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Smithfield, NC – On July 16th, Jonathan Richardson showed up at the hospital with his girlfriend’s 4-year-old daughter, Teghan Skiba, and claimed the child had fallen off the bed. The law got involved once doctors discovered Teghan had numerous bruises, human bite marks, cuts, severe head trauma and signs of sexual abuse. Teghan held on for a few days, but the injuries were too severe – she died on Monday. Police allege that over the course of several days, Jonathan tortured, beat and raped the child in the barn they called home. Johnston County Sheriff Steve Bizzell says it’s one of the worst cases of abuse he has ever seen. Teghan’s mother, Helen Reyes, recently decided to shack up with Jonathan in the barn behind his grandparents’ home. The barn was equipped with air conditioning, but lacked a bathroom and running water. Jonathan and Teghan shared an air mattress on the floor. Jonathan and Helen had been dating for about six months – just long enough for Helen to feel comfortable leaving her child alone with the man in a fucking barn while she took off for New Mexico to train for the Army Reserve. She felt comfortable leaving her child alone with a man who she herself is reportedly scared of. Helen, who had been in New Mexico since about July 6th, returned home on Friday to be by Teghan’s side at the hospital.

“There’s a lot that is unanswered,” Sheriff Bizzell said Monday. “The investigation is definitely ongoing with the possibility of additional charges and additional individuals being charged.” Those additional individuals do not include Jonathan’s grandparents, they apparently had no idea what was going on out in the barn. Bizzell said the Wake County Department of Social Services is also involved in the investigation because the girl and her mother had recently lived there with the girl’s grandmother. 21-year-old Jonathan is being held on $1 million bond. Previous convictions include communicating threats, assault and damage to property. In 2008, dicksneeze was found guilty of assault on a female. He was ordered to enter an abuser treatment program and attend a domestic violence program.

Jonathan Richardson

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  • malq

    Anytime it is not questioned, when a woman leaves a 4 year old girl with a man she has known for 6 months for an extended period of time in a barn, makes me wonder how bad things have to get before a child gets some protection. Obviously in this case pretty bad. Looks like mom let the kid play on the proverbial freeway. That's assuming she didn't know he had a recent record of violence against women and who knows what else.

  • Parrot Toes (kathybird)

    Jesus fucking Christ! I just want to strangle him and knock the shit out of the mother. I hate them both. This poor little girl.

    I'm having a really hard time looking at that picture. She looks just like my oldest daughter did at her age. UGH!

  • Melissa222

    There are some sick people in the world… it makes me want to go home and hold my four year old! and never let no one near her for the rest of her life! The poor baby! and this is what she has had to put up with…. well here in the Carolinas I have heard the horror stories from the jail… he will get treated nicely just as soon as general population finds out why this POS is there! Sadly, our prison system is a better justice system than our court system, but he will get his, or at least that is the thought that will help me sleep tonight!

  • yunjhean

    ahhhh!! fuck you im so really angry reading can some people can do this.. god please help us.. go to hell motherfucker!! and for the mom she's really not gonna let my bf to take care of her i will rather go to my mom and give it to her while im away. so stupid..

  • cplpunishment

    Jesus fucking Christ! I just want to strangle him and knock the shit out of the mother. I hate them both. This poor little girl.

    She was certainly a beautiful little girl. I am with you PToes I live in NC and am contemplating going and demanding to see this vile putrid maggot of a cowardly excuse of a man. God I pray someone kills his ass in jail and I know thats bad of me but damn.

  • Sugarglider1

    The woman is a stupid fool, and her daughter paid the price. Horrid story. And the man is a goddamn monster–I hope he kills himself and saves the public the dollars it would take to convict him.

  • Gee

    Even if the guy had a perfect record I would never leave my child with a man who was not his/her father. Especially after being on this site… Jesus

  • xNikkiLynnx

    I don't even leave my children alone with people I've known my entire life. How these women leave their babies with people they barely know is something I will never understand.

  • Lisaann1979

    “Children are not casual guests in our home. They have been loaned to us temporarily for the purpose of loving them and instilling a foundation of values on which their future lives will be built.”
    Dr. James C. Dobson
    This mother would have done well to remember this before this monster took away all chances at a future life. Poor baby, and Melissa222, I also hugged my 3 year old extra long after reading this tear bringing story.

  • The_Shadow_Knows

    We can only hope. That sack of garbage who raped a 12 year old hanged himself in jail, so maybe this one will show the same “can do” spirit.

  • Sally Mischief

    Not surprising.. another story about stupid women who leave their child alone with the boyfriend. This is happening so much you would think thye'd get a clue.

    Poor baby girl….

