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COVINGTON, Ga. – I shouldn’t take up a portion of this post by gloating about how I already knew that the raccoons that attacked a sleeping baby were probably family pets, but lookie there…I already did.

For those of you who are link impaired, police were called to a home earlier this month after a 9-month-old baby was attacked by two raccoons while it slept in its crib. One raccoon was shot and killed at the scene after it became aggressive towards responders, the other was captured and tested negative for rabies.

The infant would survive the severe bites to her head face and hands, but investigators were looking into whether the raccoons were wild or were pets. After the investigation was completed, it turns out the baby’s father, 35-year-old Michael Wayne Cannon, had taken the two raccoons in and had bottle fed them since June.

A month before the attack he had placed the pair outside in the backyard. Since then, the raccoons had been getting into the house through open windows and side panels of window air conditioning units. So for being a dumbass who nearly got his infant killed, he was charged with holding and possessing game species without a permit and unlawful possession of wildlife, both misdemeanors.

Keeping wild raccoons as pets…almost as lame as keeping wild squirrels as pets. Almost.

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  • BuyTheFarm

    Modesty at its finest….you’re a stand up guy [or gal], Morbid.

  • MadcapMama

    Saw that coming. I’m not even suprised by peoples total lack of common sense anymore!

  • shyloh

    I don’t know about this one. He bottle fed them then he kept them outside. What he should of done was raccoon proof the house so they couldn’t get back in. Haven’t you ever tried to rescue baby animals if they have been abandoned? I have. But never kept them in the house. It’s a sad situation all around..

  • BuyTheFarm

    What he should have done was bottle fed their asses outside and left them outside. People who think they can tame wild animals are idiots.

    I have 3 ferral cats living around my house. They don’t bother anybody and run like hell when anybody comes near them. Tricked them into a crate with food so I could get them to the vet for shots and fixing. Took them back home and promptly let them back outside. I do leave food & H2O out for them. When it gets cold I leave the shop door open with blankets and an electric blanket for them to stay warm. I’ll do whatever I can to help them stay alive, save for trying to domesticate them. That is just foolish.

  • deadskinmask213

    My wife tried to take in a stray kitten once. I drove to the next addition across the street and set it free. I’m not a cat person I still have battle scars from my friends cat when I was a kid. We went back the next day to see if we could find it because I was feeling bad for what I had done and someone had run it over. 🙁 I didn’t mean for that to happen. I like racoons my aunt used to have one as a pet it was a pretty cool little fellow but I wouldn’t try to keep one it was hard enough talking my wife into letting me get a ferret.

  • GrimReaper

    I have just one question can we put him in a room with wild ass coons and let them nibble on him for a little bit?

  • JGo555

    And the award for dumbass goes to: *Claps* The dad. He also receives the award for wanting to kill his child unwittingly.

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