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Lancaster, PA – Police have arrested Troy Stewart and Lauren Reed and charged them with involuntary deviate sexual intercourse and conspiracy after the two pulled off a rather distasteful party joke over the weekend. According to the criminal complaint, the two hooked up with Reed’s ex-boyfriend, Scott McQuilkin, Friday evening to enjoy an evening of cocktails and refined conversation. Reed and Stewart had reason to believe McQuilkin had taken some sort of pill before their arrival, as he had passed out in the middle of the fun at least two separate times. He was still breathing each time, so neither panicked. Stewart and Reed continued to drink. At some point that evening, as we’ve seen in the homes of countless teenagers across the globe, the Sharpies came out. Stewart and Reed proceeded to scrawl obscenities on McQuilkin’s back. Har. Har. Then they thought to themselves, “Wouldn’t it be funny if Scott woke up to find cuss words on his back and a stick up his ass?!?!” The two then rammed a 10-inch drum stick up his ass as he lay passed out on the floor. They left him in the apartment alone and unconscious. Good times!!

McQuilkin was still there on the floor the next afternoon, but he wasn’t breathing anymore. The woman who rents the apartment found him when she arrived home. And I’m pretty sure it’s gonna take a bit of brain bleach to erase that scene. Police say that although the cause of death remains unclear, they don’t believe the stick played a part in the man’s demise. There was no obvious trauma to the body, so they’re waiting on the tox screens. Stewart, 40,  and Reed, 20, aren’t exactly off the hook, though. “It’s a depraved crime,” said Lancaster County District Attorney Craig Stedman. “It’s despicable what they did. Instead of getting him help as he was passed out and eventually dying, this is what they chose to do, and now they’ve been arrested for it.” Convictions of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse and conspiracy carry maximum prison sentences of 10 to 20 years each. Wonder how long it’s going to be before the pics turn up on the internet?

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Thanks, queenofsorrow.

Troy Stewart And Lauren Reed

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  • The_Shadow_Knows

    I wouldn't rule out the stick somehow being the cause of death; all kinds of weird things can trigger heart attacks. These morons may be facing murder charges sooner or later.


    Maybe I'm still a little drunk from the weekend, but I think if you cleaned that girl up a bit she'd be a bit of a looker.

  • boughtthefarm

    Thank g-d I don't do all this effed up crap when I get drunk, which is pretty much every weekend!

  • cplpunishment

    You aint drunk.

  • Pointed/thin stick + bowels = perforated bowel. Likely helped caused his death if the pill/passing out did not.

    Of all the stupid things to do….

  • Guest420

    some friends who would stick a drumstick up ur ass.

  • That's Pretty Funny

    Agreed, especially if they used any amount of force to stick it up there.

  • Breadstix

    so that equal one year per inch. seems fair to me.

  • I've been coming on here for a long time, but never felt the need to comment. I believe this is completely unfair to these people. Now they have to be responsible for him when he decided to ingest whatever he ingested? I've seen people like this before. I had a boyfriend who kept falling asleep in the middle of rolling a blunt and then he fell asleep while giving me head, lol. He had taken a couple of pills, I didn't call the police because I thought it was funny as shit! Who thinks someone will go from nodding off to dead? If I had to go to jail over a dude who took pills and then fell asleep giving me head I would be mighty pissed.

  • bob

    They raped the dude after he passed out… why would they not go to jail?

  • bob

    passed out or died… either way, they should go to jail. Even if them shoving things into his body isn't what killed him.

  • DogBitez

    What's with people shoving things into other people's asses? You couldn't pay me to tinker with anyone's butthole. Seriously. (Well, okay… I think my price might start in the pay-for-my-son's-graduate-school range). Yet, there's always a story about a bunch of drunk guys doing some kind of weird repressed anal exploration of their drunk/passed out friend.

    This couple should be deeply ashamed that they didn't make sure their friend was breathing… and they should be hugely embarrassed that they're now part of the anal probing club.

  • PunkyR83

    nodding off is one thing, but being completely incoherent and noone gets medical attention? if my bf took drugs and was whacked out of his mind i would call for help. u obviously didnt care for him much. And i woouldnt find it very funny either to be basically raped while im passed out, let alone while im laying there dying. i guess some ppl are born without a conscience.