  • popeyeray

    Pedophile clergy, sexual tourism, WOW players being arrested for child abduction, and now this? This is happening so much you would think we'd get a clue. In Sweden men are allowed to “marry” and have sex with pre-pubescent children.

  • That guy just looks scary!! I wouldn't want my daughters in the same room with that creep.. Let alone in a barn all alone!! I really hope that fucker gets what is coming to him in jail!!

  • The_Shadow_Knows

    I think you may have Sweden confused with some place like Pakistan or Utah.

  • Sugarglider1

    Except…if you read around on the site, you'll see plenty of fathers abusing, raping, and/or killing their own children (and some mothers doing the same thing). Sucks.

  • Sugarglider1

    I can understand that. But some moms simply wouldn't have the luxury/ability to be at their child's side 24/7, even if they wanted to. But many wouldn't want to. Many women have not just jobs, but actual careers. And of course most kids do go to school, take lessons of various sorts, play sports, have sleepovers at other kids' houses, perhaps even go to camp.

    That said, this woman was clearly a total fuck-up. She was afraid of the man herself, and yet left her baby girl with him? Not cool.

  • Sugarglider1

    Hee hee. For some reason this just cracked me up.

  • Sugarglider1

    I always hope for this.

  • xNikkiLynnx

    I completely understand that some people cannot be with their children 24/7. My point was to at least make sure the you trust the person you are leaving them with 100%. I know from experience that even people you trust can turn out to be dangerous…

  • cplpunishment

    Listen just the statement that she was sleeping in a barn on a friggin air mattress for 6 months screams truck loads about this egg bearer alone. No Running water? She should be charged for child neglect in the 4th degree at least.


  • shaybytheway

    the mofo look scary and i don't even know him! some people are just too damn selfish. can't put their goals and aspirations aside to properly raise a gift from God.

    That mom deserves every ache she has in her heart…. IF she has any.

    RIP Baby Girl.

  • Guest420

    Justice MUST BE SERVED!

  • cielodrive

    All you have to do to become a parent is screw. It makes me so damn mad. It really should be more difficult. Maybe everyone should be on mandatory birth control until they pass a series of tests proving they're up for the enormous responsibility of raising a human being.

  • Robert1

    IF YOU HARM MY CHILDREN OR GRAND CHILDREN I CANNOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR MY ACTIONS,I will hurt you real bad and it won't be fast,I too have a little granddaughter that
    looks like her and I will turn into Satan himself if anyone touches her,no lawyers doctors,rehab,nothing gonna save your ass if you mess with mine.

  • i just dont understand. that is all i can say really.

  • startheory

    Good God look at those dead eyes. That dude creeps me out. I truly believe there is a special place in hell for scum bags like this. 🙁 RIP baby girl..

  • Isabella Serafina

    Please! Just 5 minutes alone with him and a vegetable peeler. I ask so little. Just give me this one thing…

  • Spongemommy

    R.I.P. sweet baby girl.

    As for him, this is exactly why I believe we should be allowed to take these guys out back of the courthouse and hang them. I don't want to have to pay for people like him to live!!!

  • Sugarglider1

    He's a piece of crap, no doubt. I hope he dies painfully, and soon. Only problem with the scenario you describe is that it's a short step between that and living somewhere like N. Korea.

  • thismomrocksx3

    Amen to that! The only call I would be placing to any type of law enforcement would be the one when I tell them to bring the coroner!! I would love just one hour with this douche….he would be screaming for his mama and begging God to save him!

  • thismomrocksx3

    You are right! I have a friend who served 12 years in the federal prison system for some firearms shit and he told me that the guards actually let the other inmates know who is locked up for crimes against kids….they also turn their backs when they see “justice” being dished out! Makes me sleep at night and puts a smile on my face all day long!

  • XenMojo

    There is a tiny bit more information on this story:

    [quote]A man accused of torturing a 4-year-old girl who later died told detectives he “lost it” and whipped the girl with a cord after she urinated and defecated in the bed they were sharing, according to search warrants released Tuesday.[/quote]

    The mental midget is claiming a short fuse due to bi-polar disorder. They confiscated some things from the barn such as “a condom wrapper, a shotgun, a rifle, ammunition, knives, a camera, duct tape pieces, a green, leafy substance, drug paraphernalia, guitar string and a drop cord”

    At least they are going to be looking into charging the 'mother'.

  • XenMojo
  • silvahalo

    The baby girl was living in a fuckn barn, wtf did this asshole expect her to do as she went on the mattress? I mean she was living like an animal in there! I want him dead and not easy like either, and this woman who calls herself a mother is a pathetic, useless, POS, I'd like nothing better than a 5 to beat the shit out of her then repeat!
    Woman like this are the reasons so many children die. NOT once did she think this fucker ain't good enough for my baby no way in hell I'm leaving her with this nut fuck. NO she leaves and baby girl is left in a barn, A BARN!! FFS!! yeah, 5 is all I need!

