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Murfreesboro, TN – Police say a violent sex offender with a lengthy criminal history has been arrested after reportedly sticking his tongue down the throat of an 11-year-old girl. That lengthy criminal history includes a manslaughter charge and various sex crimes – one being the aggravated sexual battery of a 12-year-old girl. Oh yeah, sounds like boyfriend material to me. As far as his latest arrest is concerned, police say Jody Lee Lindsey met a woman on some sort of chat line and recently visited with her and two young daughters in Rutherford County. He showered the young ‘ens with gifts such as toys, tiaras and jewelry. And police say that as he was leaving the woman’s house after a visit last week, he bent down to kiss her 11-year-old daughter good-bye and stuck his tongue in her mouth. The girl’s mother contacted the sheriff’s department about the encounter. With a couple of mouse clicks on Tennessee’s sex offender registry website, police learned Lindsey was a convicted sex offender from Montgomery County who was wanted on a violation of the state’s sex offender registry law. He was arrested for those violations on Friday and is being held without bond in Montgomery County. Rutheford County has yet to file charges against him for the tonguing incident.

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  • Anonymous

    Y’know, you’d think moms would learn. If you’re gonna meet a man online or on the phone or in person or spiritually or in church or pretty much anywhere, and you happen to also have children or a liking for personal safety, DO A BACKGROUND CHECK. Sex offender registries are open and easily accessible. Check that out before, not after, you bring the dude home.

    This is not theoretical physics or anything, but I’m amazed that women can be so desperate and/or stupid that they don’t ask for ID and tell the guy what it’s for. That alone should scare off most pedobears. At least this mom had the good sense to call the cops.

  • Anonymous

    Poor little girl. Her first kiss was by an ugly version of the Erik Estrada from ChiPs…

  • http://www.facebook.com/somuchitmakesmesick Dominique Bonadia

    LOL he sure doesn’t waste anytime.

  • Lilloric

    why would anyone invite a person they met online to visit with their family? they could be anything a murderer or a pedophile as in this instance. why are people so dumb? you can’t go and meet them away from your home? i mean wtf? no one comes into my home and more importantly my kids lives without me getting to know them first and i don’t mean chatting online.it’s good to know her kids have such a great role model when it comes to learning about internet safety….and sadly i’m sure mom will bring someone else home even after this

  • Lilloric

    i agree , what the fuck ever happened to dating first then meeting the little ones?

  • http://www.allserialkillers.com/btk_killer_-_btk_serial_killer.htm Bind_Torture_Kill

    He is the “The Gentleman Caller”

  • Pyncky

    Now the poor girl has to have her mouth bleached out.

  • soplisako80

    WTF??? I am sorry but if some man I met online wanted to kiss my daughter goodbye (even on the cheek) I would be like ummmm NO!!! These were kids he hardly knew and had no reason to be kissing them goodbye. This mother needs to be a LOT more careful with who she allows around her children. Also if I ever witnessed a man trying to tongue my daughter he would be missing a few teeth after I hit him the face with a baseball bat!!

  • Crimsonsorrow3

    That’s quite a colorful history for him to be out on the streets don’t you think?

  • Crimsonsorrow3

    That’s quite a colorful history for him to be out on the streets don’t you think?

  • Crimsonsorrow3

    That’s quite a colorful history for him to be out on the streets don’t you think?

  • Kwumey

    never fails to amuse how these dick desperate single moms so quickly let strange men around their kids so fast without even knowing what kind of men they are.. from a f*kin chat line no less…epic fail “mom”

  • absinthe

    he has three girl names.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-Novak/100001064221784 John Novak

    The messed up part is the backwoods rednecks making up the police departments in Georgia have arrested 17 year olds for making out with other 17 year olds. Meaning, these innocent 17 year olds will be “sex offenders” for life because some of these morons call two teens making out with tongue “sodomy”

    But this guy doesn’t have any charges against him, and he made out with AN 11 YEAR OLD!!!

    This is why I’m a libertarian anarchist.

  • pikeman

    Ha! Wrong! In five months you will be the Gentleman Caller. How do I know? I can see into the future, Mad Beast.

  • Anonymous

    The article says he was from Tn but I have lived in both states and one state is no better than the next,they are both good ole boy states for sure.

  • http://twitter.com/leaftheweed Leaf Evans

    No kidding. The man obviously has no ability to control his sick urges. He should be euthanized. Now.