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LONG ISLAND — A mother and daughter have been arrested and charged with multiple felony animal-cruelty counts after police rescued more than a dozen tortured dogs and cats from their filthy home littered with trash and the remains of more than two dozen decomposing animals.

Faith Ross, 54, and her daughter, Francesca Maselli, 24, have each pleaded not guilty to three counts of animal cruelty. The charges were filed against the two after a neighbor complained about a smell coming from their home and police would arrive to find a house of horrors. Among the two feet of trash that hid the floors in every room of the home, 15 dehydrated animals were found covered in urine and feces along with the rotting corpses of dozens more.

Make me puke, New York Post:

There were six Chihuahuas, three dachshunds, an English bulldog, a Yorkshire terrier, a Shih Tzu, a boxer and two cats among the survivors. Another pooch, a collie mix, was taken directly to an animal hospital for emergency care. Officials also discovered the remains of 26 other animals, including eight cats, five ferrets, five parrots, and five dogs, police said.

The article also states some of the animals were found with their mouths wrapped in tape so they couldn’t breathe, bark or eat. Neighbors described the pair as “creepy” who only came out in the early mornings. The animals rescued from the home are not available for adoption because, get this, the pair have refused to give up ownership of the animals.

The is the second case like this to be uncovered in Rockville Centre within a week. On Wednesday, police found a 62-year-old woman was found living in her home with 22 animals, five of which were dead.

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  • Anonymous

    Ok first these human stains shouldn’t have ANY way over what happens to those poor creatures!! Second, they need to be duct taped around the mouth and eyes and left to live as they left those poor defenseless animals to live…OMG people like this don’t deserve to breathe free air.

  • Anonymous

    Faith Ross’s face scares me. What a fugly, old looking woman. She looks 74 instead of 54. Torturing animals apparently ages a cunt.

  • DamagedGoods

    That’s a lady? Are we sure?

  • DamagedGoods

    That’s a lady? Are we sure?

  • here’s a picture of the shit hole.


    these ladies have some serious issues. it’s one thing to be a horder… i can sympathize with that. but to be a horder of belongings, an animal horder and an abusive one at that……… these bitches could rot in that cesspool and i wouldn’t give a damn.

    unfortunately they’re going to be staying in way more sanitized conditions.

  • Anonymous

    A agree with Sarabei. I see no reason whatsoever why these women (and I am using the term very, very loosely here, – I realise that) should have any influence over what happens to those poor creatures. Have they not suffered enough at their hands?

  • Farce_scape

    Animal hoarders completely disgust and…. *baffle* me.

    Especially in a case like this, where (not ONE, but) TWO bat-shit crazy adults were living in such fetid conditions. And didn’t seem to mind.

    The daughter is 24. I don’t care HOW she was raised… living in knee deep animal shit and corpses just isn’t natural.
    Even the ANIMALS would have bolted the first chance they got!
    Other than being as bat-shit as her Mama, I can’t think of a SINGLE reason she would continue living in that home—under those conditions— after she turned 18!

    Those poor animals.
    If you can’t handle caring for animals, why would continue to get more and more of them, just to torture to a slow death???

  • HotReadingMama

    Neighbors describe the pair as “creepy”
    That made me lol

  • soplisako80

    This doesn’t surprise me one bit after watching the shows hoarders and confessions of animal hoarders. These people think they are saving and or helping these animals when nothing could be further from the truth. This reminds me of the lady that was living in her trailer with a bunch of chickens and refused to see just how abused the animals were. It is really sad to see this type of thing.. I just hope on top of punishing them they get some type of counseling.

    and OMG did anybody see the hoarders episode with the guy who had thousands of rats?!?!?
    I get the chills just thinking about it.

  • Anonymous

    There was a new car in the driveway filled with dog food and grocery bags yet the dogs were emaciated with their muzzles taped. I don’t get it but this must be more than a case of animal hoarding.

    Hopefully they will sign over the dogs so they can be adopted.

