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Take That, Ya Damn Hippies!

August 3, 2010 at 5:49 am by  

Waterloo, IA – Anyone who knows me is aware of the fact that I absotively loathe my neighbors. They are drunk by noon and obnoxiously loud until midnight. The food they cook smells like butt and their children are the spawn of Satan himself. But the thing that bothers me the most about the whole damn bunch of drunken cretins is their taste in music. Miley Cyrus (yes, they are grown-ass adults) at 125dB is not only an assault to my eardrums, but to my psyche as well. Carl Herold knows my pain – his neighbors have been driving him batshit crazy with their “hippie tunes.” According to Herold, this has been going on for quite some time. He has called the police department numerous times to no avail. “I don’t have to sit in my house and hear his music,” he said. “We called a number of times, and nothing seems to be done.” Faced with shitty music, I usually turn to Slayer – Herold chose to go with an air horn taken from an old dump truck. He aimed the horn at his neighbor’s house and ran a hose to an air compressor to power the horn. Another line led to his living room where he could control the contraption from his couch. *swoons*

It didn’t take long to piss the neighbors off. Herold said the police got involved just minutes after the first toot. The responding officer reported he could hear the horn from five blocks away and it was going off every 5 to 10 seconds. “I asked him what was going on and the suspect told me he didn’t like the neighbor’s music across the street and so he was sounding the horn. He then sounded the horn,” Officer Stephen Crozier said. “I asked him why he didn’t call the police about his neighbor’s music and he said the police never do anything. He then sounded the horn again.” Herold, 62, was led away from the residence in handcuffs, charged with disorderly conduct. His air horn was taken away by the boys in blue. He claims he was arrested because he didn’t stop blowing the horn after the officer asked him to. “I just blasted the (bleep). I didn’t give a (bleeeep).” He also says he plans to fight the charge. Seriously, I adore this man…

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  • HotReadingMama

    “I just blasted the (bleep). I didn’t give a (bleeeep).”

    That's friggin GANNNNNNGSTAAAAAA

  • Hahahahaha! I am in love! Carl Herold ROCKS!

  • BreakTheSilence

    I wonder if Carl is single. He'd find many women swooning over him on here.

  • Aena

    My neighbor tried calling the cops on me once for playing my music too loud at 2pm on a Saturday afternoon, said she couldn't read her book, I told her to F off. Police came and asked me to turn it down to be neighborly when I asked if legally I had to and he said no, I turned it up some more and went back to swimming in my pool.

  • Let's hope the neighbor doesn't stab you in your sleep. =)

  • Parrot Toes (kathybird)

    I had a neighbour once who had a teenaged daughter. Every time daddy was out, the volume went up and the dancing started (they lived above me). I wouldn't have minded so much if I didn't have a newborn at the time and it wasn't disturbing his sleep, which was erratic to begin with. SO, I would blare my stereo full blast with the speakers up against the ceiling. After a while she would tone it down. Listening to your music has to suck when it's being competed with with other music.

    This guys idea is friggin' epic. I love it and his attitude.

  • boughtthefarm

    Jaded, I think you have an excellent shot at a civil suit for mental cruelty. Miley Cyrus??? UGH!

  • Isabella Serafina

    I told my husband about this guy and he got the biggest grin on his face…I've created a monster! LOL
    This man is awesome! If I wasn't married…

  • Janelle

    Our neighbors had a visitor that was blasting music from his car. My husband went over and asked him to turn it down. A few minutes later, he turned it up. So my husband went across the street, reached into the open window of the car, pulled the keys out and threw them across the lawn. He got an earful from the (redneck) girlfriend, but the music stayed off.

  • Mental cruelty? More like justifiable homicide…especially on the days they thrown in a little Celine Dion. *shudder*

  • cplpunishment

    Hey J, My boss actually went to a Celine Dion concert – *commits mental suicide at the idea
    He stated that she rocked the house with 1 of the songs so he actually admitted that he sat through a whole concert *double shudder and liked 1 song.


  • 'Celine Dion' and 'rocked the house' in the same comment – does not compute….

  • 62J

    I love stories like this

  • V Xiii

    I have to endure mexican music blasting from both sides of my house, I mean blasting too, I have gone outside and screamed stfu but no one pays any attention to me…

  • Guest420

    THIS guy ROCKS, i can feel his pain. A lot of times when u contact authorities they will laugh and make fun of you for your complain, they will say, that's nothing we got more important things to do. But loud shitty music is a form of torture, just asked the Iraqis. FIGHTING back is the right thing to do i think, ROCK ON bro!

