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ALBUQUERQUE, NM — A mother has been arrested and charged with child abuse after her 2-year-old son was diagnosed with an STD. Police say that Amanda Lunsford, 26, would physically and emotionally abuse the boy, often leaving him alone with strange men or locked in a room so she could go out to party. She told investigators that the boy’s crying “would make me drink, and I would hit him.” Her sister-in-law also said that Lunsford told her that she often used Nyquil to shut the kid up, using three bottles in two months. Police believe the abuse happened earlier this year while the mother was living with her half sister in Albuquerque. The abuse was not discovered until Lunsford gave the boy to her sister-in-law in Texas who took the child to the doctor after finding bruising on his face and buttocks along with and cuts and scratches. By time doctors found the toddler had an STD, Lunsford had already left Texas. She was eventually  arrested in Oklahoma and now faces five counts of child abuse resulting in great bodily harm. Relatives said the boy is so traumatized they have allegedly caught him sleeping with a kitchen knife under his pillow.

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  • Anonymous

    What Huh? A 2 year old with a kitchen knife under his pillow? That in itself is just plain messed up.

  • The two year old sleeps with a knife under his pillow?!?

  • after watching the news video you can read on the paper they zoom to that he contracted anal warts as the std. i think one of her boyfriends, had something to do with that.

  • *blinks* he is armed with a knife at 2 yrs old ? um huh? I think his relatives need to need to be arming that poor child with intensive therapy .. the mom needs to be snuff.. send her to the taliban… douchebag

  • omg anal warts? *yikes* poor lil boy.. well if the baby has an std from the douchebags bf,…. Ill bet ( and only hope) the skank mom has an std too..

  • aka jas

    I had just posted this in the forums. Did we do it at the same time?

  • aka jas

    I did not understand why this bitch really had to fuck up this kid for the family to stand up for the child.. That does not make any sense to me. And then Lundsford and the little were staying at the step sisters house. So the ss knew Lundsford was giving the kiddo nyquil to shut him up and still did nothing. How the fuck does this step-sister just sit back and watch all that?

  • Lexismom

    They really need to start charging ALL these people who knew what was going on , and never did a damn thing about it !!!
    A 2 year old sleeping with a knife ? That’s fucking terrible ! This is a part of what’s wrong with a lot of kids these days.

  • Anonymous

    Poor little guy. F’N whore needs put down!

  • Athena

    The article says she was staying with the half sister, not step sister. The step sister is the person who eventually received the child and took him to the doctor.

  • Anonymous

    Why do these people have children? This no good POS woman needs to get the maximum sentence for her neglect and child abuse. What 2 yo even thinks about sleeping with a knife under their pillow? Usually kids are being taught that knives are dangerous and not to touch but this child is already in self defense mode. I hope someone gets custody (not the state) who realizes this childs needs psychological help NOW. Therapy might enable him to live and think in a decent way. People think that babies and toddlers don’t know what’s going on or can’t comprehend the dastardly deeds of the adults around them. The act of this child should put all those stupid assumptions to rest.

  • aka jas

    Thanks for clearing that up Athena. I was rather confused.

  • Anonymous

    Pretty sad that a child of 2 sleeps with a knife under his pillow. WTG mom you deserve an award.

  • Anonymous

    Poor baby 🙁

  • melb1970

    Getting preggers is preventable, birth control is available at the health dept for free maybe a little time involved but nothing like 18 years of child rearing. A box of condoms costs about the same as a six pack shove one in your purse ladies don’t count on the dude to worry about your reproductive health.
    Why do these people reproduce? They’re too lazy to practice safe sex? Then the child pays for it? OMG this stupid crap makes my blood boil-!!!!!
    You can lay down and spread your legs but the consequences of that joining never occur to you? Hell, I had sex ed in the 5th grade and that was thirty odd years ago. I knew then that unprotected sex = pregnancy and that was even before the Aids epidemic hit the scene.
    This whore needs her teeth pulled out with pliers and then have , well nevermind too graphic and inappropriate. Suffice to say choke Beotch

  • Anonymous


  • Dæmonsmurf

    I was just wondering the same thing. Why do they torture their own children instead of handing them to other more loving family members or the authorities. There are places you can take babies and sometimes children, depending on the laws of which state you’re in, with no questions asked.
    What a horrid excuse for a human.

  • Anonymous

    Nooooooooooooooooo! Recover well sweet child.

  • Anonymous

    Not step sister. Sister-in-law.

  • Anonymous

    Ugh. What a stupid, awful, heartless bitch. That poor baby.

  • As much as I hate to defend people this vile, the half sister that she lived with took the baby to the doctors and the doctors and CPS failed the child in that case, as they closed a case on her. This story made me hug my little one a tad bit tighter tonight…

  • Anonymous

    So everyone knew she was leaving the kid in a closet & no one took him or called CPS? *Nods sarcastically* Nice.

    On that note… How does a 2yr old know how & what to use a knife for?!

