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HUDSON, TX – Police have charged 18-year-old Joseph Weeks with sexual assault after they say he raped a 13-year-old girl who was under the effects of cough medicine. Reports are that the girl’s mother allowed her to accompany Weeks and two others. The four went to a Walmart where they purchased cigarettes and cough syrup, consuming them in the parking lot before going to someone elses trailer. According to the affidavit, Weeks and the girl began kissing consensually. He then tried to round second base, but she told him to stop. But supposedly, Weeks past stopping and as the girl started feeling the effects of the medicine, Weeks forced himself on the girl. The victim told police she remembers her pants being down and Weeks having sex with her. She also said she told Weeks to stop, but he didn’t until her friend told him to. She was taken to the hospital and the police were called. Weeks turned himself in to police a week later, and being an idiot, told  investigators that the sex was consensual. He was charged with sexual assault of a child –  the same charge he had gotten had it not been consensual. Unsupervised teenagers are basically idiots. So I’m not surprised that any of this happened. But I am surprised with the young girl’s mother. The affidavit states that before letting her daughter leave with Weeks, she told him not to mess with the girl because she knew that he was a “male whore dog.”

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  • darsa

    And of course, because her mommy told him not to mess with her, he would OBVIOUSLY listen. Another case where an IQ check pre-procreation could have avoided all of this. Ugh.

  • Gee

    The mother has some responsibility here. Why would you allow your 13 year old daughter to hang around 18 year old male. Nothing good could come out of that.

  • darsa

    Exactly; I think the main fault lies with the mom, in fact; what an idiot!

  • Darth_manar

    I have one questopn. Were was Jamarcus Russell?? You aint telling me cough syrup is around and hes not there.

  • Darth Manar

    supposed to be queston.

  • KAOS

    That peewee's 18, whats cough syrup like an anti aging agent. I know that if an 18 year old came for my 15 year old daughter, he's leaving running and she's staying in.

  • HeavenlyDementia

    Sounds like the kind of mother who will eventually say “Stop yer cryin'. I done told you it was gonna happen when yous running around with Male horn dogs like that! Get me a beer.”

  • Whiz

    Exactly! WTH?

  • melb1970

    Now obviously daughter is running with a fast crowd but only cause Mom lets her.
    I was hell on wheels at puberty and my folks would have ( and did once) beat the crap out of the loser that came to pick me up.
    Parents have a responsibility to keep their child safe- Mom could have prevented this attack on her daughter.

  • Sugarglider1

    A 13 year old shouldn't be hanging out with an 18 year old. And an 18 year old has no business at all hanging out with a 13 year old. What is this girl's mama doing letting her go off to with an 18 year old?

    BTW–not that it matters, but I'm thinking the affidavit got something slightly wrong here. I'm guessing the mama said he was a “male horn-dog,” not “male whore-dog.” Or is that just a phrase I've never heard?

  • polomint38

    Hey guys,
    I've bought some cough mixture, vanilla essence and some food colourings, So it's cocktail night round my house and you're all invited.

  • XenMojo

    Woot! I have a 40oz of extract hanging around in my pantry to add to the mix!

  • KAOS

    Maybe Jaded will bring the dust-off, i love you Jaded, you are awesome

  • Sally Mischief

    Christ this is something that could have been prevented had she not had a dumb fuck for a mother. 13 year old hanging out with a 18 year old…. am i the only one who thinks this is stupid? That's probably what happened to the pregnant 12 year old i saw at the grocery store a couple days back.
    Grow up lady and be a worth a shit parent not her friend!

  • Sally Mischief

    The mom was probably too busy smoking crack or getting drunk.

  • shaybytheway

    Another prime example of how procreation ability does not equal parental unit potential.

  • Holly Golightly

    I think the “male whore dog” was just a misinterpretation because the mother couldn't be bothered to take the crack pipe out of her mouth long enough to watch her daughter….

  • Smiley

    Oh yeah, my son is 14 and i wouldn't even let him “hang out” with 18-20 year old women who aren't related to him. It's just stupid and why would someone that age really wanna hang out with a kid anyways?? When I was a young adult, the only kids I hung out with were my younger siblings, and I had enough of them after a little while…..the mom is very much partially to blame for this.

    On a happier note, at least Bubba will get good use of the giant handles on the side of this kids head. Makes for better leverage when he makes sloppy love to this piece of shit's purty mouth

  • aka Mr.Darcy, MrDarcy

    Um, so I was a 13 year old girl once and I sure as hell wasn't interested in any 13 year old boys.
    But I digress…

    This douche is your typical Narrowhead.

  • Jgo555

    Cough syrup!? Don't they get bored while drinking it & read the label… There is enough medicine in this bottle to harm a child… if ingested in large quantities CALL POISON CONTROL…etc. This kid LOOKS like he is 13 that's probably why the mom let her go with him. He's gonna be someone's sweetie in jail.

  • Catra Queen

    I agree. The mom should be charged with neglect… I wonder who the other 2 were. Their ages and sexes, yknow? And how the 2 knew each other. My mom locked me down when I was 15 hanging with 24-30 yr olds. My parents were over protective and they realize it, but that wasnt being overly protective, those guys had no reason to be hanging out with us, we did lie and tell em we were 19. But still. We def didnt act it, only looked it.