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VANCLEAVE, MS – I haven’t been keeping up with this one much, normally because the Zahra Baker story pretty much filled up my missing, dead kid quota for the last month. But reports are the body of a 3-year-old Chase DeBlase was found Wednesday near Vancleave, Mississippi. The boy had not been seen since March and investigators believe that’s around the time he was killed by his father, John Joseph DeBlase. They believe his sister, 4-year-old Natalie, was killed months later in June when she was last seen. The kicker? They were not reported missing until November when the children’s stepmother, Heather Keaton, told police she feared for her safety and needed protection from DeBlase, who she claimed had probably murdered his children. The children’s biological mother did not have custody because she didn’t have a place to live and says she never reported them missing because she is a shit parent claims DeBlase would not let her. Deblase was arrested Friday and charged with two counts of aggravated child abuse and two counts of abuse of a corpse. He gave police the information that lead to the discovery of his son. He said he tried to bury him, but the ground was too hard. So he stuck his body in a garbage bag and tossed him off the side of Highway 57 — on Father’s Day. The body of Natalie DeBlase still has not been found. Keaton was arrested last week, charged with two counts of willful abuse and neglect of a child. Police say this discovery gives them enough evidence to charge DeBlase with two counts of murder.

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Parents Charged After Their Dead Baby Found Rotting In Baby Swing
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  • dreamstorm1220

    MI is Michigan. Mississippi is MS.
    And this sucks. Not only do we have our own crap to live down, now we have jackasses like this bringing his own brand of sick fuck to town.

  • I cant find any words to express the rage I feel after reading this.

  • BlueDreamer

    It doesn’t matter who poured the poison, or whatever the true cause of death may be – these two are equally culpable. There is just no way that these kids weren’t systematically abused in some form or fashion prior to their deaths. At a minimum anyone living under the same roof with those kids knew about the abuse and/or neglect, yet did nothing to protect them.

    Even if this woman truly did not take part in the first child’s death, at the very least she could have sought medical help for the second child. She had countless opportunities to alert somebody, ANYBODY that the remaining child needed immediate medical attention. It appears that she had many conversations with her mother during each child’s “illness” and still she did nothing to get help, even though she knew the first kid died as a result of their symptoms.

    Poisoning is a horrific way to die – the person or people that were responsible for giving it to those poor little kids should be made to suffer in the same way.

  • scrappy

    As a parent of little ones presently 4 and 6 I shift almost instantly from rage to grim heartbreak. I can’t imagine feeling so callously to such sweet little people, so innocent, so vulnerable. My little girl is a roughneck and invariably sports a few bruises here and there- every one gives me a spike of sadness. It’s just impossible to imagine how one just tosses their kid’s body off the side of the road in a trash bag…

    I am glad for life terms…prison has to suck more than these people’s pathetic lives.

  • melb1970

    Seems to me everyone in this family failed these children. My god, what worthless monsters.

  • jessiluvsslayer

    people suck

  • John Q. Public

    Whatever the circumstances the damage is done. I have no doubt that the investigation will uncover disturbing information. The stepmother has some issues and before condemning her, I would like to hear the evidence. The father is apparently a monster and, before and after the murders we have no idea what was going on behind closed doors.

    What I can’t figure out is why the kids were allowed to live with either birth parent. I cannot believe that the father was not investigated by cps… except that both children were not yet school age.

  • Tatem

    This is so fucking disgusting. WHY are people like this able to have children when so many people who would never even think of hurting them aren’t? It’s so infuriating for me to read these kinds of stories. My husband and I have been trying to have a child for 7 years with no success; just 3 miscarriages. Yet it’s people like this who get pregnant just by sharing the same soap. GD shit sacks. I hope they rot in hell. No mercy for them. No pity, no kindness, no sympathy, no nothing!

  • John Q. Public

    @Tatem: You know that maybe your husband and you could adopt children like this before their shit for brains fuck them up or kill them.

    Situations like this one make me wonder what kind of neighbors ignore what happens to children in their neighborhoods. I can’t believe that these kids never had serious bruises.

  • pain4anangel

    @John Q. Public:

    Unfortunately John, many neighbors these days like to keep to themselves and pay no attention to anyone else’s business. You’re seen as a nosy busybody. Paying attention to other people’s business can get you in trouble and everyone knows that having hostile neighbors can be horrible. Many neighbor’s aren’t what they used to be – where everyone looked out for each other. Thankfully, I have great neighbors on all sides of me. I know I am lucky for this. Kids that small, who are abused, probably wouldn’t be outside that much. Some aren’t even allowed the privledge of playtime. I wonder if anyone even knew they had kids living there… :o( this story is heartbreaking.