  • Dude

    I hate using the word, but this one is a kunt. When spelled with a k that is worse.

  • In 20 years from now when he does the same thing to other kids, you’ll all throw him in the fire. And the beat goes on, the beat goes on.

  • Parrot Toes (kathybird)

    I think the “k” makes the word look nicer. Maybe because my name starts with “K” and well, I’m just awesome. 😀

    Let’s just say it how it is. She is a CUNT!

  • Dirk

    Unless he is being trained as a ninja, that is pretty fucked up.

  • nice ninja reference 🙂 horrible story 🙁

  • Dude

    It was actually a woman’s fault,Amanda Lunsford, cmon Mad Beast, pay attention. You are going to have to come up with better material, you’re making real serial killers look bad. Also, ‘Mad Beast’ is kind of a lame poster name, especially for a person of your. uh, image. You need a poster name more befitting of a person of your character, like, perhaps, ‘Serial Lover’.

  • actually the child was place in her sister-n-laws home which also has been caring for amandas 8 month old baby for the past 6 months.Sad thing is this sister-n- law already has 5 of her own kids.

  • I am the aunt who has the child.

  • Anonymous

    wow what a crazy bitch mom, step sister had custody and they lived with her she must have some part also they both should die and rott in hell. how old was child to think about a knife it must have been a family thing or someone is just saying that to save there own ass. all should be investigated…………..

  • Anonymous

    Um, I have a two year old and an eight month old and I have NEVER flipped out because of crying. Leaving the room for a moment was an option. What a dumb bitch. Who knows how long that boy will be tramatized? She needs to be bitch slapped until she can’t move.

  • Anonymous

    I know, I always said that, why not just give the child to a family member that LOVES the child(ren), but nooooo…! These sick parents justify the abuse somehow, he cried too much, etc… Or they just love torturing the kids, get off on it somehow, I guess. Or don’t want to be looked at as bad parents, who give away children, so they’d rather make it look like an ‘accident’ instead. Crazy, insane! They don’t think rationally, like we’d expect them to think, they don’t love their kids. It seems like more than 50% of the children today don’t make it out of their childhood. What is this a GD epidemic, a fad? They’ve got to clamp down on people like this.

    # 1 Stop giving these poor defenseless children BACK to these so-called parents for starters. And people have got to start reporting things they suspect sooner . And these doctors who know they are treating these parents with medication for mental disorders, it should be a law they have to be monitored with their children then.

  • Anonymous

    angel, please tell us that he is ok and healthy

  • angelcook

    In response to this 2 yr old child…
    He is currently making steps to recovery.His physical wounds have healed (except the STD)and he is improving with the emotional trauma.He is getting the help that he needs so that he can move on and live a normal life that a 2 yr old should be living. He and is infant sister are diagnosed as children with FETAL ALCOHOL SYNDROM.They both have numerous signs and are being seen by a peditrician…etc…I dont want to go into the details of what this child is suffering from since we are about to go to court.I will say that he has made great improvments but has a long road ahead of himself.He has started talking more and is completely potty trained now.They both are a blessing to me and my 5 kids and I am so glad that they were placed here in my home.As for the family in oklahoma we have cut ties as at no time do we feel its ok to cover up abuse and act like it didnt occur.Thank you to all of you who have responded so dearly regarding this child,We pray that he gets the justice that he deserves in court…

  • KB

    I am absolutely heartbroken over this hidieous horrendous sickening piece of news. Im rendered speechless. This is a vile and sick world.

  • Anonymous

    Ya think?

  • Anonymous

    Not all victims of child abuse end up abusing children.

  • Anonymous

    That poor baby, that’s heart breaking! A lot of poor children have and will suffer this same sort of thing. What pisses me off the most is NO ONE does nothing to prevent the SAME person from doing it again. They get out and get registered…BIG DEAL!

  • Bri

    This little boy died on March 22, 2013. He was adopted by Amanda’s half brother and his wife. This is how Buddy arrived at their house:

    The Cooks became the kinship
    parents of two children who were the children of her husband’s
    half-sister. One of the children was an infant; the other one was a
    2-year-old who, unbeknown to them, was HIV positive. The child had
    handprints, scars, bruises and cuts on his body when the biological
    mother left them with the Cooks. He also had anal warts.

    He was HIV positive! Can you imagine anything worse? Cook alleges that
    Lunsford told her that at least eight men physically and sexually
    assaulted Buddy Cook and that she locked him in closets and sedated him
    with medicine and force fed him feces.

    He was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, reactive
    attachment disorder and a sexually transmitted disease. He banged his
    head on things, sat in the corner rocking back and forth, and picked at
    the walls, or his own skin.

    Usually, the Cooks said, they had to feed him with a spoon to get him to eat.

    Makes me sick that someone could abuse a little child like this. RIP Buddy Cook, you certainly can’t be in a place any worse than you were with your ‘mother’ (I gag as i write that term for Amanda). And Amanda, may you burn in hell forever more!