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THOMASVILLE, N.C. – Back in February 42-year-old Scott Ring, a former Ledford High School science teacher, was charged with having sex with two of his students.

He is now being accused of posing as a teen girl and offering a teen money to let him blow him at a secret glory hole on campus. Police say Ring pretended to be a 17-year-old girl named Jennifer while having explicit online conversations with a 17-year-old boy.

He would send the teen nude photographs and request the same, eventually offering him money to meet at a secret glory hole location on campus. The teen’s mother found the messages on his phone and contacted police. Sgt. Mike Howard knew right away this wasn’t a girl because he is aware of the fact that chicks don’t have to pay for sex.

Howard requested all information attached to the AOL account “Jennifer” was using and received more than 300 pictures of male genitals. Ring readily admitted to 25 sexual encounters at the glory hole, which turned out to be a garage door with a hole in it, and is currently charged with five counts of felony sex offense with a student.

Let me let all you young men out there in on a little bit of info that may help keep you from unwittingly placing your penis in the mouth of your science teacher. Teen girls don’t have to pay to suck dick. So if you ever “meet” a chick online who tries paying you for a blowjob, it’s a dude.

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  • behemoth

    Thomasville? That is just next door to where I live!!! I can’t believe that this lunatic was pulling this crap less than 15 miles away in this day and age. I will have to follow this one closely, Maybe take a vacation day to throw a tomatoe in court.

  • Miss Anthrope

    bwahahaha! Ok this guy is a sick and twisted pervert – certainly less than scum – and I am not a man. But if I were a man I would have to ask myself – is it such a bad thing to get paid for RECEIVING a blow job? Even if it is a guy – at least he had the decency to hide his face on the other side of a glory hole!

  • gee

    offering a teen money to let him blow him at a secret glory hole on campus.

    I find this disturbing that there is a “secret Glory on Campus” This is high school right? WTF is going on at this high school?

  • http://newmanpoop.blogspot.com/ NEWMAN

    Sounds kinda hot trickin’ those dumb jocks into a little fallacio for five bucks!

  • JGo555

    I can see why boys would fall for it: “I get 5 bucks, a bj, and while on school hours so I’ma have to cut class… FRIGGIN’ DEAL BABY!”

  • John Q. Public

    Criminal teacher and stupid, stupid kids. I was pretty naive when I was in HS, but not stupid.

  • The_Shadow_Knows

    How stupid are some guys? My penis doesn’t go anywhere I haven’t personally inspected first.


    Just the thought of having to stick your dick in a hole to get it sucked should be a flags up something isnt right…. If I had a dick Id be scared of sticking it in a hole not knowing whats on the other side… could be not just a man but a dog or something that will bite it off…

  • behemoth


    Reminds me of a old lady walking down the road pulling 2 garbage bags behind her and drops a band of 100’s out of one, An occifer asks her where she is heading she states to the bank. He says how’d you get that huge bag of money? Well I live by the Paladium and all these guys put there penis through my fence holes to urinate so I got tired of the smell and noise of partying so I started grabbing pee willies and putting a knife against them and say pay 20 dollars or lose it. The cop laughs and says Well Mrs. Kennedy what’s in the other bag? Well it’s for the dump that’s the ones that didn’t pay.

  • John Q. Public

    @NEWMAN: Sounds to me be one of the short bus schools.

  • BlueDreamer

    So, I’m thinking up to 25 guys from that school are giving their weenies rape showers as I type!… Or are they?

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