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MILWAUKEE, WI –Last one from me today. A Facebook feud cumulated into a one woman being assaulted in the hospital shortly after giving birth to her baby. All of this started around the time Kimball Lewis, 20, allegedly left some nasty messages on 20-year-old Shava M. Wade’s Facebook page. The origin of their falling out is not being reported, but it is being reported that the father of Lewis’ new baby is also the father of Wade’s three kids so connect the dots. One of the messages Lewis supposedly left was that once she was out of the hospital, she was going to go over to Wade’s house and kick the door in. Wade thought she should head her off at the pass and what better time than when she is laying in a Sinai Hospital bed after giving birth. Using a fake name, Wade and three other women went to the hospital and into Lewis’ room. After closing the door behind them, Wade attacked Lewis, hitting her in the head. Lewis fought back and was able to yell to nurses for help.  Wade has since been charged with disorderly conduct and criminal trespass to a medical facility. According to the criminal compliant, Wade admitted, “It was a poor place to choose a fight.”

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  • 62J

    Im' really starting to believe there needs to be a class in h.s teaching females what there parents cannot. This shit is rediculus

  • 62J


  • guillotinegirl

    Tune in next week on Jerry Springer for the follow-up to this baby mama drama.

  • KyFyre

    You would think that a maternity ward in a hospital would take better precautions. What's the point in a Do Not Visit list, if they don't verify who is coming and going into a patient who has just given births room? I think it's time that hospital and all others at least start asking for ID in the maternity wings. It would also go a long way toward protecting the newborn babies.
    As for the idiot attacker in this story, she has kids, she needs to stop acting like a kid and be the woman and mother her children need her to be. Wonder how she'd feel if someone rolled up in her hospital room with their friends and beat her ass as she lay there recovering from giving birth.

  • jessaj

    Not to make excuses for the hospital's fuck up, but this is the hospital where the people who have T-19 deliver their babies. It's ghetto as hell, worse than the “county” hospital, and shit goes down there all the time. I work for the Milwaukee PD, and my sister works for the Milwaukee FD, so you should hear some of the shit that happens there. This didn't surprise me AT ALL.

  • Dmaximus

    … ridiculous.

  • cplpunishment

    Sorry but I think Ohio and Wisconsin has more rednecks than NC 2 to 1. I have been in some knock down drag outs but to go to a hospital and try and fight someone on the gurney is redik-u-donk.

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    No, I'd say a hospital is a good place to have a fight. If anyone gets seriously hurt, they're already in the fucking hospital.

  • The_Shadow_Knows

    One of my brother's baby mommies used a more passive aggressive approach: on the night her rival was giving birth, she slashed her wrists in a “suicide” attempt that actually succeeded in drawing him away from the hospital. So I guess she “won.”

  • jessaj

    Shava (nice name) has a restraining order against her:;jsessio

  • boughtthefarm

    I agree…but that makes too much sense.

  • Smiley

    WOW!! Did she live?? I bet the babymomma giving birth was PISSED
    I've never understood all this kind of drama over a man. If he don't want me…..fuck him, his loss. If he wants to play me with other chicks on the side….fuck him, I'm out. More fish in the sea and all that =)

  • Smiley

    Oh whoops, I just noticed the quote marks on “suicide”
    Just answered my own question!! LOL

  • The_Shadow_Knows

    Yeah, she lived. She did the wimpy cross cuts and not the serious longitudinal ones. They eventually got back together… had another child… broke up… and now he has two more children with yet another woman.

    Just the usual, I'm afraid.

  • I am glad he realized it wasn't a good idea to go to a hosp to beat the crap out of someone. A lesson learned it always good. right?

  • SoYoung

    Anyone notice the one horrible fact…20 and has 3 kids!!! At 20 I was just starting to live my life. SMH

  • DogBitez

    I noticed that myself. One a year since she hit 18. I hope this arrest puts a kink in her fallopian tubes… so the breeding stops.

  • Sugarglider1

    “According to the criminal compliant, Wade admitted, “It was a poor place to choose a fight.””

    Hellooooo, everyone knows McDonalds or the Burger King parking lot is where you choose a fight. They must need to read more DD.

  • Gee

    Ha Ha… She didn't get that memo

  • jessaj

    Of course, she's blaming the hospital:

  • Newmommy

    That man's penis must be amazing, though.

  • melb1970

    Three kids by twenty wonder how she pays for all those diapers?
    Wonder if birth control ever crossed her mind? It's free at planned parenthood or the health dept.
    Seems like both women's energies would be better spent off their backs with their legs closed .

  • Candyhearts78

    Wow! This is so wrong on so many levels. Was the baby in the room? I know after i had my little girl she was right there next to me after i got to my room in her little hospital bassinet. I really hope that the baby was with the nurses because if not and the other woman still attacked the new mom they could have hurt or even killed that baby without even thinking about it.

    I so agree with the statement that hospitals need to boost their security on the maternity ward. Have a couple of beefy guards standing outside the doors to check ID's and escort unwanted people from the property. It would protect the new born baby's and their moms from harm and unwanted visits.

  • Jgo555

    I assume you mean at least they won't have to pay the ambulance bill…

  • Boringusername

    Cut her off at the pass and wooped her *ss! Who says women have no grasp of tactics! Maybe a little light on the logistics (getaway plan) but all the same a good plan.

  • OpiumBeast

    The logistics end of it would cover supplies such as weapons, vehicles, and fuel.

  • Dubbz

    Kimball had a restraing order on Shava. Shava was the respondant.

  • AliceinChainsman =]

    i wholeheartedly agree

  •  KyFyre, I understand that a maternity ward is a special, high-security area, but as and RN I disagree with “Do Not Visit Lists.”  Mostly it is just some family member wanting to keep uncle Joe from seeing Nana, but doesn’t have the balls to police the family themselves, so they get the nurses to be the fall-guy and deal with Uncle Joe and deal with his anger.
    I used to turn the tables and tell families that they had to police themselves, and if an “Uncle Joe” situation arose, I would tell them specifically that Aunt Matilda and Cousin Mary specifically said that you can’t visit.  ICU Nurses have enough family issues to deal with without that nonsense!