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Seattle, WA — Duane Starkenburg admits that he goes to the park every day to watch women run – he likes to watch them “jiggle and bounce.” What’s more, according to authorities, he kinda likes to rub his nose in their asses, too.

The first incident happened way back in August. A woman told police she was jogging with her dog in the park near Coleman Pool when a man she had just passed tripped, grabbing her hips as he fell. “He did a face plant in my butt,” she told detectives. “And lingered for a few moments.” When she broke free of the man, she looked back and saw him staring at his hands in confusion. “It was an act. He was like, ‘What just happened,” the woman said.

Another victim told police that on December 8, she was walking up the stairs to reach the parking lot of the park when a man appeared at the foot of the stairs “out of nowhere.” As he passed her on the stairs, he pleaded for help, claiming he had been injured while running or something. The woman offered to help him to the top of the stairs, and as she was doing so, the man got behind her, grabbed her hips and buried his head in her butt. “I screamed,” the woman told investigators. “His nose was up in my butt. I was very shocked.” After she broke free and started to run off, she saw the man laying face down on the ground, saying, “Oh my God, I can’t believe I did that. I’m sorry.” Again, he acted like the whole thing was an accident.

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In the latest incident, a woman claims she was attacked in a similar fashion while jogging through the park last Tuesday. The victim told police a man ran up from behind her and tried to tackle her by throwing his arms around her legs, allegedly grabbing the front of her thighs and sliding down to her ankles. She kicked herself free and fled, as did the alleged booty bandit…but he didn’t get far.

Starkenburg was apprehended at the park and was later identified by all three women as being the man who invaded their personal space. When questioned, he reportedly told detectives that the latest incident was just an accident – he slipped and fell, see? When questioned about the incident that occurred in December, well, he slipped and fell into her, too. “It’s not like I drag the women into the bushes and rape them” Starkenburg said. He denies having a “balance” problem and when one detective asked why he gets so close to women in the park, he reportedly replied, “I can’t answer that.”

In court on Wednesday, Starkenburg pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor assault for the latest incident. He’s facing additional charges of indecent liberties and attempted indecent liberties in the previous incidents. His parents posted $150,000 bail and he was released on Thursday. He insists he’s innocent, telling reporters outside the courthouse, “It’s not like I’m this guy who puts on makeup and is running around attacking women.” Makeup? What the…. ?

Starkenburg’s priors include second-degree felony assault, reckless driving and malicious mischief. He gives great interview…you can check it out here.

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