  • Deety

    @John Q. Public: “The father is apparently a monster and, before and after the murders we have no idea what was going on behind closed doors.” If it were me, those doors would have to be closed, locked, and soundproof to keep me quiet about a dead child, especially when there was another child around who could potentially wind up dead. I’m not particularly heroic, or selfless, but I would definitely risk a crazy man killing me if it might keep him from killing a freakin’ toddler. It’s called being a fucking person. Stepmom should have tried it.

    How can you reserve judgement on the stepmother, but then imply the neighbors are somehow bad for not noticing? I wouldn’t notice bruises on the neighbor kids around here unless they were extreme, and presumably an abusive parent would keep a completely black-and-blue child in the house.


    The new story all the moms are telling “I was afraid of him: domt seem to be working for them anymore, they are being charged too, its time to cut the bullshit and if you were that fucking scared, run, run bitch run, to nearest police station, he cant hurt you there, its a bullshit excuse, “I luurrved him, I was skeered…. stuoid whores…

  • Folkie

    These are some mighty strange “parents.” One day, you’re dressing them up in cute outfits and getting their pictures professionally taken, the next you are tossing their bodies out into the wilds on Father’s Day?

    Did this guy ever hug or kiss them, read them stories, listen to their funny little kid ideas about things, fix their broken toys, take them out for ice cream?… normal father stuff, in other words… how the hell do you go from there to here?

    (mother of two little ones here, with a great and normal dad)

  • VelvetGlove

    This story made me cry. 🙁

  • MadeaBecBec

    John DeBlase told investigators that he allowed Heather Leavell-Keaton to bind the children with duct tape! Natalie was placed in a suitcase and left in a closet for 14 hours, resulting in her death. Apparently in March, 2010!
    Read it here

  • Wildheart

    @MadeaBecBec: Then they need to kill that bitch too. I’m generally not a proponent of the death penalty, but cases like this just make my blood boil and I would cheerfully pull the switch myself.


    @ Madea, I read the link and looks like to me it was the stepmom torturing them while the dad just allowed it. To me if that is how it went down they should both get death, but I am more angry @ the father because those babies were his and his duty to protect them: It’s like the whole thing single moms do(choosing penis over their kids) except in reverse. Boggles the mind

  • How can people do stuff like this? We need public executions for people like this!

  • John Q. Public

    @pain4anangel: I don’t mind nosey neighnbors. It is healthy to be aware of your surroundings (neighborhood) and be curious about those near your private space. If you want to pretend you don’t have neighbors, why not get a house on a hill surrounded by woods, but convenient to your place of business (hopefully working with papers rather than people).

  • John Q. Public

    @jessiluvsslayer: If people sucked then this wouldn’t matter and none of us would care.

  • John Q. Public

    @jessiluvsslayer: If people sucked then this wouldn’t matter and none of us would care.@Deety: The stepmother, I am guessing, to stay with this man probably has some serious psychiatric issues including being terrified of that bastard.

    The neighbors in healthy neighborhoods are aware of the going ons of the day to day living situations in the area.

    I don’t know a lot of crazy people (the stepmother), but I know my neighbors.

  • JGo555

    The fact that their birth mom wasn’t “allowed to have them” b/c daddy dearest said she wasn’t a fit mom sounds like the asshole abused her too & was using the children to inflict more pain in her. I bet everyone around the asshole who killed them was abused physically & psychologically.

    With that said, if you no longer live with the piece of dog turd in the humanity’s shoe & you didn’t do anything to make sure these kids were ok, you should be charged with neglect or indifference or SOMETHING.

    Oh & I’m not defending the stepmom because, it’s probably gonna be a fact that when the PODT (piece of dog turd) is in court, he’ll say that the stepmom was the one that gave the kids the poison, she could’ve changed the odorless, colorless poison to WATER, since I betcha the PODT isn’t a freaking genius or chemist to figure THAT out. Betcha he didn’t even finish high school.

  • scrappy

    @VelvetGlove: After reading this sad sad story of helpless little children deliberately tortured to satisfy some sadistic sociopath’s whim I’m gonna go home and THANK my kids for leaving their toys all over the place, forcing me to nag them to put their dirty clothes in the laundry basket, and whining about not liking what I made for dinner.

    These practically humans really put my life in perspective.

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