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Roseburg, OR – You can find the original story on Dustin Wallace here, but because court documents in the case have now been released, I wanted to throw up a quick update. It appears as if 5-year-old Sahara was suffocated. According to the probable cause affidavit, Dustin entered Sahara’s room that morning, a room she shares with a brother, and began fondling her. Sahara, who was sleeping at the time, suddenly awoke and began struggling. To gain control of the child, Dustin put his weight on her, placed his hand over her mouth and punched her in the stomach. He raped her after she stopped moving. When he was finished violating the child, he checked her neck for a pulse, but found none. Though the autopsy results have not been released, the affidavit said blood was found on Sahara’s face and lower body. Police found a necklace under Sahara’s body after it was moved. Roseburg police Detective Daniel Knott said it appeared to match the description of a necklace Wallace said he was missing after the struggle. Dustin remains behind bars at Douglas County Jail with no bail. Though he is being charged as an adult, he will not face the death penalty. Shame….

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Teen Accused Of Making Child Porn With Her 3-Month-Old Son
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  • yunjhean

    fuck that shitt!! 5 years old shit come on.. he deserve death penalty… ur fucking sick!

  • I'm sure he'll receive the same exact treatment once his nice young self is in prison with the rest of the hardened criminals. And, he deserves no mercy.

  • boughtthefarm

    What a sick SOB!

  • Smiley

    It's usually mom's boyfriend- now it's mom's boyfriend's *son*…??? This is so sad and scary. Sounds like the suffocation was him trying to silence her, and silencing her too well. Did he think no one would notice?? His picture gives me the creeps, he looks like he has no soul. I wonder if this little girls mom ever had any inclination that her BF's son was “off”.
    I just hope him and his sweet young butthole make lots of friends in the GP, he will deserve every minute of it.

  • RaquelS

    Oh Jaded thank you for the update. But that is fucking bullshit!!! GRRRR!!!

  • Ninja0980

    Per the Supreme Court, no one under the age of 18 can be executed. On the plus side, this means his head will be a ripe target for steel toed boots for the next 60-70 years.


    I have a cousin who went to jail for a couple years on drug charges. He told me a story of how he and a couple other guys found out a guy in general population was a kiddie fiddler. Apparently they cornered him in the showers and shoved 6 bars of soap up his ass. Hopefully this is what's waiting for this kid when he goes down.

  • KAOS

    Heres to hoping they set a new record, like 12 bars. No punishment fits this scum's crime

  • Sally Mischief

    Gross inbred peice of shit

  • Redsaid

    He raped her AFTER she was out. THAT shows a very sick little mind this boy has. I could knock him out with one pucnh. Only because I don't want to look at him long enough to do anything else.

  • eliz1bef

    Agreed. I want DP for this guy. Either one: Death Penalty or Double Penetration. Hopefully both. I hate that he's not up for the first, so I can only hope his fellow inmates help out with the second.

  • eliz1bef

    Oh, sweet dreams. That sounds about perfect. Nothing wrong with a little clean fun, right?

  • eliz1bef

    Come on, Red. You know you want to join me on my “Beat sick fuckers with a golf club” tour. He could be hole 6 or part of the back 9.

  • Redsaid

    Ok, on second thought, I'll join you. But can he be the 'tee off' please?

  • melb1970

    And then we have this depravity- kill it this boy offers nothing to the human race. Nothing at all!!!
    There is no excuse for this kind of behavior and any human that can perpetrate such an act offers nothing to society except to serve as an example-
    Anyone familiar BME pain olympics- I think he should try it

  • the courts may not put him to death but i'm sure his fellow inmates will.

  • Angel

    Kill him kill him. The end

  • Robert1

    I would have no problem taking him out back and setting his ass on fire with some tar and gasoline,fucking piece of shit.