    So sorry little Teghan Skiba.
    You deserved a real mom who would have put you first in every way. You were a treasure.

  • JustReyn

    Thank you for the link Xen. When are people going to learn that little children and babies are “leaky” at times and come with a smell. Wondering if the baby was potty trained and tried not to go due to there was no potty for her to go in 🙁
    I want to go off the handle about the rest of the story, but I just wanted to make a point to any idiot who may grace the front page of DD that babies and children have accidents. Its nothing that some soap, and change of clothes won't take care of.

    One more little thing. I'm trying to be nice and NOT dog the mother, but I'm going to fail and do it anyway. How in the world can you leave you baby in a barn, with NOTHING, except for someone who claims they are bi-polar with a short fuse and has condoms?
    Dicks aren't worth these ladies! They are a dime a dozen, and they don't come with the tendency of murdering babies either. And some actually have jobs and don't have to live in a barn with no amenities. Let me clarify. Nothing wrong living in a barn with electricity, little things like a stove, fridge, a working potty etc. But this place had NOTHING.

    I hope he dies with his own shitty and pissy underwear stuffed in his mouth and cord wrapped around his neck.

  • Sugarglider1

    Right. And then the truly scary thing is when you think you do know you can trust someone 100% and they do something awful. In a way, those are the scariest stories of all.

  • Sugarglider1

    “A man accused of torturing a 4-year-old girl who later died told detectives he “lost it” and whipped the girl with a cord after she urinated and defecated in the bed they were sharing, according to search warrants released Tuesday.”

    He forgot to mention biting her, sexually assaulting her (and is that why the condom wrapper was collected?), and causing brain injuries. Not that whipping her with a cord isn't completely wrong to begin with. The mother definitely needs to be charged with something, at least neglect. And you know these assholes were having sex in front of this child, as well. I mean, it's a BARN. And that is just sick.

  • The Sanity Inspector

    She is a bad mother.

  • Sugarglider1

    Hot damn, that is succinctly well-said!

  • Faithmomof3

    He will be punished when God comes–but for now I vote we all call congress and have him thrown into an all “gay prison” where they all RAPE, CUT , BITE, PUNCH, AND DO THIS OVER AND OVER–NOT ENOUGH TO KILL HIM– JUST TO MAKE IT LAST AND LAST –till he just dies from it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But he will probally get out in a few months and do it again, they all do~!!! SICK

  • Sugarglider1

    Uh, that's an ignorant homophobic comment if I've ever heard one. Those who get their jollies raping, biting, cutting, and punching other people are not acting on gay nor straight inclinations. Their orientation is RAPIST. Just as someone molesting a little boy or girl is not acting out of a gay nor straight orientation.

    Also, what's this about God “coming”? What are you, a pervert?

  • Debikomp

    Gee, people tend to lose control of their bowels and bladder when they are being raped and beaten-could it be from —oh —maybe FEAR? Damn sadistic creepy perv !

  • Newmommy

    Maybe the hospitals can provide new mothers with vibrators so they don't have to hook up with the first penis they see.

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  • Mommy0f6

    seriously? a baby girl was brutally raped, tortured,and murdered…and you're using her page to promote a fucking purse?

  • Southern Lady

    Look into those things he calls eyes. There is no life in them. This man has no soul.

    Sometimes I really wished I believed in hell, just so people like this could burn in eternal flame. Oh well. Maybe the inmates will give him a bit of “hell on earth”.

  • I agree with you. But Karma will work for his “hell on earth” No one gets out untouched for doing dirty deeds such as this.

  • Southern Lady

    I do like to consider Karma. I'm even hoping his hangs onto him for the rest of his existences.

  • Kcrehkopf

    Exactly! I would not leave my son with anyone but his father, my sisters, my parents or my husband's parents. These are people who have children, raised them well, loved them and showed me how to be a good parent. Anyone else is suspect. Children are too precious to even take ONE chance with their wellbeing and happiness.
    I wish the mother is publicly humiliated and spayed.

  • Newmommy

    You just hope that the biological parents have some sense of attachment to the child and a desire not to hurt it. I have read several different stories on this site in the last couple of days and I want to comment to them all but it is so overwhelming and sad.

  • thesanityinspector

    You're so right. This is what happens when perfect evil meets perfect idiocy. I have relatives in that county, and I know they must be appalled just like me.

    So what to do? The needle for that creep, and not twenty years from now, either. As for the stupid c***, the child's natural father ought to be let out of jail for an afternoon to slap her silly.

