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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — For the life of me I have no clue how this story slipped by me. A woman in New Mexico claims a Sunflower Market employee tricked her into eating sperm.

She claims that 31-year-old Anthony Garcia asked if she’d like to try a yogurt sample. Once in her mouth, she claims the sample tasted suspiciously like semen and like a woman I would never call back for a second date, promptly spit the “yogurt” out on the floor before calling police.

They were able to recover the sample and send it off to the crime lab for testing, but were not able to charge Garcia with a crime as he claimed there was nothing wrong with the yogurt. But turns out police were able to take him to jail for something else entirely.

Seems Garcia is wanted by police on two outstanding bench warrants. One for failure to appear for an arraignment on two counts of criminal sexual contact of a minor. No word on how long it will take for the test results to come back (heh), but if it does prove positive for any form of bodily fluid, Garcia could be facing battery charges.

I noticed that in the comment section of pretty much every news article out there about this, some idiots try to be clever by asking, “How did she know what semen taste like? Hmm?” Like it’s a shameful thing she’s cool enough to let a man shoot a wad in her mouth. Prudes.

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  • Anonymous

    It certainly would not be one of my top ten choices for yogurt flavors – I wonder if it was really just bad yogurt? I am interested to learn what the analysis of the yogurt reveals – lol! I really just imagine that this was reported by a crazy lady who happened to have a bad taste in her mouth – I really hope that is what it is. I almost never dine out anymore thanks to stories like this!

  • Jennifer

    Bad yougurt would taste like sour milk. I’m of the thought that this lady says it tastes like cum, it’s probably cum. It’s unique tasting lol
    Plus he’s had a history of sex offenses…….

  • Anonymous

    I could have sworn I already read this story here the other day. Maybe it was in The Den though cause I just went through the last 10 pages thinking Jaded beat you to the punch only to find out I was wasting my time.

  • Zibarro aka Kryssa

    Does all semen taste the same?

  • dr.awkward


  • RavenSoul

    Same general undertones, but definately not all the same overall.

  • Anonymous

    In the United States and Canada yogurt usually has a thickening agent. In the rest of the world yogurt (real yogurt) has the consistency of man necter.

    Semen (spunk, jism, man juice, wad, organic mayo) often has distinctive tastes depending on the manufacturer (learned this in college during spring weekend orgies).

    The only way to know for sure is DNA testing. I guess this woman’s mother never told her that spitting is a bad thing to do.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve never heard of anyone doing the five-knuckle-shuffle into a yogurt cup. That’s magnificent.

  • From the comments:


    I was a customer that night i do not know what was in that yogurt but i did see the woman sampling it & let me say she did not spit out the yogurt right after she continued her shopping & eating her grocery items throughout the store then a long time later when i was making my purchase her boyfriend started causing a scene calling ambulance police, news hm sounds like a plan for a lawsuit but lets see what happens just thought i’d add my input since people that weren’t there that night are”

    Dunno how factual THAT is, but if it’s a scam…then this bitch is a real bitch. If not a scam, then that guy has some real problems–and if he was working there as a Sample Guy, wouldn’t that mean that others should’ve sampled his spunk, too? Or did he just jizz in only HER mini-cup?

  • Anonymous

    Another time I’ve felt: “Thank you gallstones for not letting me eat out”. When I was a kid my parents would take us to Sam’s to buy groceries & we used to sample everything. Now I don’t sample it if I go to Costco nor do I let my kids taste it either. I also worked as a sampler for cereal, Old Del Paso stuff & Nature Valley’s granola bars… I did not put girl glace of any of the stuff for sampling though.

  • Anonymous

    What people eat/drink plays a part in how it tastes. For instances, if a guy has been drinking beer(more so the day after he has been drinking), his semen will definitely taste like disgusting beer.

  • Anonymous

    Yes Valkyrie you are correct I knew I read it somewhere here. Thanks

  • Anonymous

    Lol this story reminds me of a David Allen Coe song.

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  • aka jas


  • aka jas

    Take it from the obvious experts! OMG my stomach hurts from laughing so hard!

  • dr.awkward

    Are you sure it’s not from eating some bad yogurt?

  • malq

    Post of the day from a comment on the link you provided.

    Submitted by yupyupyup on Thu, 2011-02-10 02:09.
    Come on people lets get real here are you seriously going to make fun of the victim because she knows what cum tastes like this day in age oral sex is very common and you don’t need to swallow it or even have a man cum in your mouth to know what it tastes like men ejaculate a little at the time of oral plessure they don’t need to cum for a little trickle to come out so grow the up be mature and relize she is the victim and to all the aholes that are making fun of her watch it happen to you one day someone puts cum in your mayo at some fast food resturant and see if you don’t realize its cum cuz guess what fella’s if you every kissed a women after nutting in her mouth you too know what it tastes like. Remember this women is a victim of a heinous crime and its just sad how many sick people there are in the world.”

  • aka jas

    lol — To my memory I have not had bad yogurt. Thanks for asking though. It was deffinitaley from laughing.