  • whatever

    Well if you had looked at any of the new article you would know the boy lived with his mom in Oaklahoma and had come for a visit with his dad whom had not raised him since he as around 6 and with the distance and bitterness of divorce had very little input on their upbringing, so no neither one of them had any idea he had gotten so lost and still have no clue as to why he would do such an uspeakable thing. The couple had been dating for several years so the boyfriend was very very close to the little girl Sahara haveing been a part in raising her as his own.

  • Smiley

    And all that makes a difference…how? I didn't say anything like the mom or BF were at fault….I said ……
    “I wonder if this little girls mom ever had any inclination that her BF's son was “off”.”
    I *wonder*
    So you clarified…thanks. Didn't need to be so snotty about it.

  • Candyhearts78

    It's not right that sick and depraved kids like this one do not get the DP! instead they are given life or a shorter sentence and why? Because they are just KIDS! Well so are the little ones that they violate and mutilate and murder! Let the families of the innocent children get some real justice ! Let them watch the sick F's Fry in the electric chair!!!!! Start with a low currant and let it build slowly until he is a pile of steaming dead stinking flesh!!!!!!

  • i jah

    As everyone has stated before, they SHOULD kill him. However, I think 80%-90% of all Prison Inmates should be killed. Nothing flashy or expensive, just gas them all or line them up and shoot them. It would save this country millions of dollars. People don't realize how much it takes to house an inmate, especially lifers. What's the point of keeping a piece of shit like this alive until he dies if he's never going to leave prison? Kill him. It's ridiculous how many benefits these prison scum receive… television, health care, recreational activities, schooling, food?!? Kill 'em all, let God sort 'em out.

  • pikeman

    I read your post on the original story about this and how we are so wrong to judge and how we should forgive because it is just another sin, tragic as it is. You went on about God and how we're all sinners. As someone who knows something about the Bible, I strongly disagree in this case. I will say now what I said then. According to the Bible, God holds the innocent children sacred. Even Jesus said that he who harms the little ones, that it would have been better if they were never born. You can bet that Dustin Michael Wallace bought himself a ticket straight to hell, do not pass or collect 200 dollars. This is the worst sin, if it is all true you can bet he'll be the devil's little butt boy. He's not gonna like Satan's big red dick. Fuckin piece of shit Child rapers/killers cannot be forgiven! For those of you confused by my comment, read what “Whatever” posted on the original story.

  • mother

    you people have no idea what you are taling about I have been around this kid and i know for a fact that he is not all there and if he would have been in his right frame of mind at the time he never would have done this, his dad didnt know howto take care of himn and he wasnt given his medicine and no God will nothold him responsible because God says that only the young , the old and the insane are with him.

  • Parrot Toes (kathybird)

    This asshole fuckwad that is only on this planet to wreak havoc, kill little girls and waste oxygen by sucking it in is vile, putrid, ugly, and beyond human help. It really is a shame that he can not be given the death sentence but that won't stop other inmates from trying to kill him – and I hope they succeed sooner than later. I don't really care if he wasn't in his right frame of mind, he is nothing but a waste of space, air and resources. Also, even if God did exist, he definitely wouldn't want this putrid ass of a nasty fuck anywhere near him and the little angel he killed. The Devil probably shudders at the thought of dealing with him, but I'm sure He will find a suitable eternal punishment for him. But since there is no God or Devil, he will simply rot in the ground, no doubt poisoning the insects that will feed off his stinking body. I hope that happens soon.

    How can you feel for this creepy fucking slime of a person more than the innocent 5 year old girl that he raped and killed? She is the one that deserves to be alive. She is the one that deserves people's sympathy. Not this idiot, and if you can't see that, then you deserve to rot right beside him.

  • minjofu

    I'm a strong believer in bringing back the guillotine .. Seriously.. It doesn't have to happen in public.. and they can make some changes in the design.. use a laser, or a super heated blade.. Make the blade hydrolic.. It'd be quick, cheap, and painless really.. Give them a couple of valium, or shoot them up with some ativan beforehand.. maybe a local anesthetic injected in the neck if people were really worried about pain and suffering.. they'd be nice and sleepy before they lose their head.. No chance of a botched execution, no unnecessary suffering..

