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Chicago, Illinois — A 20-year-old man has been charged with criminal sexual assault after he was caught with a half-dressed 13-year-old girl in his car. Steve Burton admitted having sex with the girl and was arrested after a Des Plaines police officer saw him and the girl getting dressed in a car parked in Lions Woods at Golf and River Roads.

I’m glad police are taking the time to investigate suspicious vehicles in woods because this seems to happen more often than I previously thought. Are forest preserves a known hangout for pedophiles and their prey?

Burton indicated the two had met online. The girl told police that she met Burton on MySpace when she was 12 and they had been texting, chatting on Facebook and talking by phone for about six months, according to the Cook County sheriff’s office.

On Jan. 15, Burton must have wanted another booty call because he called the girl several times, then showed up at her home and drove her to the forest preserve, where they engaged in sex. I wonder if the parents knew of the relationship, considering this guy was picking the girl up at her home and contacting her by every means possible.

Police say Burton admitted in a written statement that he knew the victim was 12 when they met online.  Burton also admitted he had sex with the girl on at least four other occasions. He’s been charged with criminal sexual assault and aggravated criminal sexual abuse. He was ordered held on $100,000 bail.

When are kids going to learn that they shouldn’t talk to strange men online? And when are parents going to learn they need to monitor their kids’ internet usage?

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  • Valerie

    I met a girl when I was in a maternity home that got pregnant at 12 by a 20 year old. He worked on her father’s farm. Her father found out (after she got pregnant) and the perv was thrown in jail. She was a wreck, he had convinced her to get pregnant so that they could get married. The whole thing just made me sick (except for the perv going to jail).

  • Pyncky

    She is lucky that getting screwed was all that happened to her. She could have met someone who would have buried her in those woods..

  • It’s not only internet usage the parents have to look out for. When I was 13, I was in a “relationship” with a 20 year old man. We didn’t meet on the internet, we met through friends. Of course, back then I saw nothing wrong with having a sexual relationship with this man. Now, I realize how both our lives would have been wrecked if my mom found out. He would be in jail without his manhood, and I would be buried in an umarked grave somewhere.

  • This man was wrong, but damn it I am sick of seeing these little horny 13 year olds willingly having sex with these men and getting NOTHING as far as punishment goes. They know it’s wrong, too! It takes two people to have sex, for fuck sake. If he RAPED her, that’s different, but it sounds as if it was pretty consensual. Throw him in jail, and make her take classes or something.

  • Zibarro aka Kryssa

    13 yr. olds aren’t usually capable of using “good judgment”. They *think* they know what’s good for them, but they’re usually wrong. This is why they:
    1. Can’t sign a contract
    2. Can’t vote
    3. Can’t drive
    4. Can’t live without parental supervision
    5. Can’t drop out of school
    6. Can’t hold a full time job
    7. Can’t drink alcohol
    8. Can’t smoke
    9. Can’t legally HAVE SEX

    You want to hold someone on the girls end responsible? Look to her parents. Those charged with making sure she’s not surfing the net (via computer or iphone) trolling for someone who’s gonna make her feel “special” and “all grown up”. They dropped the ball somewhere along the line, which made this perverts goal that much more achievable.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if he told her he was 20. I just watched an episode of the Steve Wilkos show (I love that guy lol) and there was a 15 yr old girl who was pregnant. She wasn’t sure if it was a 20 yr old or 21 yr old. Of course, she lied to the guys about her age and then they lied to her about their ages. She said she was 18. But then I am not exactly sure what happened because she told one of them to tell her mom he was 16…but if he thinks she’s 18, why would he say he’s 16. Ugh drama. Being 12 is pretty obvious though. He said he was aware. The other guy was actually the nephew of the mom (the girl was adopted).

    Kids are developing so early these days. I can maybe see in some cases where someone could lie about their age and get away with it. When I was in 6th grade, I was a DD cup. I looked much older just because I had boobs. People would mistake me for being about 4 years older quite often. After my reduction at age 17, people always thought I was younger. Go figure.

    I agree with Andy D that it’s not just the internet. It may make it easier and ease the minds of parents that their children aren’t out on the street in trouble, but they can get in just as much trouble in or out of the house these days. Same thing with internet dating. You can find psychos at church, the grocery store, library, bars, through friends, etc.

    I’m sure it’s incredibly tough being a parent these days. I commend those that do everything they can to stay involved with their children’s lives.

  • Canuck Gramz

    Twelve! Freaking TWELVE! At twelve I was still reading Archie comics and buying penny candies with my babysitting money. I didn’t know the “facts of life” until my little rat terrier got busy with the sneaky neighbors dog. ( and I had to deliver the litter of puppies a few months later) My mom was a single mom who worked two jobs and from 9 years old and up I was alone a LOT. Looking back, it’s amazing I didn’t get into more trouble than I did. Nowadays in most families, both mom and dad ( and whatever step parents) have to work to put food on the table and internet into their children’s computers. And now most kids have to have a computer and the internet to do their homework. Easy access and no supervision and poor mom and dad are tired and stressed. There’s gotta be a way we can lookout for our kids better than we are!

  • “When are kids going to learn that they shouldn’t talk to strange men online? And when are parents going to learn they need to monitor their kids’ internet usage?”

    My daughter has a Myspace and a Facebook. I set them up for her so she can communicate better with her father… He works weird hours and lives in Alaska. I have passwords for both, and monitor everything she does, who she has for friends. She is not allowed to add anyone she does not know, and no adults who are not family. (aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.) She has no access to these sites without my permission as I am the only one with the password to get into my computer. I am a very overprotective mom, and people tell me I need to let her have some freedom. Fuck that… she can have some freedom when she is older and more responsible.

  • Anonymous

    13 year olds can’t steal cars, either. But when they do, we (theoretically) hold them responsible for it.

    I’m not equating the two, but it’s worth considering that the girl’s actions potentially have a very adult consequence (a baby), and the consequences would be felt by both the girl and her child. And a girl who sneaks out with a man she met on the Internet doesn’t sound like great parent material.

  • Anonymous

    That sounds great. I just hope your daughter isn’t in her thirties. :-p

  • Anonymous

    I wonder what you thing of seductresses at the age of six. They really should learn not to give come hither looks to 30 year old strangers!

  • Anonymous

    Why is her father in Alaska?