  • aka Mr.Darcy, MrDarcy

    UM…WTF “gay prison”? Eat shit.

  • Dinkabird

    No way. Please cite.

  • DogBitez

    It's weird for me because when my son was little, I'd look at child abuse stories and think “thank God this didn't happen to my little guy… I'll never take my eyes off him, never leave him unprotected”. Now that he's the age of these perp-pervs (21), I look at these child abuse stories and think “thank God this isn't how my little guy grew up to be.” I sure love my son, sure am proud of what a kind and gentle man he is.

    I can't imagine being a mom and realizing that my child grew into a monster. And I can't imagine being a mom and leaving my GIRL with a MAN that I'd only known for six months. Maybe she felt it was safe because the guy's grandparents were right there on the property, too?

    Such a tragedy for a lot of people. Those grandparents must feel like crap. The mom must be battling massive guilt with her unbearable grief. And that barely-a-man sadistic waste of flesh must be wondering how he's going to survive the next 50 or 60 years in a prison system that doesn't favor child rapists/child torturers/child murders. Hope he doesn't survive it.

  • Christy

    “Gay prison”? You are a complete asshole. Hit the door.

  • whisperswing

    Mother of dead child charged with abuse

    Officials have charged the mother of Teghan Alyssa Skiba with negligent child abuse causing serious bodily harm.
    Helen Reyes was arrested around 11:00 Thursday morning.
    According to new search warrants, the 4-year-old girl was a victim of “forced consumption of alcohol”. The warrants state that she suffered severe physical beatings and assault by biting between July 5 and July 16. The warrant says Reyes had “firsthand knowledge” of this kind of abuse before July 5.
    Deputies say Reyes' boyfriend – 21-year-old Jonathan Douglas Richardson – took the girl to the Johnston Medical Center July 16 claiming she fell out of bed. But doctors called authorities when they discovered human bite marks, bruises, cuts, severe head trauma and evidence of extreme sexual ause.

    Richardson is now charged with first degree murder and is being held without bond in Johnston County Jail.
    According to search warrants, Richardson shared the same air mattress with the girl in an outbuilding behind Richardson's grandparent's house on the outskirts of Smithfield near Brogden. There was no running water and no bathroom.
    Search warrants state Richardson told detectives he “lost it” when the little girl urinated and defecated in their shared bed.
    He said he whipped her with an electrical cord.
    He also stated he was bipolar and 'little things set him off.”

  • pikeman

    The father of the girl is in jail according to this link. I'm sure he's no saint either, but I'm sure this is going to devastate him. My hope is that somehow he ends up inside with this Richardson asshole and the guards turn their backs. That would at least be some justice for this poor little girl. Dad should be able to get some justice on this fucking faggot Richardson! This just tears me up. To make matters worse, another piece of shit with the last name of Richardson raped my ex wife. I've already handed some justice out and he stays away from me.

  • whisperswing

    NC Mother Charged With Abuse Facing Court Date
    A North Carolina woman charged with abuse in the death of her 4-year-old daughter is going to court.

    Multiple media outlets reported that Helen Reyes of Raleigh is scheduled for a court hearing on Thursday in Johnston County. She's charged with negligent child abuse in the death of her daughter, Teghan Skiba.
    Jonathan Douglas Richardson of Smithfield is charged with murder in Teghan's death. Teghan had been living with her mother and the 21-year-old Richardson in a barn behind the home of Richardson's grandparents.

    Authorities say Reyes left her daughter in Richardson's care while she went to military training in New Mexico even though she knew of earlier abuse.

  • Totallysuperserial

    I live in NC, not far from Smithfield where this occured. More detailed accounts are out there, and the mother did know the abuse had been occuring, and she actually had physically abused Teghan herself. What makes things worse is..the kid was supposed to be with her grandmother, but she would not give her up. She had a caring adult who WANTED her and LOVED her, but this scumbag whore could not let go of her little “possession”. I hate people who don't want to take care of their kids, but refuse to give them up because “they're mine!!” … they are NOT fucking ceramic trinkets or articles of clothing, they are humans! Ugh..

  • Anonymous

    Everyone this little girl counted on has let her down. Poor baby 🙁

  • Anonymous

    Poor baby. Everyone who shouldve protected her, failed her:(

  • Parrot Toes (kathybird)

    Isn’t this so sad? This little girl affects me so much. Every time I see her beautiful face in the bar across the top, I cry for her. I think it is because she looks almost exactly like my oldest daughter did at her age. That just makes it seem so personal for some reason. Now, I just saw your post on her thread and I will be thinking of this little angel all night.

    I so wish I could have protected this angel like I protected my own. Poor baby.

  • Not surprising.. another story about stupid women who leave their child alone with the boyfriend.