    I dont think we need to abolish the death penalty.. I just think we need to be more.. innovative.. Some people just do not need to be on this planet..

  • Holly Golightly

    I think giving them a buzz before seeing the blade fly towards them is a little too kind. They should be strapped to a table and taunted with a few almost drops of the rusty ragged blade first…

  • pikeman

    “God will not hold him responsible because God says that only the young, the old, and the insane are with him.” Where did you pull that info from, your ass?


    I dont think whatever was being snotty, sometimes when you write something, it dont have the infection it would have if the same person were talking, I think he/she just was trying to tell the facts, I dont agree though with the boy being “lost” fuck that he is just plain sick and twisted, not “lost”

  • DamagedGoods

    “God will nothold him responsible because God says that only the young , the old and the insane are with him”

    Awesome… send him to God, posthaste…

  • Honestygone

    mother “God will nothold him responsible because God says that only the young , the old and the insane are with him.”
    That statement only applies to those that believe in the God that you mention. Only Christians with this mentality believe that you can rape a child and be saved…only to rape again and be saved…only to rape again and be saved…
    My God is Karma and I predict this baby girl will get justice when baby-raper-killer goes to prison.

  • Sugarglider1


    “if he would have been in his right frame of mind at the time he never would have done this”


    “his dad didnt know howto take care of him”


    “and he wasnt given his medicine”


    “God will nothold him responsible because God says that only the young , the old and the insane are with him.”

    STFU and go read some more of your fairy tales about how virgins give birth to babies, okay?

  • leah 7

    no death for that scumbag after he took that little ones life? a dirty shame its true. But he is the one who gave his soul to Satan, he is the one who knocked on the gates of hell,so he never will enjoy a moment of peace, nor freedom,

  • Missy

    Whether he was on meds or not “mother”..if he was not an evil person he never would have raped and murdered this child. he is sick and disgusting. As for God saying the young..the old..and the insane are with him..that twisted evil piece of garbage is OVER THE AGE OF PUBERTY..he is NOT considered young and innocent. Stop trying to defend a disgusting depraved piece of trash..he commited a heinous act against a defenseless little girl..and he should pay for what he did with his life. He should be tortured and killed as he did to her. People like you make me sick listening to you trying to defend evil. Maybe you should let your child be alone with him..on or off meds. I know a couple people who have schizophrenia..and several who have bi-polar disorder..but i'll be damned if they would ever rape and murder an innocent child whether they were on or off their meds. Pathetic excuses from another piece of shit. You are as fucked in the head as he is..

  • Mel

    I visit this site daily. At first I couldn't read past the headlines but then decided it was the least I could do to read the entire story for the victim's sake. I tell others about this site in an effort to shed light on abuse that's not reported in the general media.

    I was drawn again to this story by the recent comment in the sidebar because I saw the word “rape”.

    I was raped last Monday. I am a tough old bird in my 40s but couldn't believe how helpless, defenseless and afraid I was. I'm still in pain.

    I'm sharing this ONLY because I cannot imagine this happening to a tiny 5 year old!!! This poor darling innocent girl was put through the unimaginable and was murdered by a coward who should pay with his life for this crime.

    I want the “man” who did this to me to have his ass beat AND burn in hell but I want the 16 year old in this story to go first!

    What a waste of human skin!

    RIP Sahara and know that many here on earth know you deserved so much better!

  • ProudWife05

    I'm so very sorry for what has happened to you. I hope they caught the guy who did this shit to you and they make him pay. I hope you make a full recovery.

  • Mel

    Thank you – I know I will. ( :

  • Thomaszanayah

    okay hey i am from huqo okalhoma and did you quys no that he had also beat his mama with a bat?

  • Canuck Gramz

    Nowhere in the bible does it say that the insane go to be with God. Claiming insanity or mental illness or lack of medication does not mean this guy is not guilty or a horrendous evil act.

  • Creepy_Charlie

    His ass gonna be popular for a long time!

  • I believe what God said was “an eye for an eye” That is what is deserved!!