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Big Coppitt Key, FL — Richard Gervasi, a 43-year-old Pennsylvania resident, was arrested early Sunday morning after police say he was running nekkid through traffic on US 1 after combining LSD and alcohol.

Police were called to Bobalu’s Restaurant at about 1:30 a.m., after receiving a report of a butt-nekkid crazy man on the premises. Police arrived on scene to find three men in the restaurant parking lot – one of them reportedly being attacked by a nude Gervasi. When ordered to cease and desist with the attack, Gervasi allegedly turned and ran toward the deputy, ignoring her orders to stop. The female deputy deployed her Taser, but that apparently had little effect as Gervasi just plucked the prongs from his skin and continued toward her. Another deputy zapped him, dropping Gervasi to the ground. He was soon up and moving again, this time, heading for the other two men in the parking lot.

Meanwhile, back-up arrived and Gervasi was zapped yet again. The third time was the charm. Handcuffed and in the back of an ambulance, Gervasi continued to put up a fight, telling paramedics he was made of steel…king of the world even. He also admitted to deputies that he’d taken LSD and had been drinking prior to the alleged attack in the parking lot. The king was then transported to the hospital for evaluation and immediately jailed upon release. He faces charges of resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. Gervasi and the two other men in the parking lot are reportedly friends and were vacationing together.

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  • I just want to see his bud’s vacation pictures!

  • Anonymous

    I would say this is shocking if it hadn’t happened in Florida.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck! Popeye got it all wrong it ain’t spinach that makes you strong, it’s LSD & alcohol mixed that will make you invincible to Brutus.

  • Gee

    You have to give the cops in Florida credit. Here in LA the cops just shoot and then discuss whether there could have been a better way.

  • Bulletproof

    That cop should have known a taser wouldn’t work on someone trippin balls on acid. If you really want to subdue someone on LSD, give them one of those Magic Eye 3-d pictures and tell them it is a window to their soul..

  • Bulletproof

    “I would say this is shocking if it hadn’t happened in Florida.”

    I would like to point out that this particular douche noozle who can’t handle his drugs is from Pennsylvania not Florida. My home state does have a lot of freaks and weirdos, but many are imported…

  • Anonymous

    You know those cops have an unofficial LSD Trippin’ Balls Tazer Pool. Somebody went home $30 richer after that one, all talking about “I knew it would take three, it always takes three. Damn tourists.”

  • I’m beginning to think there might be something in the water….

  • Anonymous

    Meh – What an amateur!

  • Bulletproof

    Or some kind of allergic reaction from the combination of sunshine and seeing too many hairy elderly in g-string banana hammocks at the beach… some people just can’t handle the pressure… pussies.

  • ….hairy elderly in g-string banana hammocks

    Yep, that would do it.

  • guillotinegirl

    Is his hair thinning unevenly or did clumps of hair shoot out of his head each time he got tased?

  • This is one I’d like to see video of on World’s Dumbest Criminals.

  • HotReadingMama

    I bet that’s the last trip this buzzkill gets invited on.

    *pats self on back for being the only one shameless enough to break out that cliched pun”

  • I am so disappointed. I thought this was going to be about Leonardo DiCaprio.

  • Anonymous

    Well this is a first that I actually know someone who made it onto this site:) When I was a teenager I used to hang out with his sister and she was a case and a half. But the Richie I know as an adult is a family guy always with his kids and every time I saw him either at baseball or in a bar he was sober and friendly so it’s a shame about this. I would expect this from his sister but not him. My friends and I are really surprised but you never really know someone I guess. Hope he gets help.