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Dexter, MO – Why it’s a bad idea to let random homeless dudes crash at your place: Reason #1 – They might just take a likin’ to your young ‘ens. One family had to learn that the hard way after inviting 64-year-old Nathen Purdom into their home. According to police, the couple took him in back in early June – since then, he has admittedly molested their 7-year-old daughter on several occasions between June 1st and July 16th. The little girl told her parents that Purdom molested her in the bedroom they allowed him to occupy. In the arrest warrant request, the activity is termed as “deviate sexual intercourse.” During questioning, Purdom admitted to doing the same damn thing to the female daughters of three other families who were kind enough to open their home to him. Police say one of  the cases is believed to have occurred four years ago. For this particular case, he’s being charged with statutory sodomy in the first degree – additional charges are pending. The skeevy bastard remains behind bars on $25,000 cash only bond. 

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  • Missj100

    Wow! I feel sorry for this little girl and her parents. It's a shame this little girl was put in this situation. I think it's wonderful that her parents have a kind heart and tried to do a good thing. However, my child would not be around that person without me being present for not even one second. They really learned the hard way and the little girl is paying the prince.

  • Missj100

    lol *paying the price. (that was a funny typo)

  • Newmommy

    They could have kindly taken him to a shelter or offered him a meal. Their child should have been put first.

  • In this day and age one cannot be nice to ANYONE so it seems. And plus, parents should know this by now, don't ya think? I was taught from a young age. Don't TALK to strangers. Let alone invite them into your home.

  • Eracsurfer

    Is this what you would get if George Clooney, Mel Gibson, and Saddam Hussein had a love child?

  • soplisako80

    One look at this guy and I would know there was NO way in HELL I would even consider letting him stay with me and my kids! Also my daughters are not allowed alone in a bedroom with any man. Where were the parents during all this? Did they leave there kid alone with a weird homeless man? I am confused! All I do know is if I am sitting home with my kid and some weird guy off the street, then my kid went into his room. I would be right there pulling my kid out that room and sending them off to play. I find it odd when any man wants to play with my kids call me what you want but I trust no one!

  • Mrssteinbeck

    I agree. I think their intentions of helping him were good. But I would never let a stranger into my home, let alone give the stranger any opportunity to spend a second alone with my child. I feel horrible for the girl and her family, and obviously they won't be doing this again, but it shouldn't have happened in the first place. :/

  • Family friend the report says. Probably a drinking buddy. But you're right, where were the parents while their daughter was getting raped?

  • guillotinegirl

    The guy looks about as trustworthy as a shark. Wth would any parents let that guy move in? Was he their drug dealer or what?

  • Bon

    Its bad she got molested, its worse she got molested by a homeless person

  • eliz1bef

    See, I saw a dash or two of Charles Manson in there, but now that you mention Mel, I can totally see it.

  • Sugarglider1

    Totally. But I'm lost on the George Clooney part. Anyway, this man, as gross as he looks, must be serrrriously a smooth talker–because he managed to talk not just the one family, but several families, into taking him into their homes.

  • No good deed goes unpunished, it would seem. This man is human garbage for more reasons than one. First of all, he's a child molester. Second of all, he's an ungrateful guest. In my family, being a bad guest is almost as bad as being a molester. When a hospitable person brings a guest into their home, feeds them, clothes them, gives them a place to sleep, the guest has an obligation to respect the host. To offend one's host in any way is considered a grievous insult. He violated this little child's body, her innocence, her trust, but he also violated her parents good will, their home, and their trust. He's a horrible person in every way.

  • dr.awkward

    THAT must be where the Clooney comes in.

  • Eracsurfer

    Bingo!… Plus I kinda see the Clooney forehead and hairline.

  • Chris N.

    statutory sodomy? how is it statutory???

  • Colin

    And what I want to know is THIS: WHY are these jackass parents not being brought up on child endangerment charges while DCFS places these poor children with people who have NOT lost their minds? It's one thing to be charitable and take a chance on a stranger where there is no one around but you to pay the price should you have misjudged someone but when you have children around charity is NO EXCUSE to expose them to any potential danger. Next time, buy the dude a Big Mac meal and SEND HIM ON HIS WAY!!!

  • ok i understand trying 2 help the homeless but theres no way in hell i would put him in my house especially around my kids!!!! give him some food and tent, or let him sleep in the shed, or the barn or feed him then take him 2 a shelter!!!! but not in ur house!!!!!! thats just stupid!!!! im sorry if some of u disagree but alot (im not saying all) of homeless ppl made that choice somewhere in there lifetime.

  • WryBread

    First of all, he has the red eyes of Satan, and I'd think parents would have noticed that.

    Second, he must be quite the charmer since he'd managed to molest the daughters in THREE previous families. Clearly the guy cruises around looking for niave parents of little girls and then puts on the homeless act. I think he's a serial sexual predator who has figured out a unique way to find parents stupid enough to allow him easy & comfy access to their daughters. Think of it — no need to dress up and look normal, no need to buy toys and candy to tempt the kids, no need to buy a camera so you can pose as a photographer looking for children for ads, etc.

    Just get up in your grungy clothes, panhandle and hang out a soup kitchens until you see a mother of father with that “I'm a stupid altruist” look in their wide, niave eyes.

  • WryBread

    I just figured out how to spell “naive.” Oh, well, I don't have a chance to edit my post above, so you all will just have to suffer with my spelling. — WryBread