  • AnneMarie

    This guy is epic! Who loves listening to someone elses poor taste in music? Definitely not me!

  • XenMojo

    I feel your pain. I was 7 months pregnant and working overnights when my husband and I moved into a new apartment. It was kind of like one of those instances where the Realtor makes sure NOT to show someone the house when a train is scheduled to rumble by? Anyway, I would go to work at 10pm, come home at 7am, eat my 'dinner' and hit the bed. EVERY DAY it was barely 8am when the TWELVE immigrants renting the upstairs apartment began to blast their music and do the damn hat dance across the floors for the rest of the day.

    Me being pregnant, hormonal, tired as hell and just all around pissed right the fuck off began to start repeatedly slamming the bedroom door until they turned the music down. I ended up telling the landlord that if he did not fix this problem, I would be calling immigration and he would be out quite a chunk of change every month.

    Needless to say, the music was never loud enough for me to hear the lyrics again. I was happy with that much.

  • AMGallagher

    For me it would depend on how the matter was handled. If they went through the police, I probably would have done what you did, there is no need to bring in the police…at first. If they came over and politely asked me if I would mind turning down my music, I would have turned it down to keep the peace.

  • AMGallagher

    When I lived in an apartment the guy down below would play his music so loud my windows would rattle and you could feel the music through the floor. I used to turn my music up as loud as it would go and flip my speakers onto the floor!

  • Deety

    While it's not illegal to be a douchebag, it's not required that you actually BE one, either.

  • Bohring

    Ugh! Celine Dion would require Sliptknot retaliation.

  • Thats like dividing by zero.

  • MapleApe

    Gawd damn hippies. Git 'em, Carl! Git 'em good.

  • MapleApe

    The whole of Canada wishes to offer the world our sincerest apologies for Celine Dion. While we're at it, we would also like to apologize for Nickleback and Justin Bieber.

    Our shame over this knows no bounds.

  • Intelligentvirtue

    LMAO, I luvs it!! Wow I would have gladly been arrested with him if given an opp to honk the horn one time with him in 5-0s presence!!! Dammit his badassness almost rivals the woman who shot the touchy-feely perve.

  • Parrot Toes (kathybird)

    Especially Justin Beaver…….

    Although, We're still awaiting an apology from the U.S. for Brittany Spears……

  • esteban

    back in the day when I rented a studio in a huuuuuuuge apartment complex full of other studios, I used to endure the mexican woman playing the Macarena on repeat nonstop all day saturdays. Ok, I understand why that was fun for a few times, but on REPEAT? SERIOUSLY? ALL DAY? i hate mexican culture and their goddamn carnival music.

  • UniqueMommy1984

    That's why I like headphones (might be deaf when I'm older), I would like to be able to have the music blaring while I'm cleaning though once in a while but I'm happy with what I have.

    I had a neighbor who would play music day and all fucking night. It was so loud that I could hear it in my bedroom. This was in a duplex and this neighbor lived in the one next to me. I shared a set of stairs down to the basements with this neighbor and the walls are super thin. Luckily he moved and my boyfriend's best friend and his family lives next to us now.

  • That's Pretty Funny

    I find it extremely ironic that you commented in agreement on a post of mine in which I implied that racist thoughts indicated mental insufficiency, yet in that same post, and now in this one, you have demonstrated that insufficiency. Just sayin'.

  • Parrot Toes (kathybird)

    I am beginning to think Esteban is either a troll or one of those people who just blurts things out without thought.

  • cplpunishment

    He no need to apologize for Bustin Jeebers. My twin 5 year olds actually
    may drag me to one of his concerts. I believe I may take a nap at that
    point in my life.

  • Jgo555

    Funny cause your name's in Spanish.

  • Jgo555

    I'm Dominican but my mother's neighbor's daughter like the damned Bachata music which I've always hated (even though it's Dominican too) & she'd play the same damned song like 5 to 8 times in a row, just like the next door faggot (I got nothing against gays & I love'em but he was a faggot & he was born one) who played the same damned song like 5 times in a row.

    I used to play loud music while I was cleaning on saturday mornings but only if I was alone in the house & as soon as I was done, it would be off.

  • That's Pretty Funny

    I think it is a mixture of both. That is unless he actually believes that people get raped by bears.

  • rich

    When I had my first apartment, I was working graveyard shift. A couple (white wife, Mexican husband), moved in above me. At first everything cool, she would go to work in the morning and he would stay at home. A week later he would invite his friends over while the wife was at work and play their music loud.

