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Bristol, TN — Bobbie J. Stiles was arrested Tuesday evening after her 13-year-old daughter called police to report the woman had been intoxicated and “talking in circles” for days.

The teen told deputies her mother had been drunk and acting “out of her head” since Friday. She added that her phone rang several times while she was at school, and when she answered, her mother was on the other end “talking out of her head.” She said she told her mother to quit calling, but Stiles continued.

When the girl returned home from school on Tuesday, she said Stiles began yelling at her and four other juveniles in the home for unknown reasons. After being screamed at for several hours, the kid got fed up and called 911.

Deputies say they arrived at the residence to find Stiles belligerent and intoxicated. She allegedly, “could not understand why the Sheriff’s Office was called, could not follow instructions and was talking in circles about unrelated issues.”

Stiles allegedly denied drinking alcohol, stating she was taking several prescription narcotics for various medical issues. But once transported to the Sullivan County jail she refused to provide a breath sample, according to police, and admitted she’d also been drinking.

Stiles, 32, has been charged with five counts of child abuse and neglect and five counts of reckless endangerment.

According to authorities, in addition to the the 13-year-old, Stiles was responsible for four other children, ages 4, 7, 11 and 13…one a special needs child incapable of providing his/her own care.

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  • Parrot Toes

    It’s pretty sad when the kids are more adult than the grown ups. This little girl probably saved her siblings and herself from being killed by their mom in the name of “the devil made me do it”.

  • Anonymous

    Let’s hope this little girl continues in the path that she is & doesn’t turn to drugs because of something that happens to her & then she can blame it all on her mother. Lil’ girl graduate, get a job, take your siblings outta there & don’t look back you don’t need that type of shit in your life.

  • i’d say take her kids, but that’s probably what this lazy piece of shit wants.

    hope she’s forced to rehabilitate , get counseling, and over all clean up her act, or risk spending her days in a jail cell with out ever laying her eyes on a bottle of southern comfort again.

  • Farce_scape

    “According to authorities, in addition to the the 13-year-old, Stiles was responsible for four other children, ages 4, 7, 11 and 13…ONE, A SPECIAL NEEDS CHILD, incapable of providing his/her own care.”

    Real nice.
    So, I imagine, her disabled child was left in a corner and forgotten— unchanged, unfed, unbathed etc.— for the entire 4 days “Mom” was on her little ‘bender’… unless one of the older siblings routinely provide the needed care?
    This also probably ISN’T the first time the woman has neglected her kids in favor of drugs/alcohol, either.

    Someone needs to remove all the kids from her custody, and then sew her uterus shut.

  • Athena

    I hate stories like this. What I find tragic is that, when a child is as tolerant and responsible as this one was, it usually means mom did a decent job raising her and her siblings up to a recent point. Mom probably only recently became an addict, which makes it all that much more confusing and conflicting for the children.

    Hopefully this means she’s got a shot at turning shit around. In the meantime, I hope the kids are removed from the home.

  • melb1970

    This woman made a lot of bad choices all along the way 5 kids by 32. Not married and drinking herself to death . WOW

  • Summer

    That is one possibility. The other, rather tragic possibility, is that that this woman has been so jacked up for so long that this child has gotten used to having to play mommy. You see that kind of thing far too often, where a child essentially has to take care of the parent and the other children. I hope that this girl is put in a different home where she can actually take the time to be a child. So sad.

  • guillotinegirl

    This is one of the reasons I never had kids; can’t even enjoy a short 4-day bender without them calling the cops to throw a stick in your spokes.

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  • Parrot Toes

    I had 5 kids by 28. I also wasn’t married until after they were all born, though my hubs and I were together during all that baby making. Now, I wonder why I don’t drink myself to death. How have I managed to avoid that all these years? 😛

  • Parrot Toes

    Yeah, kids do tend to suck the fun out of our lives.

  • Anonymous

    Where exactly does it say that she is not married? Or are you just assuming that? You’d have to be. Yes it says that the children are in her care, but her husband could work out of town, she could be widowed, her husband could have been having an affair for the last four days while she was binging. It also says that she was RESPONSIBLE for 4 other children, it does not say that they are her biological children.

  • Anonymous

    It does not state in the article that she isn’t married and it also doesn’t say that those 4 children that shes “responsible” for are her biological children, so quit pulling stuff out of your ass and find something legitimate to bitch about rather than someone having too many children before a certain age, she could be catholic for all you know.

  • Anonymous

    It says nowhere in the article that she isnt married and it doesn’t say that the 4 children that she was “responsible” for were her biological children, so find something more legitimate to nag about rather than someone having too many children before a certain age. She could be catholic for all you know.

  • Anonymous

    This woman has been a practicing addict long before this event. I find it hard to believe that no body else recognized any problems earlier. My guess is that if you sober this woman up long enough she will be horrified by this occurrence and others.

    She needs rehab and the kids need a responsible adult caretaker.

  • Anonymous

    Here’s one Rivendell elf that needs to stay away from the sudafed-based products!

  • melb1970

    I guess this came out bitchier than I intended. This just seems like a gi-normous load for one woman to be carrying.
    I have one child and had two step children on top of that by 23- it was rough but I was young, i suppose in my advanced age I look back and think – yeah it was hard but I did it as did you with more babies.

  • melb1970

    She could be Catholic.
    I assumed since her daughter called 911 rather than daddy, mommy must be alone.
    Heck, those could be foster kids – that’d just make it that much worse though wouldn’t it?

  • Smart and brave kid. Regardless of what a screw up this p.o.s. is, she’s the girl’s mother. Kids love their moms even if the mom is a jackass. I know it was probably a hard call to make.