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BELLEVILLE, IL — Because of some site issues compounded by the fact that Jaded got me sick, I’m a little behind on some stories, including this one out of Illinois where Sandra J. Bauers, 35, was arrested and charged with selling her children’s Christmas presents for crack. Her mother, 57-year-old Pamela Gyon, wanted her drug-addicted daughter to be a part of her kids Christmas this year so she invited her to go shopping for presents. She used her husband’s disability check to buy $1,000 on gifts for Bauers’ two boys, ages 4 and 5, and other relatives. She had intended for Bauers to take part of the age-old tradition of proving your worth as a parent by the amount of presents you give your kids on Christmas morning, but Bauers had other plans. That night she stole her mother’s car with the presents inside. When she was finally located, she was leaving a motel with the stolen vehicle with a crack pipe in hand, but the presents were missing. Bauers admitted to police that she sold some of them at a crack house, some at a combination pawnshop and liquor store, and some on the street so she could get money to buy crack. Bauers was jailed and held on a $50,000 bond for violating a restraining order her mother had taken out on her for previously stealing jewelry, tools and a car from her. Police were eventually able to recover 80 percent of the missing presents because the owner of the pawnshop was a pretty cool guy and returned them.

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  • FlamingFox

    What a pathetic piece of trash! I hope her mother never gives her the chance to burn her a third time. Sounds like those kids are better off without her. I’m glad they at least have such a great grandmother in their lives.

  • tmfuller21

    They usually don’t charge someone with violating a restraining order when the person who filed it willingly ask them over. Her mother should have dropped the order if she wanted her over. I understand that she wanted her to be able to see her children, but you cant have it both ways. Pick a side and stay there and stand your ground.

  • @tmfuller21: Agreed! I mean, c’mon. You filed the restraining order for a reason, right? Sometimes I think people who file restraining orders and fail to honor them should be charged with something similar to filing a false report. It wastes the time of the court and police.

    On a side note, why the FUCK would you give a drug addled family member access to, well, anything?

  • tmfuller21

    @Athena: Holy crap! The people in hell JUST got snowcones, we agree on something!!Haha! My thoughts exactly, they should be charged, filing a false report, violating the order herself, something of that nature, because apparently they are not too fearful for their safety or the children’s to allow her around. They only make it more difficult for the ones who are truly fearful for their lives to get a restraining order because of stupid bullshit like this.

  • litttlemoonseductress

    @Athena: Ya’ll would be so suprised at how many people think that is heartless. Well, I think the drugs themselves make the addicted heartless and the only answer is to turn away. Those two kids need Grandma to shut the door on mom for good. And be honest with them.

  • Bulletproof

    Why anyone would trust someone on the Stem-fast diet is beyond me… Crackheads aren’t exactly known for being trustworthy and reliable…

  • tmfuller21

    @litttlemoonseductress: Some would say that the person was pretty heartless and selfish to begin taking drugs to begin with, unfortunately, theres so many circumstances, some are abused all their lives and look for an outlet, I’m not making excuses, I can just understand being so far down and just wanting to get away. I will be the first to admit that I had a drug problem, and it wasn’t that I thought it was cool and I wanted to fit in, I was abused all my life my multiple people and I just needed to escape from my head the constant memories, I wanted to be able to be a zombie, to sleep in peace with out the nightmares that haunted me. I know that thats not the reasons for everyone, and granted my reasons are no better than anybody elses, but never at anytime did I steal from someone, and never would I have EVER considered taking a child’s christmas presents, thats just wrong on so many levels. I was in a sick sense trying to right my childhood, I would never dream of messing up another childs.

  • Aena

    Wow, just wow. I am always worried I won’t have enough money to get my kids gifts and this bitch sells her kids presents to buy CRACK no less! Says she stole her mom’s car so I can’t blame mom for that, she could have done that without being invited over. The restraining order is another thing, why is it that both parties aren’t charged when they both admit they broke it?

  • jessiluvsslayer

    sorry kids no presents this year cause mommy bought crack what a stupied c*&@ Im sure the grandmother felt bad and thats why she tried to include her daughter but what she needs for christmas is a detox

  • litttlemoonseductress

    @tmfuller21: I have been down the same road as you, my road was short lived but it took a mom that would take no shit off me to stop it and I was like you only person I hurt was myself Now I am watching kids being used like bargining chips and punching bags due to the most evil drugs and I am so glad I never tried any of them!

  • tmfuller21

    @litttlemoonseductress: Well I’m glad you were able to overcome it or deal with it in some way without turning to some sort of substance or habit, most are not as lucky. And it doesn’t help in the slightest, as soon as you sober up your problem is right there staring you right in the face. And your lucky to have a mother who put your ass in line, my mother is the one who allowed the abuse in the first place. But it is what it is, because of everything thats happened to me, every person in this town knows I wont take no shit! I have an amazing husband, and I don’t fear for my children as much because I’m not one of these nieve girls who think it could never happen to her or her children. I know it can happen to me, it did happen to me, but I will make for damn sure that it doesn’t to my children!