    They must assume that everyone will be at work in the morning and they can do whatever they wanted to do. NOPE, because I just got off work at 7 am and I would hear their Mexican music blaring ungodly loud, I would pound on my ceiling and for about an hour they would stop. But after that hour was up, I guess they thought I was asleep and started with the music again. This had been going on for a week, I got so fed up with it I went upstairs and pounded on their door and told them to turn it down. Of course they couldn't “understand” any English. So I pointed at all of them and said one word “Immagration”, they all went bug-eyed and I never heard the music that day again.

    Later that day when wifey got home I heard some shouting from above and not more that 1 minute later there was a pounding on my door. Wifey didn't like my threat and started in on me, I'm 6' 6″ at 220 back then and I got in her face and told her I would make good on my threat if her husband continued with his early morning antics. She left without another word and there was no more loud music ever. They moved out 2 weeks later.

  • rich

    Some of you will shout B.S., but this is a true story…. My second apartment I had, this time I lived upstairs (I still had graveyard shift) and the guy living below me would crank up his music when he took his morning showers and kept it playing loud for about 2 hours later until he left to go to college. When I ran into him in the laundry room, I asked him to please not play his music loud in the morning because I had the graveyard shift and I couldn't sleep with it loud. He said “if I don't stop, what are you gonna do about it?” Not wanting to get into a long drawn out argument, I left.

    The following weekend I had a “screamer” at my place for some horizontal refreshments, but I was playing my music loud but not as loud as his was to try to cover her vocal sound effects. Well, there was a persistant knocking on my door, I was almost at the point-of -no-return, but the knocking was non-stop, so I stopped my vigorous activities and went to answer the door, I was so angry I didn't bother covering up and swung the door wide open and said “WHAT!!!!” Well it turns out that the person knocking on my door was not my downstairs neighbor, but his girlfreind. I'm standing there 6' 6″ still at 220 sporting my long rocker hair (it was the early 1990's) with my anger up with mister happy standing at attention, she was barely able to stammer out the words “please turn the music down”. I said sure (fine, no loud music, they will hear her loud screaming) and I slammed the door shut, turned to go back to the bedroom when I realized that I was buck naked. I shrugged my shoulders and resumed my noctunal activity.

    But the battle over the loud music went on for another 2 months when he finally moved out.

  • Darsa

    Yeah, I can forgive the first two, but you really gotta be punished for the Bieber thing… *gag*

  • Darsa

    Eww… good point. LOL!

  • XenMojo

    Ha ha Bahahahahaha! Nice story. I have nothing against Mexican people, nor immigrants in general, because they aren't slouches and really do work their asses off. That I can respect. But like this story, and other stories the members have been telling, people really need to have some respect for neighbors.

  • um ok

  • XenMojo

    Care to elaborate, or did you just feel like wasting my inbox space with a pointless reply?

    And before you pop out with “You're a racist because you said 'I have nothing against Mexicans or immigrants'”, let ME elaborate. There is nary a bone in my body that would think ill of someone based on race, religion or even age. I DO on the other hand hold a lot of disdain for people who do not respect others nor their surroundings. So, if you blast your music all day long, every single day, yes ESPECIALLY Mexican music due to it's continuous repetitive bass beats, I WILL whip out my bitch card after I have asked nicely twice.

    And honestly, I have not yet met an immigrant to this country (legal or not) who was not a hard worker, with two or more jobs, that did not support their family. I respect the hell out of that.

  • Cosmotwo

    if i wanted to hear my neighbors music i would i would of bought the damn crap myself.not everyone has your rotten taste in music.this guys a real war veteran so treat him with respect.after all to all you dead beats this is why you have the freedom to listen to your music.

  • Beatlechick

    I am loving this guy. I am afflicted with similar neighbors. They live at least 100 yards away and their music still rattles my windows. The whole entire neighborhood is fed up with them. I say we all get air horns and blast those asshats out of the water! Mad props to Mr. Herold!

  • aena

    She is older and this wasn't the first problem I have had with her. Not to mention she lives 3 houses down and the cop that came said he couldn't even hear it standing at the end of my driveway…I knew she was just starting shit with me.

  • takurospirit

    She might not have even been home. I've had neighbors that refused to turn down their crap and will jack up the volume if you complain or pound on the floor or ceiling (universal city code for STFU). One day I put a really horrible eurodance cd on repeat, blasted it, then went to my mom's house 35 miles away for the day.

  • Josephinemceimer

    You have no idea about this man. First of all, he was blasting his horn for TWO DAYS. Second, what about his common courtesy to all the OTHER neighbors who have the misfortune to live by him? Third, he himself would crank up Elvis Presley and sing along for years while his neighbors silently put up with him. Fourth, why did he not go to the neighbor personally if the cops were not helping? How would you feel if your psychotic neighbor blasted a horn off and on for TWO DAYS because he was pissed at another neighbor? Why should YOU have to put up with such bullshit? He is insane, and all these positive comments about him make me seriously laugh out loud at how stupid people are. Carl Herold is an enormous asshole.

