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CLAREMONT, N.H. – An employee for APC Paper Company was killed when he got sucked into a paper roller. No one knows exactly how 34-year-old Leo P. Gonyea got pulled into the machine even though a co-worker was standing 15-ft from him. “He was looking the other way. When he turned, he saw Leo wasn’t there. He went around and found Leo on the floor.” The machine is about the size of a car and is uses rollers to squeeze moisture out of paper as it is fed through. Think about that horrific fact for a bit. “I understand there is some flexing in the machinery, so if there’s a bump the rollers do give,” Claremont Fire Chief Peter Chase said. “However it’s obviously not meant for a person to go through.” When paramedics arrived, they found Gonyea, who regularly talked of working 12 hour shifts on his Facebook page, was out of the machine but was in cardiac arrest and suffering from severe trauma. He would die in route to the hospital. I have to admit, this sounds even more horrific than getting pulled into a wood chipper. Mainly because it seems you may actually survive being pulled through a machine that squeezes moisture out of paper. For a little while.

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  • teek

    I read his & his fiances Facebook pages, I could be wrong on dates but it looked like he chose to work that night for extra money.
    Working those long shifts MUST have caused a person to be less alert and slow the reflexes….How sad!

  • ThomMatewsCirca1986

    My father and uncle, hell a lot of my family members have worked in a tissue paper factory their whole lives. A couple of years back my cousin was injured when his hand was “sucked” into those rollers and the tips of his fingers literally burst under the pressure. He survived but his hand is all kinds of messed up. This is horrible…I grew up around those machines and they are terrifying.

  • hyryde

    Maybe the fact that he was facebooking WHILE working created inattentiveness.

  • cplpunishment

    My Uncle use to be the foreman at the Concord Tribune and he told me that he was training a guy that was a dumbbunny. He told him not to go near the front of the print press and he no sooner turned around and he put his left hand in it and it smashed it off, thin as paper. Unc was mad as hell cause he said it takes a heck of a long time to fix the equipment and it delays the paper from being delivered.

    Fast Forward….The dude came back after workmans comp ran out and Uncle again said stay away from the machine. He stated that it was exactly 1 hour and he stuck his other hand in the machine. He has 2 hooks now.

  • melb1970

    This is just sad. I feel for his family and his co workers.

  • XenMojo

    Man. that must have been one hell of a joint! Oops, wrong paper rolling machine…

    I can't imagine what this poor man must have gone through in those final seconds, I agree that those machines are terrifying. It seems by his status updates that he was going in there exhausted to begin with so I imagine that had something to do with this accident. I also feel bad for the co-worker who found him. That has to be a lot to wash from your brain. While the machines may 'give for bumps in the paper' I doubt they were made to give that much. R.I.P dude, I pray your kids will be alright.

  • howhavetheylivedthislong

    Jeees…sounds like a Stephen King story…….in fact, it is a Stephen King story……..

  • minjofu

    wasn't that a laundry machine though??

    Ugh.. terrible way to go, thats for damn sure.. and so close to marrying his fiance, and with two kids.. Probably working hard for his family.. Just a terrible situation all around..

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    According to his FB page, he was getting to spend the summer with his son, whom he hadn't gotten to see in “over a year.” It sounds like he had kind of a wild younger life, but was trying to become more mature and responsible for the sake of his fiancee and kids.

    Damn, damn, damn…it sounds like a combination of 6 12 hour shifts a week and trying to pack in as much time as possible with his kids during the summer did him in. It's a fucking shame.

  • Miss Doyle

    To bad it wasnt those 3 evil worthless teenagers that beat that dog !

  • Breadstix

    OMG…what a dumb ass…

  • rich

    I worked at a company that made sheets of plastics for food products. Same thing, 2 giant rollers squeeze out the air. They move anywhere from 120' per min to 240' per min, and if you got pulled in, there kill switches everywhere on the machine. But they do not stop on a dime, they will crush you quickly.

    We all wear hair nets and this girl (a new hire) had long hair in a ponytail and I told her to get a hair net or tuck it under her hat (we are issued company baseball caps), obviously she ignored me and when I went around the machine to check to output levels, I heard a scream, I immediately hit the stop switches and went around to the front of the machine. But I was too late, she didn't die, she was nearly scalped. What a mess, she tried blaming me for it, but eyewitnesses and security cameras defended me successfully. I don't know what happened to her after the inquest.

  • XenMojo

    Yet another job that should require and IQ test pre-hire. Or hell, at least a common sense assessment. Even Walmart has those!

  • Guest420

    But he was taken care of because of workman's comp. Just to be the devil's advocate for a sec, maybe he is actually really smart and realized that he can get paid without working if he just sacrificed his hands!

  • Mommy0f6

    This is horrific,and brings back too may terrifying memories. Three years ago something very similar happened to my fiance at work. He didn't die, thankfully, and he was fortunate that that the only damage done, was to his arm. The rollers are extremely dangerous, and it happened so quickly. His hand got too close and before he knew it, his arm was inside of the machine almost to his elbow. He was completely degloved. When I got to the hospital and saw him, i almost passed out.You could see every muscle,tendon,and bone, I saw his blood pumping inside of his arteries.

  • Angie Bush82

    he isnt a dumb ass…. this is a sad tragic accident that ended in a man who lost his life in a bad bad way, working long hours does cause you to be less alert but he was probably trying to make extra cash cause well the economy is fucked and maybe he had a familt to support and he was a man just trying to get by in this economy and support his family and lost his life doing so…i wouldnt call him a dumb ass, this is sad and unfortunate this man wasnt a criminal he lost his life WORKING witch alot of men/fathers dont even have a job and try to provide for there family and to say something so mean about a person who did nothing wrong but over worked and was making a honest living makes you a dumb ass, but thats just my oppinion and you have yours, but sadly also your oppinion is inmature and ruthless and you probably cant relate to working long hours and feeling spacey at work due to this…you probably dont even work with a comment like that… watch what you say cause no ones perfect and bad things can happen to anyone at any time, what if this was a member of your family! being a bitch is onething…even iam one but you are a cold hearted fucktard…you know who your lame ass is. my heart go's out to his friends and family…..and i hope he can rest in peace.

  • Angie Bush82

    iam glad they removed that heartless bitch's comment!!!! she is obviously trash!!!!!!!! i dont know how it got removed so fast but iam glad it did, an innocent hardworking man lost his life and ppl should show respect and express there remorse not be a little imature bitch…who is probably a teen or a dead beat with no job or work experience to relate to this sad situation.

  •  really? a man dies and no one knows if it vwas due to beiong btired or being unaware and you make jokes? 

  • Anonymous

     Joel, if you would take the time to read you would see that I actually commented on Rich’s story about the young girl who decided having her long hair out around dangerous machinery was a good idea.

  • Anonymous

     Joel, if you would take the time to read you would see that I actually commented on Rich’s story about the young girl who decided having her long hair out around dangerous machinery was a good idea.


    Does a non violent petty criminal deserve to lose his life like that either?

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  • Pics?

  • Swedish Chef

    ya think? Its been 6 years..

  • Kaptain K

    I feel sorry for his family, but not for him. That was just plain stupid on his part. I work in a factory, and we’re CONSTANTLY reminded about the importance of LOTO and generally staying away from any running equipment.

    And if this is related to the video I saw today, then the dumbass set himself up by sticking his hand in the rollers, to begin with.

    Like it or not, that’s just Darwinism at work.