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GASTON COUNTY, NC – When 24-year-old Tracy Hedgepath did not show up for work on Friday, her co-workers contacted her parents who went out to their daughters home to check on her. Once there they found all of the cars in the driveway of the home Hedgepeth shared with her three young children and her boyfriend, 25-year-old Austen Minter. They began repeatedly knocking on the door until finally, 7-year-old Destiny answered. She had been shot in the head. The grandparents immediately called 911 in which you can clearly hear the little girl say that “Daddy did it.” Police say that Minter shot Hedgepath, who was 3-months pregnant, during an argument. He then shot 7-year-old Destiny, 6-year-old Austen II, and 3-year-old Serenity before turning the gun on himself. Police think the girl had been lying with her dead family for a few hours before her grandparents showed up. The couple have a history of domestic violence issues, Minter being described as a monster by Hedgepeth’s family telling the media that he was also violent with his own family members. Read on for a partial transcript of the grandparent’s 911 call.

911 call provided by wbtv.com

911: Gaston County 911…
Caller: (sound of girl crying) Hey… ma’am… my daughter and them’s dead. I need you here right away.
911: I need an address, sir.
Caller: Ma’am, I’m at 1303… I don’t know… my daughter and them’s dead, there’s a bunch of them dead in here.
911: Sir… sir… I don’t know where to send them to.  You need to find a piece of mail or something…
Caller: She’s dead… and my grand babies are dead…
911: Sir… find a piece of mail or something with an address on it.  I don’t know where to send them.
Caller: (caller appears to ask someone the address) Hey… what’s this address?  Our daughters are dead… 1303 Dean Drive?  (now back to the 911 operator)  1303 Dead Drive.
911:  1303 Dead Drive?
Caller: Yes.
911: Are you in Dallas?
Caller: Hey… excuse me… hey…
911: Sir, are you off of College Boulevard?
Caller: Unit 12… got a bunch of dead up in here… I’m calling from my cell phone, ma’am.  My daughter and her kids…
911: Sir, how many are in there?
Caller: My daughter, her husband, my grandson…
911: Ok…
Caller:  They’re all dead…
911: Ok sir… hold on there for me… What do you mean when  you say they’re dead?  Are there any weapons or anything?
Caller: Ma’am, We just got here…
911: Sir, don’t touch anything…
Caller: I’m not,ma’am.  You got to hurry.
911: How many people are in there?
Caller: Three… my daughter, grandson…
Child: Daddy did it…
Caller: (repeating what the child said)…and their daddy did it, please!!
911: Sir, they’re coming… What’s your name?
Caller: My name is Wayne Hedepath.  Ma’am, I’m going in to check.
911: Can you go in and check to see if there’s any pulse?
Caller: Ma’am, I’m going in… please hurry.
911: They are… somebody else is doing it Wayne…  Just check on them…
Caller: Please…
911: Sire… somebody’s doing it for me…
Caller: Please ma’am… they’re dead…
911: Somebody is getting them on the way (paramedics). ‘Cmon now.
911: Sir, somebody is getting them on the way while I talk to you.  Check for pulses for me.
Caller: They’re all dead, I did, ma’am.  My grand baby’s dead…  My grand babies are dead… All of ‘em… They’re all dead!
911: Sir, quit hollering please… I understand.
Caller: Just come on…
911: Sir…
Caller: Please…
911: Sir… did you check for a pulse?
Caller: They’re all dead and cold…
911: Please c’mon on.  ‘Cmon ma’am.  They’re dead! I’m getting off of here.

WBTV has admitted they have left out a portion of the call although the full audio can be obtained by the public. I am guessing that their may be some racially charged language in the call that has no real bearing on the crime itself so they wisely decided to leave it out of the story. Destiny is currently in the hospital listed in serious condition.

The Gaston Gazette posted an article detailing some of Minter’s troubled past:

April 23, 2007 — Domestic criminal trespassing and discharging a firearm into an occupied property. He posted the $25,000 bond.

March 22, 2008 — Violation of a domestic violence protection order and driving charges (invalid plates and driving without a license). Posted $1,000 unsecured and $500 secured bonds.

May 28, 2008 — Violation of a domestic violence protection order and failure to comply. Posted $25,200 bond and $200 for the failure to comply.

Dec. 4, 2008 — Resisting a public officer and assaulting a female. Posted $5,000 bond.

Feb. 11, 2009 — Assault with a deadly weapon, intent to kill, assault by pointing a gun, discharging a firearm within city limits. Original $50,000 bond was reduced to $15,000 on Feb. 18, then posted.

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  • Sad…what a pretty girl…Why in the world would she lower herself to even be with a vile ugly scumbag like him…Ugly on the inside and out.

  • darsa

    God bless that family, and keep them; may they rest in peace. Wow, what a horrible thing, that poor little Destiny. I hope there's plenty of help for her when she's recovered!

  • DogBitez

    I thought that was a photo of a woman and assumed it was going to be the slain mother in this story. It's the dad?? Dude looks like a lady with those plucked eyebrows.

  • Misfirefly


  • misfirefly

    what do you bet that the mother had posted all those bonds?

  • benado

    She was a true idiot and frankly got herself killed and her children..cause she loved”my baby daddy!” I feel no sympathy for this woman, just sadness for those children.

  • She was probably terrified to leave him … did you read the Charlotte Observer story? It sounds like he'd repeatedly threatened to hurt her or their kids if she left him. I wouldn't be surprised if he killed her and their children because she DID try to leave him again, or kicked him out. They say that the most dangerous time for an abused woman is when she tries to leave her abuser.

  • Laurenthian

    An abused woman will, on average, leave 7 to 10 times before she leaves permanently. And the most dangerous time is after she leaves–that's why shelters are so secretive about locations and staff. This is a horrifying story.

  • OpiumBeast

    What's going on with this dispatcher at the end of the call? Was the operator harassing the caller? I can understand how frustrating it must have been to listen to the caller rant about the dead family without providing any useful information, but these operators are paid to keep their cool.

  • WryBread

    Is that photo the father? Or the girl? I honestly can't tell. She doesn't look 7 and doesn't look like a man.

  • Wolfcat87

    I bet you that little girl's a cutie and I'm glad she's alive. I'm also glad these people cared enough about their daughter to check on her so soon after she went missing. You hear about people missing for days, years before anyone even thinks to look for them…

  • mommys_angel

    I know it just reading it i could sense a little attitude and im sure he/she doesnt understand.

  • KBunnie

    What the hell???

  • Zibarro aka Kryssa
  • the photo is a man, and someone please explain to me why the mother (pictured in the video as a relatively attractive white woman with long dark blonde hair) would have intercourse with that foul looking piece of shit.  Not to mention all the few years of domestic violence, and treatment of both women and cops, so I”m sure he IS EXACTLY the shit he looks like.  She must really hate herself, she had 3 fucking kids with that monstrosity.

  • That so called “man” in the photo is the ugliest potato headed shitrag I have ever seen in my life.  What in the hell was this woman doing breeding with that filth?

  • AliceinChainsman =]

    theres a dude here that has an awesome gf, he refuses to work and says her boobs are too big.. go figure