    Domino’s link had some interesting comments
    01/16/2011 10:22 AM
    I knew Francesca very well 3 years ago, we were very close and it was very clear that the mom had some issues. All you people that are calling these two “evil” need a serious reality check. Both of these people are in need of mental help because the person I knew was not evil. I was in pure shock when I read this article. I really hope all those animals that were rescued live happy and healthy lifes.

    01/16/2011 12:44 AM
    Sugar2th is correct. Many people knew Faith was mentally ill. Nassau County family court favored the “poor single mother” throughout her divorce when the daughter’s father tried to step in. They said being with the mother was in the “best interests of the child.”

    01/16/2011 12:37 AM
    I know for a fact that Nassau County Child welfare visited this house about 10 years ago but did nothing. The daughter grew up with this madness and now probably doesn’t know any better. Nassau County is partially to blame for a young woman now being mentallly messed up and in jail.


  • Anonymous

    Domino’s link led me to this link, which explains that she apparently had a back up shit shack, too:


  • Anonymous

    I keep seeing this woman’s mug glaring at me from the top of the page, and I think she looks like some sort of Hollywood special effects mask. She’s like a nuclear survivor zombie or something. Maybe a deadite from Army of Darkness?

  • WhatThe

    NO, NO, NO… this torturing shit. It just doesn’t make any sense to me. I have seen “Hoarders” and all that (you know, I’m a couch expert now), and I get that these people are sick. Even though I still want to hit some of them with a brick when they have people trying to help and they won’t let them, it’s an illness. But the TORTURE??? There is a big fucking difference between COLLECTING and EVIL. wtf

  • Anonymous

    I get that most hoarders are sick, and honestly, the rats episode didn’t get to me much…he had basically made his home the rats’ home, it was a shell of a home, and spent hours every day feeding and watering them, so while he was a sick hoarder, he most definitely isn’t in the same category as the ones who have so much trash that they have dead carcasses and piles of feces everywhere. But to me, there’s a huge difference between hoarding things, or food, because of an illness, and just being filthy (like the episode where they pooped in bags and threw it up the stairwell for 10 years…10 years of feces on the steps). These people are not only disgusting for the filth and trash, but for abusing those animals. Why in the name of all that’s holy would you duct tape their mouths so they cannot eat? Waste of oxygen.

  • Anonymous

    I agree that they should have no say over keeping the animals. If they were human children they sure as hell wouldn’t let it happen.

    On another note….awwwwwwwwwwww did you see the pics of those precious little doggies! They are so adorable!!! The dachshund has one blue eye and one brown eye (well two brown eyes if you want to think like a perv like me and get a quick lol out of it)!

    Strangely enough, from the pictures I saw, the house was VERY, VERY cluttered, but it didn’t really look “dirty”. I was expecting feces piled to the ceiling and pics that make you want to vomit. It threw me for a loop.

  • Bulletproof

    Well I for one and glad this bitch’s mouth is closed in her mugshot. I guarantee that teeth that make lips protrude like this ho’s, are very scary to behold…

  • Anonymous

    This woman looks like a friggin’ troll! & not the cute ones with hair standing on end & plastic glass like eyes. No, this one looks like the trolls that are evil.

  • Anonymous

    Can’t we just get a happy story about soccer moms and their extraordinary efforts that make bake sales work?

  • Bulletproof

    Hey Johnnie, this website is called the Dreamin Demon, not the Fuzzy Bunny. 😉

  • Anonymous

    i wouldn’t know how else to describe them

  • HotReadingMama

    I would have went with “foul, horrid, bat-shit fucking insane Crypt Keeper death hags”.

    But I guess “creepy” works too.

  • Ana

    Okay, I get that mother dearest here looks terrifying. But daughter (in the photos in the link) is truly creepy. Something’s missing in that girl, something either never cultivated, or simply destroyed. She’s… not quite human. I hope she gets help, I hope they find the little girl lost in the hell that was that home.

  • Smileypants

    OMG the rats!!! It reminded me of a demented scene out of a Stephen King book. I felt bad for that guy though, he was SO crushed still over the loss of his pretty young wife,. But STILL……(shudder)….