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Mobile, Alabama — It isn’t clear who is telling the truth or what actually happened, but it’s obvious that both husband and wife, John DeBlase, 27, and Heather Leavell-Keaton, 22, had something to do with the deaths of DeBlase’s two children. Leavell-Keaton is not their biological mother. Prosecutors have indicated they will now file capital murder charges against Leavell-Keaton after getting new information on the same day as the gruesome testimony. They have not yet decided whether to seek the death penalty. Leavell-Keaton is already jailed on charges of aggravated child abuse and abuse of a corpse, but will have a hearing next week on the two new charges against her. DeBlase is charged with two counts of felony murder and two counts of corpse abuse in the deaths of 3-year-old Chase and 4-year-old Natalie. During a hearing last Friday, investigators testified that Leavell-Keaton told police that DeBlase used rat poison to kill his own children and then dumped their bodies in the woods of south Mississippi and Alabama. DeBlase’s statement to detectives said Natalie died on March 4th after Leavell-Keaton duct-taped her hands, feet and mouth and put her in a suitcase. DeBlase claimed he attended classes and returned about 10pm, finding Natalie still in a suitcase and dead. What kind of a piece of shit father let’s someone bind his daughter and put her in a suitcase?! Attorneys for DeBlase have said he maintains his innocence. Sure, he may not have physically been responsible for killing his kids, but he brought this woman into their lives and he allowed her to abuse them.

DeBlase claims the girl’s body was buried after he bought a shovel and drove to a rural site in Alabama with Leavell-Keaton and his son in the car. I guess killing one of his children wasn’t enough for the pair, because 3-year-old Chase died on June 20th. Leavell-Keaton areportedly got angry during potty training when the child urinated on himself. She duct-taped his hands and legs, bound a broomstick behind his back and stuffed a sock in his mouth. Being the wonderful father that he is, DeBlase left his son with Leavell-Keaton and went to bed. The boy was dead by morning. They put the body in a garbage bag and drove to Mississippi to bury it. DeBlase initially told detectives his children were kidnapped by masked men on Father’s Day, but later claimed Leavell-Keaton tortured and killed the children. Leavell-Keaton told detectives DeBlase poisoned the children. She described to detectives how each had vomited a black substance before dying. Acquaintences and neighbors recall Leavell-Keaton would shake the children and call them “evil spawn from hell”. She’d also call Natalie a “whore” and “evil brat”. People witnessed abuse, but no one seemed to report it or stop it. Leavell-Keaton and DeBlase have a 7-month-old son together.

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  • Anonymous

    OH my God… I’m completely horrified. What an evil, EVIL pair!! I hope their bio child is taken from them forever. Those poor sweet babies!! :(Darsa

  • Anonymous

    They should BOTH receive capital murder charges.
    Being complicit to these murders is, in some ways, even WORSE than being the “parent” directly responsible for carrying out the crime…

    The step-cunt physically assaulted the children “in the heat of the moment”, and was probably fueled by momentary anger.
    The sperm-donor sat by and watched (or calmly left for class) as his own flesh and blood was being tortured.
    How could you be so cold and indifferent to the suffering of your kids, that you don’t even let it shake up your ‘school day’ or ‘bed time’ routines… that you can just walk by them as they are slowly suffocating???

    Fry both of these degenerate POS.
    They’re wasting valuable oxygen.

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  • she should get the same exact punishment he does…she only came forward bc she decided she didnt want to be with him anymore…shes a piece of shit too!! SCUM…should have locked her up the moment they laid eyes on her…if they dont start getting some real justice for these innocent kids getting killed…they will kill more…LOCK HER ASS UP!!

  • Shauna Olsen

    What kind of grown woman would not only call horrible names to a small child but torture them as well. I think we should chain her in a cage with a very pissed of and hungry bear and let her die a slow agonizing death. Of course doing that could be considered animal abuse seeing as how the bear would be eating a sack of shit on two legs!!!

  • This pisses me off. To think of what they went through.

  • Anonymous

    I just can’t stand this picture. I’ve got two beautiful angels myself and looking at their sweet, hopeful little smiles and imagining just this one or two days in their lives is horrific.

    I know AL is not a wealthy state, but at least they’re seeking capital murder…let these things die a horrible, slow death.

    Poor little muffins- how could they have suffered so much for so little and no one managed to call protective services?

  • They should considered giving them both buckwheats. Thats when the victim is shot straight up his anus/rectum. The bullet…well I guess it depends on the trajectory of the hand hold it, but I hear it take a long time to die. Oh and a shot to the penis and testicles wouldn’t hurt either.

  • MM222

    This disgusts me to no end… those poor children… what a bitch! and the mother fucking father should get capital murder too…. what a spineless POS! To actually KNOW what that bitch was doing and do nothing… Oh I am going home to look over my will very well, I have told my kids father that if something happened to me and he let some bitch around my kids that would hurt them, oh i would be back with a vengence and he would wish he were the dead one! oh where is the parental instinct to protect YOUR babies! OMG!

  • Not sure why i am posting this..

    Last night one of my 7 year old twin boys came to my room in the middle of the night, his leg was sore and he wanted to sleep there. I told him to go back to his bed, he was to old for this. he started crying…i thought of this story…and told him it was ok..he could come into the bed.

    I cannot even begin to understand these monsters and what they can do to their kids or any kids.

  • Anonymous

    Why did this ASS and his whore have custody of these kids……..was the bio mom that much worse? Very sad, those poor kids never had any kind of chance to be “kids!”

    RIP Chase and Natalie

  • Anonymous

    Why did this ASS and his whore have custody of these kids……..was the bio mom that much worse? Very sad, those poor kids never had any kind of chance to be “kids!”

    RIP Chase and Natalie

  • Anonymous

    I think the real reason they came forward was cause they didn’t wanna be indicted on fraud charges for using the food stamps after the kids were dead. I mean in my head it is the only reason why to PODT would keep children they obviously do not like or want & make another one.

    Because they can get food stamps for their cute faces but they can’t seem to stop hitting THEM.

  • aka Mr.Darcy, MrDarcy

    I’m absolutely disgusted. Those poor kids…

    I’ll tell you, if I weren’t with my husband…I wouldn’t be with anyone! I would never put my kids in a situation where there could be even the potential for harm. Fortunately, my husband is an awesome stepdad. And also fortunately, my ex-husband’s girlfriend is an awesome stepmom.