  • im_a_sinner

    @tmfuller: i agree about the restraining order. i’Ve had two against me within 5 years from the same person…my husband. yes, he’s a pussy and yes, i’m a bitch. yet i have never hit him. however, he would file them and i followed the rules. then he’d change his mind and ask me over. i would go because i wanted to see my daughter and work things out. but he’d never drop them because he’d use them later if he got mad at me. he’d tell me to leave and remind me about the order. i’m surprised i’ve never ended up on this site with all the shit i’ve been through with him…

  • mommacrazy30

    i hate this woman.

  • John Q. Public

    Well given what we have read about parents here, I give her a B-.

  • wishfulsinful

    I am shocked and appalled that this would happen in a classy motherfuckin joint like Belleville

  • pain4anangel

    Drugs are bad, M’kay?!

    There are times when you get suckered in
    By drugs and alchohol and sex with women-mmkay
    But its when you do these things too much
    That you’ve become an addict and must get back in touch
    You can do it Its all up to you-mmmmmkay
    With a little plan you can change your life tooo-day
    You dont have to spend your life addicted to smack
    Homeless on the streets giving handjobs for crack
    Follow my plan and very soon you will see-eeyy, its easy mmkay

  • tmfuller21

    @pain4anangel: I was going to say that you yourself needed to seek that treatment your talking about, to follow that plan, but now I see your referencing freaking Southpark!

  • pain4anangel


    Lol yup! I put a link to the video on youtube but it didn’t show up.

    I’ll just put it here:

  • blubberdong

    Dear Santa, when you stop by Sandy’s house this Christmas make sure to check on the kids…and drop a lump of coal in the sleazebag’s stocking.

  • blubberdong

    That’s coal, Santa…go ahead and try and smoke that, beeyatch.

  • Aena

    Would prefer if something was dropped on her head instead of inside her stocking.

  • John Q. Public

    @wishfulsinful: Ain’t that some shit?


    This bitch does not even deserve the name of “Mother” or even “Woman” The Grandmother is their mama now, these are young boys, 4 and 5, they probobly always cry for their Mama and I think what probobly happened is that Gma thought OK well maybe we can have a nice xmas here and let her spenda lil time with the boys.

    Grandma did this for the boys probobly not in a million years thinking her daughter was such a low down dog she would do this to her children, The daughter too probobly used to call gma and say “Mama, Im doing so good now, Im off the drugs and trying to go to school to get a job, could I have a few hundred $$$ to help me pay for my class, Gma, being the good mother and woman she is, believed her, and would probobly sneak behind Daddys back and give it to her.

    I hope GrandMother learns now, and I hope she finds a way to heal these kids, because if anyone knows about human nature, you all know even though Crakho stole her childrens gifts, the children (because they are only 4 and 5) will forgive her and forgive her until she does it to them so many times.

    Hell, they are kids and they would live in feces filled crack houses with no water, electricity, food loving their mama anyway, screaming to holy hell when CPS finally comes to take them away… until they get old enough to figure it out.

    Lots of you will jump all over me for this comment, its OK, this is a msg board and we are all here to share experiences and ideas… (I am not defending Crakho) but lets at least give Grandma her due, she is trying hard, stuck between a rock and a hard place with loving her child, (you dont stop loving your kids because they are drug addicts) and she was probobly being bullshitted by her low life daughter that “Im changing Mama, and gma wanting to make a life for those boys, hoping for it all to work out, but it wont…I think this last disgusting betrayal will be enough to bring her to see, she has to let go…

    Im glad these kids at least have her (not CPS)and I can tell you by the time they are 10 or so, they will realize who their real Mother is and when they see crackho, the love wont be left anymore… they will probobly even call her Sandra…

    The one who should probobly be running the show here is Daddy, most of the time the fathers know how to see through the bullshit… but these are my thoughts based on what I’ve seen around me in my life so, just a suggestion on how it probobly happened.

  • John Q. Public

    @VXIII: I am just saying that Grandma raised Ma and Grandma might have already proved her “raise’n the kids” skills.

    She might have also used the disability check for maybe a modest $250 in gifts and the rest in educating the grandchilden to get out of the hell hole town where they live.

    Ma is crap, but the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree.


    @John Q. Public: This is very true and also very likely, but it seems the Grandma is trying now (maybe even to make up and rectify for her own mistakes) so I didnt throw that part in because the grandma tried to make the xmas for the kids, the crackgrinch stole it from them… too late to feel too sorry for the daughter right now… didnt want to make it a life story for crackgrinch either cuz I gotta go to work but thanks for bringing it up… you are right which is why I think if all this is how it happened Daddy should be running the show… No CPS

  • John Q. Public

    @VXIII: Gotta say this: If a builder builds a house that falls down, do you really want to live in the next house he or she builds? I think the grandmother will make the same mistake with the kids (her priorities seem skewed to me). As for the father or the grandfather, ditto of grandma.

    Sadly, I think the kids are screwed.

  • msolsen05

    I feel horrible for the kids more than anything. These kids were probably hopeful that mommy dearest would be a part of their holiday only to find out the hard way thanks to their grandma wanting to give the lady a chance, and found out that mom could care less about anyone so long as she is getting her drugs. That is the LOWEST frigging thing any parent could do to their own child. I hope to hell she never gets to see them again, and I hope grandma learns a very big lesson here in the form of a fine for letting that shit bag near those kids and giving the kids a false sense of security. The nerve of this woman. I know drugs make you do lots of stupid shit and it can override your reasoning and lower your self worth but come on now.