  • Tundratot

    This woman likes little boys in older guy's bodies. Notice they're significantly older than her, but no wiser.

    They used an Irish drumstick, which the police described as a baseball bat type object. I've no idea what an Irish drumstick is, but this doesn't sound nearly so harmless as the usual drumstick one thinks of.

  • melb1970

    Ya know I have noticed copious amounts of anal play in the criminal element featured on the Demon these days. t kinda scares me to be honest it has forced me to consider a tattoo-
    EXIT ONLY placed right above well my anus of course.

  • Gee

    I was thinking the same thing. Drumstick is quite different. Geez…. We did a lot of that shit when I was growing and drinking. I do not believe any of us thought to shove anything up anyone's ass though

  • An Irish drumstick is also known as a Tipper. It has a large bulbous protrusion on each end. Picture at the link below.

  • Uhm..I would call the police so they could pump a couple of pills out of his system? NO. People take those kind of pills to go to sleep every day he just took an extra one. I guess some people are born without a sense of humor. BTW, he's my husband now and we laugh about that incident all the time. So eff you.

  • bob

    I don't think the real issue is that they didn't call the cops then they saw him passed out. The real issue is that the raped him while he was passed out and now he's dead. They raped a dude and it may have lead to his death. They thought he was ok, and so they raped him? he wasn't OK… It shows a dangerous lack of judgment and they should be in jail for it.

  • mominAZ

    Oh my!! That thing could definitely do some damage…perforated bowel comes to mind.

  • Miss Doyle

    You're ALOT drunk from the weekend !

  • esteban

    10 inches up his ass? I'm so jealous of the dead dude….

  • Parrot Toes (kathybird)

    ugh, deleted.

  • Parrot Toes (kathybird)

    I am beginning to think you may be a troll.

  • pikeman

    People always get mad about anti gay stuff on here and I try to keep quiet. Then I have to read a comment like this. I'm assuming you're a man esteban or maybe one of those fucking transvestites. Either way, your sick so fuck off and keep your dick smoking to yourself, you fucking peter puffer.

  • pikeman

    And some of you wonder why some of us are predjudiced toward gay men. I'm pretty sure estaban is a (very loosely put) a man of some kind. Either way, he's a sick fuck.

  • Siobhan

    I would like to note that a tipper is only about 6 inches long, and a regular drumstick is about 12 inches long.

  • lol troy was a tattoo artist..he did my tattoo and alot of other peoples. he was so cheap. sad to see he did this so now i cant get a REALLY cheap tattoo

  • Troy Stewart and Lauren Reed pleaded for leniency in court Tuesday, when they stood for sentencing regarding the sexual assault of an unconscious man in 2010.

    Lancaster County President Joseph Madenspacher granted no such mercy.

    Madenspacher ordered both defendants to 10 to 20 years in state prison for desecrating Scott McQuilkin after he passed out following a night of partying.

    McQuilkin died the next morning of a cause yet to be finalized.

    Before he died, Stewart and Reed scribbled foul comments on his body and shoved a 10-inch drumstick up his rectum.

    Five months after both pleaded guilty to a sex crime and conspiracy, they asked Madenspacher to spare them Tuesday for what they both called poor judgment.

    Madenspacher instead scolded them, while ordering consecutive sentences on the two charges.

    “I do not, because the law doesn’t allow me to, hold you responsible for Scott’s death,” Madenspacher told both defendants. “I do hold you responsible for destroying his dignity.

    “Let’s cut straight to the chase here: You raped Scott.”

    A gallery packed full of McQuilkin’s survivors cheered and applauded when the sentences were announced.

    Stewart and Reed’s supporters gasped, cried and held their heads.

    Reed, 22, cried when she was handcuffed and escorted out. Stewart, 41, lowered his head while his two teenage children covered their mouths and stared.

    Madenspacher said he was outraged by the defendants’ blatant lack of compassion for a fellow human being.

    “The impact on (Scott’s) family and friends is even more so than that of a murder victim’s,” the president judge said.

  • Tyler

    You know this girl was mt a aunt and i know she would never hurt a fly so keep up the b.s because when one of ur sick family members do something you wont be talking shit

  • Uh, yeah we will. We just won’t be doing it on a three year old story.

  • newstarshipsmell

    I’ve got a drumstick here with “Tyler’s Ass” written on it.