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Lake Forest, CA– The pouty-faced creature staring back at you today is 36-year old Rachel Hicks. She acquired some new shiny bracelets on Friday when she was arrested for allegedly having sex with a 13-year old boy. Police say Hicks befriended the boy back in September while playing Xbox Live online. Not long after that, the two began trading phone calls, texts and e-mails which included sexually explicit images and movies. While visiting family in Florida for the Thanksgiving holiday, Hicks drove to the boy’s home in Maryland and “engaged in sexual activity” with him. Family members of the boy confronted him when they found romantic messages from Hicks on his cell phone. The boy admitted to the relationship. Hicks, who had used a fake name while communicating with the boy and claimed to be 23, was tracked down by investigators with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations Child Exploitation Unit. Hicks, who has three children, was arrested at her home on Friday and is being held without bail on suspicion of rape, child molestation and sexual solicitation of a minor. Hicks also admitted to having a relationship with at least one other underage boy in California. Authorities are searching for additional victims and ask that anyone with information to call 1-866-TIP-OCSD or 1-866-847-6273.
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  • Daringdove

    Sadly, she probably has at least one child that’s older than that boy she molested. I can only imagine what her children must be going through right now, alongside that 13 yr old. What a nasty hag…and what’s with all these women going after little boys? I think they need to start throwing the book at these vienna sausage snatchers and hopefully teach a lesson to some other troll thinking about it with another kid.

  • Anonymous

    And here I was thinking “damn, she kinda can pull off 23.” If I had that kind of baby face I think I’d put its power to much better use. As in, not with a teenage boy. Sugar daddy, mebbe.

  • Anonymous

    You made me laugh… Vienna Sausages, when i was a little kid my mom never gave us Vienna Suasages so when I went to school I had a freind who would bring them all the time, she told me they were little boys weenies and that stuck with me forever… I told my kids that also and probobly scarred them forever…

  • Anonymous

    I knew I hated vienna sausages for a reason besides the taste!

  • Anonymous

    OMG this is so gross and obviously these women just aint right. What in the world would you find attractive about a undeveloped 13 year old. These women should definitely have to face charges that a man of this age who engaged in these kinds of activities with a young girl would have to face.


  • Don’t worry we have connections in the prison that will take care of her, one of their names is BUBBA! and his SIVERBACKS!

  • MM222

    Wow! 13 year old??? surprised 13 year’s olds mama didn’t lay an ass whooping on her… In my household i would have tracked her down, beat her ass for her being so freaking sick and exposing my “child” to God knows what, and then called 911 on her pedophile ass! ugh!

  • Anonymous

    X-box is the new booty call, followed by facebook and craigslist… ai ai…

  • Anonymous

    Just goes to show there is no safe place for kids to just be turned loose. Parents need to keep watch on their kids internet activities. You wouldn’t take your kid to the park and not watch them, why take chances when it comes to online? Sure there are a lot of decent adults that also game, but there is people like this freakshow who do have bad intentions. I also never understood parents turning kids and teenagers loose in malls either. I understand that some feel teenagers are safe because they are older, but, it’s better to be safe than sorry and there are ways to privately monitor a teen or childs activities when it comes to cell phones, internet and even in public without intruding too much until it becomes necessary to step in and nip suspicious behavior in the bud from them or perverts.

  • Anonymous

    C’mon, you weren’t REALLY thionin’ she could pull off 23, were you? Check those furrows in her brow, they’re not just from worrying how she’s gonna get bail together or how she’s gonna save face at the next Parent Advisor meeting…

  • Aena

    So glad I bought a PS3 instead of an Xbox now….

  • There plenty of 18 year old virgins on the xbox. She could have choose on and have legal sex. 

  • Alex

    Maybe she couldnt get fucked cause she was ugly lol