Callers may remain anonymous.

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  • Anonymous

    I really hope they have some proof. Other little kids, and so many, coming out of the woodwork, sounds so much like the Mcmartin case of the 80′s that I’m kind of iffy about this whole thing.

  • Summer

    Yet another fine example of what is happening to our education system. With quality educators like this, it’s hard to understand why so many kids struggle to get through school.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder why the school didn’t know that police have been to her house for domestic violence. No arrests?

    It doesn’t sound like the McMartin Daycare scandal, to me. Not if these students were assaulted in front of others, and they can verify that. She certainly doesn’t need to be teaching little kids, that’s for sure.

  • Kimberly Hanselman

    Just look at her face. You can tell she’s freaking crazy! Okay, okay yes, looks can be deceiving. I shouldn’t go by looks alone.

    Lurkernomo, I understand where you’re coming from, but at the same time, think of how scared the students could have been to tattle on a teacher. Most kids don’t even like to tell on other students, let alone teachers. Plus, we can’t forget the fact that she seems to be violent at home too. Still, I’m interested in seeing how this all pans out.

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  • Anonymous

    How is it that this woman was so wrong in choosing a profession for her temperament? She should have gone with IRS auditor . . . or LAPD . . . or Guantanamo Interrogator NOT school teacher!

  • Athena

    Maybe it wasn’t a mistake. Maybe it was totally intentional, kind of like how chimos will gravitate toward youth pastor positions?

  • Anonymous

    My first grade teacher used to hang your paper on the chalkboard and have all the kids point and laugh at you if you made below a B on your class assignment. What a horrible miserable excuse for a teacher.

  • Anonymous

    That’s horrible, I always hated when teachers would read out your grades aloud in front of the whole class to let you know your score

  • Anonymous

    LMAO! Inner city high school teacher! Perfect!

  • Anonymous

    Let’s hang her and then we’ll give her a fair trial?

  • Athena

    (Pssssst… that’s kind of what we do around here. Waiting for a formal conviction isn’t exactly DD commenters tradition.) ;)

  • Anonymous

    @Athena: I stand corrected. Stone the bitch!

  • Athena

    That’s the spirit! :P

  • Eracsurfer

    Athena, I’d “like” your comment… but I don’t want to ire your stalker troll! LOL

  • Eracsurfer

    Athena, I’d “like” your comment… but I don’t want to ire your stalker troll! LOL

  • Summer

    There is just something about me that pisses you off, isn’t there?

    Yes, I believe she deserves a fair trial, but until that time I am going to figure that these young children are probably not all lying. I guess I just have more faith in the average first grader than I do the average teacher.

  • Morbid

    Much better!

  • Anonymous

    Six and seven year olds may not have understood that this wasn’t normal behavior for a teacher. And if the abuse was punishment for actual misbehavior, the kids wouldn’t have wanted to tell their parents what they had done wrong, for fear of getting more of the same punishment at home.

    I find it very telling that instead of the standard “I can’t believe it, she’s such a nice lady!”, the neighbors are unsurprised.

  • Anonymous

    That troll & ChrisDavis2011 must be either the same dude or they HAVE to know each other…

  • Alex Eberle

    How does a school teacher come up with 75 g’s for bail?

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