  • Josephinemceimer

    Carl would beat you like he does his real wife. He's high-class, all the way!

  • XenMojo

    Just as you said, we know nothing about this man, but please don't get pissy with us because we found his 'solution' amusing. All we know is what was reported. If you were an outside party reading this story, you may have been amused also.

  • aka Mr.Darcy, MrDarcy

    HaHa!!! I think we're about to get our third set of nasty and annoying neighbors soon. Might have to try this tactic. Then once I run them out, we really need to look into just buying the dump next door and tearing it down and putting in a play area for the neighborhood kids.

  • J.F.C

    Well, I must say you are quite the stud! What kind of music was your college neighbor playing? You should have threatened him with the landlord or reporting him to his dean. You just walked away? So you only threaten people who are in a completely vulnerable state? Probably a LOT smaller than you. Hmmm…….

  • Rothase

    My 1st post college apartment was a three story building, and my husband and I lived on the top floor, while a college friend lived on the first. So we were traipsing up and down the steps often. On the second floor between us, there lived a woman we had never met. But the whole building knew about her. She would put her LOUD movies on, leave her door ajar, and sing along with them in full opera voice, while weeping copious tears. Did I mention that all the movies were animated Disney flicks? Yep. eleven o'clock at night and she's singing up a storm with The Little Mermaid.

  • Rothase

    My husband would like me to mention his acts of civil disobedience. We now have a house, but the street in front gets busier every year, and calling the cops is futile. My neighbor and I tried parking our cars on the street to slow down the traffic, but that just lead to smashed side windows and, in one case, someone throwing mayo packets at my neighbor's car. I don't know why everyone wants to drive so fast through here; they just drive right up to the stop light by my house, blare their obnoxious music and throw out their trash while waiting. When I was pregnant and hormonal, I would stand in the yard and yell at the noisy assholes blocking my driveway while they were stopped at the light. But one day my husband made his grumpy pregnant wife very happy. He was having work done on his car, so they offered him a rental. He got the biggest car they had, an Izuzu (spelling?) Trooper. And parked it in front of the neighbor's house right at the start of rush hour. We went up to the highest window in the house and watched all those commuters using my neighborhood as their personal on-ramp to the highway. They all lined up behind the Trooper. They thought someone was in it, and couldn't see in front of it, so they stayed there, as the light kept cycling. We laughed our butts off. Then someone called the cops about the 'broken down car in traffic.' The cop knocked on our door, asking about the Trooper. Yep, that's ours we told him. He asked us to move it. And we said no. It is legally parked, and if those drivers are annoyed, they can find another route. And so we spent the rest of rush hour laughing at traffic. Silly, perhaps, but to a pissed-off pregnant woman sick of other peoples' shit, it was a riot! Too bad we had to give the rental back the next day.

  • Wow, your neighbors with Miley Cyrus make my old neighbor who used to blast rap songs where every other word was “Motherfucker” (I swear, I literally counted 35 “motherfuckers” in one song) look like a rare gem. “Motherfucker” makes me a lot less homicidal than Miley Cyrus.
    I have to say that I admire Air Horn Dude. That's a pretty good idea.

  • I will expose my uncoolness by saying I'm okay with Nickelback. But I do appreciate that you apologized for those other two atrocities against humanity.

  • HAHAHAHAAAA. fuck yes. I’m having the same issue with my horrendous neighbors and it’s making me homicidal. police and landlord aren’t doing shit. i wish i had the time/knowledge to exact revenge of this nature (without getting arrested though..).

  • You’re a stupid selfish cunt. And before you respond, no you go fuck yourself

  • Let’s hope he does. I hate noisy cunt neighbours

  • FedUP

    Be glad you don’t live next to me.

  • FedUP

    The neighbor would be justified.

  • James Wolfe

    Worthless UGLY welfare slut. Karma comes around bitch, hopefully you’ll get run over by your older neighbor.

  • James Wolfe

    Welfare slut.

  • Tom Davis

    I have called the police a few times about loud music and they threatened to arrest me.

  • Marvin Mason

    I hope your neighbor/s break your arms and legs and throw you off in a river

  • JohnnyBGood

    I think I heard a story where assholes like that who intentionally disturbed other neighbors suddenly died of unknown causes. In fact, there was a case or two in the longest crime shot in history too.